Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Why, you ask, do we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop admonish you to eat sausage this coming Thursday? Because Thursday is February 2nd. 

We have decided that what with stupid "holidays" like Festivus and "Star Wars Day" (May the 4th be with you), etc.; that we ought to get in on the fun. So, if ever there was a perfect day to eat sausage, it would be February 2nd. 

First off, early February is the rawest part of the winter. Here on the middle part of the East Coast, it's around the time we get our really big snowstorms. Sausage is a great food for that kind of weather. serve it up Italian style with onions and peppers, or German style with sauerkraut. Eat it in patties with breakfast. Or American style on a bun with mustard and/or kraut and/or relish (but NEVER ketchup! EVER!)

More significant is the fact that February 2nd is the day Punxatawny Phil is pulled from his burrow and asked if he sees his shadow up on Gobbler's Knob in Pennsylvania. Yes, February 2nd is GROUNDHOG DAY!

And what is sausage? 

It's ground hog, isn't it?

Try not to gag on the lame pun while you enjoy your sausage. Happy Ground Hog Day!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Commenting on Donald Trump's action as President is like drinking from a fire hose. He signed his first Executive Order moments after sitting his butt down behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. This is a hard man to keep up with. 

Which of Trump's moves are the drive-by media trying to machine gun?


This is driving the Democrats and their factotums in the media nuts. The Democrats have been making dead people vote for more than a century. This is why Republicans have been pushing for a photo ID law. With photo ID in effect, no longer will Democrats be able to hire some wino or Juan Valdez illegal to vote in the name of some corpse. 

Recently, the subtitle on a discussion about this on CNN read: DOES TRUMP'S DISREGARD FOR THE TRUTH RENDER HIM UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY?  

The main Democrat talking point on this is that there IS NO VOTER FRAUD; that when voter fraud has been detected it has been dealt with before any bogus votes were cast; and so the system works and isn't broke and so there is no need to fix it. Also, Republican attempts to require photo ID are "voter suppression" because they require people to inconvenience themselves to acquire a photo ID, which (if you take what they are saying at face value) African American people in particular are too stupid to do. So requiring photo ID is - what else? - RACIST.

Actually, saying there is no voter fraud because only a few cases have been detected and in those cases bogus votes were not cast is like saying there is no shoplifting - never mind evidence of inventory shrinkage at every store and shop in town - because only a couple of people have been caught by store detectives and the merchandise was returned to inventory. 

Actually it is entirely possible that - as Trump alleges - several million illegal votes were cast in the Democrat column. Trump is not "disregarding" the truth. He is determined to get at it, and the Democrat machine is terrified at the prospect that he will.


In order that we admit no more radical extremist Islamicist terrorists to these United States, Trump has prohibited refugees from certain areas identified as hotbeds of Islamic jihadis from travelling to the United States unless they have been very thoroughly checked out. He has NOT prohibited Moslems in general from entering the USA. However, several groups of Moslems were enroute to the U.S. when the order was issued. Groups of these are being detained at various points of entry, and the Left has organized rent-a-mobs to demonstrate loudly and obnoxiously at all these places. Someone needs to tell these people that the days of getting your way by throwing a hissy fit by mob are OVER.  President Trump is not about to let a bunch of disorderly people get in the way of protecting our Nation. 
As usual, the Democrats and their allies on the  extremist Left are focusing on these two points with lies and half truths. But they are dealing with a man - a real man and not a man-child - whom they spent 18 months trying to destroy using tactics that have worked every time. Until now, that is. 

President Trump is NOT going to be golfing the next time something happens, or if he is, he's not going to make some mealy mouthed statement to the press and then finish his game. Trump is a businessman. And he means business. And you lefties better keep that in mind. Because HIS mind is on the job. Thank God we have a President after eight long years.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Haven't you had it up to your hairline with all this lunacy surrounding the recent election and the rioting at the inauguration? 

Some of it has been amusing, though. We find the antics of gay groups wishing Trump to be impeached to be a laff riot, considering an impeached Trump would mean a President Pence. Cutting off your dick to spite your balls? Idiots.

Then there was the "Women's March" with those pink "cat ears" knit caps. What? a reference to vaginas (pink pussy) or to the stereotypical portrayal of females as vicious gossips ("catty")? It was sort of like seeing a bunch of African-Americans protesting racism by wearing blackface. 

Even the rioters were fuckups. For openers, they defaced and torched a limo they thought was the transport for some rich conservative "fat cat".  As it turned out, the limo was the transportation for one of their heroes, Larry King. 

Somewhere north of 200 of these rioters were arrested for "felony rioting" which carries a max penalty of ten years. One blowhole was charged with throwing a rock at a cop, which is called "assaulting a police officer while armed". We believe that's about twenty in the pokey, and we hope bet he gets every day of it. 

As to the rest of the rioters, we'd wager that most if not all of them go to Mommy and Daddy and get lawyers who will get them pled down to disturbing the peace. That's the way it always goes in the District of Columbia, and that's one of very many good reasons they will NEVER be permitted  to be a State. 

And so, Gentle Readers, we shall let the flavors in the developing political cassoulet develop for a bit before dipping in our spoon and describing the taste of it. See you in about a week.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


I have never been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City; but I have gambled at Wheeling Island in West Virginia and in Anne Arundel County in Maryland. But yesterday I got a fare to National Harbor and decided to check out the new "MGM Resort". 

It is HUGE. The parking garage alone is enough to get lost in even if you do remember to note your level and section. And the signage steering you to the elevators is confusing. I walked up and down for ten minutes and passed the elevators twice before I found the way in. 

My preference in table games is for blackjack tables with $10 or $15 minimums and $10 minimums for games like Let It Ride Poker, Pai Gow, and Baccarat. I was rather surprised to see these minimums at MGM (even in the middle of a weekday) less than two months after the Grand Opening. (of course, most tables had $25 minimums). Plus, every $15 minimum table had seats available.

I had told myself I wasn't going to do any wagering, but in the end I put five bucks into a penny slots machine and wagered 50 cents a pull. fifteen minutes later after a lot of up-and-down I had $2.50 left. I cashed out and left. 

It won't be anytime soon, but if I have $150 to spare I plan to take it to MGM and find out how tight the slots are and see if I can increase it at the tables. The place looks like fun.


Yesterday and last night I worked the sixth Presidential Inauguration of my career (I was temporarily absent from the job from late 1979 to mid-1994 during which I worked as a private detective, a loss-prevention detective at a now-defunct department store chain, a short-order cook and a regional courier). I worked 2nd Clinton, 1st and 2nd G.W. Bush; 1st and 2nd Obama, and now the first Administration of Donald J. Trump. 

The crowds were nowhere near as big as the Obama inaugurations were; but that's no surprise since we conservatives all have jobs and responsibilities. Also, elements of the Left had promised - and delivered - a completely unhinged response to having to see their fantasy of stealing America crash and burn. 

Nevertheless, I did run into several very nice families. One family of four - from Chattanooga, Tennessee - was really nice. Two boys, the oldest one of which was 13 years old and about 5' 11" tall and growing. Polite and well behaved, and best of all great tippers. There were a couple of families with seven and eight kids; whom I could not accommodate as I operate a wheelchair van with a big open space where the third row of seats would be. But I did have some nice conversation with them as we waited for a regular van to show up on the Metro. Sometimes I wish I'd married and had a family like those; but I'm too much of a Gypsy, I suppose. 

Having worked three Republican inaugurations and three Democrat inaugurations I can tell you this: REPUBLICANS TIP MUCH BETTER, AND TEND TO PAY IN CASH. One couple going to Gadsby's Tavern gave me 40 bucks for a ten dollar fare. On the other hand, a group of three Democrat protesters gave me $13.00 for a $12.75 fare, and on a fucking card at that. 

These Democrat protesters were women wearing stupid-ass pink knit caps with pointy "cat ears". I saw a lot of these types. If it dresses like a nitwit, it's probably a Democrat. 

But most of my fares were ordinary common folk who had one thing in common: seeing Barack Hussein Obama get on a Marine helicopter and disappear over the horizon was to them a sign of the "hope and change" which Obama promised to deliver and which by his departure finally did. 

Now I need to go out and work the crowds coming back from such idiot events as the "Million' (more like 400) 'Woman March". Busy, busy, busy. Every group with a bone to pick or an axe to grind comes here to do it. 

Oh well. Business is business. It's not like I don't need it.


After eight long years of a Chief Executive who denigrated our allies and kissed up to our enemies (who saw him as a malleable fool) we finally have gained a President. 

President Donald J. Trump made a fine and stirring speech after he was sworn in. Here is a man who does not mince words or pull his punches. Here is a man who says what he means and means what he says. 

President Trump got right to work, signing a raft of Executive Orders. 

Knees are knocking together in Pyongyang, in Tehran, and in the lairs of the Islamic extremist terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. President Trump told these animals that they would be "eradicated from the face of the Earth". And he meant it, and they know it. He called them by their true name, and announced his intent to target them. They fear him. They should. Our warriors will be unleashed to fight them as they must be fought. 

President Trump is opposed by the American Statist Progressive (ASP) Left, who wasted no time trying to undermine him. But they are up against a man who has outsmarted them and gained the White House in the face of the most unbelievable odds we've ever seen. 

When President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, all the pundits on the Left said it was just a publicity stunt by a blowhard billionaire. As his campaign began  to gather steam, it was said that he was "just summer entertainment" and that after Labor Day everyone would abandon him and get down to "serious business".

That didn't happen, so then the Democrat shills began telling Republicans that it was "up to the voters" to save the Republican Party from the big bad Donald. Up until now that tactic had worked. After all, in 2008 they convinced the Republicans that John McCain was their only hope of keeping the White House. But in fact they already had their knives sharpened for McCain. They did something similar with Romney in 2012. 

But this time around, Republican primary voters wised up and figured out that the Democrats wanted to avoid having to run against Trump, and that was why they were trying to launch an "Anybody but Trump" campaign. 

After that failure, with Trump the Republican nominee; the Democrat machine and its media cohort began a vicious campaign of lies and half-truths to try and stop the man they said was a clown. And in the face of all this, Trump just forged ahead at full steam. He won the election in an Electoral College landslide. 

There are people who think that President Trump will not be able to attain his goals. There are those who think that he can be "stopped". But so far, he has done the political equivalent of plucking up Gibraltar and using it to cork a volcano. 

At last we have a President worthy of the title. If you bad guys doubt it, soon all doubt will be made moot. Its your turn, Democrats, to drop the soap in the shower. Squeal like a pig, you blowholes. 

A note to President Trump: If you fuck things up, we will be your harshest critic. We don't want just another "Current Resident" We need a President. We haven't for eight years. Please don't let us down. You were elected on our high hopes. Please fulfill them. 

God bless you, President Trump. And God bless and save these United States.

Friday, January 20, 2017


 Well, as if Current Resident Obama hadn't given a big enough "FUCK YOU" to our military with his clemency to Private Worst Class Bradley "Ruby Tubesteak" Manning; yesterday he chose to unleash 500 + felons on us civilians. 

Now here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we advocate the complete cessation of the "War on Drugs".  You wanna fuck yourself up on pot, smack, coke, LSD or anything else? We believe you ought to be able to get your shit down at the corner store and fuck yourself up. At least you'll know what you're getting and that for example your LSD won't be cut with strychnine. 

Like heroin? Under our plan, you'll be able to get as much of it as you like, as often as you like. Hey, Fentanyl is even more powerful. Go 'head on, knock yourself out (literally). 

Really, drug laws are designed to deter people from using dope? We have news for you: MOST PEOPLE WHO ARE DETERRED FROM USING "HARD NARCOTICS" BY OUR DRUG LAWS ARE MOST LIKELY ALREADY JOCKEYING A BOTTLE OF GIN ON THE WAY DOWN THE TUBES. Heroin just speeds the process up. So, no net loss. 

All the "war on drugs" does is push the whole shitpile of human weakness into the criminal underworld. There, thuggery and violence replace civilized business disputes regulated by the courts. And here's the rub concerning these Obama pardons. 

These drug felons have been involved in this violent black market. Just because they've never been accused of participating in the bloody business of settling disputes in that venue doesn't mean they have never been so involved. 

The kid who just deals a little coke or LSD or pot among his pals probably doesn't qualify as a participant in these violent black market practices. But he is likely unaware that the $20 bag he sells his young associates was purchased with the blood of the competitor of a rival supplier to the guy he got the drug from in the first place. 

But as to these 500+ federal drug felons, there exists an excellent possibility that they have participated in undiscovered drug related violence in the past and once free will continue to do so. And Obama insists on inflicting them back on society. This is unfathomable unless you understand that Obama hates the USA  and is trying to weaken us as a last "fuck you" to all we believe in.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Finally in the last few days of his occupancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Current Resident Barack Obama has shown his true colors. He has commuted the 35 year sentence of Private Worst Class Bradley "Ruby Tubesteak" Manning (alias "Chelsea").

Manning was arrested after turning over hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks; an act that has done incredible harm to the United States and its intelligence community. As we have said, Manning had been acting like a fruitcake long before he pulled this stunt, and we think his immediate commander should be investigated for negligence. 

Manning is said to have stated that he committed his crime due to an emotional upheaval brought on by his boyfriend's ending of their relationship. Well, seeing as how Manning's boyfriend was obviously interested in dudes; and seeing as how Manning was increasingly wanting to be a chick; NO DAMN WONDER THE BOYFRIEND BROKE IT OFF! (The relationship that is...)

Manning's sentence is the result of his having pled guilty to a lesser charge than that of "aiding and abetting the enemy" which carries the death penalty (and in our opinion, military executions should be carried out as follows: for common criminals, whatever the Fed civilian authorities are using (currently lethal injection). For cowards and deserters, the firing squad (to give them one last opportunity to die like a soldier). And for traitors and spies, hanging (a traditionally dishonorable death). Manning was getting off plenty light in the first place. 

So why did Obama commute Manning's sentence? We think that first off, it was to say "fuck you" to the United States military, which he hates like he hates this Republic. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it was to make things difficult for President-elect Trump. You see, Manning will not be getting out until May. So Trump could well be caught up in a shitstorm of demands that he rescind Manning's clemency and counter-demands that he let Manning go free. Add a bunch of yammering lawyers and what a mess Trump will have to deal with. 

Manning's clemency is but one more wrench Obama and his henchmen have been throwing into the works of the future Trump Administration as their days in office grow short. To be in opposition is one thing. But to set snares and trap doors for the incoming President and his people is little short of treason. So no wonder Obama commuted Manning's sentence. Birds of a feather flock together. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017


And it's a joy to behold. The American Statist Progressives (ASPs, because they're a bunch of snakes); having failed to bring down Trump during the General Election are now putting out stuff they sat on during the election in hopes of somehow forestalling the upcoming Inauguration or at least weakening Trump to the point of ineffectiveness. 

All kinds of stuff, from allegations that Trump go-betweens met in - London, we think it was alleged - to coordinate the (non-existent) "Russian hack of the election" with Putin's people to allegations that Trump rented the suite that Obama and his wife stayed at and hired whores to piss on the bed the Obamas slept in - allegations the Democrat Party had during the election which were too ludicrous to be believable and so were not brought forth during the election - are now being trotted out in desperation.

The Senate hearings on President-Elect Trump's nominations for the Cabinet have similarly been the scene of ludicrous questioning by Democrat ASP senators. The putative Director of Central Intelligence for example being demanded to give his views on so-called "man made climate change" which of course has NOTHING TO DO with what the Director of the CIA does. 

Senator Elizabeth "vote-um for me, I'm Cherokee" Warren demanded to know "yes or no" whether HUD nominee Dr. Ben Carson would ensure that "not one single American taxpayer dollar" would go to "enrich the Trump family". 

This of course is a variation on the old "Yes or no: Have you stopped beating your wife?" trap. Carson did not fall for it. 

There could very well be some project of HUD's that one or more of the Trump concerns could contribute to in a way that both cost less and was more effective than anyone else could supply. And in that case, Warren is evidently more concerned that the contract might be awarded to a Trump entity than she is that the people who would benefit from the project get the best result available at the lowest cost to the taxpayer. 

Carson in return finally told Warren that he would hope that logic and common sense prevail. 

The nominee for Secretary of Defense was asked about his attitude concerning gay and trans-sexual personnel in combat positions. His response was that his only concern was that the U.S. military be the "most lethal combat force on the planet" and that when the enemy met with that force it would be the enemy's "longest and worst day".  

Amen to that. 

And Trump himself has turned that favorite tool of the Left, "social media" against them. Here at last is a Republican whose idea of "compromise" with the ASPs is not dropping the soap in the shower. Senator Chuck Schumer had the colossal nerve to say that Trump's only chance was to "come entirely over to our side". 

Hey, Chuck. Trump didn't win by doing that. And he's not going to come "entirely over to your side", you arrogant snake in the grass son of a bitch. Right now you are rightly terrified of the man who knows how to expose you for what you are and who is doing it. Perhaps someone should build a memorial for your party. Trump is a master strategist and a brilliant tactician. All your tricks which work so well with other career politicians Trump will turn on you. 

The ASP agenda, which they have been working on for one hundred years to implement, is about to blow up in their faces starting next Friday.   It's fun to watch the Democrat Party coming apart at the seams...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Ever since the first "energy crisis" - the Arab oil boycott of 1973- 1974, occasioned by U.S. support of Israel in her defeat of the Arab forces during the Yom Kippur War - there has been a rising drumbeat of demands to lower energy usage by the United States. At first these demands were made in the name of "National security". Then the 55 MPH national top speed limit was imposed with the alleged intent to reduce fuel consumption. But when consumers realized that this meant that the drive from, say, Washington D.C. to Indianapolis, Indiana had become nearly three hours longer at 55 than at the former 75 MPH, they began to resist. So the government then phonied up some stats about safety.

Actually the 55 MPH limit neither lowered fuel consumption nor did it reduce highway accident rates. It did however create a new revenue stream in the form of speeding citations, issued to folks who had grown up driving 75 on the Interstate and (rightly) saw 55 as unjustifiable pig-pokery. It would take several decades to raise speed limits back to close to where they belonged. (Even then, most "rural" areas were rated for 65 MPH, with some rated for 70; even though the original 75 MPH Interstate limit was designed with cars using mid-1960s suspensions, tires, and technology. Modern vehicles could probably be driven on these same roads at maximum speeds of 130 MPH if the most common tire ratings could handle it. Since most modern tires are rated at a maximum 80 MPH, keeping the limit at 75 max seems to us to be the way to go.)

Also popular during both the 1973 and 1979 energy shocks were the ideas of turning up the thermostat to, say, 75 degrees in the summer and down to, say, 57 degrees in the winter. U.S. President and bumbling idiot Jimmy Carter made a televised address to the nation wearing a cardigan sweater, extolling the virtues of a 57 degree house when it's 5 degrees outside. 

Indeed, curtailing use of electricity was heavily touted as part of the solution of the "oil shocks"; never mind that most U.S. electricity was - and for the most part continues to be - generated by coal, which we have NO shortage of. But in the 1970s, "solar panels" became fashionable as both a way to "save energy" and also save money. Never mind that the homeowner who installed "solar panels" would need to wait at least 50 years for the "savings" they provided to pay for them; by which time they would have needed to be replaced TWICE, thus negating the savings and more, since "solar panels" have an estimated useful life of 25 years (after which they become environmental hazardous waste, which is not only expensive to get rid of, but getting rid of it ADDS to the cumulative national energy annual expenditure).

Nevertheless, idiotic ideas proliferated. For the most part these ideas focused on how to convince Americans that they were using too much precious energy.  The Department of Energy announced in 1977 (we think) a contest to award a prize to the Federal government employee who came up with the best idea as to how to save money spent on energy. The winner?

Some janitor who came up with the idea to install motion-detector switches to turn lights off and on in comparatively infrequently used facilities such as restrooms and broom closets, etc.. This would have been a dandy idea except ALL THESE LIGHTS WERE FLUORESCENT TUBES which using 1977 technology were cheaper to let burn all day than turn on and off twice, let alone three to ten (or more) times a day. And so some dummy who figured out a way to use 200 to 2,000 percent more energy was rewarded in the name of cutting energy use. 

Things  got so ridiculous that at one point the use of electric fans  for cooling was discouraged as counter-productive. And this was the idiot argument used: When one uses an electric fan, the motor of the fan puts out heat, and actually warms the air. So, you see, you only FEEL cooler if you run a fan. 


And finally there are now "hybrid" as well as "all electric" cars (which have been a wet dream of the Left for decades). Let's cut  to the chase, folks. 

"Hybrid" cars are touted as having ultra-high MPGs. However this is due to electricity providing the major fuel source. You hybrid owners might be saving  on paying "Big Oil" for automotive propulsion, but you are still paying "big coal" or "Big Nuke" for your fuel. Until you can fill an electric car with enough electricity to go at least 400 miles (with all the extra equipment such as lights, heater or A/C', radio, wipers, heater/defroster etc. running full blast) and have that refill completed in less that eight minutes into a completely depleted fuel reservoir; hybrids and complete electrics will NEVER CATCH ON until they have all the above attributes AND cost the same or less than conventional petroleum powered vehicles. 

And even so, buying an Hybrid or Electric car will not save you money; nor will it do a damned thing for "the environment". The batteries to propel the things are dug out of the Earth, and when they wear out they must be disposed of; and recycling these materials has its limits. Hybrids and electrics ultimately pollute the planet in their very manufacture far more than the emissions they are purported to reduce.

Oh yes, one more thing . The use of ethanol (drinking alcohol) as an automotive fuel actually generates MORE in so-called "greenhouse gasses" than burning it as car fuel saves. Noted "climate change" guru Al Gore has admitted such and has confessed that he advocated ethanol as  a fuel ONLY TO OBTAIN VOTES IN THE CORN BELT.

And you still believe him on climate change? even after he said 25 years ago that by this time Washington D.C. would be under water unless we reduced our energy consumption?

Don't be a low-wattage moron. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


I don't usually make pitches for fundage, but this is an emergency. I don't make dime one off of this blog - nobody clicks on the ads - and I manage to stay alive by driving a taxicab, as most of you know. 

But in recent weeks the cab I drive has developed problems with the anti-theft system, ie: it sometimes refuses to recognize the coded key that starts it. A few weeks ago, it was in the shop for two solid weeks while the mechanics tried to track down the gremlin and murder it. We thought it was dead, but this afternoon it came back to life.

Now, the company pays for all these repairs; but being out of work for weeks at a time drains what little money I have. So I have started a GoFundMe campaign seeking a mere $1,200. This is really important because I am "between residences" and living at a $50-per-night cheap (but clean and with decent amenities) motel while I scout a studio or even a room with sufficient privacy in a good neighborhood. So I have swallowed the old pride and established a GoFundMe page.

I only need 120 of you guys to donate ten bucks each to reach my goal; and any amount from anyone is more than appreciated. If you wish to help out, go to .
Thank you for any help you wish to render.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


 First off and as we have said before, THERE EXISTS NOT ONE IOTA OF EVIDENCE THAT ANY OUTSIDER GOT INTO THE ELECTION DATABASES AND CHANGED THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION. The Democrat Party flunkies in the media phrase their "reporting" in terms that make it SOUND that way, because the facts are rather embarrassing to the Democrats. 

The FACT is, that SOMEONE, perhaps the Russians and perhaps not, hacked the e-mails of some high Democrat and Clinton campaign officials - such as Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, whose e-mail password is reportedly the word "password" - and forwarded select e-mails to Wikileaks, who then published them. 

The FACT is that the Democrats are beaucoup pissed off because especially Podesta's e-mails revealed what the Democrat party REALLY thinks of the minorities and "little guys" they are supposedly the champions of. Memorably Podesta was caught talking about "needy Latinos" who were always whining about needing the Democrats to deliver on the Democrat party's promises. 

So now the Democrat party is raving about how all us folks who voted for Trump should be "outraged" about how Trump benefited from Russian "espionage". They conveniently omit that there is no evidence of a "quid pro quo" arrangement between Trump and whoever hacked these e-mails. 

And it's strange that they're all so damn huffy now, since back in 1984 Ted Kennedy - operating through an intermediary - sought the assistance of Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov (another ex-KGB man) in defeating Ronald Reagan's re-election. And this time there WAS an element of quid pro quo: If Andropov helped defeat Reagan in 1984, Kennedy would help Andropov deal with Reagan in the meantime. 

If that wasn't treason, it was pretty damned close. And yet Ted is buried in Arlington Cemetery (where according to Cemetery regulations and US law he doesn't belong). 

As talk show host (and former Chicken Noodle News reporter) Chris Plante says: 

"Democrats. If it weren't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all"

Sunday, January 1, 2017


"Nothing changes, on New Year's Day". So goes the lyric of a popular song from the mid-1980s. Actually, we do need to write a seven instead of a six on dates. But other than that (and the weather) nothing is different. 

We worked the streets of Alexandria last night from about 4 PM last night until about 4 am this morning. We were surprised at how light business was; it didn't really amount to much more than a pretty good Saturday night. But the people were much better behaved than they have been in years. No crowds of 20-somethings trying to convince us to pile 14 people into the minivan we drive, no drunken kid trying to flag a cab while vomiting into the gutter, no idiots trying to get us to stop for them by running into the street and blocking our path. 

We came home at around 5 AM and fixed ourselves a supper of Italian sausages cooked in microwaved ramen noodles (It's tastier than it sounds). Then we slept until noon. 

The weather today is amazing warm - warm enough that we can sit on the veranda and smoke a cig our undershirt - and sunny. 

No trouble, a pretty good shift, and nice weather. We hope these are harbingers of good things to come in 2017. 

Happy New Year.


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