Tuesday, September 27, 2016


That's one explanation for Hillary Clinton's lively debate performance last night after her recent coughing, fainting, and rambling episodes.  

We should really explain - for the young - who Dr. Theo Morel was. He was the personal physician for Adolf Hitler. Morel believed that  - as we say today "There's an app for that" - that for any health problem "There's an injection for that". Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering called Morel "Herr Reich Injektionmeister". 

Morel gave Chancellor Otto Von Hindenburg injections of methamphetamine to give him the energy to attend a ceremony to sign the document making Hitler Chancellor of Germany. We wonder if Clinton had obtained an injection of something or another to make her so animated. Just wondering...


Well, Gentle Readers, the first one on one debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has now taken place. What transpired resembled two guys with knives circling each other. Of course the brain vomit of the left-wing media was all over this, calling it a Clinton win. But  of the polls call Trump the winner. 

Trump is one wily dude. He has used this debate to get Clinton to use all her cheap shots. And her contempt and condescention for and to all who support Trump was on full display. Her air of snarky superiority was on full display, too. She was being a real asshole, and as usual didn't even know or care. 

He got Clinton to fire all of her guns at once. We've a hunch that in the next two debates, he'll make her explode into space. 

Meanwhile, we're waiting for the Vice-Presidential debate between bedrock Indiana conservative Mike Pence and Progressive shithead Timmy Kaine. This just keeps getting better.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


In Charlotte, NC and Tulsa, OK recently, black males were shot by police officers. In Charlotte, it looks as if the shooting was justifiable. It's a bit dicier in Tulsa. However, the reaction in both localities was predictable. 

Friends and relatives of the deceased men immediately began yammering to the press about how they should be canonized as Saints and that they were not armed. Riots ensued. The press and Clinton and Obama began running their collective mouth about how the African-American community was under attack, and of course making oblique attempts to blame everything on Trump and the GOP.  

In point of fact, police officers who commit unlawful shootings or other killings of citizens are almost always appropriately punished in the end. A police officer who shot a fleeing black man in the back down in Charleston, SC a few years back was charged with and convicted of homicide. 

Here in the Springfield section of Fairfax County, a WHITE MAN was  shot by an HISPANIC cop, who was convicted of "involuntary manslaughter" and sentenced to time served. Remember the riots in the white community that followed THAT travesty?? 

Oh, that's right. There WEREN'T ANY FUCKING RIOTS even though "time served" as a sentence for shooting a man who REALLY DID HAVE HIS HANDS IN THE AIR does seem a tad light, even (and particularly) for a police officer. The press reaction was muted, to say the least. If the victim in this case had been black, however, the streets of Fairfax county would be unsafe for an unarmed white person to walk, despite the presence of a horde of Federal agents snooping around everywhere. 

The whole justification for all this "Black Lives Matter" crapola is that supposedly the Evil White Police think that shooting a member of the African-American community is in the greater scheme of things an inconsequential matter. It is not, of course; and it is worth noting that in most cases of police shootings of black males, the cop who did the shooting was him or her self black. 

One thing Obama and his bunch (or the bunch that control Obama) are hoping for is to  put the control of all Federal, State, and local law enforcement under central Federal government control.  In the 20th Century, one man accomplished that for about 12 years. His name?


Sunday, September 11, 2016


We have been verbally excoriated by people who know we are Nationalist. These people tell us that Nationalism is National Socialism ("Naziism"). It is not. We are not socialist in any form or manner. 

But these people tell us that Nationalism necessarily includes an element of "folkishness", and they arbitrarily define "folk" in racial and/or ethnic terms. 

Yes, Nationalism is "folkish". But such is American Exceptionalism that membership in our Folk is open to ANYONE who attains to citizenship either by birthright or naturalization and embraces our  principles of individual rights and freedom as laid out in our Constitution. 

Our Folk has its own music: American Jazz, which combines elements from all the cultures who have come to enrich our diverse society. We can think of no other cultural expression which so illustrates our American Folk ideal: E Pluribus Unum. From many, one. In Jazz, all the cultures which make up the United States of America have a voice. 

Our cuisine is the cuisine of the globe, often fused in very interesting ways. It has been proposed that chili con carne, a dish originating in Mexico, be dubbed our National Dish. And even chili has an element of diversity. "Cincinnati Chili" is the classic chili recipe tweaked by Greek immigrants. 

We have multiple variations on pizza, many of them uniquely American. And in a 20 block walk down King Street here in Alexandria we can encounter one crab house, two "contemporary American" restaurants, seven Italian establishments, an Andalusian tapas place (complete with a flamenco show), two Thai restaurants, two French bistros, two Irish pubs, three seafood places, a tacos and tequila place, two Greek restaurants, and several American "fast food" joints including Subway; and more. And that's just King Street, n Alexandria, Virginia. 

Here in America, our "Folk" are the BEST of the rest of the world. If you look at the American flag flying and, as an American Citizen feel a twinge of pride; if you love our Blessed Republic and want to do your best part to become a part of the best nation; then no matter your race, color or religion you are part of the American Folk, the world's first and only ethnic group that anyone can join.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The big day has finally arrived: The day after Labor Day when the home stretch of this GOD forsaken ENDLESS Presidential Campaign heats up to white-hot, waiting for the steel hammer of the vote to strike. And even though there's a phony "Libertarian" and the usual "Green Party" candidate lurking around the edges, in the end either Donald Trump OR (God forbid) Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States of America. (Unless Hillary has a stroke or something and Timmy Kaine takes over the Democrat Presidential nomination. Trump will have a much harder time with Kaine then with Hillary.) 

So let us hope nothing happens to Hillary, at least until Trump beats her. Then, indict her, try her, and throw her ass in jail where it belongs. 

There was a cartoon back in my kiddie days, depicting a man being nagged by his hatchet-faced harpy of a wife. In the end, she's standing under a piano being hoist by a pulley. The man cuts the rope, the piano falls, and she is pounded right through the ground, making a hole. 

The man is looking down into the hole when it belches smoke and fire, and up pops the Devil, holding the old battle-axe in his arms. The Devil bounces her ass onto the pavement and pleads with the man, saying: "Aren't things bad enough down here without HER??"

That is the official position of the Alexandria Daily Poop on Hillary Clinton. (It is also the position - so we have heard - of her Secret Service security detail.)

Vote for Donald Trump in November. It's important.

Friday, September 2, 2016


We remember the "Big Hat" Arby's stands from our youth. You know, the ones that have a big neon cowboy hat with the slogan "ARBY'S ROAST BEEF SANDWICH IS DELICIOUS". We don't know what happened to Arby's, but now to get a real roast beef sandwich fast, you have to go to a Roy Rogers (if you can find one).  

Nowadays, the "Big Hat" is mostly gone. All the new Arby's joints have a kind of a red doodle of a cowboy hat somewhere in the signage. But even in those places which retain the "Big Hat" sign, the food has changed from what we remember. 

They've done something to the roast beef to ensure it slices in whole, uniform pieces without any ragged edges. And not too juicy, either.  When we bite into it, there's s subtle rubberiness to the texture. And the taste is more akin to lunchmeat ham slices than beef. 

And when they started offering a Rueben sandwich a few years ago, we tried one. We couldn't tell the corned beef from the roast beef. 

Now they're offering Italian hoagies and meatball subs. We  tried a meatball sub about a week ago. It was adequate; but really why should we go out of our way to eat an Italian meatball sub at Arby's  when there's a Subway that does the sandwich better on about every third block in town? 

Arby's used to be worthy of that big neon hat. It's sad what's happened. Very sad.


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