Saturday, December 9, 2017


Two days ago came the 76th Anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor which threw the United States headlong into the deadliest conflict the world has ever seen. 

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the architect of the attack, which he objected to; saying "I can run wild in the South Pacific for six months. After that..." 

Yamamoto knew whereof he spoke. He was American educated at Harvard and had seen the expanse of this nation and its resources. He also knew the American character. Nevertheless he followed his orders and carried out the dastardly deed. 

We declared war on Japan, and in response Hitler and Mussolini declared war on us (although the treaty under which Hitler declared war only required him to do so if Japan were attacked by us).

During the course of the war we found out where Yamamoto was going to be on a date certain and sent a squadron of American P-38 fighters after his plane. They caught up to him somewhere around Bougaineville and Isoroku Yamamoto wound up burning to death in the shot-up wreckage of his Mitsubishi "Betty" bomber/transport.

In May of 1944, about 6 months short of four years after Pearl Harbor we and our allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. Three months and two very famous nuclear detonations later Japan gave up. 

Sixty years later, on September 11 2001 we were again attacked by surprise, with the death toll being approximately the same. This present war has lasted much longer than four years, mostly because a pack of hand-wringing wimps has managed to prolong it by emphasizing the need to avoid insulting THE ENEMY. 

Here's an idea: treat the present enemy like we treated the enemy in 1941. THEN after we beat them into submission maybe we could be pals, like we are with Japan today. But not before, and don't give me that crap about how we can't do that anymore. This is war, and these hand=wringing wimps are seditionists at best. Lock them up and then get busy cleaning up. 

(We apologize for not posting this on December 7th, but circumstances prevented it.)

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Today I was reading the Bible about King Hezikiah being at the point of death having asked the prophet Isaiah to plead with the LORD to extend his life. The LORD agreed to extend Hezekiah's life by fifteen more years; and as evidence offered to turn the shadow of the sundial back fifteen degrees (about half an hour)  and then did so. 

Now, if God had accomplished this by bringing the earth to a sudden stop, backing up its rotation on its axis by half an hour, stopping it yet again and speeding it up to normal again; the lawyers would still be trying to come up with some way of suing Him for whiplash and property damage.  

Now there are lots of Christians who think that God simply suspended the Laws of Physics to accomplish this (and this is not the only time in the Bible that God made time to stand still, advance or reverse; and surely He is capable of anything). 

However we believe that God simply took hold of the entire rest of the universe and moved it around the Earth until the sun had backed up half an hour's worth.  And He said it was a minor thing to Him. 

Our God is an awesome God, and worthy to be praised.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


NOVEMBER 23 2017
2227 HOURS

I worked/catnapped from about 6 yesterday morning until about noon today and did okay; about three hundred something. I had planned something special for this year: the Golden Corral buffet, which I have heard is pretty good. But I got there just at 4:30 PM and they had just closed. This is too bad since I had to drive more than 40 miles to get there (it's in Fredericksburg). Rats. So Thanksgiving dinner was a turkey and stuffing bowl at the Fredericksburg WaWa.  Not bad but still...

I did get a chance to estimate how early I'd have to rise if I moved to Dumfries as I am planning to. It'd be at least an hour's commute. But on the flip side it's much more rural than this traffic clogged mess I make my living in. 

I started out pissed off as hell at the boneheads who run Alexandria and are ruining the taxi industry with all their so-called "improvements". But over dinner - which I ate in the cab - I realized once I counted my blessings that I really on the whole and all things considered don't have all that much to bitch about.

This post was going to be a lot longer and more thoughtful. But I am tired, folks, and need my beauty sleep. 

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and no arguments about the stupid politics for just one day. The old tryptophan is kicking in now. As Red Skelton used to say: "Good night, and may God bless".

Monday, November 13, 2017


Despite the current Democrat dancing in celebration of the apparent success of that Party's efforts to turn the Commonwealth "Blue", nationally they are reeling from reports of Hillary Clinton's perfidy and a plethora of other ills coming to light. 

Elsewhere in the nation the Dems are losing big. And it would be a major blow to the Democrat Party to have the likes of Judge Roy Moore elected to the United States Senate, which until last week he seemed poised to attain by a landslide. 

Then - Oh, Miracle of Miracles - a now 50ish woman has come forward with claims that Moore made "sexual advances" toward her when she was 14. 

As "Church Lady" Dana Carvey used to say: "Well. Isn't that con-VEEN-ient?"

Too damn convenient to pass the smell test. She said she told her momma and they both have been living in fear of the powerful Judge Moore for the last 40 years. But NOW, when Moore is at the peak of his power, they blabber to the press??

And "establishment Republicans" (who have a vested interest in protecting their little club) have chimed in with their Democrat "enemies" in calling for Moore to step down. Several of them have even gone so far as to say that the "burden of proof" is on Judge Moore to prove this scurrilous accusation is false. 

This allegation is as transparent as the toilet paper in an Amtrak station restroom, which is where it belongs.  

Alabamans, vote Roy Moore for United States Senator from Alabama. We wonder how many hundred dollar bills James Carville had to drag through Alabama before he came up with this bimbo.

Friday, November 10, 2017


You guys know about our service songs. I think the Marines have the coolest one: You know, the one about fighting "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli" and being "First to fight". Hell. Is there anything in the world of military music more stirring than "Semper Fidelis" or "The Stars and Stripes Forever"? You had John Philip Sousa. Marine Corps martial music is indeed the world's finest.

The Army's service song is great, too; although it was originally "The Caissons go Rolling Along". Evidently nobody knows what a "cassion" is anymore (It's a horsedrawn artillery ammo chest) however; so now it's the Army that goes rolling along. 

I can't say I see anything overtly military about the Navy's theme "Anchors Away", but it does take some 'nads to hoist anchor and go sailing into harm's way. 

Which brings us it would seem to the anthem of MY branch, the United States Air Force. 

The anthem, "Wild Blue Yonder" happens to be the only service anthem that mentions the possibility of DEFEAT!

According to that gem of martial musicianship, we go off "into the sun" and "give 'em the gun".  Then we "rise to fame OR GO DOWN IN FLAMES!" (but nothing can stop us). Cheese and rice. 

Nothing in the Navy anthem about a submarine sinking. Nothing in the Army song about cassions getting stuck in the mud. And certainly nothing about Marines falling overboard. But here in the middle of MY services' song is a line about an airplane GOING DOWN IN FLAMES. Cheeze Louise. 



A special shout out to my fellow veterans today.

 November 11 marks the day when an Armistice was signed between the Allies and the Central Powers of Europe during World War I. That war; fought using 19th Century Napoleonic tactics of massed troop formations facing off massed troop formations but using modern weaponry like heavy machine guns, tanks, aircraft and even poison gas; was one of the worst slaughters in the annals of human warfare. That war was not ended by the Armistice. The "War to End All Wars" never really ended and is being fought to this day. The Armistice simply hit the "pause" button.

That pause was used by Lenin and his Communists to win the Bolshevik Revolution with the fall of St. Petersburg.  And in Germany, the humiliating and harsh conditions of surrender imposed by the Allies resulted in a frustrated sense of nationalism wronged. Into the vacuum of the German national soul stepped one Adolf Hitler. On September 1 1939 Hitler sparked what we call "World War II" (but what we think is more properly called "The World War, Part II") with his invasion of Poland. He had made alliances with the Japanese, too; and when Japan attacked the United States on December 7th 1941, WW II became a truly global conflagration, the first in history. 

Less than three years after Pearl Harbor, Allied troops landed at Normandy. A few weeks shy of a year later, Berlin and most of Germany lay in smoking ruins. By the end of the summer of 1945, the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki lay in ruins too, the results of two single bombs of a new and terrible design. Part II of the World War ended with the utter defeat of the two most monstrous tyrannies the world had ever known. It was scarcely over before Part III (The Cold War) began. 

Russia was eager to grab as much real estate as possible and turn those living there into vassals. Germany was split into two parts, one free and one Communist (and the Soviets, being not "antinazi" but rather the political kinsmen of National Socialists kept elements of the Gestapo, Kripo, Ordpo, and SS but re-trained them and renamed them the Vopo and the Stassi). The Allies - particularly America - grabbed the cream of German weapons scientists and drew the line of Soviet expansion at the Fulda Gap of the Alps. 

The Cold War got white-hot in "proxy wars" fought in Laos, Cambodia and most importantly Korea and Vietnam. Vietnam was lost not due to the United States forces being beaten but by politicians in the United States demanding our withdrawal and declining to support the forces of Freedom. Korea was fought to a standstill and the fighting was stopped by a shaky but thus far still standing Armistice (like the one that was signed at the beginning of all this tumult.)

Sometime toward the fall of Communism the Soviets decided to invade Afghanistan. It was the worst mistake they ever made. The Afghans fought like the irregular troops of the Continental Army during our Revolution, using ambush tactics and U.S. supplied weapons to waylay and harass the Soviets. Their humiliated pullout emboldened the Polish people to rally behind their fellow citizens Pope John Paul the Great and Lech Walensa. This solidarity caught fire, and by the late 1980s we who were told in our youth that we would never see the "Berlin Wall" fall in our lifetimes watched on television as mobs of young Germans - no longer "East" or "West" Germans - took sledgehammers to that damned barrier.  The Hammer and Sickle was ripped down and replaced by the Russian Tricolor.

Still it wasn't over. The World War part IV was about to begin. 

The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan gave rise to two main groups: The Northern Alliance, who cared less about establishing a theocracy; and the Pakistani Taliban, who wanted to establish a Salafist Islamic theocracy globally. After years of fighting, the leader of the Northern Alliance was slain in what would turn out to be the beginning of the World War part IV. The next day, the United States of America were attacked in the first act of Part IV. The World War Part IV continues to this day. Every day new veterans are minted. These veterans can proudly trace their heritage to Concord Bridge, up through D-Day  and VE and VJ day through the Siege of Baghdad and the demise of Osama bin Laden. We all of us have been fighting a never ending battle against the forces of evil and tyranny since before the founding of these United States. And for all this fighting and killing and dying still it must be said of every military man of this blessed nation that the bringing about of peace and freedom is what he or she is working and hoping for. 

PEACE IS AND WAS OUR PROFESSION. But we will not have "peace at any price". The peace of surrender to tyrants and despots is a peace paid for by subjugation to Satan himself. Let him who would enslave the globe know that American bayonets await his throat. My fellow veterans, you are magnificent. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Here in the Old Dominion we've been flooded with libtard idiots, felons with newly minted restored voting rights, and illegal aliens at least one of which reported herself for voting unlawfully after (she alleged) she discovered what she did was illegal.

This Blessed Commonwealth had been reliably Republican for decades, having gone Democrat for the election of Lyndon Johnson but thereafter was solidly Republican until the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Since that time Virginia has been Democrat except for the election of Bob McDonnell, who was elected to turn on some stopping power to Tim Kaine's shenannigans 

Democrat Tim Kaine was Governor when Barack Obama was elected to the White House. Kaine immediately began acting as Obama's butt boy, implementing efforts to bring more and more illegal aliens into the Commonwealth and stymieing and denouncing the efforts of especially Prince William County to stem the tide. 

The citizens of Virginia elected Bob McDonnell to put the brakes on. Democrat party hacks dug up and put together a paper-thin bribery case for the purpose of smearing the Republican party enough to get notorious carpetbagging piece of shit Terry McAuliffe elected as Governor (McDonnell's convictions were thrown out by the Supreme Court, but by then it was too late). 

Eight years of two Obama Administrations and six years of collaborating Democrat governors resulted in the Commonwealth being flooded with thousands of Democrat operatives and flunkies. These deliberately worked to make life hell for anyone who voiced dissent to the Democrat party line in the workplace. Places where people congregated became dangerous places to voice opposition to the Democrat machine. Meanwhile McAuliffe embarked on an effort to restore the voting rights of felons. Although McAuliffe tried issuing a blanket restore, the laws of the Commonwealth required individual consideration of each case. This partially succeeded in stopping hundreds of thousands of Democrat favoring felons from voting. But on November 7th, it proved to be not enough. 

Donald Trump had not been in office anywhere near long enough to replace Obama's people with his own; and the fanatic hatred of the extreme wing of the Democrat Party for Trump added propellant to the efforts to defeat the candidate the Republicans ran for Governor: Don Gillespie; who ran a rather half assed and milquetoastish campaign against Ralph Northam, who Virginia is now stuck with as our next Governor. 

The Democrats, in fact just about ran the table in Northern Virginia. They may wind up with de facto control of the House of Delegates. This creates a dire situation for the Commonwealth. But we see much hope.

Trump must move quickly to see HIS worker bees move into Virginia and speed Obama's minions' departure. He needs to cleanse the National Capital Area of illegals, especially the MS-13 gangsters who are getting bolder every day.

If Trump does this and can lead his party to get some key things done by summer, the mid-terms can wind up being a massive gain for Republicans. Virginia could be solid red again by November of next year.

Let's hope so.


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