Saturday, December 31, 2011


AULD LANG SYNE, same old crap.  Happy effing New Year, and here is the year's final Poop. 

It has been a banner year for idiots and idiot doings. Not just the "oocupy" movement either, although the two dolts I hauled to McPherson Square who bitched about "big corporations" and bank bailouts all the way there and then paid their fare with a credit card - issued by Bank of America, no less - wound up with a third quarter nomination for Idiot(s) of the year. 

But advertising has really gone off the rails, especially drug advertising.  This year I have beheld an asthma drug which has a side effect of INCREASED RISK OF ASTHMA RELATED DEATH! 

Yikes. Not to mention Lunestra, the sleep aid that might put you to sleep PERMANENTLY (and has a side effect of "drowsiness". Ya think?)

And, let's not forget, all those anti-depressants with the side effect of "Suicidal tendencies".  That's an anti-depressant?

Newest among these worse-than-the-disease "cures" is a stop-smoking aid that has the side effect of making the user grouchy and bitchy.  Why in hell anyone would get a prescription for something that mimics the effects of quitting cold-turkey is beyond me. I think the pill is something called "Placebowe" and the main ingredient is some substance called "sugar".

At least the 20-year storm of idiotic bumper-stickers seems to have abated, if you don't count the ones that say "Obama 2012".  But nothing really galling like the one a few years ago: "I HAVE AN HONOROLL STUDENT AT GARFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL". 

Yes, "honoroll", spelled just like that. How absolutely ghastly. No wonder Mac McGarrity quit "It's Academic". He likely couldn't stand it anymore. 

"Honoroll", indeed. 

Well, it's time to announce the latest addition to our own "Honoroll of Infamy". But first a re-cap of the rules and the reason I have made an exception to the rules this year. 

The Official Alexandria Daily Poop Idiot Of The Year must meet the following qualifications unless an exemption is made by your beloved Editor in Chief, Moi:

  1. The candidate must be someone I have met in the course of my main job of driving a taxicab.(this rule has been WAIVED FOR 2011)
  2. The candidate CANNOT be retarded, insane, or otherwise mentally deficient by no fault of the candidate's own. What qualifies as the above is solely up to the judgement of the Editor.
  3. The candidate cannot be intoxicated. In the competition for Idiot of the Year, alcohol and drugs are disqualifying performance-enhancers. However, a sober candidate who boasts about an idiotic thing he or she did when drunk or high; who does not recognize that what the candidate did was embarrassingly stupid, will still be considered unless the candidate is in alcoholic denial.
  4. The candidate must, in my presence, do or say something or boast -not just relate sheepishly or ruefully, but boast- about doing or saying something that is, when considered and compared against the candidate's degree of education and station in life is toweringly and spectacularly stupid beyond the simple foibles common to us all.  (This rule has been partially waived for 2011)




Congratulations, you stupid motherfuckers. You put a picture of some person with a bandanna on his (her?) face and announced that bitching that you don't like something - and without even having the guts to show one's face at that - entitles one to a coveted national honor. Are you fucking stupid? YES! You are fucking stupid and more! You have probably blown away any hopes of anybody else making Idiot of the Decade in 2020.  Like Obama's Nobel, I'm awarding you Idiot of the 2010s on the come. 

And that includes every man Jack and woman Jane and Ruby Tubesteak trans-sexual freak on the entire Time Magazine staff. The publishers and editors for making the choice and approving it, the staff writers and photographers who did not quit in disgust over it, ditto the contributors and right down to the entire membership and stockholders of whatever concerns manufactured the very paper, ink, and printing presses used to manufacture the copies of this travesty. You are a pack of god damned IDIOTS every single one of you.

You fools did not, of course, mean the TEA party, who leave their rally sites cleaner than when they came.  No, you mean the people in the "Arab Spring" who just started rioting, intending to bring down tyrants. Sounds like a good idea until you realize that worse tyrants have been awaiting just such a moment and are currently maneuvering to install Islamic extremist theocracies to lord it over the supposedly "newly freed" peoples. 

You mean the "peaceful" "Occupiers" here who among other things leave shit - not just a generic mess but real, stinking human shit - everywhere (including the guy who took a crap on a police car), push old ladies to the ground, and block traffic and cause massive disruptions because they have decided to pool a plethora of real and imagined grievances and throw a massive national infantile temper tantrum which includes a few real boneheads who are threatening to starve themselves to death unless the Congress IGNORES THE CONSTITUTION and gives the District of Columbia full state's rights and representation.  (and at least these idiots are being considerate to their pallbearers, who will have a light load to carry.)  BUT "ignore the Constitution" (as they "interpret" it) in any way that adversely affects them, and they squeal like stuck pigs.

I could go on and on, but all any thinking person needs do is watch the news. Yes, the lame-stream drive-by media tries to sugar coat it, but - like "Bit o' Honey Candy" - the nuts pop through after you chew on it a while. 


and as a bonus

We usually make a suggestion as to where the award recipient should go and what the recipient should do, and in this case and oddly enough following this suggestion will help get the economy going. As a bonus, it will accomplish one of the goals of some of the occupiers in that when you all get those vasectomies and tubal ligations to avoid birthing another generation of imbeciles, you will generate the income needed for a whole lot of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, medical technicians, and the like to finally pay off those student loans some of you have been bitching about between public shits. 

Oh yeah. And don't ask me to pay for it. Try for a volume discount. Idiots.


I had some partial success in my predictions for 2011. Gold did fall, but not as much; ditto oil. I am rather disappointed in the lackluster performance of the TEA party Republicans but they did fight hard to point out that - as the editorial position of the ADP states - "there ain't no fuckin' money".  The Democrats successfully ignored this. 

I wasn't wrong about the Euro, however. It's currently down more than a nickle from where it was last year. Germany - good old Deutchland - is poised to become the new global superpower alongside the United States. 

Europe has responded somewhat more sluggishly to the Moslem threat than I would have liked, but the awakening is taking place all the same.

Apparently the person who draws "Sally Forth" reads this blog, as Hilary now has a long-distance boyfriend named "Jon".  Funny how fast that happened after I made that prediction.  As to Justin Bieber: Hey, Justin. Anybody young, cute, and famous can get any squeeze he likes.  But this whole "paternity suit" bit?  I personally still think you're a gayboy.  If so, drop the facade and stop making yourself miserable. 

Now, here are my predictions for 2012:
  1. Either Barack Obama will be landslided out of office in November, OR he will kick Biden upstairs and take Hilary Clinton as a running mate. Should this happen, I have three names for "president" Obama to think on: Ron Brown, Vince Foster, and Lyndon Johnson.  (Yeah, Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone; but that was only because he could never remember his lines.)
  2. The Republican Party will re-take the Senate and strengthen their hold on the House, regardless of who wins the Presidential contest. 
  3. Open and violent street confrontations between elements of the supporters of the Democrat Party's statist views and patriots will erupt across the country. These will begin in the wake of the first "super Tuesday" primaries in the southern states and will intensify over the summer. 
  4. Gasoline will shoot to ten dollars per gallon when the nutbars in Iran decide to shut down the Straits of Hormuz. They will be thoroughly spanked by the United States military, but the dithering idiot we have been cursed with as "president" will not authorize the needed step of a military conquest of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Things will settle down within a month, but it will be one hellish month gas-price-wise. 



Monday, December 26, 2011


Most of you have probably noticed the sidebar with all the articles about Huber Heights, Ohio; the Dayton suburb which is  my hometown.  There is a rather remarkable article there telling about a new company which took over and remodeled a vacant industrial building to found a new manufacturing company.  And what is truly jaw-dropping is that in hurting, mass unemployment suffering Ohio they are having trouble finding qualified machinists, etc. 

Now, there is a really great site for Dayton history research called Dayton History Books Online (DHBO).  The site is administered by Curt Dalton and is quite comprehensive. One component of the site is called the "Dayton Memories Blog"; a forum where folks can share their memories to times past in Dayton and/or ask questions of the membership.  

There are many of us who bemoan the state that the City of Dayton has fallen into. However, whenever we start talking about what to do about it, the forum falls into squabbling, and Curt has had to delete entire threads. So I'm taking MY stand on MY blog (where it belongs) and keeping it OFF DHBO (where it doesn't). However if you want to get an idea of what Dayton once was just before the place started falling apart (or if you want to know just about anything about the history of Dayton and the Miami Valley) DHBO is an excellent place to get the information. 

Now, down to brass tacks.

Huber Heights was not always the City of Huber Heights. Prior to 1981 it was the name of a huge tract of all-brick homes taking up the lion's share of what was then Wayne Township, Ohio.  Almost as soon as Huber Heights was developed, the City of Dayton began an effort to annex it and grab the property and income taxes. The citizens of Wayne Township waged a 20-year battle to beat back the annexation. Finally and under the guidance of Charles Monita Wayne Township incorporated as the City of Huber Heights.  

On my last trip to Dayton back in 2008, I beheld jaw-dropping desolation.  I have described the area around North Main and Helena as "Something (Zap Comix artist) R. Crumb might have drawn" and I was and am not exaggerating. Crumb is well known for his surreal and vaguely brooding city scenes. Dayton made me glad of a firearm in my waistband. 

Dayton has scads of empty former factories and businesses. Lots of them are more strategically situated as to access to supply lines, etc. than this building that caught the attention of these intrepid Huber entrepreneurs. The question is, what happened and why.

I well remember dire discussions about the layoffs and closures at Chrysler Airtemp and Frigidaire back in the late 60s and early 70s. Most of us kids had at least one friend in our circle whose dad had been laid off or was unemployed. The Dayton custom of cutting a round pizza into bite-sized squares was a blessing, as it made sharing easier and if one of our impoverished pals needed a bite, not removing a whole big section of pizza at once let him look and feel like less of a moocher.  I was fortunate enough to have a father who was a senior engineer at NCR and others of my friends had dads who were either officers or high-level NCOs at Wright-Patterson AFB. 

One guy in my circle was the son of a laid-off drill press operator who had flat given up. The father drank most of his unemployment check and on Sunday mornings the family car often wound up parked halfway in the front yard, and my pal would get up and park it straight in the driveway before the neighbors woke up and started talking.  Fortunately he was able to get a job part-time washing dishes. He got fed free at the restaurant, but most of the money he slipped to his mom to pay the bills.  Still, enough of us were well-off enough to afford to chip in and let him have a good time with us (and he had connections for some darn good marijuana, too).  There were always high hopes that the ant would move the rubber-tree plant and the crisis would pass and the factories would start hiring again.

But in 2008, Chrysler closed its last Miami Valley facility.         And last year, NCR - which had once been the premier industry in Dayton but which had withered to a shadow of its former greatness - NCR, the former National Cash Register Company; whose founder John Patterson single-handedly saved Dayton from being wiped from the Earth during and after the 1913 flood - pulled completely out of Dayton and re-located to Atlanta.  ATLANTA!

Rike's Department Stores is dead.  Elder-Beerman is still around, but its Dayton stores are closed (But the one located in Huber Heights continues to thrive). There are a short ton of empty buildings and rents and prices are dirt-cheap. But a couple of guys who want to start an industrial manufacturing business drive right through Dayton and pick a building in the City of Huber Heights. What's the explanation?  

In a nutshell, Huber Heights was conceived to be "business friendly".  The slogan of the City is "Come Grow With Us!", and very bluntly they do not look at corporations as cows to be milked for all the money that can be gotten out of them, but rather as fellow citizens and neighbors.  

On the other hand, Dayton's message to those who would base a manufacturing (or any other kind of) business is: "Welcome to Dayton. Now Stand and Deliver!" The city of Dayton has become liberal Democrat to the point of absurdity, and their efforts to lure companies into their tax-trap have been patently cheesy and ridiculous.

 A few years ago Dayton had a mayor who wore custom-made glasses with one square lens and one round lens "to represent that Dayton is well-rounded and you can get a square deal".   I hardly know where to begin in describing the utter vacuity of that statement, and I can hardly imagine how absolutely ridiculous those specs must have made her look.  If I were looking to locate a business in Southwest Central Ohio I would have run screaming from Dayton, and I imagine many have. 

Dayton now sees business primarily as a source of revenue to fuel the government, which will then re-distribute the confiscated wealth to the deserving.  Huber Heights sees business primarily as an employer of citizens, and the primary and best creator and distributor of wealth. And Huber Heights prospers as Dayton slips further into decay.  

I am not here saying that Huber Heights is an oasis of plenty in a desert of desperation. The two main retail centers, Huber Center and Marian Meadows, were on my last visit raddled with shops that had died young and a few that were stillborn.  But there were more than a few that are not just hanging on but thriving.  The leaders and authorities in Huber are hell-bent on attracting as much business to the city as possible and in allowing these businesses to thrive.   

Dayton, on the other hand, is looking to entrap slaves.  I cannot imagine what Huber would look like today if Dayton had successfully annexed Wayne Township. Or more accurately, I CAN imagine it, but I try like hell not to. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Need a last-minute Christmas gift for someone who has a Kindle?  

That's right, FREE! So far more than 100 people have "bought" the novel FREE. 

Best of all, it appears magically in the blink of an eye. You can download it Christmas morning. (Which it will be soon here in the USA).  

I'm not gonna make a dime off this. 35 percent of zero is zip. But, it is a good story, and so far more than 400 people have gotten a nice Christmas present, not just from their loved one but from me. 

Plus, if you suddenly remember someone who might be miffed that you forgot, you can make up some lame excuse about a glitch in the Internet or whatever.  Like I said, it's a good read; and about the time they get suspicious and check the listing on Kindle, the promo will be OVER and they'll at least think you spent two bucks on them! 

Merry Christmas.  Even if I can't stand you. Yes, even YOU, Mister "president".


In my last post I misidentified the virus I was having trouble with. (Need to keep those reading specs handy for the small print!)

The name of the virus - a literal virus, not a trojan - is Win32/Sirefef:N. I learn from Microsoft Security that it was published on December 20, 2011 and they are still working on details about it, which explains why MSE was not able to remove it completely from my machine. I have reflected this in my OP on this by making the necessary changes.  

Since this virus seems to bee targeted at denying internet connectivity, and seeing as I visit law enforcement sites while researching the prequel novels I am writing vis-a-vis The Peterson Investigation; I am betting the aimpoint of this attack is American law enforcement. I strongly suspect the "Anonymous" group (Which supports accused Wikileaks traitor Bradley Manning) is involved in the dissemination of this malware. Any law enforcement personnel viewing this blog should take this into account. 

This seems to be a particularly insidious and vicious piece of malware, which would explain why Microsoft Security has not been able to explain it in detail as yet. That it only activates after a scan tells me that it targets your security program itself.

Anyone from Microsoft Security who wants to talk about this virus may contact me in the "Comments" section. I will be making attempts to contact your security people, but as yet I cannot get an immediate on-line live contact.  

Friday, December 23, 2011

NEW VIRUS: WIN32/Sirefef:N

This is a really insidious piece of crap virus. "win32/sirefef:N" is about as close to AIDS for computers as you can get. I have dealt with this exact same virus three times so far, and I have yet to fully eject it from my system.  It seems to partially infect Microsoft Security Essentials. 

What this bug does is shut down a service that enables the detection of signals from the internet.  Specifically it disables something called "DHCP Client Services".

The virus seems to lie dormant until you update and do a MSE scan. When the scan is complete, the history shows the name of this virus and you are advised that a restart is necessary to complete the removal of the virus. 

BUT when you re-start, you will find that you are unable to connect to the net.  Diagnostics suggests "restart DHCP Client Service" but that does not take care of the problem.

Going to the control panel and opening "administrative tools" and clicking on "services" reveals a list which includes DHCP. But, when you try to manually start the service you are greeted with a message that says that the service either does not exist or has been "marked for deletion".


I have twice gone through a procedure I have found to get around this bug, and have run Microsoft's "Malware Removal tool" and the emergency security scan,  This last says only that the bug was "partially removed".  

I even went to the length of uninstalling MSE and then re-installing a pristine copy.  But right now the MSE icon is glowing orange and advising me I need to re-start (to finish removing the threat).  What do you want to bet I will have the headache all over again if I do? 

What is worse, Microsoft Security has "no details" about this bug other than it hides in your files in order to replicate. As I said I have found a way around it, but it takes the better part of an hour and is a pain in the ass, and of course at the end when you re-start you are urged to run another scan and re-start. (I am not about to discuss how to get around this bug lest it give the bug's deigners ideas about "improvements")  

I hadn't intended to get online in the middle of the holidays, but I wanted to warn you all about this dangerous new trickster.  It's harder to get rid of than a broke-ass cousin who found out you just won the lotto.  Good luck.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I really need to take a break from doing this blogging bit.  I am sure that all three of you readers will be fine until I get back, which should be sometime around New Year's (and don't worry, the Idiot of the Year and my predictions will be published).  

Thing is, folks, I need to quit sitting down at this keyboard as soon as I come home.  I get so busy with this stuff (and writing the first of a series of sequels to my 4-sales hit "The Peterson Investigation"; and working on spreadsheet formulas to try to find a more elegant proof of Fermat's Last Theorem and other stuff) that often I don't get enough sleep before going to work. So I'm putting a sock in it until New Year's.

One last jab at "president" Obama: He finally found a way to use Christmas to his advantage.  He wants everyone to go home and convince their Republican relatives to support Obama.  Talk about a fool's errand. 

(Just a note to my nephew: Brandon, I love you, but as to converting me to an Ubamanista;  fah-geddabowdit.)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


All of you "occupy" types are really disgusted when a wealthy minority lords it over a less-well-off majority, right?  Why, by golly, that wealthy minority needs to be TAXED and their money given to support the majority, RIGHT???  

And boy, that rich minority, do they EVER try to get themselves little exemptions here and there and play by different rules than the majority. Oh yes, it happens all the time, and by your lights it is a sad state of affairs. 

Well, as you  sit there in your tents like shepherds of you-know-not-what; BEHOLD I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS OF GREAT JOY that there is a place in this country where the wealthy minority has been brought to heel.  

That place is the magical Old Dominion, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Once upon a time, the Northern parts of Virginia were merely bedrooms for the workers of the Federal government, and mainly the military.  But Virginia's tax policies brought in more and more companies; and more and more people sought out Northern Virginia as a desirable place to live, made possible by the State's reluctance to interfere with the lives of its citizens and by its strict and effective criminal justice policies.  

In time, the population of the Northern counties began to shift. Northern Virginia was increasingly the home of young professionals sporting fifty-dollar haircuts (on two-bit heads).  Somewhere along about the 1980s, Northern Virginia was saturated with money, much of it belonging to statist "Progressive" liberals (STaPLes , or for the convenience of the writer STAPLEs).  

In the course of time, Virginia's  firearms laws were - to the horror of the STAPLEs - loosened further. No longer could some County or City in Virginia ban the open carry of a loaded firearm, nor could they adopt firearms restrictions more severe than those authorized by the Constitution and Statutes of the Commonwealth.  What is worse, a law was made that anyone who was over the age of 21, who was not a wife-beater, a drug addict, a felon, or insane MUST be issued a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  

The STAPLES began to bitch and pule that these policies would lead to "a blood bath".  (it didn't; crime in fact dropped!) It was then that the STAPLES hit on using the fact that Northern Virginia was sending boatloads of money to Richmond, but none of it was being spent on them; and it wasn't fair that Northern Virginia had to live under the laws of the rest of the Commonwealth.

Typical one-percenters, no?  They have all the money, yet they are outvoted, and outfoxed at every turn.  These one-percent STAPLES want all their money to make things all their way.  

SING HALLELUJAH!  It doesn't work that way in our Blessed Commonwealth!!

(Something tells me you neo-hippie idiots are not pleased with this state of affairs.)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes, folks, that is the OFFICIAL TITLE of my Presidential campaign.

I know a lot of you are wondering if somebody put LSD in either your oatmeal or mine. Well, I HATE oatmeal, so we're safe. You see, I have no running mate, so when I am elected Obama will be my veep. This serves two very important purposes.

FIRST, there are a lot of folks who due to misbegotten white guilt, misplaced black pride, dithering liberal-schmiberal tendencies, etc; who know that Obama is a screw-up and it would be extremely dangerous to allow him to continue running the country. But they just can't bring themselves to vote against the man.

SO, it's simple. Voting for ME will not be a vote AGAINST Obama as much as you will be voting FOR Obama for Vice President. He still gets a real nice house in a good neighborhood, and as a plus it's real near that pricey Quaker school he sends his kids to. AND any time he feels unappreciated he can mosey down to Dupont Circle, where the homosexuals at the Fireplace bar can buy him drinks and tell him how much they adore him for ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell".

He'll still be able to attract A-list guests to his parties, too; and still gets access to a plane and can cut right through traffic with a huge motorcade any time he wants to go down to the Seven-Eleven to get a carton of those cigarettes he doesn't smoke (right).

SECOND, If I piss off some other country, I just send him to apologize. That's what he's good at. In fact, his first job is going to be to go down to the British Embassy and ask for that bust of Winston Churchill he sent back, apologize for the insult, and carry it to the Oval Office and put it where my secretary tells him to put it.

I know some of you might be concerned that the Vice President has the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. I can pretty well assure you that with about 23 Democrat seats in play next year, there aren't going to BE any ties.

Oh, another thing. By voting for me, you Ubamanistas can really help your boy, because he'll be getting a Presidential pension AND a Vice-Presidential salary!! What's not to like?

Friday, December 16, 2011


Might as well run for President. If nothing else it will look GREAT on my resume' (Accomplishments: Candidate for President of the United States, Independent, 2012). So I am announcing my candidacy and asking every one of you readers out there to write my name in, and tell everyone you know to do the same.

Now as to why you should do this, the reason is staring you right in the face. NO, NOT THE GUN, IDIOT. The reason you should give me your write-in vote is because of the financial mess this country is in. Observe that this campaign will take place solely on the pages of this blog, which is hosted by a free service. I also use whatever free public net signal I can glom on to to write this. I won't be flying anywhere for a public appearance and I don't need a bunch of campaign donations, so you can spend your cash on stuff that will revive the economy. See? I'm improving things already!!

N0w, I am running as an independent, but you can write me in in either the Democrat or Republican primaries (providing the Dems are going to go through the formalities of a primary this year, but wouldn't it be a hoot if I beat out Obama in his own party's primary vote??)

If nominated, I will run; and if elected I will serve. I'm not doing this for joke value. I have to take the ads off this blog so they don't count as campaign funds, so the only ads here until November 2012 will be those that benefit Blogspot and not me. I do, however, realize I have approximately the same chances of winning as Frosty the Snowman would have of surviving a day at the beach in Cancun, or as a Special Olympics baseball team would have of beating the Washington Nationals.

(Well, actually, considering the way the Nats have been playing that might be a bit optimistic).

As to my platform, it will be addressed in future posts. However, a cornerstone of this platform will be weaning people off of their "entitlement" habits. Since we now borrow forty cents of every Federal dollar spent, then for starters EVERY FEDERAL AGENCY WILL HAVE ITS BUDGET SLASHED BY FIFTY PERCENT and here I do not mean increasing spending less than it would have been increased, nor do I mean cooking up crackpot schemes that would cost trillions, "deciding" against implementing them, and calling this "savings" while the dollars continue gurgling merrily down the crapper. I have previously published a post here which outlines a plan to eliminate the unconstitutional - I don't care what the Supreme Court said back in the 30s - "Social Security" nonsense WHILE STILL ENSURING THAT THOSE WHO WOULD BE HURT BY AN IMMEDIATE CUTOFF ARE TAKEN CARE OF.

There is much more to my plan for America, but my goal will be to return this country to the place where anybody can do pretty much as he or she pleases without some idiot in Washington D.C. forcing his or her idea of how you should live your life issuing fiats to you while you pay the idiot who is bossing you around. That's how taxi companies are run. It's no way to run a free country.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


If you have an Amazon "Prime" membership, Kindle books such as mine are available for FREE borrowing in the Kindle library.
(full disclosure: I still get paid. What? you think I work for free? But aside from your trial Amazon Prime membership, YOU pay NOTHING)

In associated news, I am now hard at work on a series of "prequel" novels featuring "The Peterson Investigation" main character Detective John Philip Waterman (J.P.). These will be set in Washington, D.C. and track the progress of Waterman's career from the time he went into the Detective Bureau in March of 1977. This initial "prequel" will involve the traffic in Methaquaalone ("Soapers") in the "disco" scene of the era. I should finish and publish it sometime around late March of next year.

Vista Security 2012 - the virus that just will NOT give up.

I must have really pissed the programmers of this virus off with my last post. I have been hit three more times by the virus, which each time used a slightly different mutation to get past Microsoft Security Essentials. In each case I defeated the bastards, and am now working through different web sites to identify which one(s) this bug is coming out of.

I have backed up all of my files, of course; so in the event I need to replace my hard drive it will only cost me a couple hundred dollars. I also update security each time I go onto a different web site. Sure, it's a pain in the ass, but every time I get attacked that's one more winnowing of possible origins for this bug.

Look, you assholes who are running this scam. I have sworn to get you, and get you I will unless you stop bothering people who are just trying to work and communicate online.

You know what I think would be fun? Finding a way to "boomerang" your sabotage right back at you. Once I find an infected website, the fun will begin. take your crap off the web or suffer the consequences.

You can end this now, or you can get shit-hammered. The choice is yours.

Saturday, December 10, 2011



I do mean right now. There's a brand new virus out, "Vista Security 2012". It slipped right past my Microsoft Security Essentials (It's free, it works as good as anything else, and I'm a cheapskate) even though I had updated security days ago.

This is a nasty fucker. It is one of those false flag attacks that tries to get you to send it money (and give it your account info into the bargain) to make it go away. It starts - as do many virus attacks - by popping up and informing you it is "scanning" your system. Then within seconds it alerts you that your computer has umpteen mega-jillion viruses and you should "click here to remove threats". If you do, you will be confronted with a form demanding your payment information. If you don't, then it will throw up "virus warnings" and the like with increasing frequency, probably to keep you off balance as you try like mad to find a way to get the damned beastie killed. That's tough to do.

This virus blocks access to every program on your computer. I couldn't even open MSE security to deal with it. Finally I hit on a solution. I'd just keep the fucker busy while I gained access to my security system. Here's what I did:

I closed out a bank account a couple of years ago, but I kept the invalidated debit card and the checks, figuring they would come in handy for just such an emergency. So I dug out the old card and cliccked the "remove now" button. Sure as hell, a payment form popped up.

I entered the card number and phonied up an expiration date. used the name Roger Kaputnik as an alias and gave a phony phone number and an email address of "" and sent the phonied-up info.

Then I rapidly summoned up Microsoft Security Essentials while the greedy bugger was trying to process my "payment". I ran an update and then started a full scan. When the "payment" came back "declined" the bug began peppering the screen with dire warnings of "permanent damage" etc. as it frantically tried to get me to quit trying to kill it and get busy with paying it.

The virus died after a two-hour scan, and just to make very sure I went to Microsoft's security site and had the emergency security scanner run through the system (It's a great tool, it's FREE and it is entirely compatible with ALL security systems).

If you encounter this bug and you don't have an old, expired card for a closed account, I suspect you could do this with any sixteen random numbers, as long as the first four numbers start with 4 and add up to two numbers that add up to 2; the second 4 start with 4 and add up to 5; (example: first set 4412 =4+4+1+2=11; 1+1=2, got it?) the third set start with 9 and add up to 1; and the last set begins with 1 and adds up to 8. Just phony up any old 3-digit number for the security code. Ditto the email address, and make it as obscene as possible so that whatever human sifts the results will know what you think of him, her, or (in case it might be Chaz Bono) it. Also, phony up a phone number. Better still, (boy I wish I'd thought of this earlier today!) use the number for the fraud section of the local police department, one that doesn't look like an office number. Like not 756-6600 but one like 756-6634. If your local cops don't have a number that looks private somewhere, I'm sure you can find one that does.

Update your security twice a week or oftener.

Oh, yes. and you fucks who are running this scam? I am a former criminal investigator. Read my book "The Peterson Investigation", and do it while you still can.

Because you can't have a Kindle in the joint, and I am after your worthless asses. I have a brother who used to be in charge of production for Lexis-Nexis and between us we will eventually get you locked up for a long, long time. You count on every system having flaws and vulnerabilities? You bet your ass they do, motherfuckers. And that includes YOURS.

I'll be seeing you. Count on it.


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