Saturday, April 13, 2013


When I describe myself as a "rabid conservative Nationalist", lots of people interpret the term in lots of different ways.
I'll address the "rabid" part later. For now, let's talk abot the "conservative" part.
"To conserve" means to keep and steward with an eye toward preservation. There are "fiscal conservatives"  and "social conservatives".  Both terms are bullshit, yet both have roots in the true meaning of conservatism overall. True conservatism is the stewardship of the preservation of the sovereignty of the individual Citizen.  The Bill of Rights enumerates certain rights that the powers that be must not fuck with.
The natural enemy of the "conservative" is the "progressive". Basically, whilst the conservative sees the Constitution as being a rudimentary set of rules, written in plain English; "Progressives" see it as what it pleases them to call a "living, breathing" set of general principles.
This "living, breathing" crap is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. "When I say a word, it means exactly what I want it to mean".
So do "progressives" see the Constitution as Holy and Sacred when it suits their agenda, and outdated and irrelevant when it does not.
A few years ago - back when a Citizen could just walk into the Capitol and more or less have free run of the place - you could just walk in and pester your Senator or Congressman (as is your right). Now you need an appointment,or else have to be lead around
by the nose on a guided tour. That's the way Communist regimes handle tourists.
Now the justification for all this flows from the terrorist attacks of 2001, and a lone nut who shot his way past the metal detectors some years ago. But in 1958, a bunch of Puerto Rican "nationalists" shot up the Senate floor from the gallery. And for more than fifty years thereafter, the Capitol remained open and freely accessible. But now, these politicians so fear the public that they restrict access severely.
(Meanwhile here in Virginia, citizens who have a readily obtainable State concealed weapons permit can roam the buildings and State Capitol grounds at will).
"Conservatism" means believing that the Constitution means exactly what it says. Don't like the Second Amendment? Well then, there are procedures outlined to repeal it. And much good to you. You might be a  "social" or a "fiscal" conservative.But if you don't believe what I've written here; if you are trying to twist the Constitution to your own personal custom desires; then in my opinion you are just a "left wing" or "right wing" "Progressive", and fuck you very much for your (dubious) contribution to our political debate.
Now on to Nationalism.
Nationalism has been tarred and feathered - mostly from the Left - as being "Facsist". Odd that, since the very founder of facsism Benito Mussolini self identified as a Leftie. Hitler's Germany was called a "National Socialist state".  But look at how Nazi Germany was run. Take away the Gestapo and the death camps, and you have Sweden.
Granted there are several definitions of "Nationalism".  The defnition we here at the Allexandria Daily Poop espouse is the belief that our Nation is unique and that we should do NOTHING that is not in furtherance of our National interests.
As to "rabid", we are indeed passionate in our beliefs. We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop hope you get the message.

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