Saturday, September 26, 2009


WE AT THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP ARE DEFINITELY NOT AMONG THE ADMIRERS OF "PRESIDENT" BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. However, credit where it is due is imperative; and Obama's calling out of Iran - and importantly his statement that military action is "not off the table" shows that he at least realizes what very hot water looks like.

We are not at all convinced that Obama's concerns are for the United States, however. Obama is as much concerned about his image in Europe - and perhaps a bit more - than he is about his image in these United States. And Europe is terrified at the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran, and well they should be. It is much easier to hit Paris or Berlin from Iran with a missile than it is the United States. Whatever his motivation, however, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad has thrown down a gauntlet at "President" Obama's feet. And though we view him with - to put it mildly - skepticism - we are pleased that he has responded forcefully enough to state that military action is one of the tools in his kit.

We cannot help but wonder but what being exposed to what being the President of the United States really means might just make this boy wonder into a man. A nuclear-armed Iran might just decide to give nuclear devices to Al-Qaeda, And Al-Qaeda just might decide to explode one in Obama's beloved Chicago. Or, they might decide to blow up Podunk, Idaho. Either way he would be damaged beyond repair, and for that matter so would the DemonRat Party.
But to threaten, however mildly, the possibility of military action by the Commander in Chief of the world's most superior armed force is a profound thing. Consider what Obama said and consider the consequenses of anti-Iranian military action. The possible closing of the Straits of Hormuz, through which so much of the globe's energy passes. Something even nastier than World War Three could result. And into this we elected a jejune moron because people were getting laid off work??

Well he had damned well better wise up fast. We find it admitable that Obama has picked up the gauntlet thrown at his feet. What he does next will affect us all. We may all regret his ascention to the White House. But there is a possibility that in this caase he will do the right thing. We hope so. But we remain extremely skeptical.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


WHAT IN SAM HILL IS UP WITH "PRESIDENT" OBAMA?? He has just addressed the United Nations General Assembly with a speech full of apologies and, as he did during his campaign speech in Berlin, promised to clip America's wings, and this in front of an aaudience containing representatives of the world's worst tyrannies; ghastly regimes whose blood-stained leaders no doubt welcome the promised dimming of the light of Liberty and Freedom which beckons their benighted subjects. Two of those despots, Moammar Qaddaffi and Iran's Ahmadi-Nijad were there in person. But worse was to follow.

NEXT ON THE AGENDA, "President" Obama then chaired a meeting of the U.N. Security Council. He focused on eliminating nuclear weapons from the globe. The Security Council in the end passed a resolution to do just that. We are at a loss as to where to begin our reaction to this singularly stupid ploy, but we will take a shot at it.

We seem to remember aa few lines from Doctor Strangelove; from a speech by "President Merkin Muffley" to wit : "Try as we might, we will never be rid of The Bomb; because the knowledge of how to make it will always be with us" Truer words have never been spoken, and only a fool believes a world free of nuclear weapons will ever be possible (unless of course something even more powerful is invented ). Nations such as Iran and North Korea will simply tell the United Nations to go to hell, as indeed they already have. Obama's proposition is therefore STUPIDITY COMPOUNDED. And do you think, seriously, for one second that China and Russia are going to just surrender their nukes?? If so you are either extremely ignorant or you are a damn fool.

This is reminiscent of our grade-school days during the Cold War, when lots of tykes cutely suggested that instead of wars, nations ought to resolve disputes over a game of soccer or by having their two smartest people play a game of chess. Being rudely disabused of this notion is an important part of growing up. Apparently either our Chief Executive has never grown up OR he thinks we never did and is cynically manipulating us. If human nature were amenable to such solutions, there would never be armed conflict ever. It is, we hope, hardly necessary to elaborate on this point.

Another quote from Doctor Strangelove by the same character: "The behavior of nations has always been despicable. The larger nations have always acted like gangsters and the smaller nations have always acted like prostitutes. They have bribed and threatened and murdered and lied their way through history..." Indeed, and one must consider that nuclear weapons have very likely prevented another conflagration in Europe that catches across the globe as occurred twice in the first half of the last century. They are a powerful deterrent, and the only sure-fire way to stop a nation full of suicidal fanatics. Nuclear weapons are good stuff in the right hands.

AGAINST THE BACKDROP OF THESE MOST SERIOUS MATTERS, What is America talking about endlessly at this writing? McKenzie Phillip's sexual affair WITH HER OWN FATHER and there are a number of people who - if not outrightly approving - are advocting tolerance of intergenrational incest.

God help us. Seriously.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


WHAT WITH THE RISING DRUMBEAT OF RESISTANCE TO THE CRACK-BRAINED PLANS OF THE DEMONRATZ TO TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY, We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop knew that it would only be a matter of time before the Ubamanistas started playing the "race card". Oh, they have been bluffing it all along, but the VERY successful Washington demonstration has panicked them and they are putting it squarely on the table. But the card is dog-eared, worn and old. It is a tired old trick; but the Ratz are masters at using it.


FIRST, a poster carried by a very few people at a very few of the tea parties was shown. This poster was then described as depicting Obama "dressed as a witch doctor", which we must say did look like the 1930s movie depictions of Congo shamen. But really. To show, oh say, Maxine Waters dressed like that might be vicious. But face it folks. Obama looks like famous white dumbass Barney Fife. Would Barney Fife dressed as a witch doctor be racist?? NO. Nevertheless the media whores made great beating of the breast over this "shameful" portrait.
NEXT, "man in the street" interviews were shown and the "man in the street" was in every case a poor, semi-educated black person who spoke in ghetto grammar as follows (We here depict phonetically what was said. We are not making fun, we are reporting): "AH tinks dis is very disrespec'full ob de office od be pesiden'". We have often wondered why, when playing the "race card" the media looks high and low to find and present black folks who conform to the most cartoonish stereotypes of racist haters, and then presents them as serious people. This is, for lack of a better comparison, as if Jethro Bodine as "Director Beef Jerky" were to present a serious PSA protesting censorship of the movies.
THE ICING ON THE CAKE IN CNN'S COVERAGE came when a minor "Tea Party" organizer was called out on calling Obama the "Racist in Chief". He was confronted by ET looking whatsisname Gergen and unmasked "V" alien looking James Carville, who mocked, scolded and badgered him to scorn. Never mind Obama's many slurs against white folk or his long allaiance with a racist "pastor" in a White-hating "GOD DAMN AMERICA" church.

No, if you oppose Obama there is really only ONE REASON: YOU ARE A RACIST.


WE WILL HERE STATE OUR QUALIFICATIONS TO SPEAK SO BLUNTLY. We were born the son of a 1/4 Cherokee who grew up under the stigma of being the "son of a half-breed". In fact, for the rest of this post we are going to drop the cheeky editorial "WE". I am now speaking as an individual. My family name is NOT "NORMAN" due to ancestry (except maybe very indirectly). What happened as far as I have been able to gather from accounts is that my great-grandmother when she was about 15 and living on the Oklahoma end of the Trail Of Tears fell for a (god I hope he was) handsome young American calvalry officer. And as the old Negro song went, when she wore her apron low he stayed around her door. But then she got pregnant. Well, maybe he did get transferred involuntarily or maybe he just decided that she was not so attractive "when she wore her apron high" and scarce saw him passing by. Thus my grandfather was a bastard, and yall shut the hell up.
Well, Great-Grandmom decided to give her son a name tha might at least give him some respect, so she chose to name him after the White settlement of Norman, OK.
A few wars and a depresssion later, my great-grandmother's grandson met a young girl who was the product of the Irish Baileys and the German Mungels. In January of 1953, I ;popped out of this centuries-old maelstrom. And now I find myself bandied about in a discussion ot the role of race in America????? My Dad flew 26 missions in WWII in a B-24 Liberator, including the deadly Ploesti raid. Wanna know what I think of the whole race bullshit?? I am one-eighth Cherokee, the son of a quarter-bleed who was the son of a half-breed and who lived under a stigma. Oh yes and by the way, there was a regiment of Black soldiers back when who helped pput my ancestors "in their place"

THEY WERE CALLED THE "BUFFALO SOLDIERS" AND THEY HELPED STEAL THIS LAND FROM 1/8 OF MY ANCESTORS. But it's all good, "cause you gave it to the other 7/8ths,,

AND NOW WE WILL RE-ASSUME THE EDITORIAL "WE". And we surmise from all the foregoing that perfect justice would leave everyone starving to death. If you wish to implement and enforce "perfect Justice" well, all we can say is beware. Racism my ass.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


ON TUESDAY, THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL HERE IN ALEXANDRIA, "President" Barack Hussein Obama travelled to Wakefield High School in Arlington County to deliver an "inspirational message" to the Nation's schoolkids. What he appeared to say was that the kids should learn to be responsible and study hard and in fine all the usual stuff that kids need to hear every day from their PARENTS, and for the most part do. It was just the standard lecture in the den, or so it seemed.

BUT IF ONE LISTENED CLOSELY the true meaning of Obama's message became clear. It is obvious that Obama did not mean that students should "take responsibility" for themselves. After all, his proposals - especially health care - show clearly that he believes that none of us are capable of being responsible for ouselves and we all need his help. No, what Obama meant was that the students should prepare themselves for the responsibility of serving the Government!! Quite a difference. There is an old National Socialist propaganda film outlining these kinds of ressponsibilities, and it ends with an entire family gathering outside their picket fence - Mother, Father, Daughter, and Son (dressed of course in his Hitler Jugend uniform) and giving the fascist salute to a passing parade. The voice-over says(translated): "Do your best part for the Nation and then you will be part of the best Nation!"

THAT was the entire gist of Obama's back-to-school speech. The original plan was to have teachers nationwide follow it up with an essay assignment to write about "How can I help President Obama?" That, however, drew howls of protest and was dropped in hopes it would be forgotten. But it will not be.

THEN LAST NIGHT JUST ABOUT 24 HOURS BEFORE THESE WORDS WERE WRITTEN, "President" Obama made a speech about "his" health care plan. A Congressman, One Joe Wilson (R-La) yelled out "YOU LIE!!!" For this he (Wilson) is being roundly criticized by - of course - DemonRatz. We also have some criticism for Wilson; namely that he did not yell "LIAR" loudly enough nor often enough. The entire speech was one big lie.

FIRST AND FOREMOST OBAMA DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A PLAN. He is shilling for two bills, one in each House of Congress, neither of which he has either written or read. To call these two bills "my plan" when he wrote not a word of either is a lie. He is just a salesman and he is - as he did during the campaign last fall- selling a bill of goods. We are not buying any, and neither should you.

We were pleased to learn that a few members of Congress read this collection of our rantings, and so we would like to say to you in particular that is you wish to keep your jobs in November of next year, then you MUST bury this abysmal "reform" bill AND the equally insidious "Cap and trade" nonsense. One thing informs us in our writings better than most polls and that is the fact that; as we operate a taxicab for a living we get people from all over the country and from all walks of life. There is a growing perception in the USA that the Obamanista Demon-Ratz are not "creeping Socialism" but rather "creeping fascism"; and many fear that Obama's goal is to have fascism break into a dead run. If YOU don't stop it, then I guarantee you We the People will replace you in about 14 months with people who will. You have been warned.


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