Monday, April 15, 2013


The best-laid schemes of mice and men sometimes go astray. And if you are scheming to ruin the economy of the United States of America, you are certain to fall to ruin.
Current Resident Obama and his little cabal of pinkos had thought to bring such disaster on this nation - while, of course trying to blame it all on the Republicans and George Bush - that we would go completely to pieces. Then, they thought, they could get authorization from a desperate populace to remake it as they thought it should be.
And prices were rising, and jobs were gettting low. Folks were going crazy and didn't know where to go. But a funny thing happened on the way to the "New Foundation for America".
The American economy drives the global economy. And when things get bad for us, eventually they get worse for everybody else, even for a supposed powerhouse like China.
And when that happens, when China and India aren't using as much oil (for example), then the price of oil starts falling like a head-shot goose. Energy gets cheaper, and the cost of doing business in America gets cheaper too.
All comodities get cheaper.Remember what we wrote here about these people who ran ads saying that the dollar would soon be worthless, so you should trade in your soon-to-be worthless dollars for all this infinitely valuable it's-going-through-the-roof gold they had to sell?  Yeah, new lamps for old. (one of those ads is playing right now on Limbaugh, where this has been discussed.)
If you're an oil speculator or a gold bug, right now you are taking a bath. We hope George Soros has bought lots and lots of gold. And the more it falls, the more people want to sell it and cut their losses.
When the American economy sneezes, the global economy catches pneumonia. Then everything gets cheap again, and the American economy recovers and rescues the planet.
This is the quandry Obama is faced with: To completely win through, he has to completely wreck the American economy. But we have safeguards to prevent him from being a dictator and the Constitution constrains him from doing as much and as fast as it would take to do that BEFORE the rest of the world gets really sick. When this happens, it helps OUR economy which, by bouncing back, brings the rest of the world with it.  
Obama and his henchmen cynically act on H.L. Menkin's famous quote that "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people". 
Well, maybe. But here's another thought: Betting against the American economy is a sure way to lose your ass.  And you can take that to the bank.

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