Saturday, April 13, 2013


My last post here was a continuation of my plea for support from my readers. And believe me, my situation is quite dire.

But folks, the whole point of this blog is to try to avoid the even more dire consequence of having this ENTIRE NATION being taken over by a pack of idiots. Yet our current Secretary of State, John "Ketchup" Kerry, is a spectacular blazing screaming idiot of the first water.
What a time to send a moron like Kerry on a diplomatic mission. (Not to mention, what a time to engage in diplomacy). North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is absolutely nuts. His latest statement is that nuclear war is "inevitable". HOLY FUCK!! Now, I know and you know that if Kim makes an overt move toward that end, he will quite literally be "toast". The threat and the danger lies in the fact that Kim doesn't quite seem to grasp this fact.
And so what does Ketchup Kerry say about North Korea's nukes? Well, the goddamn idiot first says that "North Korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power". But almost in the same breath he acknowledges that North Korea possesses "a number of devices".
Hmm. WHAT THE FUCK? That's like saying you won't accept your neighbor's dog as a male but admitting that he has a set of balls and a dick.
This is an EXTREMELY dangerous situation. Today Kim said he was planning to attack Japan with his nukes, and credible evidence shows that Kim has managed to reduce his (puny) nuke warheads to a size suitable for ICBM cargo.
Do you think that if Kim hit Honshu with a six-kiloton nuke that it would just be a shocking announcement on the news?
Back at the beginning of the second decade of the last century, a young nutbar named Gavrilo Prinzip fired three shots from a pistol and set Europe on fire. And here we are at the beginning of the second decade of this century, with a young nutbar who has much more than a pistol, and who may just manage to set the PLANET on fire (and possibly with nothing more than his stupid fat mouth).
And who do we send to deal with the situation? John Kerry, who is a clueless moron. Who would send a moron to reason with a psychopath?
Well, Barack Obama, it would seem. Thanks a big, stinking, orangey pantload for staying home on election day, you Ron Paulistas.

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