Wednesday, February 24, 2010


THAT'S RIGHT, FOLKS. Now figure this one out, and try to get the DEA to explain it: Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa, the plant used around the world as a smoked, eaten, or brewed drug is on the Drug Enforcement Administration's "Schedule I" right along with heroin and LSD as a public health menace. BUT the ACTIVE INGREDIENT in marijuana, Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) ; the stuff that makes pot so supposedly dangerous, is on SCHEDULE THREE (III); and is so loosely regulated that it can be prescribed as a toothache remedy.


A little background here. As did a lot of my generation, I smoked pot when I was a lot younger. It has been quite a while since I have even seen the stuff and I really don't have the time to go looking for it, nor do I care to deal with the sort of people who deal in it. And I consider the arguments of both the radical advocates of legalization and the radical opponents of legalization to be equally full of crap. Marijuana is not a cure-all, it is not a viable source of automobile fuel, is not a superior source of industrial fiber, and food made with marijuana-seed byproducts (such as a beer "flavored" with "hemp seed") tastes like crap. BUT ALSO pot is not a "gateway" to "stronger illegal drugs" except for the fact that-due to the very fact that it is illegal-stronger and more dangerous stuff is often obtainable through the same channels. There's a lot more derision I could throw at both sides, but you get the point. Nevertheless, personally I think marijuana should be legalized and taxed. I will save arguments on that point for another time.

Now there has been for some time a "medical marijuana" movement, and indeed it has been shown that marijuana does have some beneficial effects. People wasting away from AIDS or as a result of chemotherapy and the concomitant loss of appetite have benefitted greatly from getting the "munchies", for example. But the government and certain high-profile folks have kept up a steady drumbeat about the dangers of marijuana. Well.

Out of little more than boredom, I paid the DEA's website a visit and looked at the FAQs about pot. In answer to criticism about DEA opposition to "medical marijuana", the DEA said: "Medical Marijuana already exists! It is called "Marinol"....."

"Marinol"? Hmmmm.....

I had heard of Marinol a few years ago, and thought it was THC produced with an additive that blunted the "fun" aspect of THC. This , as it turns out, is not the case. Marinol is synthetic THC in a sesame-seed oil base, administered in gel-caps. Swallow a dose of Marinol and within 30 minutes to an hour you will be as high as if you had been smoking pot for real. But Marinol is not a Schedule I drug, or even a Schedule II drug. It is Schedule III, and may be prescribed for "off-label" purposes. That is, the manufacturer designates as "indications" nausea, anorexia, etc; but if a physician decides it might be useful for something else, he may prescribe it for that purpose. It costs about $25 per dose, which is about the price you would pay for an equvalent-in-THC amount of Red Lebanese Hashish (which is ditto Schedule I).

I am not going to go into a satirical rant here, although the situation begs for one. But Federally speaking, the marijuana plant is so allegedly dangerous that it cannot be grown, sold, or posessed except under the ultra-strict supervision of the DEA; and penalties carry the life-ruining stigma of a felony conviction under Federal law. But THC - so long as it is made synthetically in an authorized laboratory - can be sold by prescription; and can be prescribed for just about anything some doctor thinks it would be good for. Hell's bells, it has been prescribed to treat Hyperactivity/Atttention Deficit Disorder in SCHOOLCHILDREN and the DEA hasn't battted an eye. But grow a little pot so you can have a few tokes to ease your stress and enjoy dinner (a purpose that Marinol can be prescribed for) and you are facing major slammer time.

Is it just me, or is there some fucked up and tortured logic being used to justify marijuana prohibition? Huh?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010



He had the bust of Winston Churchill, a gift from the United Kingdom, crated up and shipped back to Old Blighty; and bestowed a "State Gift" of a boxed set of DVD movies - on the American format which doesn't work with Brit players - on the English Prime Minister. When he went to Norway to claim his Nobel, he snubbed his host the King. Yet he bows down to the world's worst tyrants and despots and says he is ashamed of his Nation.

This time, however, Obama has really outdone himself. In his treatment of the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of more than one billion people, he has, with his treatment of one person, hit the trifecta: Snubbing an advocate of freedom, treating that same person shabbily when he finally deigned to see him, and giving him a rather cheap and totally useless "gift".

Now if you remember, when first he had the opportunity Obama would not see the Dalai Lama because to do so would have pissed off the Red Chinese.

When Obama finally had the Lama over the other day, the Lama was sneaked into the White House, and when the visit was over, compelled to leave via the service door, where they throw the garbage out. That's right, when the Dalai Lama walked out of the White House it was as if he were one of the stinking bags of garbage that he walked past. And what did the dalai Lama take with him as a token of "President" Obama's esteem?

White House Cufflinks.

Cufflinks. FOR A MAN WHO WEARS SLEEVELESS ROBES!! And seeing as how the robes are ceremonial and sacred; it is doubly insulting. Sort of like giving a Sikh an electric razor.

Words truly fail us. Obama is a debacle, a walking, talking debacle.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


AS DO MANY IF NOT MOST AMERICAN ADULTS, We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop sometimes wonder about the youth of this country, and worry about its future. Then along comes someone like Shaun White.

When first we heard of White, we thought he was just another long-haired Left Coast goofball kid plying a variation of skateboarding. Yawn. But then he went to Seoul and won a Gold Medal representing his - OUR - country.

Then, after the immediate hubbub had died down he quietly dropped off the general radar - and prepared for the next big thing. Oh, we heard stuff about him winning the
"X-Games" and such, but after a certain age you don't watch teenagers playing games much unless you are a parent, a coach, or a pervert. White also picked up a corporate sponsor, Red Bull (the "energy drink" that's no more effective than coffee and tastes like the north end of a southbound skunk). In any case, we hardly thought about Shaun White at all, until the runup to the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

SHAUN WHITE took yet another gold medal in the Men's Half-Pipe snowboard event, and we at the Alexandria Daily Poop congratulate him. We also note that he seems very much aware that he is representing the United States of America, and is doing his best to make the world aware that we are a nation to be respected. There is no better representative for the USA in the forum of the International Olympic Games than Shaun White, in our opinion.

We don't know much about White's political views, but that is because for whatever reason he has not gome around like other famous people speaking as if his fame alone makes him all-wise. And even in his fame he is about as humble as could reasonably be expected without becoming a recluse like Bobby Fischer or Glenn Gould. And as a Nationalist publication, we must add that he has helped show the world the superiority of these United States.

For representing the United States of America with such grace and aplomb; and for being a fit role model for his peers; as much as or more than his Gold triumph; The Alexandria Daily Poop salutes Shaun White.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


AMID THE RECENT EXPOSURE OF QUESTIONABLE "SCIENCE" REGARDING "MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE" come the twin blizzards of February 2010. Still reeling from the exposure of phony and/or manipulated weather data and the citing of essays by college kids as established scientific fact; the admitted baselessness of claims of projected glacial melting, and other glaring fraud; the portion of the "scientific community" committted to this nonsense rushed to provide an explanation for these blizzards.

WELL, YOU SEE THE EXPLANATION IS SIMPLE. tHOSE OF US WHO OBSERVE THE OBVIOUS ARE JUST TOO STUPID. The line now is that warmer air picks up more moisture, and therefore there is more snow. Hmmm. That must be why it is so freaking cold right now in Blizzard Ground Zero. How could it be otherwise with all that warm air needed for snow?

COME ON! The globe is getting so warm that we all may freeze? And we are supposed to just accept whatever some "scientist" says because he has been to college and has a sheepskin? The last few years have been relatively mild around here with very little snow. THAT was cited as evidence of "global warming"; but now that there is a ton of snow, that is also evidence of global warming? And we are supposed to accept this because it is being pronounced by people who have diplomas?
Horse shit.
The other day, some airhead movie star said that "tsunamis and earthquakes" were caused by "climate change". EARTHQUAKES??
THAT'S the kind f dolt these pseudo "scientists" think they have in all of us ordinary folks, who can tell without any specialized knowledge that 32 degrees is not warmer than 70 degrees.
Global warming, my ass.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


AS EVERYONE KNOWS, this has got to be one of the snowiest winters on record here in the Washington D.C. Metro area. It is absolutely freaking ridiculous the amount of snow we are getting and how it is completely screwing things up here.

The Federal government has been shut down since Friday and today will make it four days. All three major airports have been damn near completely shut down since this stuff started falling And mass transportation has beein either shut down or severely restricted for the same amount of time.

(And by the way, isn't it odd that the highly paid Feds cannot make it to work, but the minimum-wage peons who shove fast food across burger and chicken joint counters all manage to make it to work? Just goes to show ya that the private sector DOES handle things better than the government. )

February is "Black History Month" , there is a black "president" in the - ahem - "White House"; yet everything is white. But it's not all right.

Rather than wait for the plows to come through, every dolt with a 4-wheel-drive jumped in it the second the snow stopped, and packed it into a sheet of solid ice that became full of ruts and holes. Salt and sand and sun had begun to cause this to abate, but then came the snowfall last night and into this morning, which fell and is falling onto the ice sheets. This of course makes for miserable, dangerous driving.

In Alexandria, we have a $5.00 snow emergency surcharge, and you might think I am in fat city right now. But of course you would be wrong.

Oh Jesus. NOW we have a "Blizzard Warning" in effect until later tonight, this just came in. This is really too damned much. Anyway, a five-buck surcharge means nothing if there are no passengers or if you cannot even drive in the stuff. AND last night I, who grew up in Ohio and learned to drive in this stuff, got hopelessly stuck and had what gains I had made wiped out by the cost of hiring a tow truck to get me the hell out of there.

Hells bells, even the Post Office is grounded.

I tried coming out about 0430 this morning and found I was the only unit operating. Dispatch sent a plea for some idiot who needed a cab to McLean. To hell with that. Sorry, but if you are such an idiot that you know this stuff is coming yet you put yourself in a position where you are gonna be stranded, then you just need to get a room and take the hit.

Right now I am gonna see if my neighbor will let me borrow his .500 Nitro Express safari rifle. It's just possible I will spot a Woolly Mammoth, and I'd like to get some ivory grips for that revolver.


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