Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We would like to commend DC area talk show host Chris Plante, to whom we are listening right now as he talks with a typical, name-calling Leftist. As usual the Leftie - whose name is Jim - is trying to hang the bombing of the Boston Marathon on the TEA party by equating them with the white supremacists and the "soveriegn militia" movement and other crackpots he calls "The right wing".
The "push-back" Chris and other hosts have been giving to this smear attempt is that it was more likely al-Qaeda. One thing that is damn near certain is that it wasn't. Al-Qaeda would have immediately boasted of the "operation" and begun issuing threats that more was on the way. As we said in our first post, this bombing seems to be the work of what are known as "right-wing" nutbars. 
However just as likely is the prospect that this was a "false flag" operation by a group of Leftist scoundrels to further this "hang it on the TEA party" business.
We  don't care which group the parties responsible for the murder of an eight-year-old kid belong to. What with the hay the Left is trying to make out of this, it is especially important that these bums be captured and investigated.
And then thrown into prison, where they will find out how even the worst career criminals feel about guys who murder innocent kids.

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