Sunday, February 12, 2017


For the last three decades we have been dismayed to see the American institution of the Boy Scouts of America sink ever lower amid sex-based scandals and controversy. The B.S.A. has been excoriated for being a hotbed of pederasty and simultaneously for not accepting homosexuals into their midst. Some years ago, the Scouts began accepting "openly gay" boys into Scouting, despite a warning in their field manual about boys who might join the Scouts as a means of having sex with their fellows. 

Shortly thereafter, adult male homosexuals were permitted to lead entire troops of boys. This, in the face of all the scandal of the past.

This two-pronged assault on the B.S.A. has been of course orchestrated by the American left, and its object has been not to make Scouting "fair" or "equal" or some such twaddle. The Boy Scouts of America has always been an institution of American wholesomeness, and it has for some time been the goal of the American left to bring it to the ground. 

In the past few days, the final fatal dart hit home.

Last week, the National Council of the B.S.A. announced that actual physical and biological girls who fancied themselves to be boys would be admitted as "transgender".  If you don't understand why this is deeply concerning, then you are a damned idiot. 

Where does it all end?

What's next? A merit badge for "co-ed nudist camping skills"? Lectures by leaders of the North American Man-Boy Love Association?

We regret that we must urge all our readers to refrain from supporting the Boy Scouts of America. If you have sons in any B.S.A organizations, yank them out of there. We ourselves were involved in Scouting in our youth, and we write this with extreme regret. 

But the Boy Scouts of America is dead. All that will happen from here on in is that the corpse will stink. It's time to bury it. We suppose that all good things end sometime. And it's a pity.

Rest in peace, B.S.A.

Friday, February 10, 2017


We know the title of this post is shocking, but we mean it very much. 

We all know about the good works the Salvation Army does: Not just putting people with bells and kettles on the corner and outside the shops at Christmas and collecting old household stuff and clothing for thrift-store resale, but also disaster relief, feeding the hungry... and sheltering the homeless. 

It is in this last function that we find the Salvation Army to be wanting. Let us explain.

As most of you know, I operate a taxicab for a living. Last night at fifteen minutes to eleven PM, a black gentleman in his late 20s to early 30s came running full tilt toward my taxi. He offered me a $20 tip if I got him to the Salvation Army shelter in Annandale, Virginia by 11PM. He explained that they would not admit any shelter resident after that time.  

I used every skill I have developed in almost 40 years of pushing a hack, including knowing how many miles per hour I could exceed the posted limit without being bothered by the cops and how to blow the yellow light at Duke and Gordon to ensure making the timed lights at Pickett, S.Pickett, Paxton, Reynolds, and Walker. Even with all that, we were brought up short by the light at Beauregard. 

I drove down Little River Turnpike like a bat out of hell. Even for all that, we arrived at the Salvation Army at - by the clock on my company computer - 11:01 PM. I was handed $36 for the 15 dollar fare by the man, who ran inside. I followed.

The Salvation Army Charge of Quarters guy just glanced up and said: "You're AWOL, man. You're three minutes late."

They would not let him in. Way to show a sinner the mercy of Christ, you hammerhead. 

The poor soul asked to speak to the duty supervisor. He got the same answer. I tried to intervene, but the both of them would not even listen. I wound up giving the guy his fare overpayment back. I would have given him all the money back, but I was more than a little concerned about possibly falling into the "mercies" of the Salvation Army myself if I didn't have the rent on this darn motel room, from which I would have been unceremoniously booted out had I offered him shelter here. 

Now, it's not as if I don't understand why anyone sheltering homeless people must set pretty strict standards about the comings and goings of the residents. Some of these people are out on bail or some other kind of conditional release from custody, as I gathered from his remarks my passenger was. You cannot risk having some guy waltz in at 1 AM fresh from a day and evening of supervising sales of crack cocaine or pimping out teenage girls or shoplifting stuff and selling it to cabbies at some hack stand (and it happens more often than you'd think). I would agree that 11 PM is a very reasonable deadline. 

But this man had been traveling on the D.C. area's famously effed up Metro rail system. I will give the Salvation Army the benefit of a doubt and presume that they have a policy that should a shelter resident run into an unavoidable delay they can phone the shelter to tell them they are running late and why. 

However, many of the homeless cannot afford a cell phone. Moreover, in much of the Metro system even emergency personnel's communications do not work. Land lines? Just try to find a pay phone ANYWHERE in the National Capital Area. Borrow a phone at a business or from a stranger? Don't make me laugh. 

But to bind your Charges of Quarters to a rigid hard and fast rule that if one is late by - as the supervisor said - "Three minutes, one minute, you're still AWOL" and deny shelter to a human being as the temperature outside is plummeting from shirtsleeve weather down to fur lined leather trench-coat levels is NOT what Jesus would have done. I personally do not think that what happened last night would even be something He would have approved of. 

It would be different if this man had been habitually late, but first off I know people pretty well, and this guy would have mentioned that this was the case by saying "This will be the third time this month I've been late and I've been warned" or words to that effect had this been the case; and second neither the CQ or his supervisor mentioned any habitual lateness in "explaining" why they were denying him access. 

When things like this happen; when Christians turn people out into the cold because of some petty, trumpery violation of some hard and fast rule that makes no provision for ANY kind of human error; it blunts the witness of we rank and file Christians who try to tell folks about God becoming a human and dying a horrible death to atone for our imperfection. It reinforces the image of Christians who walk about in white nightgowns, palms together with thumbs up and noses in the air disdaining those who are not as "perfect" as we are; when in fact we are all just as guilty (absent the atoning death and Resurrection of Jesus) as the vilest person imaginable. We are NOT perfect. Our imperfection is forgiven and covered by the Blood shed on the Cross. We have been shown mercy and how; and we are expected by Jesus to show mercy in kind.

Really, if the man had been even five minutes late, it would have been at least understandable. But a lousy three minutes and he is turned out into the cold without mercy? 

Salvation Army, you fellows really screwed the pooch last night. 

Shame on you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The American Left has been descending into absolute lunacy ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President back in June 2016. 

To recap: First, it was said to be "Just a publicity stunt to promote his 'brand'" Then, he was only being listened to as "Summer entertainment" and when September came, people would discard Trump as they turned their attention to "serious candidates". 

That didn't work, and Trump's rallies more than eclipsed Hillary's. As it became ever clearer that Trump was on the road to being the Republican nominee, the Democrat Party and its factotums in the media sent out a two pronged and contradictory message: On one hand, Trump would completely destroy the Republican Party if he were nominated, so it was "up to the voters" to "save the Republican Party. 

That was on one side of the Democrat mouth. On the other hand, it was said that Trump was "completely unqualified" and if elected President would destroy the entire country. 

Through it all, we here at the ADP knew that Trump was the man of the hour. Trump knew better than to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules in a street brawl. He took everything the Democrats threw at him and hurled it back in their faces. Trump, himself a former Democrat, knew how these fools played the game and refused to play by different rules than his opponents. When he was kicked in the shins, he kicked them in the balls. 

Ultimately, the Democrats were forced to reveal their "October Surprise" - the eleven year old tape of a bawdy conversation between Trump and idiot gossip maven Billy Bush about gettin' wimmens - about two weeks too soon. Trump's polls plunged briefly, but his adroit handling of the matter had him right back on top very quickly. 

Ultimately, Trump won the Presidency with an Electoral College landslide but without the popular vote, which was by a margin slim enough to be within the margin of error in our current vote-counting technology. And recounts were held in several states which, had the vote gone the other way Trump might have lost. He didn't. 

Ultimately President Trump was sworn in amid riots by rent-a-mobs. We are not here saying that every single rioter was paid to riot. But there is a hard core of "Organizers" who are paid to incite the mobs of idiot "snowflake" kids who will pay most of the price in jail time and criminal convictions. 

On a recent CNN broadcast, Democrat hack David Gergen said he thought it was "alarming" that President Trump had "taken charge" so rapidly. 


But today's allegation by the Left takes the cake.

Some Breitbart contributor named Milo Somethingorother was scheduled to speak at UC-Berkely, and the Left didn't care for what they thought he was going to say. So they sent in the usual rent-a-mobs who rioted, causing major damage and injuring several people. 

Comes now various persons on the left who claim that the rioting was engendered by TRUMP SUPPORTERS to make the Left look bad. 

We suppose things couldn't be more absurd at this point, but the Left has a habit of outdoing themselves every time. Cripes. We have to try to make a living AND find time to write this? It's not fair. But it is what it is.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


We wonder sometimes if President Trump (my, it's refreshing to be able to say that again!) knew what he was in for. A full court press on every side, an avalanche of lies and jump-the-gun reporting, and comedians making fun of things that don't exist or didn't happen. 

We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop hardly know where to begin. These idiots weren't this bad during the freaking campaign. I just watched a Saturday Night Live skit with Trump's press secretary being portrayed as a spastic, pudgy, dwarfish nerd with a voice like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

We suppose we will cover in this post the subject the lame-stream drive-by media - along with the Democrats and everyone else is piling on: The so-called "Moslem travel ban", or just the "Moslem Ban" when it suits the purposes of the ASPs. 

First off, it is NOT a "Moslem Ban". People from Indonesia, the most populous Moslem majority nation on Earth are unaffected by this action. what this is is an intensive vetting of people coming here from five nations identified by THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION as harboring terrorist threats of the radical Islamist extremist variety. True, some green card holders were denied readmission to the United States at first. But this was relatively quickly resolved. This action is an attempt to keep Islamist terrorists from mingling with legitimate travelers and getting in here to do God knows what. 

As most of you know, we hack a cab in the National Capital Region for a living. And as you can well imagine, we know LOTS of Moslems. And 99.9 percent of them are folks who are trying to support families and who work very hard. they are extremely kind and decent people. And if some nutbar imam told them to stone a homosexual to death or kill their daughter for kissing a boy in public, they'd look at that imam as if he were a stone-ass fool, much as you or I would look at the Westboro Baptist Church. And an amazing percentage of them support President Trump and know - many of them coming from these five nations - what kind of lunatics inhabit parts of those nations. They of course don't like it that perhaps relatives may be detained for a  few hours or maybe a few days at Immigration and Customs, but for the most part they understand. They've lived among the homicidal, suicidal nuts and understand the threat better than the politically motivated people who are protesting this action.

On the other hand, the Democrat politicians seem to value their Moslem constituents as political cannon fodder. We believe it was Democrat Congressman and schlub Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) who said today that Trump was "telling the Moslems in my District to go to the back of the bus"; thus accusing President Trump of treating Moslems who are already here and full citizens as if he were Bull Connor (a Democrat, BTW) and these American Moslems African Americans in 1964 Alabama. 

And of course President Trump's executive order is being decried as "unconstitutional". BULLSHIT. 

Are you aware that if you, a native born American, travel outside the United States you have NO RIGHT to re-enter until you have passed through Customs and Immigration and satisfied them as to your legitimacy of purpose? Don't want to open your bag? Say it's none of their damn business what you traveled to Red China for and why? You'll be sleeping in the airport until you give them some answers. NOBODY has ANY right to just waltz across our border and breezily say "I was born here, and I'm going home and you can't stop me"; Much less a non-citizen. 

But never mind. President Trump wants to be sure that people coming from places identified by BARACK OBAMA as being  particularly dense repositories of radical Islamist nutbars are not themselves radical Islamist nutbars before they are let in. That makes him a RACIST, don't you know?

President Carter barred anyone from the Islamic Republic of Iran from entering the country back in 1979 after that government had seized our embassy and its staff. We guess Carter is as big a racist as President Trump, right?

Really, Gentle Readers, these Democrats and leftists - but we repeat ourselves - have but one goal: to convince as many people as possible that Donald John Trump is "illegitimate". Today it's people coming in from places designated by a Democrat president as dangerous. Tomorrow it will be something else. They are all stopping their ears from having to hear two words, words that reflect a reality they want to deny. The words? 


We think those words have a pretty nice ring so far.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Yes, Gentle Readers, after I filed a protest GoFundMe re-instated my account. Unfortunately they returned that $2,000 donation before they re-instated me. So if you are that person, you can go to the account and re-donate (please, and thank you for doing it the first time. I'm just grateful the money went back to you and not to whatever low-down thief who tried to grab it.) 

The original donor and anyone else who wants to donate can reach the account at:

Thank you all so much. And now back to our regularly scheduled program of Conservative/Nationalist rantings.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Recently I announced that I had started a GoFundMe campaign asking $1,200. Two weeks passed without a donation and I had decided to take the campaign down.

But when I opened the dashboard page, I discovered that some kind soul had donated $2,000. However, the WiFi in this motel I am residing in went out before I could take the necessary steps to cash it in. 

Yesterday I finally had good WiFi and so tried to cash out, only to find that the account had been closed and the funds returned to the donor. The reason, I surmise from the emails from GFM and their payment service "We Pay" was that someone had tried to steal the payment but had been thwarted.

If you are the donor and you'd still like to help out, then once your money has been refunded message me on my Facebook account and I'll answer  with an address you can FedEx the money to. And even though I haven't received it, thank you.


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