Friday, June 16, 2017


Yesterday at around 8 AM we were startled to learn that some nut case had decided to open fire on a bunch of Republican congressmen and staffers who were at a baseball practice on a ball field in our city of Alexandria, Virginia. The Republican House Majority Whip, a congressional staffer and two special agents from the United States Capitol Police protective unit were shot, the cops while trying to neutralize the shooter (Which they did very well by killing him). 

This country has been for years enmeshed in a "Cold civil war" begun by Barack Obama's exhortation to Lefties to "get in people's faces".  The ASPs  or "American Statist Progressives" thought that after eight years of Obama, all they needed was to get Hillary Clinton in the White House to cement the "progression" of America to a state of iron-fisted centralized control of every element of American life in place. 

Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump has derailed those plans, and the ASPs are going batshit. 

The shooter turns out to be an idiot Bernie Sanders supporter, who really should have been picking off Democrats with his Ar-15; since it was them who screwed his boy to get Clinton the nomination. 

The dolt who currently governs Virginia said in response that there are too many guns in Virginia and that "We lose 93 million people every day to gunfire". 

The entire United States has only about 350 million people. This means we all have at best 4 days to live. (Unless of course McAuliffe was as usual yakking about things he knew nothing about).

Nobody in their right mind is going to give up his weapons what with leftist nuts like this shooter running around.

We'll say one thing to you Leftist ASP assholes: You better stop writing checks with your mouths that your asses can't cash. People are starting to get really fed up with your crap. We don't shoot people. But some of you lefties are gonna find out that when you scream in someone's face so loudly it hurts his eardrums you are asking for the person to beat the shit out of you to defend his hearing.

Back to the shooting. We had thought that when something like this finally happened it would be some idiot Millennial who would do it. What's worrisome is that the guy who opened up on the ballfield was old enough to know better. we fear we may be on the way to a full fledged civil war. Not a "war between the States" as was fought here in Virginia; but a true messy civil war with next door neighbors firing at each other's houses as took place in Kansas and Missouri back in the 1860s.  You lefties need to burn your copies of :Rules for Radicals", learn some manners, and stop trying to silence people who disagree with you.  

You, too can be silenced; and permanently at that. Keep pissing people off, you commie rats.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


When we sat down to watch the Indianapolis 500 last Sunday we were silently rooting for Zach something or other, a 24 year old kid driving car #40. Zach is from our home state of Ohio and was racing in our native state of Indiana. We had hoped for at least a good showing from this kid. We looked him up on Wikipedia and he seems to be a real nice kid. 

But the whole damn race he vacillated between position 30 and position 28; we think he got to position 27 at some point. But he never got any further, and as a further ignominy HE FUCKING RAN OUT OF GAS AND HAD TO BE PUSHED OFF THE TRACK.  CHEESE AND RICE, KID. INDY ISN'T FUCKING GO-KARTS!!

In an Indy style race, fuel management is paramount. It's not enough to drive fast. Fuel adds weight and so how much to carry and when to grab some factors in, with the restrictions on when and how often a driver may pit adding additional dimensions to the decision making process.  

Speaking of decisions, Zach, we hope you learn enough from your first Indy and come back next year and show yourself a contender. Hell, boy. We hope you win, and we'll be rooting for you. 


Gentle readers, you may be wondering why we haven't been more prolific in our postings about the circumstances surrounding our President and the "controversies" surrounding him. 

This is because we know you are not stupid. The ASPs (American Statist Progressives) have been hurling charge after charge at President Trump and his circle without a shred of evidence to back up even one allegation. It should be obvious that the ASPs are driven by a desire to de-legitimize Mr. Trump and try to drive him from office, because they were mere months from completing the "fundamental change of America" from a Republic of free individuals to a centrally run nation of unarmed and dependent serfs.  

Believe us, Gentle Readers, if Mr. Trump were guilty of even one percent of what the ASP controlled Democrat Party and the press have been trying to hang on him, the treatment this blog gave former White House Resident Obama would seem like a walk in the park. 

President Trump is more than capable of handling the sort of thing being thrust at him. What the ASPs are trying to do is going to blow up in their faces and sooner rather than later. 

If you don't believe it, just watch.


We don't give a flying fuck about Tiger Woods.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


The Indianapolis 500 was just won by a Japanese driver operating a car powered by a Japanese engine.  Just 76 years ago his nation attacked this nation and engendered a war that lasted nearly 4 years and cost the lives of almost half a million American fighting men. The victory of that driver in Indianapolis, the fact that he could come here and accomplish this feat, was the direct result of the sacrifices of our fighting men.

We do not go to war to conquer. we go to war to eliminate threats and restore peace. And once wrongs have been righted, more often than not we help our erstwhile enemies back to their feet and reform their society to a less warlike model. Would God our present enemies in this present conflict become our friends after they have been defeated. 

The entire world owes a debt to the eternal sacrifices our fighting men have made. But their service was to this country and it was these United States in whose name they fought. The entire world, however, would be a much worse place for everyone but for those we honor today. The proof of that was on display in Victory Circle in Indianapolis today. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


American Statist Progressives  (ASPs) are at it again, this time apparently in league with elements of the Republican as well as the Democrat "Washington political establishment". The common enemy? Why President Donald John Trump, of course; who is derailing the gravy trains of Establishment types in both parties. God forbid anyone ought to need to fulfill a campaign promise or actually do something to earn their membership in the little "club". 

Also, the Democrat Party needs some kind of explanation as to why Hillary "shoo-in" Clinton got landslided away from the White House - other than she was a lousy candidate, a flaming scolding bitch with a forced artificial laugh (The last time anybody thought Hillary was laughing for real it turned out she was gagging on a fish bone) who had a double trainload of baggage, notably almost being arrested for mishandling highly classified information. And they are so angry at Trump for winning that they want to get him impeached. They have announced this balls-out since the victory.

The first guy to get burned by ASP wrath was former FBI director Comey (for going on TV and listing Hillary's crimes and then saying he didn't recommend prosecution). 

Next the ASPs claimed that "The Russians" had interfered with the election by hacking DNC Headquarters and leaking e-mails of the Democrat leadership talking to each other about how they really felt about the minorities they claim to want to "help". And they in fact scored a minor victory in getting Trump's first National Security advisor fired after a campaign aimed at making it look like Flynn had been making secret deals with the Russians. 

Next, Trump fires Comey. While only the day before Comey got fired the ASPs had been denouncing him as a no-good son of a bitch, suddenly he was the good Saint Dan the Martyr, having lost his job because his investigation of Trump was getting too close to the truth. (When the firing was announced by leftist asshole Steven Colbert, the audience - not having gotten the memo about Comey's new sainthood - broke into applause. Colbert had to instruct them that Comey was fired (according to the ASP narrative) in an effort to shut down the Russia investigation.  The crowd of weak-minded cattle obediently started booing.

The entire affair presents not one single named witness to anything remotely suspect (but "anonymous sources" abound). Lamestream drive-by media presentations are laced with nebulous but ominous references to "impeachable offenses"; and today a member of the idiot Congressional Black Caucus rose to demand the filing of Articles of Impeachment. 

The ASPs and the Democrat leadership have joined forces in a conspiracy to destroy President Trump. The central premise of this conspiracy is that the American people are stupid cattle who believe anything they hear repeated enough. 

President Abraham Lincoln, by way of illustrating why he thought our country was immune to demagoguery said words to the effect that you can fool most of The People some of the time; and you can fool some of The People most of the time; but you can't fool ALL of The People ALL of the time. 

The ASPs and the Democrats are betting they can fool ENOUGH of The People enough of the time. We here at the ADP think they are mistaken. 

And President Trump is not stupid, a rube, or a buffoon. The people trying to derail him are dancing in desperation on twirling helicopter blades. When they make the inevitable slip, they will get sliced to pieces. The American People are not stupid. You better bet they see this bizarre Kabuki for what it is. Try as you might, ASPs, you cannot successfully pass of dog shit as Tootsie Roll. Try and not clog the pipes on the way down the crapper, you filthy lice.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Fortunately we here at the ADP keep our stuff updated. But if you've been hit by this pain in the ass virus here's how to deal with it. 
  1. Shut down your machine.
  2. Re-start in "Safe Mode"
  3. Run a "System Restore" to the earliest restore point you can use.
  4. Re-start normally. If the bug SEEMS TO BE GONE odds are it isn't, it's just temporarily dormant so FIRST download Microsoft's "Malware Removal Tool" and scan your machine.
  5. NEXT update your security and ditto run a full scan.
If the bug is still active after step 4, use your AOMEI 1-key recovery tool (most machines press F11 when prompted). Your system should be rid of the bug after this completes, but you'll need to restore your files from a backup and reload any apps. 

After you are rid of the fucker, update EVERY security measure you have and scan AGAIN. That should cure your machine.


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