Friday, September 4, 2015


     Donald Trump is slowly becoming a force in the American political scene. This has especially the Republican Establishment scared as hell. They want to promise "The base" anything: Stop Obama, throw out Obamacare, end unconstitutional bureaucratic meddling, ANYTHING; and then once they get into office, don't even give the base voters Arpege', just sit on their asses and order their aides around (although the job isn't as much fun as it used to be without the underage Pages for sexual amusement).
       The Party Establishment is fearful of saying the things necessary to get the job done. Trump isn't, and he also is not afraid to tell some wise ass "journalist" to eat his shorts. He means what he says; and in D.C. that is something feared by the phonies who run the place.
     Quite a few folks have opined why Trump rates so high in the polls and why they think he'll eventually crash and burn. So far they've been - as usual - dead wrong. The latest theory is that this is still summer, and everyone views Trump as entertainment; and that once everyone gets back down to serious business Trump's polls will go lower than a snake fart.
     Highly unlikely, in our opinion. In fact, we believe Jeb Bush will have to drop out of the race before Trump does - even if Trump does not win the nomination. We think at this time there's a more than even chance he will. Stay tuned.


     Well may we ask. We have never EVER seen a sitting president and his Secretary of State do ANYTHING so bone-headed. We wonder if Obama is planning to surrender the United States to the Islamo-Nazis sometime before he's forced to leave office.
     What's almost as stupid is the way Congress allowed Obama to call what is clearly a treaty something other than a treaty, thus enabling him to push it through with only 34 votes in the Senate (to prevent his veto of a bill forbidding the implementation of the deal being overridden) instead of needing 3/4 of senators approving the damn thing as would have had to have been done if it were rightly called what it is, namely A TREATY.
   A treaty, by the way, which the Iranian mullahs will ignore whatever parts of they find inconvenient. Not that much of it is, since they have the "right" to be notified 28 days in advance of any inspections. Plus, THE AGREEMENT ALLOWS THE IRANIANS TO INSPECT THEIR MILITARY FACILITIES AND TO PROVIDE SOIL SAMPLES OF THEIR CHOOSING TO U.N. INSPECTORS. Yeah, that'll work. About as well as letting convicts search their own cells for shanks and hacksaw blades (like they apparently did a few weeks ago in Dannemora, New York; and see how well that worked?)
     Not only that, but it gives these known troublemakers access to lots of MONEY to use as wherewithal to carry out their deadly mischief. This is a bad deal, folks.
     Somebody in Congress needs to get busy and demand that a treaty be called a treaty and  be approved as required by the Constitution. We don't think the Constitution allows the House and the Senate to hand over the ratification of an international treaty to any President by the simple expedient of calling it something else.
     YOU can help by writing or e-mailing your Congressman and Senators urging them to call a treaty a treaty. There is a rally at the Capitol in Washington scheduled for September 9th to urge Congress to wipe this bad deal out. Please attend if you can. There's a lot more than "Obama's legacy" at stake here.

Friday, July 31, 2015


BY NOW we are sure everyone knows about the horrid videos showing officials of Planned Parenthood dickering over the price of human body parts "harvested" from aborted babies. PP apologists claim that the videos were "edited", but they don't offer to say what - if any - exculpatory content was edited out.
In a rather hokey ploy, the emergency PR firm hired by Planned Parenthood ran an ad featuring a woman who claimed that this nest of baby-murdering ghouls called "Planned Parenthood" helped her fight breast cancer. (There are other organizations that do NOT murder babies and "salvage" their organs for sale who could have helped just as well or better  The PR firm was simply trying to link these butchers to the popular cause of fighting breast cancer.)
Others keep saying that this ghastly trade is necessary for research into cures for everything from Parkinson's to AIDS. But ask them for even one example specific and they cannot answer, because there aren't any.
Congress, defund this bloody bunch immediately, and if Obama vetoes it, OVERRIDE HIM. 


     We are aware that it is a tad early to make predictions as to what will happen in November of next year, but we will here state what we think is shaping up.
     Hillary Clinton will eke out the Democrat nomination by the skin of her teeth. She will take Martin O'Malley as her VP choice as "assassination insurance".
Bernie Sanders will run as an independent after being barely beaten by Hillary, thus splitting the "kook" vote the Democrat party relies on.
     Donald Trump will get the Republican nod as the Republican rank and file pull a badly-needed putsch against the Establishment leadership in the primaries and caucuses. He will take either Ted Cruz or Scott Walker as VP.
     Trump will win in a landslide after loudly exposing the Democrats as the frauds they are and presenting sensible, workable ways to ensure the prosperity of this country and her citizens, and will put America FIRST for the first time in a good long while.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Gentle Readers, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop are truly flummoxed by recent events. The Thing who would be King keeps issuing un-Constitutional fiat after fiat, and the Republicans in Congress (who were plainly given a mandate last November to stop his treasonous ass) are just rolling over and caving. 

The latest travesty in this sorry sequence of events is the support the Republican leadership is lending to a trade bill that OBAMA'S OWN FUCKING PARTY VEHEMENTLY OPPOSES!!

(Not that anybody knows exactly what's in the bill, which is sequestered in a room in the basement of the Capitol, where members of Congress have to obtain permission to read it and are forbidden to make public comment about it. Just like this Obamacare crapola was before it was voted on. Who the FUCK ordered this? Whoever it is should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY.)

Whatever this bill says, we've a feeling that the Democrats are really in favor of it and are feigning opposition to provoke the Republicans to take Obama's side in the debate. Then, once the bill becomes law and the horrible effects of it begin to wreak havoc, the Democrats will be able to say that this disaster could not have happened without the complicity of the Republican majority. 

Contact your Senators and your Representative NOW and over and over. Pester the living hell out of them and tell them that any fool who votes to buy another Obamacare style pig in a poke can expect to be replaced in the next primary with someone who is not a fucking SUCKER!

Friday, May 8, 2015


IN HONOR OF OUR BRAVE LAW ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE, who take increasing doses of crap as thanks for their efforts at keeping our neighborhoods safe, I am finally happy to announce that my latest novel "A Piper For Danny" will be availablee from Kindle  ABSOLUTELY FREE DURING NATIONAL POLICE WEEK from May 11 to Friday May 15th. This is a $7.95 value for free, especially to the American Law Enforcement community.

Thanks for your faithful service in the face of the attacks on you recently. You are appreciaated, even if a few jackasses want to give you grief.


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