Sunday, April 24, 2011


MUCH ATTENTION HAS BEEN DIRECTED TO THE PREDICTION OF ONE HAROLD CAMPING THAT THE "RAPTURE" OF CHRISTIANS WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE 21ST DAY OF NEXT MONTH. Both Christians and those who hate them would love for this to be true. In fact, I would welcome it in the next ten minutes. It is hard to fathom how much worse things can get before God finally says "ENOUGH!!"

Israel is surrounded by enemies, one of which - Iran - is trying like mad to develop a nuclear weapon which her president Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nijad has all but promised to use to blow Israel off the map. Scientists are using their knowledge to try and manipulate life. There is a proposition afoot in the United Nations to give human rights to insects and trees and rocks (and no, i''m NOT KIDDING).

The world has gone COMPLETELY INSANE.

May 21st??? I would not be surprised if God decided he'd finally had it in the next ten seconds.
But Camping has been wrong before. He claims that "further study" has enlightened him. However, the "clear teaching of the Bible" he claims to espouse teaches that "no man knows the day or hour".

And why is knowing the date so important? Shouldn't Christians be prepared always for this event? Shouldn't we always be trying to lead others on the path to God and Heaven?
One day, and soon, I hope, the dead who are in Christ will arise to meet Him, and we who are alive will be taken up to join Him in the air, and so shall we always be with the LORD.
Something tells me that Brother Camping will be among us, and that Jesus will look at him and say something like:

"Harry, you're an idiot. But I still love you."

Friday, April 22, 2011


PERHAPS THE MOST GALLING SWIPE AT CHRISTIANITY EVER UTTERED WAS UTTERED BY MAHATMA GHANDI, WHO SAID "I WILL BECOME A CHRISTIAN WHEN I MEET ONE." His implication, of course was that a Christian must be a perfect human being, according to what he percieved as Christian standards. His snide little remark has allowed who-knows-how many people to deny God the chance to forgive their sins. Some of them have no doubt died in their sin.

"Perfect human being" is the mother of all oxymorons. It is because of this that we have Good Friday.

Good Friday of course commemorates the day when God, who had taken the form of a man, died by the horrible method of crucifixion. He then was entombed and rose from the dead three days later. He, being the ONLY perfect human ever to walk the face of the Earth, in dying in such a manner; ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT of any wrong before Man or God; shed His Blood in a sacrifice for every sin; past, present, and future; of ANYONE who accepts the pardon by confessing with his mouth that Jesus is LORD GOD and that God has raised Him from the dead.
Christians do change their ways. Some gradually and some radically. But this change is not a requirement of Salvation but rather its inevitable final result. And everyone remains unto death in some measure imperfect.

Christians disagree on what this perfection is. I don't think drinking alcohol is a sin, but many of my bretheren and sisteren do. (I smoke and gamble, too; but I can't dance worth a hoot). Even so, there's always room for improvement, and I could use a little. Readers of this blog will be the first to point out that I use some pretty ripe language to get my point across, and I have a tendency to be cynical.

Perhaps Mahama Ghandi thought himself perfect, and assumed that a true Christian would agree with him on all points. But if Ghandi himself were perfect, then there would have been no need for God the Son (not "son of God" but "God the Son", and it isn't a fine distinction) to have lived sinlessly in a sea of temptation for 33 years and then die a horrible death by torture - being first brutally beaten and then whipped with a Roman knout with lead and sharp metal woven into the braids, having his beard pulled out by the roots and having a "crown" of 2-3 inch thorns pressed down on His head, then stripped naked and nailed through the wrists and ankles to a cross that was then raised and dropped into a post-hole, there to suffer for three hours; finally feeling the ultimate pain of Hell, abandonment by God.

It is not a perfect life that makes anyone a Christian. What makes a person a Christian is the bloody Cross and the empty Tomb.
Ghandi met many, many Christians. I hope in his last moments he realized it and joined them. If he didn't, his fate is horrible and will get even worse at the Judgment.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


(Just a note here. there seems to be a problem with this blogging widget in that it has not respected my paragraph divisions on the last couple of posts. No, I haven't forgotten how to write, it's the program. Anyhow...)
Today we face another infiltration of the government from the Left, and this one is more dangerous than the one in the 50s. It is all the more dangerous because the Left has managed to install a sock puppet in the White House, and what is more a sock puppet with delusions of grandeur.
As we have previously noted, Obama has his own private "political organization" called "Organizing for America". What this bunch mainly organizes is rent-a-mobs of Union thugs to do such things as beat up elderly African-American conservatives, shout down TEA party speakers, and recently to "boo" and jeer THE NATIONAL ANTHEM as it was being sung at a TEA party rally. (one day soon the patriots are going to kick the shit out of the goons. Note to the goons: you ask why we carry firearms at our rallies? Answer: in case you thugs show up.)
Either "president" Obama is DELIBERATELY trying to bring about and sustain such things as the current high price of gasoline, OR he is the STUPIDEST politician in history. Actually, it could very well be both, as it doesn't take a genius to fuck everything up.
So let's bring back HUAC and investigate the Czars, the price of gas, the latest war (started by Obama, unlawfully, by the way) , the ordering of the printing of nearly a trillion more dollars out of thin air, OFA and the rent-a-mobs, all of it.
"President" Obama is not just committing un-American activities. His presidency IS one huge un-American activity. In fact, it is TREASON.
Bring back HUAC.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


With the agreement on a budget averting a Federal government shutdown last week came an unsheathing of blades in preparation for the 2012 election campaign. This battle promises to be bloody, and (this is news?) full of DemonRat dirty tricks, DemonRat lies, DemonRat dissemblings, DemonRat obfuscations, and in not a few cases, DemonRat physical violence and intimidation. "President" Barack Obama took the first shot with his speech - made in front of an adoring herd of brainwashed teenaged shitheads who cheered his every remark. He accused the conservatives and Republicans in general of the usual crap about wanting to get rid of inconvenient old folks, wanting to starve "the poor" and give "tax cuts to the rich". Obama tipped the DemonRatz' hand a bit when he spoke of how Americans have become dependent on "entitlement" programs. This is how the DemonRatz run things: like a dope dealer, getting folks hooked on what they are selling. The only real difference is that instead of the addict stealing your air conditioner, the government does the addict's stealing for him. Who says government doesn't provide great service? The next battle will be over the proposed raising of the debt ceiling, already at 14.3 TRILLION DOLLARS. To give you an idea of how much that is: One thousand inches equals 83.33 feet, about 27 yards or 1/3 of a city block. One MILLION inches equals fifteen and three-quarters MILES. One BILLION INCHES equals FIFTEEN THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-TWO MILES, and ONE TRILLION INCHES EQUALS FIFTEEN MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED EIGHTY TWO THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT MILES. A tape measure with a billion inches would go a tad more than halfway around the Earth's Equator. A tape measure with a TRILLION inches would circle the Equator SIX HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE AND ONE THIRD TIMES. The Ratz whine that if the debt ceiling is not raised, the country will go into default. This means that - if what the Ratz say is true, unless we can borrow more money to pay the interest on what we owe, then we are in default. But meanwhile, they have big plans to spend more, more, more; just as soon as the public has forgotten the spectacle of the fight over the debt ceiling. Doubtless the Ratz will accuse the TEA party of being willing to drive the nation into default if they refuse to raise this debt ceiling without getting major, deep spending cuts and provisions to block any new spending. The conservatives need to stand their ground, and make it plain where the blame lies. the battle cry needs to be: "THERE AIN'T NO FUCKIN' MONEY, DUMBASSES!" The only sane response to "President" Obama's speech was - surprise - Vice President Joe Biden's; who - no surprise - slept through the whole pile of blathering by the Nincompoop in Chief.


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