Tuesday, March 29, 2011


MANY IF NOT MOST OF OUR THREE READERS WILL NOT REMEMBER THE "LI'L ABNER" COMIC STRIP WRITTEN AND DRAWN BY AL CAPP. WE HAVE REFERENCED THE STRIP BEFORE IN THIS PUBLICATION (enter "shmoo" in the search box). THE STRIP WAS ABOUT A BUNCH OF HILLBILLIES IN THE FICTITIOUS TOWN OF DOGPATCH. THE MAIN CHARACTER, "LI'L ABNER" YOKUM, READ THE FUNNIES RELIGIOUSLY, AND HIS HERO WAS AN INEPT BUT WELL-MEANING DETECTIVE NAMED "FEARLESS FOSDICK". In one memorable episode, the Chief of Police tells Fosdick that some fiend had planted cans of poisoned beans in local supermarkets. The Chief ordered Fosdick to make sure nobody ate those beans. Fosdick carried out his assignment by posting himself at the grocers and shooting anyone who tried to purchase a can of beans.

Now comes "President" Obama, at first dithering and then - with the advise and consent of the United Nations - bombing Libya. In the name of "regime change"? NO! No, the bombing (and recently, the use of AC130 "Spectre" gunships) is being done on "humanitarian" grounds. Albert Schweitzer and Mahatma Ghandi must be beaming smiles down from Heaven on "president" Obama. He has made history. He has conducted the world's first "humanitarian" bombing campaign. Can you imagine if Dubya had called the invasion of Iraq a "humanitarian endeavor"?? What a joke of a "president" we have. He needs to step down NOW, or in the alternative, be impeached. Life imitates Fearless Fosdick? What a joke.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


We have been for some time following the increasing number of radio announcements that the time to buy gold is now. Some of these advertisements warn that the U.S. Dollar is about to collapse, and wise people will buy gold (which they just happen to have for sale),


These folks say the dollar will collapse soon. Hurry, hurry, buy our gold.

With our soon-to-be-worthless dollars???

The only example I can think of relevant to this is the bad guy in the story of Aladdin and the Lamp. The bad guy lost the lamp with the magic genie, so he went through the town offering to give folks a brand new lamp in an even swap for the old one.

If gold is so goddamn valuable, and if the Dollar is hopelessly spiraling into worthlessness, then to offer to trade gold for dollars is like offering to trade diamonds for dog shit.

Monday, March 21, 2011



You might think we are going to say that George W. Bush did much the same thing and was excoriaated for it by the Left. But Dubya did NOT pull aany kind of a stunt like this.

The Afghanistan Campaign was a direct response to an act of war and a response to an imminent threat. The causus belli against Iraq was NOT the "WMD" issue, it was Iraq's defiance of every provision of the truce that ended the First Gulf War, defiances which included Iraqi antiaircraft fire against United States aircraft enforcing the UN - mandated "No-Fly" zone. Bush's invasion of Iraq was approved by the United Nations and authorized by Congress.

In both cases, the actions taken were the result of imminent threat and/or acts of war against the United States, and were either permitted by the War Powers Act and/or authorized by Congress.

The bloody repression of an uprising against a bloodthirsty maniacal dictator is - words fail us - distressing. But it is not an imminent threat to nor an act of war against the United States of America. By all lights, "President" Obama should have - was required to, even - sought the approval of Congress before involving these United States in somebody else's civil war. He had ought to have made his case before a joint session of Congress, but instead he looked to the United Nations and the Arab League for permission, and without so much as a by-your-leave to Congress, ordered American forces to start blowing the crap out of targets in Libya.

Then he flys to Rio to play.

Who the HELL does he think he is?

Bush was falsely accused of acting against the law. Obama does so as if he were King instead of "President". And yet, scarcely a peep from the Left (except loons like Louis Farrakhan and Micheal Moore and Ralph Nader, and this time I'll give them a partial pass).

There are I believe enough Democrats in the Senate and the House to recognize, finally, that "President" Obama; either through incompetence or design (and likely both) poses a mortal threat to this Republic. He has unlawfully, wilfully, and wantonly thrown a blowtorch into a powder keg, completely bereft of the required authorization of Congress and/or compliance with the War Powers Act. The man seems to think he was chosen Absolute Monarch.

It is time to try, impeach, convict, and remove from office this disastrous, megalomaniacal buffoon. Beyond time, even.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


WE HAVE BEEN HEARING AND READING FOR SOME TIME ABOUT "SPICE" SMOKING MIXTURE, TOUTED AS A 'LEGAL ALTERNATIVE" TO MARIJUANA. So when we spotted some on sale cheap (the store owner was in a hurry to get rid of the stuff before Virginia Governor O'Donnell signs a recently-passed ban on the stuff into law), we decided to give it a try while it was still legal.

Frankly we were quite skeptical that anything as supposedly "powerful" as this "spice" stuff would work as advertised. The stuff has been around for at least two years, yet the DEA just got around to banning the main ingredient?

Now, we have not smoked marijuana for a couple decades, so we did not have the needed equipment - ie; a pipe and a screen - so we took a 24 Oz beer can, made a depression in the side, punched it full of little holes, and put the "spice" in there. We lit it, and inhaled through the top opening.

This stuff is several orders of magnitude stronger than the Lebanese hashish that used to be so widely available in this country. It is a short-acting hallucinogen that is as strong and intense in its peak effect as is a double dose of mescaline. The distortion especially of time was remarkable. Colors intensified, patterns formed, the whole bit.

And the while we listened to Rush Limbaugh. Here's a note to all you Lefties who think that if you could just get us Conservatives stoned we'd mellow out and see it your way: A tripping Conservative Nationalist is just that much more intensely conservative and nationalist.

Side effects? We were able to take our pulse even in the stupor we were in. Slightly elevated. No mouth-dryness as with actual pot, and Spice seems to be a broncho-dilator. No increase in appetite, either.

Duration of effects were : rapid onset ten seconds after first inhalation, intensifying to peak level three minutes after last inhalation. Peak effect lasting for about 45 minutes, petering out to simple drowsiness over the next two hours. Total time: a bit less than 3 hours. Afterward we slept for eight hours and woke up refreshed and completely sober, a fact we verified by playing a game of computer chess and a tile-match game, winning both; and putting ourselves through a series of field sobriety tests such as the cops use. We are glad to report that we're just fine.

This is not something we'd do again. We simply do not have the time, and unlike a few beers, this stuff blows you right out of your gourd for better than half-an-hour with a "trip" reminiscent of powerful agents such as LSD, Mescaline, and Psylocybin. We only smoked 1/4 gram of this stuff.

So if you've never tried this stuff, here's what the effects are; personally reported by the Alexandria Daily Poop.

Were this stuff illegal, we never would have tried it. If it remains legal, we personally would not go there again, anyway. But if this stuff does remain legal, then marijuana and hashish should be completely legal also. Spice is MUCH more powerful.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Issues involving the national debt and increased spending and borrowing have reached the point where they can no longer be ignored and/or put off. The dance that began with FDR's Social Security has ended, and the piper is getting impatient for his wage.

What is interesting is the manner in which the Leftist mass media is trying to frame the debate. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etcetera; are termed by the Left to be "Mandatory spending" while essentials such as National Defense are termed "Discretionary Spending".

What the fuck is going on here?

Well, for one thing the terms "Mandatory" and "discretionary" are misnomers. Our Constitution does NOT AUTHORIZE ANY of the so-called "Mandatory" spending. Even if FICA IS a "tax" authorized by the 16Th Amendment, the purpose to which it has been put since before I was born is COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED BY THE CONSTITUTION!! SS, Medicare and Medicaid (and other) spending is not only not "mandatory", it is also completely unauthorized by the Constitution, and therefore ILLEGAL.

The only reason we have Social Security today is that it was peddled to the public as an "insurance investment". But when someone objected and took his objection all the way to the Supreme Court, the Government argued that FICA deductions were one of the taxes (not tax, singular) on incomes authorized by the sixteenth amendment.

And being no more than a tax, the imposts were then dumped into the general fund. SS and its adjuncts were "paid for" with U.S. Treasury Bonds. And the money was used for whatever our wannabe-massas thought good.

There ain't no fuckin' money to pay social security NOW.

Nevertheless, there are people who either are anticipating SS benefits in the future or who are dependent on them NOW. The slimeballs who thought up this mess KNEW that they needed but set the hook to ultimately land the fish. (By the way, this is also why the Obama administration is fighting like mad to stave off and delay challenges to the unconstitutional and unsustainable scheme known as Obamacare. It's the same principal a dope pusher uses: first get 'em hooked, then gouge the hell out of 'em.)

Eliminating Social Security would provide enough savings to retire our debt to China. We are not talking just payments to retirees here. Those are the tip of the iceberg. The cost of paying government employees to administer this boondoggle amount to two or three times the amount paid out. If there were a charity with such a high overhead, it would rightly be labeled a FRAUD.

What we would propose to wean the public off Social Security would be to:

  1. Assure all persons already recieving benefits that they will not lose them.
  2. Give people who have already paid at least $20,000 into the system, and are ten years or less from retirement on the date of adoption of this plan, the choice of a one time lump-sum tax free payment of $15,000 OR to recieve benefits as the system is already set up to provide them.
  3. All others would continue to pay the FICA tax at present rates until such time as they have paid in $65,000 or until they reach eligibility, whichever comes first; at which time they will no longer be required to pay the FICA tax and will recieve a $15,000 one-time tax-free lump sum "benefit" as described above.
  4. All employers will continue to pay the payroll tax on wages, regardless of whether the worker has met his $65,000 quota or is at or beyond the age of eligibility.
  5. Self-employed and independent contractors will not be required to pay both the FICA and payroll tax portions, and the "self-employment tax" will be re-written to reflect this.
  6. When the point has been reached at which all workers who have paid at least $60,000 into the system are assured of their $15,000 benefit AND all persons recieving benefits under the present arrangement are dead or otherwise ineligible, the FICA tax and the Social Security Administration will be abolished.
  7. The payroll tax will remain in effect but will substitute for the income tax on employees earning up to the "cap" on FICA obligations. The abolition of FICA will serve to provide an automatic benefit to those workers who have not paid in $65,000 at the time Social Security is ended.

This plan could in our estimation wean the nation off Social Security in the space of a generation (or less). And with "Obamacare" shot down, maybe we can get back to the idea that, other than life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and what you have earned; you are entitled to a kick in the ass. That way lies prosperity.


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