Friday, June 29, 2012


As it has been observed, the silver lining in the cloud of Justice Roberts' convoluted ruling upholding the "individual mandate" was that the ruling opinion explicitly ruled OUT using the Interstate Commerce Clause as an excuse to do anything the Congress and the President wish to fob off on the People.

And there is a temporary fix to the larger problem available to the People, namely to vote the rest of the morons responsible for this abomination OUT this November, including "president" Obama; thus finishing the job begun in 2010.

But the reason this ruling was possible at all is due to the wording of the 16th Amendment, which states in part:

"The Congress shall have pwer to lay and collect taxes on incomes,..."

That's right. Taxes, PLURAL.

If there had only been ONE tax authorized, then Congress would not have been able, at least not lawfully (and this Congress seems to be not to very concerned with what is lawful) to pass the dog's breakfast of taxes on the bread of labor, which our Chief Justice has just declared the individual mandate to be a legitimate part of.

Here's the only way to keep this trickery from recurring: Amend the 16th amendment, like this:

"The sixteenth amendment to this Constitution is hereby amended thus:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect a tax on incomes from whatever source derived, and any such tax will be an equal percentage of every income so taxed...."

And add this:

"Within one calendar year of the ratification of this Amendment, the Congress shall formulate the percentage rate of such tax so as to compensate for the multiple taxes now in effect, and should this not be accomplished by that time any other tax on said incomes shall be Null and Void."

VOILA! Problem solved.

Don't hold your breath.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well, gentle reader, before we start here, perhaps you should open this blog in a separate window and type in "Obamacare".  This will bring up every article we have posted here on this subject.

There is a post in there wherein I warned that Obama and his henchmen would sell this as a "mandate and fee" and use the Interstate Commerce Clause as justification; but when that wouldn't fly they would claim in court that it is a TAX and authorized by the 16th Amendment.

I warned that they used a very sneaky parliamentary maneuver to hide the fact that it is a TAX bill, which after all must originate in the HOUSE, by taking a HOUSE TAX BILL concerning homeowner credits or some such, and "amending' it by stripping out every single word of the original language and inserting the Senate's language - to wit, Obamacare - and approving it and sending it back to the House. That way they could have the media referring to it as the "Senate healthcare bill" when actually it was a HOUSE TAX BILL after all. And most folks would assume it was a Senate bill and therefore could not be a tax bill at all.

My own Senator Mark Warner even outlined this chicanery in a FAQ about the Obamacare bill.

Today's Obamacare opinion confirms this. The justices rejected the Interstate Commerce Clause as justification but since the bill originated in the HOUSE as a TAX BILL, they just went that route.

What is truly appalling is that conservative Justice John Roberts sided with the four whacko liberal justices to make this a five to four decision. Does someone among Obama's henchmen have photos of Roberts molesting a Cub Scout? Huh?

Well, I'm sure the RNC has their best people working on it. Meanwhile, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop TOLD you this was going to happen. And it just did.

To put it like Rush would, you see, we told you so.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


We suppose nearly everyone has heard by now about the pack of tweenagers who harrassed and verbally abused a 60+ year old lady who was acting as a "bus monitor" up Greece, New York way.

As usual there are all kinds of peole saying the kids should be jailed, etc.; in fact just about any punishment besides the one I would have gotten when I was that age had I done anything remotely like what is shown on the video (shot by the miscreants on their cell phone cams, and that's another problem).  In fact, it was knowing of a certainty that we would face the severest punishment should we disrespect an adult in such a manner that went a very long way towards ensuring we never did any such thing.

Oh, there were mean little boogers on the bus in my day, too. Back in the day, the "Special Ed" kids rode on the bus with everyone else, and sometimes the mocking they got was nothing short of intolerable.  One such kid, a girl whose "nickname" was "German Nut", was told by a particularly mean little shit that he had heard that she was a boy. She insisted that she was too a girl, more and more vehemently each time this kid teased her. Finally, this sawed-off hellion said "Prove it!"

And she did. She pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and said "See? See?" as the entire bus cracked up.

Today the police would probably have to get involved, but in my day all that was needed were two Special Ed counselors, the Principal, and the Board of Education. Not the people who sat on the school board, of course; but the Board that was applied to kids who did stupid things and which made them smart. Smart so bad that sometimes a kid who got it could sit on a coin and tell you whether it was a dime or a penny. 

If I had pulled that stunt, I'd have gotten the paddle at school, and when I got home I would have gotten ten to fifteen lashes of a leather belt laid on hard right on my bare ass. AND I'd have been grounded for a good four weeks, and if I complained Dad would have tuned me up some more with the belt.

With the knowledge of what awaited us for such gross misbehavior, all any bus driver needed to do to maintain order was to stop the bus and yell "simmer down!" and in extreme cases note the names of the offenders; who knew that he or she would inform the principal of what went on.

We had a notorious bus driver when I was going to school, and all you guys from Huber who check in here to see what old nutty Perfesser Allen is raving about now will remember Benny Keck, who enforced corporal punishment right on the bus.

And yet the very people who are bemoaning this behavior and advocating bringing in the criminal justice system are the very "progressive" idiots who banned or greatly reduced the use of corporal punishment to begin with.

Now if any of you parents of these kids is wondering what to do, here's your answer:

March your kid into his bedroom, order him to pull his pants and underwear to his knees, shove him over the bed, and pull out your belt. Loop the belt so that the end and the buckle are in your hand and then deliver five lashes to the buttocks. Pause, ask if they are gonna do something like that again, and then regardless of the answer lay on four to six more. If he threatens to call child protective services, smack him across the mouth and deliver three to four more lashes.

Then impose restrictions on his freedom as you deem appropriate (no handcuffing to the bed, that is abuse) and enforce them. Trust me, he'll get over it, especially if you use "positive reinforcement" when his behavior improves.

Honestly, treating kids like they're made out of gold and can't be touched is a recipe for exactly what went on aboard that bus in Greece, New York. 

 And you will find, if you ask, that these people - these "child psychologists" and such - who look on corporal punishment with such disdain are largely a pack of foofers who never ever raised a child of their own, but think that they've read enough books to tell you how to raise yours. Ignore them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have to give the Democrats and the lamebrains who follow them credit. They do try. The latest lame-o attempt to put every failure of "president" Obama on the doorstep of George W. Bush is to say that Bush started this gun-running program.

As usual, the Demonrat propaganda machine has carefully put forth a grain of truth to try and anchor their dunghill of lies. BATFE did, under President Bush, have a program called "Wide Reciever" in which "straw purchasers" known to have ties to drug cartels were allowed to make their buys. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT THESE FIREARMS WERE CLOSELY MONITORED AND THE PERSONS INVOLVED WERE ARRESTED BEFORE THE WEAPONS CROSSED THE BORDER. And when a few guns were lost track of, the program was ended.

In "Operation Fast and Furious" however, THE WEAPONS WERE ALLOWED TO GO STRAIGHT TO MEXICO. Not only this, but under Bush and "Wide Reciever" the Mexican government was notified as to what was up. Obama's ATF did NOT bother to notify the Mexican government that they were allowing weapons to be smuggled into Mexico.

You can bet that if "Fast and Furious" was a continuation of Bush's program, Obama would have been absolutely delighted to release the documents requested by the House Oversight Committee. Instead, they are stonewalling to a degree that they need to get a membership in a mason's guild.

Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we have finally divined why Obama resisted producing his birth certificate so strenuously, only to show it finally last year.  Everyone was starting to ask what he had to hide, and after all that hoo-ha, the answer turned out to be "nothing". So we were left to wonder why he had allowed such a silly distraction to plague him.


Obama's ploy with the birth certificate was to create a big deal out of his reluctance to show a document, then demonstrate that all the ado had been about nothing. Now he is refusing to show the documents regarding "Fast and Furious"; and he is counting on everyone (or at least enough folks) shrugging and thinking that this is a contremps just like the birth certificate business, that Obama would never try to pull a fast one, that people are getting too nosy for purely political reasons.

We can tell you this: it isn't going to work. This is Nixon's tapes handled with Carter's incompetence. The House Oversight Committee is determined to get to the bottom of this.

And they will.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NBC STANDS FOR "No Believable Content" PART II

FIRST, it was Tina Fay dressing up as Sarah Palin and saying that she "could see Russia from my house" and leading everyone to believe that Sarah Palin had uttered that erroneous statement EVEN THOUGH PALIN NEVER SAID ANY SUCH THING. This was undertaken on Saturday Night Live.

NEXT, a few months ago NBC News doctored the 911 tape featuring the now unfortunately famous George Zimmerman talking to the police dispatcher. A whole side of the conversation was edited out to make Zimmerman seem to be a racist.

MOST RECENTLY (as of this writing) NBC TRIED TO MAKE MITT ROMNEY LOOK "OUT OF TOUCH" Here's what went down:

Romney was at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania when he said he would point out the difference between the public and private sectors. First he told the story of an optometrist who had to change his billing/remittance address so as to recieve payments for the Medicare/Medicaid patients he took care of. The form he recieved was THIRTY PAGES LONG and required the assistance of government representatives and three tries before the paperwork was done sufficiently to the satisfaction of some viper's nest of beuraucratic leeches so that someone could type and replace a file card and change an address in the computerized system.

In contrast, Romney offered his experience of the efficiency of the private sector (and we have ordered food a WaWa this way ourselves):

Romney related how he went to the WaWa (or "Wawa's, as he put it) and punched his order into the computer, went to the cashier, and had his sandwich the second he paid. "Amazing!" he said, sarcastically.

The inference was clear. Had he been ordering a sandwich from the government, just imagine the song-and-dance he would have to go through for something as complicated as a hoagie. Probably there would need to be competitive bidding for the meat, USDA certification of the ingredients, and a vote on whether to require the bread be baked in a minority-owned shop. By the time that sandwich had arrived, Mitt would have been being attended by a clergyman as he lay dying of starvation .

But when NBC got hold of the video, they edited it to omit the setup about the poor optometrist and his quest for an address change and portrayed Mitt Romney as a clueless buffoon who was flummoxed by decade-old technology, the way George HW Bush allegedly was concerning a supermarket scanner back in 1988 (and by the way, that one was edited, also. The difference is that THIS TIME Fox news and Britebart were there with their cameras, as were countless other private folks with cameras to document the truth).

This is the reason we publish this little obscure three-reader blog. Here at the ADP, you get the straight poop.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Today is Father's Day, and if you are a father I hope you are proud of your kids and that they in turn are proud of you. 

If you are a son or a daughter of a decent and loving father, I hope that he is alive and in good health so he can appreciate the honor of the day. 

My own father left this life in March of 2008.

Lots of kids think of their father as an "old stick in the mud", especially when they are in their teens. But I can assure all you younger types that in the years to come (as Mark Twain famously observed) the old man will smarten up considerably.

Of course, what Twain meant was that the day will come when you observe a clutch of youngsters behaving like youngsters and mutter "stupid kids". And in that moment you will suddenly realize that you have begun to become your dad. You might not believe this. But take my word for it, you will.

The arc of my father's life began in the "roaring twenties" and when he was a young boy he helped his dad and his uncle smuggle Prohibition hooch in Indiana. Most of his childhood was spent in the Great Depression, and he would probably laugh to scorn the folks who are comparing our present state to that dire era.

He was the son of the (lore has it) illegitimate son of a 16 year old Cherokee woman, and our family name was taken from the settlement of Norman, Oklahoma. Being of modest means and the son of a "half-breed" put him at a distinct disadvantage.

But he did what was required of him to help his family; and he kept his sights set high.

When World War II broke out, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, where he was assigned the job of manning the dorsal turret of a B-24 Liberator bomber operating out of Libya. When we kids asked him how many enemy planes he shot down, he dismissed the question by saying he didn't know that he downed any because "everybody else was shooting at them, too".

But once I had learned to use a firearm, I became aware that he must have known when he succeeded in downing an airplane. And I came to realize that he knew that what he was doing probably resulted in another young man, with people back home who loved him as much as his family in Indiana loved my dad; would not be seeing them again, nor they him.

And he knew what deadly cargo he was guarding. And he knew that even though the targets were military in nature, still women and children on the ground were going to die or suffer as a result of the release of the bombs he was helping to shepherd to the target.

And although Dad knew that what he was doing was necessary to prevent the world from being taken over by far worse, that he was ensuring that future generations would live in freedom, still it bothered him tremendously that any way he sliced it, he had blood on his hands.

He had done what had to be done. He was morally in the right. And yet to the day he died there was a hot little pinprick of regret that any of it had been necessary. He had been courageous, he had been heroic. But he was not proud of it.

True heroes seldom are.

I first saw my father as a hero the day I as a little boy living on South Webster Street in Indianapolis decided I was old enough to cross the street and do some exploring. I found a length of rope and - as any six-year-old would be - was excited by the possibilities of fun to be had. So I picked it up and began to trot home to experiment with tying knots, etc.

Unfortunately, the rope was what the man around the corner used to start his lawnmower with, and when he saw me walking off with it, he shouted at me to bring it back. Of course, this scared the hell out of me and I ran for home with the neighbor in hot pursuit.

It became apparent to me that I would not reach the safety of our front door before I was captured by what I percieved was a raving maniac. So I dove into the bushes and crouched in a casement, and the neighbor started clawing his way toward me, cursing.

Just as I thought he would reach me and pull me out and do God-knew-what, I heard the front door bang open. My dad stood there, and although I later towered above him on that day he appeared as a giant.

To the best of my recollection, the converation started with Dad saying "Hey, asshole, what the fuck are you doing with my boy?" It was not said gently, either. The neighbor was given the option of backing off or being killed with Dad's bare hands. He wisely chose the latter, and I was instructed to give the man his rope, and he was instructed in no uncertain terms to come to my Dad if there was a problem with me. 

Dad was a cash register repairman working for the National Cash Register Company from the time of my earliest memory. But as I said, he set his sights high. He worked during the day and nights and even weekends he took college and tech classes on the G.I. Bill and became an electronic engineer. He was promoted and we moved to NCR world headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.

One of Dad's last achievements - and like his others, he never bragged about it, I only learned of this at his funeral - was the design of an ATM to be placed on board Navy warships. The requirements were so daunting that almost no one thought it could be done. But Dad did it.

It's funny how you think that, knowing the time is coming, you will be able to handle the loss of your father. You steel yoursellf to deliver the eulogy and think you can handle it with aplomb, how you think you can keep the tears and other outward expressions of grief - real, burning, grief - for a private moment.

But then you convulse and choke back a sob, and then you have to pause to regain a bit of composure. When this happened to me, I looked out at the guests, and so many of them were weeping with me. And I realized that I was not alone in my loss nor my grief; and that I had truly been raised and influenced by the greatest man that most of the world had never heard of. To this day I think my most valuable inheritance was not the material things of the will, but the things I was taught; and mostly when I have failed it has b een because I had gone astray from these things.

If your father has passed on to the next life, God speed him and God bless you and comfort you in the loss that is ever-present. And in the moments - and they come, do they not? - when you wish you could have one more talk with the "old man"; when yu want to get his advice; then think back on the days when he was with you, and it will come to you, I promise.

And if your father is still with you, treasure these days and honor him. And if you have a difference with him, then know that the day is coming when you will wish you could have even that contentious conversation again. Then change your tone and tell him you love him. If you don't, I promise you you will wish you had when you give his eulogy.

Happy Father's Day to every father, son, daughter, and wife. God Bless You All.

Friday, June 15, 2012


IT IS TIME TO PAY ATTENTION. Therefore, I hereby announce that I am ending my write-in campaign for President. I am doing this because the man I chose for my Vice-President, current "president" Barack Hussein Obama, is such a nincompoop that he must be voted completely out of Federal office.

Honestly, folks. The last speech he gave was just pathetic. The same old "blame Bush" bullcrap about "cleaning up the mess". What is he, Janitor in Chief? He hasn't been cleaning up any mess, he's been compounding it. And Bush is just one of his many lame excuses.

He made a big deal of the "headwinds coming out of Europe", a reference to the troubles in the Euro zone.  COME ON! Remember 1997, when the "Asian Tigers" of Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore had a financial meltdown? Sovereign bonds were reduced to junk status, and governments fell. And the United States prospered. Remember how gasoline briefly fell to under a dollar a gallon for the first time in almost twenty years?  A competent (and Nationalist) President would know how to work the woes of Europe to the advantage of these United States. The "European Economic Community" and the Euro were, after all, touted as competition to the United States and the Dollar.

Yes, a competent President would know how to strike bargains in return for helping the beleagured peoples of Europe out of their situation; bargains which would provide maximum advantage for the United States. But we don't have a President.

We have an incompetent nincompoop (and this would be redundant if we were not talking about Obama. The expression is sort of like "stupid idiot") of a "president" who believes the solution is for us in the USA to share the suffering with our "brothers" in the rest of the world.  This has always been the view of the Statist left, that "equality" means the equality of abject misery among the hoi-polloi; while the elite leaders fly miles above it sipping champagne and having their every need catered to while they discuss how to equalize the misery of all the peasants below.

Obama and the Demonrat Left hear the death-bell of their regime ringing, and they are becoming desparate. Attorney General Eric Holder (whose rear end Congress is ravaging over his attempt to quash the Second Amendment via the "Fast and Furious" gun giveaway) is suing Florida because Florida is trying to eliminate vote fraud.

And today Obama violated his Oath of Office by stating that he would order the Federal government to cease deporting illegal aliens and instead give them work permits.  Rush Limbaugh called this "Catch, Release, and Vote".

"Hope and Change" was a brilliant political slogan. It invited anyone and everyone to fill in the blank as to what their own private hope was and whatever change they had in mind. The trouble is - as Obama and his leftist pals are finding out - that these hopes and wishes, spread out over millions of voters, are contradictory.

Obama and the Democrat Party are in a position analogious to that of Max Bialystock in "The Producers"; where Bialystock sold a couple dozen rich old ladies fifty percent shares of a play, intending to pocket the money and produce a bomb. The analogy cracks up, though, because the "old ladies" who bought shares of Obama are also cast members of the play he wants to bankrupt.

Paychecks are due in November.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012



However, yesterday a female acquaintance ran into me outside a convenience store, screamed, and fainted. We had not seen one another in a few years, and just by coincidence she had on Monday used a name-search program to see what I might be doing. The first item she ran into was the phony "death notice", but the search results only showed the first paragraph stating I had "passed". She had assumed I was dead, and had told several others. So when she saw me, she thought she was seeing a freaking ghost.

I am happy to report that I was not seriously injured as my lady-friend slammed me with her purse as she simultaneously giggled and wept. Emotional overload, I suppose; but I must say that it was easily avoidable. Repeat after me: IF YOU SEE SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET, VERIFY IT BEFORE ACCEPTING IT AS THE TRUTH.  A simple click on the link and a read of the entire post - scroll down, it's immediately before this one - would have revealed it as the lame joke it was meant to be.

This is not the first time this has happened to me, albeit it is the first time it has been done by my own hand.  Eight months ago I found out that when you google my full legal name, the first thing that pops up is the profile of a registered Florida sex offender. This asshole has my EXACT full name to the letter, and if you check the profile you can damn well SEE that he doesn't look a damn thing like me. This probably explains why it takes three to ten hours for the Brady Check to clear me whenever I buy a new firearm.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

F. ALLEN NORMAN, JR. : 1953-2012

F. Allen Norman, Jr; editor of this periodical and independent write-in candidate for President of the United States; passed today at 3:30 AM Eastern Daylight time.

Prior to Mr. Norman's passing he sequestered himself and let it be known that he wished to do so privately so as to spare his friends and loved ones the discomfort and awkwardness of being present at the moment of his passing.

Immediately after the passing, a rush of water was heard, and Mr. Norman emerged from sequestration, advising friends and associates to venture outside before they lit any matches.

Mr. Norman expects to be writing another blog post soon. In the meantime donations can be sent to Roto-Rooter in lieu of flowers. As Mr. Norman has a bottle of Air-Wick in his loo, flowers are not necessary and in any case would likely wilt and die. This would indeed be tragic.

(Sorry, folks. But considering the title of this rag, this post was just dying to get written.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


And they have given a resounding "FUCK YOU!' to the thuggish and corrupt tactics of the Democrat party. The Democrat legislators who fled the state rather than do their jobs, the Democrat mobs who trashed the State Capitol, the union thugs who were bused in to intimidate voters, all of it failed miserably yesterday.

Even the "dead man voting" tactic, a routine Democrat ruse (Madison had a 109% voter turnout!) was not enough to negate the will of the people of Wisconsin.

Predictably, the Democrats and their shills in the media are suddenly yawning about the impact of this failed recall; even though one could easily tell over the last few weeks that they were gleefully anticipating crowing about how what they were sure would be Walker's ouster would show that people are rejecting conservatism.

Instead the Democrats got their asses handed to them, so now the "spin" is that it was due to "outside money" (as if there wasn't a sshort ton of Democrat "outside money" involved on their side). Some of the more unbalanced commentators have trotted out the lame old crap about "the Koch brothers", and individual internet commentators have even started the predictable conspiracy/Rothschild/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg lunacy.

A bit of undoubtably selective "exit polling" showed that "most voters" planned to vote for Obama in November.

Yeah, right. Dream on, Demonrats. Dream on.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Since our last message regarding our campaign for President of the United States, we seem to have picked up a fourth reader. So we just want to recap:

I am running as a write in candidate for the Presidency. My candidacy is aimed aat those who know that voting Obama in for another four years would be to invite irreparable damage to the Republic, but who nevertheless cannot bear to appear "racist" for voting Obama out of D.C..  This problem I have solved by advising you all to write in Obama's name with mine in your write-in votes as your choice for vice-President.

As I have said, I have promised to run this campaign solely out of this blog, and I will accept NO donations from ANYONE. This has already had a salutory effect on the economy, as monies that might otherwise be donated to me have instead been spent on those things that might just turn things around.

Now, as far as what I will do when elected:


I will immediately inform the world that an attack on the Nation of Israel will be considered an attack on the United States, and will be responded to with an overwhelming and disproportionate response. The use of nuclear weapons is by no means unthinkable.

I will make it clear to our friends that they are protected and to our enemies that they need to back down before we blow them into the Stone Age.

As in any other decision I make, the interests of the United States of America will be the beginning and end of any considerations.


I will present a plan, outlined elsewhere on this blog, to phase out Social Security and other "entitlement spending". (Government pensions, Federal worker's compensation, and Veterans' benefits being part of the contract our federal employees and military personnel signed onto, these will not be touched.) I will aim to accomplish this in such manner as to ensure that persons currently depending upon or about to become dependent on these programs recieve their full benefits, with the option of recieving a lump-sum payment in lieu of benefits being dispensed over time.

Since about 40% of Federal spending is done with borrowed money, I will order all cabinet members (except defense) to cut their budgets by 2/5ths. If they do not do this, I will fire them and find people who can.

I will do whatever is necessary and proper to oversee the present tax code's replacement with one that every American engaged in productive work can understand, and further ensure that there is one rate for everyone. The first $60,000 of income will be tax-exempt; and everything over that will be taxed at a rate of 15%. Corporate taxes will similarly be simplified. And no longer will the Federal government be able to shove people into the behavior the government wants by overtaxing those who do not comply.  Federal sales taxes will be imposed on some items, and the whole gist of my tax policy (and regulatory policy) will be to get the Federal government out of the way of those who want to create wealth.

My aim will be to have a tax code that enables Dad to work and Mom to stay home and raise the kids, instead of having both parents needing to work to pay the tax burden. The more families that have a situation like that, the better off our Republic will be.

Any person found to be in this country illegally will be deported forthwith, except that those accused of crimes will be deported after they have completed the sentences for their crimes. The sole consideration for deportation will be the immigration status of the deportee. And if such deportee has children who were born in the United States, then if the children are minors the parents may place them for adoption with natural-born citizens. Otherwise the "anchor babies" will not be considered United States Citizens.

I will require every new law passed by Congress to be accompanied by a statement citing the part of the Constitution authorizing it. And if in my opinion this requirement has not been met, or if I object in any manner to the bill; even if it has passed a veto-proof majority in both Houses I will veto it and send it back, and even if the veto is overridden it will be plain that the Congress is shoving the bill down the throats of the public.

I will order the re-opening of Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest and E Street, Northwest between 15th and 17th streets. I will urge Congress  to do the same on Capitol Hill. After all, if we are doing our jobs right, then the People are our defense and not our enemies.

This is just a partial list.  I'd be more extensive, but I have to work for a living. Oh, speaking of that, I won't be going on "vacation" every other week, either. Vice President Obama can take that chore. Other than apologizing to our enemies, the thing Barack does best is vacation like there's no tomorrow.




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