Thursday, April 4, 2013


Nutty North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has declared that a "state of war" exists between North and South Korea. Well, that's not news, because the Korean War never did end.The fighting was ended with an armistice (truce), but there have been skirmishes from time to time. So everybody pretty much yawned.
We guess Kim got a little ticked at that, so he upped the stakes by saying that he has authorized his military to attack the United States with nuclear weapons. Man, that dude is super-deluxe nutso.
It's doubtful that Kim has missiles that could hit even the West Coast, although Hawaii and Guam may have some little bit to worry about. However, it's doubtful that North Korea is able to produce a missile warhead... yet.
On the other hand, they MIGHT be able to send a submarine armed with a nuke on a suicide mission into Pearl Harbor. So here we have a nuclear armed madman threatening a nuclear attack. So what does the Current Resident of 1600 Pensylvania Avenue, Northwest do?
He sends Secretary of State John Kerry our to wag his finger and call Kim's pronouncements "unacceptable" (Our military has also posted Aegis guided missile cruisers where they can shoot a North Korean missile right out of the sky).
Obama, on the other hand was in Colorado, delivering a lie-filled speech aimed at ginning up support for abrogationg the Second Amendment. What a juxtaposition: Faced with an enemy threatening the American People, Obama concentrates on convincing them to lay down their weapons.
One absolutely bald-faced lie Obama said was that the so-called "gun show loophole" should be "closed" because it "results in up to 40% of all firearms sales" to be conducted without a background check. That is UTTER BALONEY and Obama knows it.
Obama cited polls to show the "support of the American people" for his anti-gun agenda. These polls contain loaded questions such as "do you favor promoting the right to have a gun OR do you think it's more important to deal with the issue of gun violence?".  Lies based on push-polls, told with grieving relatives of shooting victims used like props for a backdrop; lies crafted to get people to think with their emotions instead of their intellect. And this he does with the Korean Peninsula set to explode. This he does with the situation in Iran and the Middle East bubbling away, this he does as he DELIBERATELY tries to make the budget sequester as painful as possible, this he does when we have all this other trouble.
Note all this well. And remember it in November of next year when it's time to vote in the mid-terms. In fact, remember it now. Because the campaign is now. Pay attention.
Side item: I wasn't kidding about needing your help, friends. Thanks.

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