Tuesday, July 18, 2017


How boldly during the last three Congressional elections did the Republicans who now park their worthless butts in the House and the Senate proclaim that they would finally get rid of the job-killing travesty and spectacular waste of money called "Obamacare".

Then: excuses, excuses. First they said they needed the Senate. They were given the Senate. Then they needed a President who would sign the repeal. Back in November they got him. So what did they do?

They started listening to the goddamned Demorats, who immediately started a campaign of blather about how the mean old Republicans were going to "take peoples' health care away". Do that, the DemonRatz said, and kiss your chances of being re-elected in 2018 goodbye. 

Do any of you Republican goofballs realize that the Democrats want to see you DEFEATED? WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY HELP YOUR ASSES GET RE-ELECTED? "Taking Obamacare away" is NOT depriving people of health care. It is removing a burden that no one wants or needs. Removing that burden is why you are sitting there in Congress IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU IDIOTS! Don't you know that the reason the Ratz are trying to convince you to betray your constituents is so that they can regain the House and impeach our President on any charge they can think up, no matter how specious?

President Trump is not an idiot. He now realizes that he is leading an army of egotists whose main goal in life is to stay in Congress and be members of the club. It's really so very simple: REPEAL OBAMACARE AND LET THE DEMOCRATS PANIC AS PEOPLE BEGIN TO REALIZE THAT THEY'RE BETTER OFF WITHOUT IT. So the President has taken a new tack: Let Obamacare implode as it has mostly already done. Of course, the Democrats intended this to happen so as to implement "single payer" healthcare. Now he has to thwart this, and we believe he has plans to do so. 

So all you blowholes in Congress - every one of you - may now go and adjourn the House and the Senate for the August recess. During which we are sure President Trump will make a whole bunch of recess appointments to assist him in implementing his agenda. 

Come Labor Day, watch out. The Donald is coming to getcha.

Monday, July 17, 2017


We have said this before but it bears repeating: The Democrat Party is the true Party of Racism in these United States. They only care about black folks when there's an election pending. 

One needs only look as far as the City of Alexandria, Virginia to observe this. Our City Council and the local Democrat Party need - for now - a solid corps of black citizens to vote for them in order that they may control the City government permanently. This is why the Council has resisted splitting up the City into wards, with each Council member answerable to the constituents of that neighborhood in which he or she lives. 

They think that black folks are stupid and won't notice how they make a great show of being concerned about the loss of "affordable housing" and then, almost in the same breath, allow some developer to condemn hundreds of units of affordable housing so that some developer may install "luxury apartments" to replace it. (They always then claim that they are requiring the developer who will destroy hundreds of affordable units to provide a dozen or so units of "affordable" housing in the development. They then want you to applaud them for "saving" affordable housing.)

They are also incredibly obvious about what they are doing. Over half of the "Berg" (or Parker-Gray) is gone now. One of the Council remarked, when trying to justify this, that "Not everybody can live in Old Town". They are trying to shove all the black folks in the city into someplace less trendy than Old Town (but they'll make sure you have voting machines).

Not even some of the city's prominent black citizens are immune from this aggrandizement of self. The Alfred Street Baptist Church is a City institution. It is an "Historically Black" church and a must "be seen" location for any Alexandria politician who wants to court the black vote. The church among other things owns a fleet of buses which are very useful in getting people to the polls on Election Day.  The ABC is so big right now that when church lets out on Sunday traffic is screwed up for a radius of five city blocks and the better part of an hour.

Now ADC wants to grow even more, and to do this they are getting permission from the City to tear down two square blocks of "affordable housing" (or else they'll have to re-locate and stop being such an advantage to the Democrat party. Wonder what Jesus would say about THAT?)

The black folk in Alexandria need to quit the Democrats and join the Republican Party where you will be welcomed. Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) told his party that all they had to do was vote for the Civil Rights Act and (quote) "Those ni***rs will be voting for us for the next hundred years". Time for you to tell the Democrats that time is up. Don't you agree?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Mr. President:

We have noticed for some time now the snide manner in which certain members of the news media conduct themselves during press conferences. 

Our suggestion to you is that the next time one of these so-called "reporters" begins running his or her yap in a way clearly betraying a total disregard for responsible news reporting and becomes disruptive, have your press secretary immediately revoke that news organization's White House credentials and announce that they will be given to this blog, The Alexandria Daily Poop. 

Although we could not possibly attend every press conference (we work for a living) it would be delicious to see the likes of Chicken Noodle News convulsing in outrage at being thrown out in favor of an obscure web log with a semi-scatalogical title. 

Best hopes that you will succeed in fulfilling your promise to Make America Great Again.  God Bless and keep you, Mr. President. And God bless the United States of America.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


We have been hearing and reading ad nauseum about the threat posed by North Korean dictator Kim "fatfuck" Jong Un, whose regime recently tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching Alaska. (Why the global warming freaks who are so damned concerned about the polar bears are not up in arms over this we don't know; but they aren't). 

The worst panicking has come from folks who are worried about a Nork "super electromagnetic pulse" (SEMP) attack launched by exploding a nuke in low orbit shorting out "the grid" and causing 9 out of 10 Americans to die within a year. Most of these folks have solar powered electric generators or ultra shelf stable "survival food" to sell you. 

But if Werner von Braun were alive, he'd tell you that getting range is one thing. Precision guidance is quite another. Most of North Korea's nukes (if they do have any, and there's still room for doubt) are fission devices in the 10 to 50 kiloton range. That's one half to two and one half times the power of the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For bombs that small to have a desired specific effect, they would need to detonate within 400 feet of the intended objective. Plus, they would need to be much smaller than the "Fat Man" Nagasaki type plutonium implosion devices Kim most likely has. And Kim has a long way to go before he can mount a SEMP attack from outer space. 

But Kim has an allies in Red China and Iran who are helping him out: Iran to help with the research; and China to help out with the money to pay the Iranians. So how long we can allow this to fester is anybody's guess. We need to start dealing with this three years ago (and thanks a pantload Mr. Obama). Fortunately, President Trump sees the need to deal with Kim and his goons NOW. 

So, what do we do?

Our suggestion is simple: CUT OFF THE MONEY. Kim's engineers and scientists are not gonna work if they have to survive on dog shit and tree bark like the rest of their countrymen. Get his officers down to starvation rations and they might even assassinate him as he sits his porky ass down to one of the lavish meals he eats.
So blockade all Korean ports and ensure China cuts Kim off by promising to downgrade China's trade status with the United States. And remind the Chinese that if they call in the nearly trillion dollar debt, all we have to do is turn on the presses and squirt out another thousand billion dollars. This will of course weaken the US dollar, but it will likely destroy the RinMinBi. 

And President Trump should announce that effective immediately, any missile launched from North Korea will be blown out of the sky by our anti-missile technology. Then do it the next time he tries it. And let him know that in any military action we take, his lard ass will be the primary target.

 Kim is a fat, selfish asshole and he doesn't want to die. His life is the only life he cares about. He should be put on notice that if hostilities break out on the peninsula, he will be among the first to die even if we have to put a hydrogen bomb into Pyongyang to accomplish this. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


We are really getting tired of hearing people speculate on the mental health of President Trump's tweenager son Barron. The most common rumor is that he is autistic.  

We don't know how this idiotic rumor got started. Perhaps Barron has some creative talent and his mother  bragged about him being "artistic" but her accent made it sound like "autistic". More likely some sore-loser Progressive creep like the blowhole who shot up the ballfield here in Alexandria decided to make Trump's whole family as miserable as possible.

In any case we have employed our considerable investigative skills and our boodle of contacts and can now assure you that 


Now knock it the fuck off, you child abusers.

Sunday, July 2, 2017


After the near-massacre at Simpson Field here in Alexandria, the local Democrat Party organization sought out a "Useful Idiot" in the Republican Party to help spin the near-tragedy (which was committed by an ASP gunman; which fact the Dems want you to forget). 

So they had this Republican dude say some blather about how bad "hate" is, and he and some ASP hung a big banner above the bleachers at Simpson Field that says "REJECT HATE". 

Meanwhile of course the Left is engaged in an effort to link the word "hate" exclusively to the Republicans and the Right. They want so many as possible to see that banner and think it was some conservative "hater" who shot up the ballpark. It wasn't. It was some Bernie Sanders fan who the police put out of our misery.

Now President Trump has come up with another of his "tweets" that has the Left in an uproar (as Trump intended).  They are saying all over that Trump is degrading the Presidency and he's "vulgar". We rather doubt that he's summoning young interns into the Oval Office to suck his dick. And vulgar? The Left are some of the most vulgar people in this country. 

And they are being exposed by themselves as the hypocrites they are, not in small part when they react to one of Trump's "tweets". It drives them nuts that when in the past they pulled their shaming routine on a Republican he would just cave and play right into their hands. But not Donald Trump.

Trump used to be a Democrat, so he knows their playbook. And unlike other Republicans, if someone throws a bag of mud at him, he'll throw a flaming bag of dog shit at them. And The People having seen the way these ASPs lie are delighted to see these smarmy bullies and un-American cretins being exposed for what they are. They bitch about the way Trump responds to them, not knowing that he was elected to do just that. This is getting good...

Friday, June 16, 2017


Yesterday at around 8 AM we were startled to learn that some nut case had decided to open fire on a bunch of Republican congressmen and staffers who were at a baseball practice on a ball field in our city of Alexandria, Virginia. The Republican House Majority Whip, a congressional staffer and two special agents from the United States Capitol Police protective unit were shot, the cops while trying to neutralize the shooter (Which they did very well by killing him). 

This country has been for years enmeshed in a "Cold civil war" begun by Barack Obama's exhortation to Lefties to "get in people's faces".  The ASPs  or "American Statist Progressives" thought that after eight years of Obama, all they needed was to get Hillary Clinton in the White House to cement the "progression" of America to a state of iron-fisted centralized control of every element of American life in place. 

Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump has derailed those plans, and the ASPs are going batshit. 

The shooter turns out to be an idiot Bernie Sanders supporter, who really should have been picking off Democrats with his Ar-15; since it was them who screwed his boy to get Clinton the nomination. 

The dolt who currently governs Virginia said in response that there are too many guns in Virginia and that "We lose 93 million people every day to gunfire". 

The entire United States has only about 350 million people. This means we all have at best 4 days to live. (Unless of course McAuliffe was as usual yakking about things he knew nothing about).

Nobody in their right mind is going to give up his weapons what with leftist nuts like this shooter running around.

We'll say one thing to you Leftist ASP assholes: You better stop writing checks with your mouths that your asses can't cash. People are starting to get really fed up with your crap. We don't shoot people. But some of you lefties are gonna find out that when you scream in someone's face so loudly it hurts his eardrums you are asking for the person to beat the shit out of you to defend his hearing.

Back to the shooting. We had thought that when something like this finally happened it would be some idiot Millennial who would do it. What's worrisome is that the guy who opened up on the ballfield was old enough to know better. we fear we may be on the way to a full fledged civil war. Not a "war between the States" as was fought here in Virginia; but a true messy civil war with next door neighbors firing at each other's houses as took place in Kansas and Missouri back in the 1860s.  You lefties need to burn your copies of :Rules for Radicals", learn some manners, and stop trying to silence people who disagree with you.  

You, too can be silenced; and permanently at that. Keep pissing people off, you commie rats.


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