Thursday, July 26, 2012


ABOUT 25 YEARS AGO I THOUGHT I WAS DEVELOPING EARLY-ONSET ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE.  I was tremendously worried, because suddenly when I made a purchase at some convenience store, I would drop coins all over the place while trying to put my change away.

Then it came to me: the clerks in the store no longer counted out the change: first the coins, then the bills. Say you paid for a total of five dollars and forty-three cents ($5.43) worth of stuff with a ten dollar bill.  Prior to about 1985, the clerk would FIRST hand you fifty-seven cents and say: "That's six" and then put the bills in your hand ON TOP OF THE COINS saying, "and four dollars is ten" (or something similar). It was then a very simple mechanical action to hold onto the coins while placing the bills in one's wallet, and the operation could be conducted with one hand.

Now, however, the clerk simply enters the amount tendered and is presented (in this case) with a readout: CHANGE $4.57.  He or she will then put four ones in your hand, and then pile a quarter, two dimes, two nickels, and two pennies on top of the bills. Often the clerk will then place your reciept on top of the whole damn mess. This in turn forces you to put the stuff your other hand is full of down somewhere and deal with sorting out the mess.



Hells bells. You know, this seems a very small, petty thing. But it's not big stuff like the cost of healthcare or the price of gasoline that drives people crazy. Sometimes I wonder if guys like the shooters at Virginia Tech and Colorado were not simply irked into insanity with a multitude of small irritations.

But be that the case or not, nobody on the planet needs or wants to be needlessly irritated.

Repeat after me: Coins first, then bills, reciept IN THE FUCKING BAG.



We are still scratching our head over what to make of the City of Boston, Massachussetts's linkage of so-called "gay marriage" (which is like saying "dehydrated water") and the proposed opening of a "Chick-Fil-A" shop in Boston. Now, before we get scalp lesions, we have been forced to make a few conclusions (and of course some scalding mocking has to be thrown into the mix.)

Boston is trying to ban Chick-Fil-A from opening in Boston because the business discriminates against gay folks. Now, if a gay couple comes in and orders some chicken, are they told: get lost, you queers, we don't serve faggots?  (No.)

If some guy applies for a job there, does he face a question about his sexual preferences? (No.)

So what's the BFD?

Well, it so happens that the president of Chick-Fil-A has publicly stated that he believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman and that this is the only permissible context for sexual relations between two human beings.

What a prude. He probably thinks people shouldn't be allowed to have sex with sheep and donkeys, too. But if some guy who enjoys putting a couple shots up some porker's exhaust pipe walks in and orders, he'll be served. However he won't be able to bring his porcine paramour inside - because Boston's public health laws prohibit it. So who's discriminatory NOW?

Chick-Fil-A does NOT "discriminate against gay people". Boston is trying to punish the president of Chick-Fil-A for his personal, Constitutionally protected expression of his own beliefs. What Boston is trying to do is akin to denying someone a business license because he's a Republican (and that's probably been done, just not quite so publicly). And Boston's politicians are saying they are taking this stand in the name of "freedom"?? What a load of crap.

As we see it, if Chick-Fil-A is such a moral abomination; then the public will be able to vote on it by exercising their freedom of choice to patronize the place or not.

And even among homosexuals, opinions on Chick-Fil-A vary. Many homosexuals, notably convicted homosexual pedophile Jerry Sandusky, have been known to enjoy a "chicken sandwich". On the other hand homosexual cannibal Jeffery Dahmer ("the queer who made Milwaukee famous") would never eat at Chick-Fil-A, as he was known to prefer BOY-fil-a.

All kidding aside, porn shops and strip joints are okay, but restaurants run by Christians who believe homosexuality to be unacceptable are to be run out of town? What about kebab joints run by Moslems who believe gays should be buried up to their necks and stoned to death?

Unless Chick-Fil-A is engaging in unlawful discrimination, they MUST NOT be impeded from opening their shop. By trying to do so, Boston is engaging in the patently unlawful act of government abridgement of freedom of speech. What do you suppose these politicians would say if, oh, Salt Lake City refused to let a bakery open because the owners thought Mormonism was a lot of hooey?

It's the same old crap. If it wasn't for double standards, the Left would have no standards whatsoever.   

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


By now everyone knows about the mass killing at a movie multiplex in Aurora, Colorado. The anti-gun crows is having a field day with it, dancing in the blood of the nurdered innocents as they rub their hands together anticipating how to propagandize the event.

The toadies in the Leftist media ALSO wasted no time trying to find someone allied with the TEA party who had the same name as the shooter, and immediately trumpeted the "possibility" that the name they found "might" be the killer (it wasn't).

So hell-bent was the mainstream media on getting a sensational story first, an indictment of guns and/or Conservatives second, and the TRUTH A VERY DISTANT THIRD that they initially reported that the allaged shooter's mother said "you have the right person" when asked if her son was the shooter. (As it turns out, she was asked if she was the mother of the shooter; and she, not even knowing what was going on said, "You've got the right person" MEANING HER, NOT HER SON.

Almost immediately, before the numbers of the wounded and dead had been correctly tallied, the internet exploded with all sorts of opinions based on what scanty information was available. Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, however, we have waited for the dust to settle somewhat and sort through to find a few reliable FACTS before issuing an opinion and our observations.

Now. What do Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, and every other mass-shooting sites have in common with the Aurora multiplex? Answer: THEY WERE AND REMAIN "GUN-FREE ZONES"!!

This includes Ft. Hood, where only the military police are armed as a routine matter and everyone else has their issued and personal weapons locked up in the post armory.

If "easily available" firearms are the cause of these massacres, then how come you never hear of a mass shooting at a GUN SHOW?? Talk about easy access. There are literally miles of tables just loaded with firearms, ready to go. Just have a bunch of loaded magazines in the right caliber for the right gun, find that gun, use a pair of wire-cutters to "liberate" the gun; load and kill, kill, kill!

Or not, since sometime between your first shot and the gun getting back into battery you would be playing host to several slugs launched at you by lawfully armed citizens.

You hand-wringing thumbsuckers out there who think it's possible to change human nature are a pack of fools. As long as there are soft targets there will be hard, evil people hell bent on killing. The answer to this is twofold, and neither fold encompasses any sort of so-called "common sense gun control".  In fact, the first step is to positively encourage the carrying of firearms by every responsible law-abiding adult who can do so; EVEN IN AND AROUND ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS AND SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS.

The second is a bit more complex, and it involves basically raising the kids better and watching what they are influenced by in the movies and TV. And don't give me that crap about how you can't monitor your kids' TV viewing with "500 (or however many) channels on cable. Your kid only has one set of eyes. If you catch those eyes viewing crap, put the kibosh on it, pronto.

Stop giving kids the idea that they are entitled to think of themselves as winners even if they lose. Enough with the trophies for showing up, sitting on the bench for eight innings and striking out in the ninth. Stop giving them the idea that they are entitled to be the center of the freaking universe. This latest shooter seems to be - this is only the opinion of the ADP - a malignant narcissist. Stop raising such creatures.

And eliminate the soft targets. Only law-abiding armed citizens can do this, since the police cannot be everywhere (and indeed the Supreme Court has ruled that the police are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PROTECTION); and when seconds count the cops can be there in minutes.

It's astounding. If foxes were killing people's pet cats I bet the first thing you anti-gun idiots would do would be take the cats to the vet to get de-clawed.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


IN A PREVIOUS POST we pointed out that the Democrat Party and their shills have continued to repeat the lie about Mitt Romney engaging in "outsourcing" while he was involved with Bain Capital; even thought this lie has been exposed by people on their own side. Indeed, far from stopping this blatant lying, Obama and his henchmen have doubled down on it.

Now comes some female Obama operative who claims that Romney feloniously filed false statements with the Securities and Exchanges Commission. And a new ad has appeared, endorsed by ol' donkey ears himself, accusing Romney of "outsourcing" "thousands" of jobs to Mexico. In the ad, Obama calls himself "an insourcer".  (We suppose this is true, as the Obama way would be to "insource" the Mexicans, where they could not only take the supposedly "outsourced" jobs, but vote Democrat under fake names AND help along the Cloward-Pivens strategy by helping overload our strained system even further.)

As to the business with the SEC, if that were true, then you can bet Attorney General Eric Holder would be on that like a duck on a June bug. He would even take time out of his effort to "outsource" firearms to Mexican criminals. (Perhaps he's just too busy trying to stay out of jail himself regarding that caper, though.)

Attacking in another venue, Government Motors (GM) is running ads for the Chevrolet Volt, the "all electric drive car" that has a 40-mile range on batteries. These ads have a whole bunch of different people blabbering about how great it is to just drive past the gas station in their miraculous little electricity-powered flivver. (Of course the thing has a gasoline engine that charges the batteries if they need to go further than the 7-11; but never mind). We wonder what these folks are going to say when they get their electric bills and find out what happens to their utility bills when they use household electricity as a motor fuel? 

Maybe Obama has operatives who will intercept the mailman and keep them in the dark until November; when the electric company will (after the election, of course) cut them off for non-payment and keep them in the dark for real.

We are of course aware that, were we not speaking of "president" Obama and the leftist statist cabal currently controlling the Democrat Party, this post could be seen as paranoid crazy-talk; and no doubt if and when this is discussed the Ubamanistas will try to dismiss what we have written here as just that.

And it would be, if we were talking about anyone but Barack Hussein Obama and his henchmen.

Obama has been compared to Jimmy Carter (and Carter comes out looking pretty good, which is a tough thing to accomplish); but here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we say he is a mix of the worst of Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Lies, criminal actions, disregard for the Constitution PLUS stunning nincompoopery. Add Joe Biden for the worst of Gerald Ford and these unpopular military conflicts and here we are in the 1970s again (with high fuel prices even!).

Perhaps "president" Obama's next fundraiser will be a "Pet Rock" sale. It would be (to paraphrase Chuck Anesi - and check his website BTW-) "the completest thing".  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Last night all three major networks led off their broadcast with the truly shocking story that the city of Scranton, PA (birthplace of Vice President Joe Biden, "the Dan Quayle of the Left") was so strapped for money that it was paying its police officers MINIMUM WAGE.

Of course the story went on to explain that EVERY city employee from the Mayor on down was making minimum wage, and nobody was happy about it. There were a few interviews with various city employees, such as some guy who operates a bulldozer at the dump.

But the emphasis was on the police department making lousy money all of a sudden. There were however no interviews with individual policemen, but a couple of firemen were interviewed as to how they felt. And, every affected city employee interviewed was white. These facts set off my BS detector.

I do not doubt that the City of Scranton is damn near bankrupt. It's run by Democrats, after all.  And I have absolutely no doubt that it is true that the cops there have had their pay reduced to minimum wage, and are not happy about it, and I don't blame ESPECIALLY the cops for being upset. But this smells to high heaven of being an extension of a popular Democrat political ploy used to quash demands to cut or not to raise taxes.

The ploy goes like this: "We could cut/not raise your taxes, sure. But then we'd have to fire X number of cops/teachers/firemen and not pick up the garbage, and we can't have that, now, can we?" This admonition is delivered usually almost as if the politician is patiently explaining to a tot why it is that he cannot have ice cream and cake every day for all three meals.

Here's why I think this Scranton thing is political: Cops and firemen are ESSENTIAL CITY SERVICES. The story didn't dig deeper and see if the City was still shelling out for relative frippery such as public swimming pools and such. But the police protect and keep order. Paying an entire police force minimum wages is an invitation to disaster.

Cops have house payments to make and mouths to feed just like anyone else. But they also have tremendous authority and power entrusted to them. They are the best and most honest people any city can manage to muster, with the highest moral standards. But they are as human as anybody else; and a cop in financial trouble always draws some scrutiny from his department since financial straits are a temptation to corruption.

No doubt the Scranton cops are hoping this storm will pass (and no doubt their professional association is raising all hell), but there are criminals out there who would like nothing better than to find some cop who would be willing to at least turn a blind eye for a few extra dollars. And that's the least of the potential consequenses of Scranton's bone-headed decision.

It would be better for Scranton to temporarily lay off a few coppers and let them collect unemployment from the State for however long and/or seek temporary employment as private security (Which, having active police commissions and full arrest powers they would be valued prospects) than to present the entire force with the choice of resigning OR reporting to work for a burger-flipper's wage. Somebody WANTS unhappy, disgruntled cops, and the motivation is political.

It is significant that no cops were interviewed, but firemen were. The cop after all is the guy who yanks you over and gives you a summons for going too fast. The fireman is the guy who pulls your kid out of your burning house. Formula: Use the cops to stimulate fear of consequenses and shock value, but interview firemen for a more sympathetic "personal" experience.

Now why Scranton, Pennsylvania for this story? And why is Scranton doing this? After all, there are cities in California from L.A. to Cucamonga who are in the same basket or worse. Well, consider that as I said Scranton is the birthplace of V.P. "Lunch-Bucket Joe" Biden. Part of Biden's job is to run interference for "president" Obama.

Remember when Obama said that the "private sector is doing fine" but the recession is still slogging along because jobs "in the public sector" have been cut?

Well, the last statement in the story was that the recession that caused the necessity of reducing police salaries to minimum wage is due to inadequate public sector employment (thus showing how right "president" Obama is and what the dangerous consequenses of not heeding him could be).

Just one damn minute.

How stupid do Obama and his shills in the media think we are? This is the distilled essence of this "vital public sector" baloney: Public employees spend money that stimulates the economy and creates the demand for goods and services that leads to the employment of the auto worker and the greengrocer and the waiter and the cab driver.

Of course the auto worker and the waiter, et al are the ones who pay the taxes that pay the public sector employees. Strictly economically speaking; if there were fewer public sector employees, then taxes could be cut and the living standards for the common private sector citizen could be enhanced.

This view, held by Obama and his henchmen (or more accurately this fiction peddled by them), that the "public sector" drives the economy flies in the face of the fact that a successful economy is in fact driven by the creation of new wealth; which ONLY the private sector can achieve. TOO MUCH "public sector" winds up sapping the energy of the wealth-creation mechanism. Anyone who thinks with his brain instead of his emotions would know this.

So, Obama's media corps and Joe Biden's hometown combine to create this horrible and dangerous bone-headed way of dealing with Scranton's financial troubles, and then present the whole screwy mess to the nation and solemnly state that the public sector would not have to be so woefully dangerously underpaid if only the public sector were paid more. (and if I had ham I could have ham and eggs this morning, if I had some eggs.)

Well, I applaud you police officers in Scranton for going out every day and facing the things a cop faces every day, even though you are being royally screwed in order to prop up a ridiculous political/economic arguement. But I think your Chief should form a government corruption task force and ferret out the motivations of your city officials for putting not only you but the entire City of Scranton in danger with what can only be the deliberate manipulation of your financial circumstances in order to exploit them nationally in what I believe I have pointed out here is a lame attempt to influence the voters in this upcoming election.

It's absolutely disgusting. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Really, folks, I have no idea how many people who read this blathering I put out who agree with me or don't. And if you hadn't noticed, I am a pretty contentious bastard.

However, I do believe that even in the nasty political debate in which we are currently engaged, even with the country so sharply and hotly divided, there are a few things on which we can all definitely agree. 

Chief among these is that decidedly un-delightful picnic basket of loons who call themselves the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. If you haven't heard of them or wonder just how looney they are, a visit to their website at will prove to be a real eye-opener.

The WBC is mainly the family of patriarch Fred Phelps. Some years ago his then-16-year-old grandson was riding his bike through a city park and stopped to use a public restroom. There he was propositioned by a homosexual male, age and description unknown. The lad ran off and dutifully reported the incident to his father and the police.

So far, so good.

But when the Topeka police did not devote the resources of the entire department to the extent of re-assigning the homicide squad to toilet surveillance, the good Reverend went nuts-o.

Old Reverend Fred set up a table with religious tracts in front of the public potty and loudly warned everyone that thar's queers in them thar stalls. When even the conservative residents of Topeka started circling their temples with their forefingers as they walked past, Fred decided that he would show them who was nuts.

He and his family, who form almost 100 percent of WBC's congregation, have been doing that very effectively for at least fifteen years now.

Among other things, they sent spies into other Christian churches in Topeka, and if the sermon preached did not include a specific condemnation of homosexuality; then that church would be picketed by WBC representatives holding the now-famous "GOD HATES FAGS" signs. 

When the City of Topeka did not conform to their every ridiculous demand, they decided to warn away the Burlington and Northern Railroad, which had been making arrangements to make Topeka their headquarters. WBC sent out a letter to B&N RR saying that Topeka was "the gay capital of America" (TOPEKA, KANSAS???) and that they should think about the safety of their employees and their employees' kids.

Burlington and Northern cancelled the move, no doubt because they divined that Topeka must be brimming over with nutballs. Of course, Phelps and his "church" took it as a victory.

Next came the infamous picketing of the funerals of gay males who had died of AIDS.  After a while, though, even this became sort of yawn-inducing: "Oh, those nuts again? Change the channel, dear."

Fortunately for the WBC, another group of similarly misguided religious nuts crashed four fully loaded jetliners into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Arlington VA, and a field in Shanksville, PA on September 11 2001; sparking our current conflict.

The Westboro Baptist "church" was quick indeed to see a new avenue for attention. Yep, our fallen soldiers are now viewed by the WBC as punishment from Almighty God for America's sin of not mandating death by stoning for even thinking about having same-sex carnal relations.

(I want to be fair here. Their website does say that any sex outside of the marriage bed is abominable sin. But I'd bet the rent that there's lots more sex between unmarried heterosexuals, plus adulterous relationships between people who are married to other people than there are instances of some dude plowing another dude's back forty. Why they jump up and down about homos and America's tolerance of them; when heterosexual hookups, cohabitation, and adultery are and have been time out of mind considered almost normal in American society; is an unanswered question.)

The latest of WBC's hi-jinx was to have been the funeral of a soldier in Afghanistan who was killed by friendly fire. Preparations were made for a peaceful counter-protest.

But the Westboro Baptist Church never showed.

So. Can all you goddamn communists who support "president' Obama and all of us Conservative Patriots at least agree on the WBC?

The WBC DOES have a mission from God. It is to provide something for us all to find common ground on.

What a bunch of schlemiels.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Words truly fail us in this matter. The Obama camp's latest attack is that Mitt Romney, in his former role at Bain Capital, was an enthusiastic "outsourcer"; ie: he allegedly "outsourced" jobs overseas. THIS CLAIM HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY DEBUNKED AND IT IS A DAMNED LIE, but Obama and his Ubamanistas repeat it over and over a la Joseph Goebbles (of Nazi propaganda fame).

Recently in the Washington Post, "Fact Checker" Glenn Kessler gave this claim FOUR PINNOCCIOS, the maximum awarded and only for an out-and-out LIE. And Kessler and his bunch, "Fact Check dot Org" are decidedly NOT conservative.

This debunking was run twice, and on the same day the second debunking was run, the Wahington Post ran an article and a couple of columns (plus a "Doonesbury" cartoon strip).  That's right, folks. even as they published a left-wing column denouncing this "outsourcer" business as a flat out lie, they continued - in the same edition - to assert it as the Lord's honest truth.

Indeed, there seems to be - belay that, there certainly is - a campaign centered around spreading the wildest lies possible about Romney and repeating them over and over again. 

We suppose this was to be expected. The Statist Left is seeing their chance for a complete takeover of this Republic and a jettisoning of the restraints of the Constitution (in so far as it inconveniences them, but Conservatives will still be expected to abide by the letter of the law) start to totter.

As of right now, anything - including the statement that the sun rises in the easterly sky - must be viewed as a possible lie if that statement comes out of the mouth of Obama or his hacks in the media and elsewhere.

We would bet that these enthusiastic supporters who are showing up at his rallies in our home state of Ohio are largely folks from New York, New Jersey and Delaware who have been bussed in. Somebody needs to video these crowds and see how many of the same faces are at each whistle stop.

Every one of us needs to do all he or she can to expose this pattern of bald-faced lying and above all to see to it that they get to the polls and vote in November. 

And remember that the Congress is the most powerful branch of government. The Democrat Party is currently too infested with big-government statists, and it is - now that the Supreme Court has come up with a risible decision upholding "Obamacare" - imperative that not only the White House but both houses of Congress wind up firmly in Republican hands on November 7th.

The only way to make that happen is to VOTE LIKE HELL on November 6th, and kick the Liar In Chief and his henchmen back to whence they came.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In the political scrum set off by the bizzare opinion on Obamacare, one main talking point being used by the Democrat Party is that the "individual mandate" will solve the "problem" of freeloaders, or as the talking points call them "free riders".

We find it somewhat odd that these same uninsured "free riders" who are incuring the venom of the Democrat Party now were, when Obamacare was being debated, referred to as the "uninsured" who were in great danger of "dying from lack of health insurance" (and we defy you to find one death certificate with that listed as the cause of death). Then, they were victims. Now they are the problem, at least according to the Democrat statists.

The main talking point is that people who "have the wherewithal" to afford health insurance but don't buy it become at some point "free riders" who pass the cost of their medical treatment "to you".

Really? I've never recieved the bill for someone else's medical care. But I can tell you this: Those who can pay, eventually do; and the help of the Federal government is not needed to accomplish this.

I know this because in days gone by I spent seven years as an investigator for the legal/collections arm for a chain of hospitals in the National Capital Region. The "free riders" were tracked down by me and my team, their assets ferreted out, and they were sued and their wages garnisheed and their assets seized and sold, unless they made and kept a payment arrangement.

We also ran down insurance companies who were neglecting their obligations and found programs for those truly unable to pay. The only people who pose a burden on the healthcare system are the chronic homeless and unemployed, the illegal alien, and the deadbeat whose burden on the economy extends far beyond mere health care. 

For the so-called "free riders" who can afford health insurance but "choose not to buy it", the mechanisms already exist to nullify the problem, and are in use right now. The only thing the "mandate" will do is to insulate the rest from the cconsequenses of non-payment; and these don't particularly care about those consequenes to begin with. 

The myth of the "free rider" is nothing more than justification for the statist Left power-and-money grab that is currently called "Obamacare". The TRUE "free riders" are the very people the Democrat Party views as CLIENTS, and they won't pay a dime.   

Monday, July 2, 2012


We are aware that many of our three readers get into arguments with liberal, progressive statist lefties. Well, you have probably noted their infuriating  techniques for turning a debate into something else entirely.  The "Progressive" tactics when engaging a Patriot in an argument are (aptly) called 'SIN".  The three elements to this "technique" are:

S: SWITCH the subject and attack.  Say you're talking about the constitutionality of Obamacare and/or the paucity of the Roberts opinion on it, or are arguing that the Democrat Party can no longer hide behind calling the largest tax increase in history as a "penalty" or a "fee".  You can depend on it that at some point your opponent will say something like: "Oh yeah? Well what about this woman in Kansas who can't afford medicine for her sick kid? I guess you want that kid to die, don't you, you cold cruel monster??"

Were you talking about individual needs? No. You were talking about what is lawful. When the libtard couldn't overcome your facts, he simply switched the subject to some poor woman in a bad spot and attacked YOU.  In other instances they will switch the subject to something only marginally related and attack some aspect of that.

Another variation of this lame trick is to re-frame a question they cannot answer or do not want to answer, and give the answer to that question.  Example: "Well, the REAL question is..." followed by the answer to the question they want to answer.

We were once involved in a discussion with a liberal Poli-Sci major about what motivates voters. I told the lib that when voters were going to the polls in November (this was the 1988 election) they would mainly be thinking about their wallets. Mr. Poli-Sci Genius couldn't counter this, so he kept trying to say. "Well, what they should be thinking...."; when the discussion was not about what voters should be thinking but what they would be thinking. Which brings us to the second element of liberal SIN:

I: IGNORE THE FACTS. Try engaging a liberal in a debate about the FACT that Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. In one ear and out the other. Ditto with pointing out the fact that murder rates (and crime rates generally) fall whenever gun restrictions on law-abiding citizens are brought into compliance with the Second Amendment. The lib will just prattle on about Great Britain and rave about horrible stories ffrom the emergency room, etc.

N: NAMECALL when all else fails. "Racist" is a handy epithet for the lib.  Earlier this year, some liberal skank showed up at one of Mitt Romney's gatherings and started yelling over and over: "Mitt RomNEEE you're a RACE-isst!" until she was led out. Other favorites include the "Republicans want everybody to die to save money on healthcare" bullcrap voiced on the House floor by Alan Grayson (formerly D-Florida until he was voted out in 2010).

The Alexandria Daily Poop is pleased to provide you with this brief exemplar of Democrat liberal ploys. These days we mostly leave talking to these idiots to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Chris Plante (who is local to the National Capital area and who ought to be nationally syndicated) and other people who are paid to put up with these types.

However, if you must engage a libtard, knowing these basic libtard techniques is a must.

Oh, yes, and do notice how similar these tactics are to the arguments of children on a playground. As it has been said, WE are the grownups. Remind them of that.


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