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S INCE THIS IS THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP, WE SUPPOSE WE SHOULD START WITH THE LOCAL NEWS. Of course we are referring to Representative James P. "Bugs" Moran's son, who was working on Moran's campaign staff until he was approached by a man with a hidden camera and was told that the cameraman knew about a hundred registered voters who never bothered to vote and wanted to know how to go about voting for these folks. "Baby Bugs" poured forth a litany of detailed information on the documents needed and how to forge them.
When the video was made public, "Baby Bugs" very hastily resigned and the Moran campaign put forth a statement full of argle-bargle about Baby Bugs "humoring" an "overly zealous" supporter.
Well, all we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop have to say is, the nut don't fall far from the tree.  Where did Baby Bugs find out how to do all that fraud stuff in the first place?  And another thing: If you were approached in a bar and asked how to slip a girl a "mickey", would you "humor" the guy by telling him how to get some chloral hydrate and how to surreptitiosly slip it into her drink? OR would you throw your drink in his face and yell for the cops?
Obama's handling of the Benghazi attack that killed three Navy SEALS and our Ambassador to Libya - and more to the point Obama's attempts to sweep the whole thing under the rug - are suffering more and more from the relentless tide of facts that have been pouring in. The intelligence community, whom Obama tried to blame along with the State Department for not furnishing sufficient info and not requesting help, has begun firing back.
As it turns out, Obama knew damned well it was a coordinated terror attack within two hours of the start of the attack. Not only that, but the Navy SEALS were pleading to be allowed to go in and help the besieged personell in the Consulate, but were ORDERED TO STAND DOWN AND ALLOW THE ATTACK TO PROCEED. Three of those SEALS could not bear to allow their countrymen to suffer at the hands of the animals and defied the stand-down order. And there's more coming almost hourly. Obama has been trying to keep this bottled up until after the election. No wonder he's in such a hurry to get the vote in early.
Today in Alexandria Obama's minions held a cookout in a City park. Just co-incidentally they were collecting absentee ballots - which could be cast on the spot - also (making it a de facto polling place). There were huge posters with the Obama logo hung on the restroom building (where they belonged) with the bold message "COMMIT!  ---  VOTE!"  This is legal?
Oh, and those Navy SEALS who gave their lives to defend the Consulate? Their bodies were met at Andrews AFB by a contingent including Vice President "Batshit Joe" Biden, who again justified his nickname by going up to the father of SEAL Tyrone Wood and, with his son's body not fifty feet away said to the father:
"Did your kid always have balls the size of cue balls?"
What were you assholes saying about Sarah Palin's qualifications to be Vice President? 


I am not a "native" Ohioan, having been born in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, my family moved to the Dayton area when I was a second-grader; and it is Ohio that I go to when I want to recharge what I am made of. Even though I have lived in Virginia since I was 21 - and thus most of my adult life - my formative years were spent in southwest central Ohio.
Four years ago I was shocked to see my home state tumble to the political onslaught of a man I knew to be a damned socialist, Barack Hussein Obama. But on reflection I realized that the People of Ohio were in dire straits and had been taken in by the siren song of "hope and change". 
I have a ton of credibility in this regard. In my teen years I saw the fears of the working class realized as one major industry after another shut down. I know why Ohio went for Obama in 2008. It was because things had gotten really bad and - according to Midwestern political orthodoxy - if the one party can't fix things, then it's time to give the other party a shot.
And so, Ohio, you went for Obama. He has failed you miserably (as he has ditto miserably failed the rest of the nation). After he had gotten your votes, he forgot about you. Oh, sure - he claims he has revived the auto industry. But he did that by forcing Chrysler and GM into Chapter 11 bankruptcy after taking control of them. (Funny thing, he said he was taking control to save them from bankruptcy!).  Ford didn't accept Obama's "help", and also went through Chapter 11; and is today light years more viable than Chrysler OR GM.
Obama's "plan for the future" is nothing more than four more years of the same downward spiral he has accelerated in his first term. All the crap in his latest "my plan for America" crapola ad is the same damned thing he ran on in 2008, just re-worded.
Obama's appeal to Ohio is a plea to submit yourselves to complete dependence on the Federal government, headed by him. The man actually thinks it is an achievement of his to have increased the numbers of food-stamp recipients. 
Obama and his Democrat masters have as their goal COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOU AND EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIVES!! They actually welcome abject poverty in that it enables them to make a lot of promises to get you out of it... if you just do as you are told.
Obama and his Democrat Party masters are some of the most insidious and evil people ever to walk the face of this planet. Ohio, take a sober look at all this and you have to admit it is true. Look at the way he campaigned in Elkhart, Indiana; talking to RV plant employees about how he was so dismayed that the Elkhart Winnebago plant was shutting down.  Then, out of the other side of his mouth he says that his administration would seek to make energy prices SKYROCKET. He appointed an Energy Dept. Seceratary Steven Chu who stated that he wanted to see US gas prices at FIVE BUCKS A GALLLON! 
Expensive gasoline was a major factor in the shutdown of the RV plant in Elkhart.
Need we go on here?
Ohio, Obama is playing you for FOOLS! On November 6th, tell him you aren't buying his line of crap and KICK HIM BACK TO CHICAGO.
Please tell me that the state I grew up in has not been completely taken over by fools. Apparently Obama thinks so. First Tuesday in November, Ohio, show him who the fool is and hust how wrong he can be.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


ONE REASON we have advocated abstaining from "early voting" (unless necessary) is so you may be able to take advantage of our endorsements of the candidates for office. The following are the endorsements of the Alexandria Daily Poop for next month's general elections:
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Just go back to the first post and read this entire blog. Even we had moments at the beginning where we thought Little Boy Barry would "grow" into the job. If he had even begun to get us out of this mess, we would have gladly endorsed another four years. Instead Obama has been the puppet of the Left and has done nothing but fuck up right and left.
We need a President, not a "president". Mitt Romney is an expert businessman who can get us out of these economic straits. Moreover, he's not going to trot the globe apologizing for America and saying that we "have been arrogant".  Under Romney, our friends will be confident of our support and our enemies will fear us, and that's the way it MUST be.
Patrick Murray is again running against the appalling James P. "Bugs" Moran. Come on, Alexandria. I know most of you guys are liberal Democrats, but if you are true to your beliefs then why do you - election after election - support a wife-beating Jew-hating old drunk? If for no other reason, vote for Murray and thereby tell Moran to get his ass back to Boston where he can drink, fight, and fart all he wants without embarassing the Democrat party.
George Allen. The only reason he's not STILL one of our Senators is because of that "Macacca" comment. Look, folks. Allen himself probably doesn't realize it; but that comment was rooted in his boyhood. His mom is Moroccan. He was probably called "Macacca" by his mom multiple times when he got into mischief as a boy and called that idiot Democrat operative that name because it was what his mom said when a Midwestern mother would have said "scamp". 
Allen is running against former Virginia governor Tim Kaine. Well, in Virginia Governors can only serve ONE term, so re-election can't be used as a yardstick. So here's the good story on Kaine: Kaine represented the Democrat vision for Virginia so effectively that the Commonwealth voted in a very conservative Republican McDonnell to replace him.  Vote for George Allen.
Andrew McDonald is the Republican choice to replace Mayor William Euille, whose sole qualification for office is having grown up in "the projects" and his touting of his "one Alexandria" concept, which when analyzed is not unifying but divisive. Time to go, Bill.  Vote for McDonald.
RE-Elect Fannon and Hughes. They have provided much-needed "pushback" for some of the more insane schemes of the Alexandria City Council. And as to any other choices, replace other incumbents with any Republican, Libertarian, or Independent candidate that you please. The Democrat political machine has run this city far too long. They bitch about a lack of City funds, yet they angle for more freebies for citizens. Two more "free trolleys" are in the works, not for just Old Town but for DelRay and the West End. They say these "trolleys" will bring tourist dollars in to businesses but in reality they are mostly used by everyday working stiffs to get home at the end of a day. We at the Alexandria Daily Poop have nothing against the working man or woman, but each of these trolleys costs well over one million semoleons a year to operate. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  
And wherever you are, and whatever city or State you live in, Vote a straight Republican ticket insofar as is possible. The excesses of the Democrat Party need to have some stopping power turned on them. The message needs to get to the rank and file of the Democrat Party that their leadership has perverted their party into a quasi-Communist nightmare. Once the rank and file Democrats have wrested control of their party from these Statist lefties, we might see thje way clear to endsorse a Democrat or two. But not this time around.

Monday, October 22, 2012


The first "Prequel" to my novel "The Peterson Investigation" is now available exclusively on Kindle E-Books!

Set in 1977,"Georgetown in Plainclothes" is the story of "Peterson Investigation" protagonist John Philip "J.P." Waterman's first assignment in plain clothes in the D.C. Metropolitan Police. A routine traffic stop of a teenaged couple leads to a massive investigation into Quaalude abuse, a teenage hedonist club, prescription forgery and a fraudulent ID ring. The probe winds up involving state and local agencies from Maryland and Virginia as well as the FBI, DEA, and eventually the CIA and the Shah of Iran's "SAVAK" secret police. During this investigation, the then-25 year old Waterman's eyes are opened as to just what he will be dealing with as a policeman in the capital of the free world.
"Georgetown in Plainclothes" is available for $1.99. After the debates, rinse out your mind with this novel set in a time when things weren't so scary.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


With the shysters who run the Democrat Party, this election is a bit like selling a lemon used car. (Actually more than a bit.) Anybody who has ever been on a sleazy used car lot knows that the faster the salesman tries to rush you to a decision, the greater the probability that the damn car has sawdust in the transmission or worse.  So no damned wonder the Democrat Party has been trying to shove "absentee" ballots in as many hands as possible and get those votes cast early (and they cannot be taken back).

The test drive of the Obamabile was not at all satisfying, but the Democrat Used President Lot is trying to fob this off as due to "bad weather". They know you've been looking at the roomy Romney family sedan and want you to make a decision before you try the Romney sedan and find you like how it drives you to where the weather is better.

So much for metaphors. Face it, folks. The faster the Democrats want you to make your choice, the more you can be certain that they want that choice made before any more people find out how bad Obama is and how good a choice Romney will be. As this election goes to the wire, Obama keeps looking worse and worse and Romney looks better and better.
On the other hand, here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we view this as a trial. We urge you, unless you genuinely need to cast an early absentee ballot, to WAIT UNTIL ALL THE EVIDENCE IS IN. That moment will arrive when the polls open on November 6th.
And we say this even though we are CERTAIN that "if the election were held today" as they say, Romney would kick Obama's ass from Sea to shining Sea and back. Fox News isn't the only outfit that's "fair and balanced". So is the Alexandria Daily Poop.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


WELL, dear readers, the second "debate" between Governor Mitt Romney and Mr. Barack "MMM MMmm MMMM" Obama (the alleged President of the United States) has concluded.

All we need to know about Obama came in the first five minutes, when Romney said that even though Obama accused him of saying that GM ought to have been allowed to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy; that is exactly what happened under Obama. And in fact GM did in fact undergo a Chapter 11 re-organization. Obama denied this.
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we spent the remainder of the debate making "jerk-off" gestures to damn near everything the Nincompoop-In-Chief said.
This whole thing had gotten to the point that it is ridiculous. Romney will take the election with 318 electoral votes.
Either that, or we are doomed. Obama is a lying sack of shit. There's no gentle way of saying it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


THERE HAS BEEN MUCH DISCUSSION OF COURSE as to the "winner" of the Vice-Presidential candidate's debate. Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we sort of think "outside the box". Most people think in terms of either Biden or Ryan having "won the debate". On that level, we'd have to say that Biden "won", but only in the sense that Frazier could have "won" over Muhammad Ali had he kicked Ali in the nuts. 
However, Biden is an idiot. He was trying to win the debate. Ryan on the other hand was looking to win the election. So he just sat there smiling as Batshit Joe was led to paint his boss Obama into a very nasty corner.  Biden repeated over and over again the fiction that Obama's failure to secure the Benghazi consulate and protect our ambassador was due to "faulty intelligence" and a failure to request better security. On the 11th anniversary of 9-11? In a locale just totally crawling with al-Qaeda? Even if it is true that the State Department failed to request extra security - and it isn't - PLAIN COMMOM SENSE WOULD DEMAND EXTRA SECURITY. So either way, Obama is a nincompoop and unfit for the Presidency. (WE suppose he's going tio keep running that ad about Big Bird as a distraction. Hey Sotero: it ain't gonna work.)
As a plus, Obama's attempt to cast Hillary Clinton as the doofus has made Bill and Hil very angry. This is a bad situation for Obama, as the Clintons are very dangerous characters and absolutely could fatally sabotage Obama's attemt at four more years in the White House. 
No wonder Ryan sat there smiling like the Mona Lisa.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We haven't posted here in a while because we have been absorbing the results of last week's debate between Mitt Romney and Mr. Obama. Romney whipped Obama's ass in front of the entire nation, and now the entire Democrat machine is in full damage control mode.
The Democrat reaction to the debate is best characterized as basically what a sore loser in a poker game does, claiming that his opponent should have folded on the fourth card instead of hanging on to be saved by the river.
Romney said during the debate that one way he would cut spending would be to defund PBS,  The Democrat response to this has been to air a ridiculous ad about protecting Big Bird. Big Bird! Hells bells, people. Big Bird alone makes billions for PBS every stinking year, and they still wanna pick my pocket for tax funding? Fuck Big Bird.
More than that, the latest "jobs report" just came out, putting unemployment at 7.5%; and Obama and his pack of liars are crowing about unemployment being "below eight percent".  For all the cash they threw at it and for all the debt increase, that's the best they can do? It's totally unaccepable.
I have referred to the Democrat Party in the past as the "Demon-Ratz", and as this campaign draws close to the finish, they will fight like the dirty rats they are. Listen to Obama crow about how everything is coming up roses after all. Look for his toadies in the media to not only not call him on his bullshit but to report it as fact. Their candidate - and they in general - were exposed in that debate as the frauds they are. They are panicking. Their dream of tearing down our Republic and reducing us under their tyranny is teetering before their eyes.
Obama's campaign fundraising is coming under scrutiny, There is a growing suspicion that he is actively soliciting foriegn campaign donors. Obama is a dirty, sleazy rat and so are his co-conspirators in the media and the Democrat Party. This election can and - God willing - will stop them cold. Job one in saving this country is getting this piece of SHIT out of the White House, and getting a conservative majority in the House and Senate.
This is the home stretch, people. The rats are playing for keeps. So must we. They will use every dirty trick in the book to fool people into buying their line of crap. DON'T believe the "polls" ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.  DON'T allow yourself to be discouraged. Even if on Election Day Eve all the polls say Romney is tanking, get out and vote like hell. And if these polls say Romney is a shoo-in, still, don't think it's in the bag. Nothing is in the bag until the votes are counted.
Make yourself count, and VOTE.
It's on.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Full disclosure, the headline to this post is a direct quote from D.C. area talk host Chris Plante, who is of course brilliant - and right.
During today's show he pointed out that even though Bin Laden is dead, his number two Zawahiri has taken his place.
Zawahiri is a member of the "Muslim Brotherhood" which - thanks to Obama's inept foreign policy - now controls Egypt. Also and again thanks to Obama's ineptitude, Libya and several other nations are poised for a "Muslim Brotherhood" takeover.
It is as if Obama is walking up to the new leaders of these nations and saying: "Hey! I killed your best bud! Now we can be best buds!" 
Bin Laden is dead, he's been replaced like a rattlesnake's broken fang, the war goes on, and Obama STILL thinks we can make nice with these animals.
And GM and Chrysler struggle to get the yoke of government control off their necks, and Ford Motors - which rejected that yoke and therefore Obama's "help" - is doing fine.
We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop DEFY OBAMA to tell us ONE good reason we should vote him ANOTHER four years. And the idiotic statement that he "saved us from even worse losses" is unprovable at best and utter bullshit, more likely; and it is our opinion that the disaster and the disgraceful catastrophe that has been the Obama "presidency" was and is an attempt to tear down this Republic and rebuild it in the image of a Communist utopia. Look at Cuba and China, and if you want to live there, then vote for Obama.
Or, better still, MOVE.


I have a neighbor who is completely nuts. He's nice enough when he's sober or just a tad buzzed, but get him a skinful of hooch and wow.

He's the sort who sees "government spies" everywhere. I've never heard him mention UFOs, space aliens or that sort of thing, but he is certain "the government" is trying to get real nosy.  And since he knows that I agree that the government is getting too damn nosy, he often unloads his paranoias on me. His latest paranoia is directed at those damn ridiculous corkscrew lightbulbs. He is convinced that they are transmitting morse code to the government because he saw the one on the outside stairwell flicker. 
He and a bunch of his musician buddies have come up with the idea that "the government" mandated the use of these bulbs to spy on the citizenry. According to my neighbor, the flickering light bulbs gather information from, say, the camera on this here laptop and transmit it to the government in Morse code.
Now, what he says has a nugget of truth to it. Our electricity is monitored via "smart meters" that can tell anyone with the right monitoring device just how much electric current you use and during what hours. That indeed has a frightening potential for abuse.  Just the turning on and off of lights can be detected, indicating when you get home and when you go to bed. Not only that, but if somebody decides you are using too much power, the juice can be shut off remotely.
But as far as the corkscrew lightbulbs are concerned, they are pretty much a "jobs program" for China where (along with much of the other stuff used to promote the "green" agenda that will lead to U.S. "green" jobs in a "green" economy) they are made cheapo by slave labor. Buy a bulb for your patio, buy an AK47 for the People's Liberation Army. Replace every bulb in City Hall, buy them a bomber. Great idea (if you're Chinese).  As I tried to tell my nutty neighbor, the things flicker because they run on AC current. Try talking to a nutbar who's been drinking, however, and...
BUT, just in case there's something to what my nutty neighbor thinks, I am going to leave this thing on when I undress for the shower tonight. That way maybe Obama will get a chance to see the ass he can kiss as far as I am concerned. Vote Republican. :P


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