Friday, June 16, 2017


Yesterday at around 8 AM we were startled to learn that some nut case had decided to open fire on a bunch of Republican congressmen and staffers who were at a baseball practice on a ball field in our city of Alexandria, Virginia. The Republican House Majority Whip, a congressional staffer and two special agents from the United States Capitol Police protective unit were shot, the cops while trying to neutralize the shooter (Which they did very well by killing him). 

This country has been for years enmeshed in a "Cold civil war" begun by Barack Obama's exhortation to Lefties to "get in people's faces".  The ASPs  or "American Statist Progressives" thought that after eight years of Obama, all they needed was to get Hillary Clinton in the White House to cement the "progression" of America to a state of iron-fisted centralized control of every element of American life in place. 

Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump has derailed those plans, and the ASPs are going batshit. 

The shooter turns out to be an idiot Bernie Sanders supporter, who really should have been picking off Democrats with his Ar-15; since it was them who screwed his boy to get Clinton the nomination. 

The dolt who currently governs Virginia said in response that there are too many guns in Virginia and that "We lose 93 million people every day to gunfire". 

The entire United States has only about 350 million people. This means we all have at best 4 days to live. (Unless of course McAuliffe was as usual yakking about things he knew nothing about).

Nobody in their right mind is going to give up his weapons what with leftist nuts like this shooter running around.

We'll say one thing to you Leftist ASP assholes: You better stop writing checks with your mouths that your asses can't cash. People are starting to get really fed up with your crap. We don't shoot people. But some of you lefties are gonna find out that when you scream in someone's face so loudly it hurts his eardrums you are asking for the person to beat the shit out of you to defend his hearing.

Back to the shooting. We had thought that when something like this finally happened it would be some idiot Millennial who would do it. What's worrisome is that the guy who opened up on the ballfield was old enough to know better. we fear we may be on the way to a full fledged civil war. Not a "war between the States" as was fought here in Virginia; but a true messy civil war with next door neighbors firing at each other's houses as took place in Kansas and Missouri back in the 1860s.  You lefties need to burn your copies of :Rules for Radicals", learn some manners, and stop trying to silence people who disagree with you.  

You, too can be silenced; and permanently at that. Keep pissing people off, you commie rats.


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