Friday, April 5, 2013


That's right, folks. I'm offering the TV and movie rights for my two novels for sale. The buyer may do as he likes with "Georgetown in Plainclothes" but there are a few conditions with "The Peterson Investigation".
First, "The Peterson Investigation" MUST be shot on location in the Miami Valley in Ohio. All ancilliary services such as catering and limousines MUST be provided by businesses based in the Cities of Dayton, Ohio and Huber Heights, Ohio. This is non-negotiable.
Second, insofar as possible all casting must be done using people living in the Greater Dayton Area. Particularly Amy Jane Adams and her sons Jason and Alex MUST be Miami Valley residents. I wouldn't object if you got Matthew Gray-Gubler to play Detective Ronnie Baird, for instance. In fact that's who I had in mind when I wrote the character. And if Justin Beiber were to play the role of Larry McMasters, I'd be delighted. He'd be perfect, IMHO. But the likes of Manny Radosevic, Gary Cohen, the Vandalia cops, the BCI agents and other minor players MUST be current residents of the Miami Valley.
Third, I MUST be hired as a consultant, and my travel, lodgings, and meal and other expenses MUST be paid for IN ADDITION TO THE SALE PRICE OF THESE MOVIE RIGHTS.
In addition, the sale price does NOT include the cost of the lawyer I will need to hire to ensure that I am not left with a pittance while the buyer of these rights makes a gazilion dollars. That cost will of course be assumed by the buyer.
I would suggest that the screen adaptation would lead off with the 1969 drag race on Rip Rap Road that started the action. Somebody recorded a song called "The Ballad of Rip Rap Road" about the drag races that would occur there. I suggest that as the opening theme.
The price for these rights is as follows:
For the rights to "The Peterson Investigation": One hundred fifty thousand dollars.
For the rights to "Georgetown in Plainclothes", Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.
For the rights to both works, Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars.
Contact me in "comments" and provide a telephone number or an e-mail address so I can check your bona fides.
This is a serious offer. Contact me if interested.

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