Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Gentle readers, we do wish we could be as prolific as Tucker Carlson (who has actually been a passenger in our taxicab) and have a blog with multiple postings daily on a variety of topics.  But we usually have to be selective and pick out one topic to write about per day, if indeed we can post that much that often.
Today we sifted through a number of things, among these the fact  that the surviving Boston bomber is NOT a "tea partier" as the media and the Democrat Party had hoped, but rather was an Islamic extremeist (boy howdy) WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA.
However, up in Philadelphia there is a doctor on trial. His name is Kermit Gosnell, and from accounts given at trial he is a soulless and ghoulish butcher of infants. 
Yes, we are aware that the "pickled fetus crowd" says that about every abortionist. But Gosnell is - very credibly - alleged to have murdered living fully born infants who survived his attempts to kill them in the womb.
There has been testimony about multiple instances of Gosnell using a pair of shears to cut a screaming infant's spinal cord. In one instance it was alleged that a baby was delivered into a toilet bowl and allowed to drown.
According to testimony, corpses of infants murdered in this manner were stacked in the very refrigerator used to store employee lunches.  The sanitary conditions in Gosnell's murder factory are alleged to resemble the gore-flecked killing rooms in the "Hostel" movies.
The liberal media mentions this case in passing, and if you want to find out the latest information you will have to look through your local paper carefully. We find it strange (or maybe not, maybe entirely predictable) that if some nut kills a score of kids with a rifle, you never hear the end of it; but let some asshole use scissors to kill newborns, with not a shred of feeling for the poor things and not because he is nuts but because that is how he shingles his roof; and the lamestreams just shove it under the rug and tell you that the lump in the floor covering is "nothing". 
We feel that we should make our readers aware of the Gosnell trial, and tell others about it.  Google "Kermit Gosnell" and find out what kind of horror is being kept from you in the name of keeping the abortion industry's image "respectable".

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