Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Ever wonder how so many lefties can assert two three four or more things that wildly contradict each other and assure the listener with straight-faced confidence that every word he or she has asserted is true? Do they really believe this crap? 

In most cases, yes. This is because they have in many cases been trained by people like the ridiculously named 'bell hooks" (yes, just like that with no caps) to believe in two things that dxon't exist in reality. These two things are "white privilege" and "intersectionality".

Oddly enough when you ask what "white privelege" is you are likely to get a reply of "Well, what do you think it is?" and then when youj've supplied your own answer the questioner says "Exactly!" and starts on a diatribe. 

As to "Intersectionality", well, this posits that all "oppression" and oppressed groups and people "intersect" sorta like follows: It's okay to give Jews shit because they bought black folks from Moslems and sold them to white folks. but Moslems can't be touched because they are against the oppressing Jews; and white folks are fair game since especially white men sit on every other group; and especially women and children are to  be believed when they bring especially sexual accusations against especially white males (but against Moslems and Democrats not so much. And blah blah blah it's all such a load of shit; but they have some kids and young adults buying it and thinking it's sandwich spread instead of horse shit. Juggle the balls in the appropriate manner and you can justify almost every nubar leftist belief as a "quest for justice" or some such crapola. To understand "intersectionality" go stand in the middle of an intersection. It's bad luck to stand in a crossroads, sweeties. You'll get run over.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Gentle readers, we are really trying to contain ourselves after finding out that Saturday Night Live regular cast member Pete Davidson made fun of a former Navy SEAL's war wound on the "Weekend Update" portion of the show. 

Davidson displayed a picture of the veteran (Dan Crenshaw, who is running for Congress as a Republican) and referring to the eyepatch the man wears (due to the eye he lost in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan) said: "You might be surprised to know that he's a congressional candidate from Texas and not a hitman in a porno movie." Davidson then said: "I'm sorry, I know he lost his eye in war or whatever. Whatever" as he and the other cast members cracked up. 

We looked up some material about Mr. Davidson. He was seven years old when his father, a New York City firefighter, died in the collapse of the world trade center. He has his father's badge number tattooed on his arm. He also suffers from Chron's disease and has said that he is incapable of performing without the use of cannabis. 

So we wonder what Davidson would say to Crenshaw's kids about his father? Would he enjoy having to sit and listen to someone making fun of the way his Dad died? 

We rather doubt that Davidson's father would be proud to learn that his son is a farty little pothead who makes jokes about the price a war veteran has played in keeping him free. We wonder if he has been fired yet. 

Also we personally think Davidson looks like he's homosexual. Maybe his "fiancee'" dumped him because she found out Davidson just wanted her for a "beard". HAHAHA how's it feel, you little creep?

Sunday, November 4, 2018


We have not posted here for a few weeks because all the hubbub about these mid-terms has been like the blast from a fire hose. Democrats are pulling out every stop and pulling every dirty trick and propaganda ploy they can think of to try to capture at least control of the House of Representatives. 

Races are so close that no one knows really how it will all work out; polls have been lately so politically biased that it's hard to tell where statistics end and bullshit begins. And in the middle of all this comes a "Caravan" of hispanic aliens waving foreign flags and bragging that they cannot be stopped from entering the United States. This cannot be allowed, and President Trump has been forced to warn them away and advise them that they will NOT enter this country. Of course the Democrats pounced on that with the usual tired old cries of "racism"

We of course are hopeful that both houses will remain in Republican hands; but what if the House were to fall to the Dems? We can expect to see the nation's time wasted in futile efforts to oust President Trump that are doomed to die in the Senate; and we will see President Trump use this to expose these new Democrats for the horses' asses they are. It's amazing that Trump's political enemies cannot learn that he is one crafty dude and will hand them their heads before they know they're off their shoulders. 

Of course the only way any of us will be able to affect the outcome is to VOTE. This is important. Come Tuesday get out and vote like the fate of the nation depends on it. Because it does.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Madam Doctor Ford;

We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, having heard all the evidence available concerning your allegation about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavenaugh, and as a former law enforcement officer  have concluded that you are full of crap. However, we also believe your life may be in grave danger, and not from conservatives but from the "progressives" of the Democrat Party. We are not writing here to argue the details of your allegations, but to warn you of what may be done to you by those who are currently using you to derail Mr. Judge Kavenaugh's confirmation. 

My, my Dr. Ford. Did you REALLY expect that all you needed do was throw out a "she-said" accusation and it would be accepted at face value? More importantly did you know the kind of people you were getting involved with and what their motives truly are?  Do you not know that the stakes here are PARAMOUNT to the objectives of the Democrat American Statist Progressives. A dependable majority of the Court would be indispensable to their ramming their agenda down the throats of the American People. And they will stop at nothing bar nothing to attain this, including bloody foul murder, if need be. 

Consider this: Did you find and hire that lawyer of yours on your own, or was she recommended to you by some member of the Democrat Party? Your advisors and counselors in this matter, have you known them before, or are they Democrat Party operatives you hereunto have not met? Are they providing places for you to stay and directing your movements to "help" you? Dear Dr. Ford, THEY ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN ACHIEVING THEIR GOAL OF CONTROL OF THE COURTS! And if your sudden violent death (or suicide) would help them do this, do you or do you not think they would not think twice about it? If the only way to keep up this stall would be a headline in a special edition of the Washington Post saying "KAVENAUGH ACCUSER FOUND DEAD IN WASHINGTON ALLEY" (which would likely put off the vote for at least another couple of weeks); do you think the Democrats would hesitate for a second to arrange it? We believe it likely that that contingency has already been arranged, to be used if need be. 

We do not want you dead, Dr. Ford. Your interference in this matter rankles us to no end, and we support President Trump and Mr. Judge Kavenaugh. But take steps to protect yourself from your new "friends". If they can only stop Kavenaugh's confirmation by sacrificing your life, we believe they will do it. THIS IS NOT A SATIRE. WE ARE SERIOUS. PROTECT YOURSELF!! You have chosen to dance with Satan. He doesn't give a damn about you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Heavens to Murgatroyd. All this nonsense in the political arena and now we have a hurricane to deal with. Florence (Or just to be friendly, "Flo") is headed at last glance for the border between the Carolinas, where she is predicted to rapidly weaken to a Category 1 and then turn west by northwest through South Carolina into Tennessee, becoming a tropical system in the process. We probably can tell Flo to "kiss our grits" here in the D.C. area, but still everybody who has Trump Derangement Syndrome around here and in the media nationwide is making plans to blame President Trump no matter what happens. Just today a leftist publication announced that "Yet again" the East Coast is being "threatened" by a major hurricane and that "Trump is complicit". ("Yet again"? The East Coast has not been hit by a hurricane for a record 11 years!)

Trump is to blame for a hurricane? These people are insane. Nevertheless, whatever happens the media will find the worst result and harp on it, even if the worst that happens is some kid's treehouse was blown to flinders while he was safely with his parents in Ohio, they'll make a big deal out of it. And if a high pressure system arises and just blows the whole storm back out to sea, It'll be Trump's fault for ginning up such a disruptive panic. And if a thousand people die and the lights go out some places for days, boy will the leftists make a fine hash out of that.

Well, we heard on Rush that some kook study has found that hurricanes with female names are the most destructive. We also know they are running out of names to use. Here's an idea: Corporate sponsorship of hurricanes. Here's how it would work: A corporation would donate 25 million to FEMA for the right to the name of the storm. Then they could say for example:"This natural disaster brought to you by Nike shoes." See, I got the idea because Nike is already sponsoring the Colin Kaepernick disaster......

Get it? Forget it.


Sunday, September 2, 2018


We are aware that we haven't been publishing new stuff for a while. But seeing as how we have to work to stay alive, and seeing as how the news is gushing out and changing often the same day it has been announced, it's just not possible for us to put in the time to write about this or that person saying thus and so, only to have this retracted before day's end.  Currently if we were to make a movie about for example the Mueller probe, we'd have to bring back the Marx Brothers and the Three Stooges to play the main figures. 

However, we are convinced that this whole thing is actually the death throes of the Washington political establishment, as they try madly to hang ANYTHING on President Trump. And they have destroyed not a few good people in their quest to oust Trump and they will fail. 

There is a Red Tsunami coming in November, and not a "blue wave". Remember that this blog was one of the first nationwide to predict Trump's victory and how he would do it. The Democrat Party has been giving voice to every whack-a-doodle moron in the country. Their "ANTIFA" thugs (comprised of the worst of the "Occupy" hoodlums) wreak havoc wherever they go, acting just like the Sturmabtielung thugs Hitler used to fight in the streets. Their shills on TV are snarky, smarmy and off-putting and their "demands" are ridiculous. The American people do NOT like this behavior, nor do they like the Democrat affinity for illegal aliens and flag-disrespecting overpaid footballers. They clutch at straws to try to hang a "racist" jacket on a conservative Republican who said that Socialism would "monkey things up" --- because the Democrat opposing him is black. 

The Democrat party should have learned from Trump's election that people are tired of the stupid crap they pull. But no, the Democrats are doubling down on it. Our prediction: In November a 50 seat net gain for Republicans and a 13 seat gain in the Senate for Republicans. Now lets see how things shake out!

Monday, August 27, 2018


America lost a great patriot and hero this weekend with the passing of John S. McCain (R-Arizona).  

Mr. McCain has most recently been noted for his opposition to President Donald Trump, who has had for some time an axe to grind with Senator McCain. It was McCain who started the "Russian Collusion" canard rolling when he obtained a copy of the infamous Steele dossier and  gave it to then FBI director James Comey. 

But in our opinion, Trump's decision to disrespect McCain by flying the flag at half-staff for only two days after his death was petty and not worthy of the President of these United States. (President Trump has since come to his senses and ordered the flag to fly at half staff until Senator Mc Cain is buried).

Although we did not often agree with Senator McCain's political positions, he was and remains an American military hero of the first water. He endured savage and brutal torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese government. In the end, he cracked and signed a coerced "confession" of "war crimes". 

We are a member of an organization called "Oath Keepers". This is an organization of people who have taken an Oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against 'ALL enemies foreign and domestic". Certain of this group have called McCain a traitor for breaking under severe torture and claim the North Vietnamese call him "Songbird" for revealing military secrets under torture. We seriously doubt these claims. These claims state that McCain gave the enemy information about deployments of American forces and demonstrated how American weaponry could be defeated, etc.  These claims were made by the Communist generals themselves. We do not believe them. 

Also, McCain was offered release from captivity by the North Vietnamese because he was the son of an American admiral. He refused to be released until all his fellow prisoners were released. Nobody would have blamed him had he accepted. But he stood fast with his fellow warriors. He acquitted himself honorably as a POW.

John McCain served his country all his life. While we do not agree with every position he has held, still we say that he was an American hero and patriot. To his loved ones we offer condolences. and our hope is that his rest is sweet and peaceful. 

He has earned it.


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