Friday, September 17, 2010


HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR EVEN A DEMONRAT TO VOTE FOR A DICK LIKE JIM MORAN YEAR AFTER YEAR? The man has smacked women around, bad-mouthed Jews as a people repeatedly and even went so far as to manhandle a little Black kid when the kid "messed with" his automobile. Look, Ratz; I know he votes your way. But can't you find someone who votes your way who doesn't beat his wife, hate Jews, and manhandle little African-American tots? I know that if a Republican had even ONE of these flaws, you would hound him out of town, let alone town politics.

Is it because you don't want any competition in being the Party of wife-beating, Jew-hating child abusers?

We at the Alexandria Daily Poop have noticed, though, that "Bugs" Moran is getting nervous. For our main exhibit we point to his sudden alarm at the fact that the soon-coming "Pentagon Management Center' near the intersecton of Interstate 395 and Seminary Road will create a completely untenable traffic situation. When this monstrous building opens, well over six thousand people will descend on it every weekday. And since it is located at least four miles from the nearest subway station, this translates into a tsunami of automotive traffic along the already beleagured 395 corridor. A ramp will have to be built through a wildlife sanctuary to handle the exiting traffic.

Moran's opposition to this debacle would be laudable except for the fact that he is rather late to the dance. The building is nearly finished, and road "improvements" nearby are already screwing up trafffic. Meanwhile, debate over this has been raging since before ground was broken. And only now, when his seat is up for grabs, does he decide to point with alarm to the consequenses??

What are the Demonratz thinking? My opinion is that they see this as a game of "Monopoly". The new Pentagon Center is to them like a hotel on a space on the board. Let it get built, THEN suddenly notice the consequenses, sue to prohibit its use; but count the building as an "improvement" and no matter the outcome dun the property owner for much higher taxes. And then collect the political capital along with the increased tax revenue.

As we said, the building is almost ready. It has been known for some time what the possible consequenses would be traffic-wise. Moran had ample time to object, even stop it. Yet only NOW does he notice?? He is either a dumbass of the first water OR a lying fraud.

Either way, it is high time to replace him. Most of the Alexandria City Council needs to be returned to honest work, also.


WE ARE A BIT WEARY of intercepting idiotic and treasonous comments from assorted Leftists, and having to delete them. After all, you lice on the Left already get your voices heard in the Washington Post and the New York Times. I will not allow you to speak on MY publication, and - what joy! - you cannot do one damn thing about it!

I do allow comments from reasonable people who disagree with me, but I have had to delete so many personal attacks and spit-flying lunacy that I had to do something.

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