Monday, April 15, 2013


We are watching the events in Boston unfold as we write this. As with every event of this kind, facts have yet to be sorted from rumor and speculation. What follows is OUR speculation on what happened, based on the footage on TV and past history.

From the relatively small size of the explosions and from all the smoke, it appears to us that the devices consisted of about five to ten pounds of black powder, possibly augmented by the addition of some sort of shrapnel. That and the place and date of this event are signifigant.

The time around April 15th is notorious for being the time in which domestic anti-government nutbars pull their crap. This took place in Massachucetts, where the first shots of the Revolution were fired. And if the explosive was indeed black powder, then remember that those first shots were fired by rifles powered by that substance.
Given all this, we would speculate that some small group of idiots pulled this. They certainly weren't very smart. Video surveillance is everywhere. We speculate that at some point the cops will observe whoever planted the device on tape and in the act.
This doesn't look to us like a Jihadi operation. More like three to five guys who call themselves the "Sovreign Patriot Alliance" or some such twaddle. al-Qaeda terrorists would have hit a target with a lot more people and killed a lot more, probably with a suicide bomber who yelled "Allahu Akbar" beforedetonating himself, just to put their stamp on it.  That's their "symbolism".
Domestic nuts use stuff like black powder,  an historic location, and the date April fifteen to make their statement. So far these morons have killed three people, freaked out the entire country, and shut down Logan Airport and cancelled the Bruins game. We predict they will be arrested before the weekend is up.

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