Sunday, October 27, 2013

VIRGINIANS! VOTE FOR KEN CUCCINELLI! (The Libertarians can wait)

The upcoming Gubernatorial contest in Virginia is crucial both for the Commonwealth and the Republic. Cuccinelli, the current Attorney General is running in the face of an unprecedented smear campaign run by the completely inexperienced Democrat Party fundraiser and party-line toadie Terry McAuliffe.

The Democrats would have you believe that Cuccinelli is a  "Radical TEA party racist".  BUT the FACT is that Cuccinelli stood up for a black man who had been unjustly imprisoned, and obtained for him NOT a pardon, but a writ of actual innocence. If that man were dependent on McAuliffe to free him, he'd still be in jail because he doesn't have half a million bucks laying around to donate to the Democrat Party.
Even if you believe the bullcrap about Cuccinelli being "anti-gay", you should consider that partying costs money. Moral crusaders defeat their own purposes when they try to ensure that we commoners have more money to spend on our desires.  The Democrats talk a good game, but by the time McAuliffe gets through with Virginia, everyone will be so broke that the verb "to party" will become outdated.
For these and so many more reasons, vote for Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia on election day. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE ON A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE! (Use your vote for Lieutenant Governor for that purpose).

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Yesterday we were sitting here in Market Square in downtown Alexandria when we noticed that there was a horde of teenagers wandering around with ID tags denoting their participation in ssome kind of youth leadership conference. I spoke with several of them, and all of them were rightly appalled at the way the Federal railroad is being run.
Here they are, trying to get an up-close look at the Federal sausage factory, and they can't because they are being turned away at every point. But, as one lad from Tennessee said, in most of the country people are beginning to realize that the no-frills version of Washington D.C. suits them just fine.
Notice how the news stations, when they need to get footage of people bitching about the shutdown, never get footage in Dayton or Terre Haute or Lansing. No, nobody's bitching anywhere except here in the National Capital region.
It's been revealed that the National Park Service people have been instructed to make things as tough as possible for the tourist crowd in D.C., so here they are in Alexandria; where everything is open and there's a mile-wide moat called the Potomac separating us from the idiot hacks and fuckups in Washington.
In closing, we are back to making regular posts. The City of Alexandria has a free WiFi service here in Old Town, just a pleasant stroll down King Street from Poop Central. There are some tables and umbrellas set up in Market Square, and it's quite pleasant. Hey. If you see me, it's okay to wave.

Friday, October 4, 2013


I am grateful that even in my absence I still have a corps of faithful readers. I know most of you have been wondering what I have to say about the current situation with the Federal  shut-down. I have a two word opinion on the issue: GODDAMNED POLITICIANS. (Of course, the Demonratz are the biggest slimeballs in this crap, but somebody needs to teach the Republicans how to play the blame game. Of course Ihave more extensive views, but time does not permit me to air them right now)
The reason I don't have time to air these views is that last Wednesday at 2:15 in the morning a dude driving a Metro street sweeper backed the fuck into my cab, and I've been dealing with lawyers and insurance people.
However, my cab's security camera captured a hilarious (and useful, but also if you weren't driving the cab it's a riot) video of the sweeper backing up, me blowing the horn and then yelling "Goddammit!" when the truck hit my cab.
The vid is coming to You Tube soon, and it will be titled "D.C. Metro Street Sweeper Backs Into Taxicab As Seen By The Taxi Driver"
So look for the vid, it'll probably be up sometime on Monday. And as always, thank you for reading the Alexandria Daily Poop.


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