Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When speaking with friends and associates, I have often heard joking remarks made that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama (mmm MMM MMM!) might be the "Antichrist", the imitation Jesus who leads the whole world astray. Mostly I just chuckled along with everyone else.
Then, yesterday I heard a recording of some rally of idiots for Obama during which some dickhead grabbed a mike and shouted something about "Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama!!!"
Our WHAT??  Speak for yourself, you fool.
This idiot just proclaimed Obama to be Jehovah GOD. If someone said that about me - albeit I don't hand out cell phones and food stamps, so it beats me why anyone would - but if someone called me "Lord and Savior" I would very quickly point out that he needed a "checkup from the neck up".  If it is not already abundantly evident, I am most certainly NOT GOD.
But Obama remains silent about this. Man, that's creepy. I bet Obama is just basking in that "Lord and Savior" remark. Well, just so you all and Mr. Obama know, JESUS OF NAZERETH IS MY LORD, MY GOD, AND MY SAVIOR. And I am waiting for Mr. Obama to correct his errant fan.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Through the miracle of talk radio we have been informed that the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenderd and Questioning/Curious Community" has announced that if you are of the persuasion to engage members of your own sex in romantic liasons but have neglected to inform your friends and family about this aspect of your personality, the holidays present an excellent opportunity to do so.
Now, doing so can have a number of results. It is almost certain that whatever the outcome, everyone will be made to some degree uncomfortable at what ought to be a festive time. But go right ahead and be a selfish pig and ruin everything for your whole family. Suddenly everything will be about YOU. What a great holiday present to give yourself, and never mind that most folks think that the only reason anyone announces his or her homosexuality is to advertise that they are available for a roll in the hay. Otherwise, who gives a fuck?
Now, if you bring your boyfreind/girlfreind to the doin's, and if you cuddle while everyone is watching "It's a Wonderful Life"; then fine. At least everyone will know you are spoken for. Maybe you ought to think why you feel that you need to ask permission. Hell, if you're gonna get kicked out, your'e gonna get kicked out either way. But your chances of getting the boot will be vastly increased if you make a BIG FUCKING DEAL out of it. Why these "activists" want you to get in your freind's and family's faces is clear as beer piss. They want you and them to turn against each other.
Don't turn a family gathering into another big debate. Especially this year, everybody's had just about enough crap and argument and controversy, don't you think?? 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


We gather together, to ask the Lord's Blessing;
He hastens and chastens, His Will to make known!
Let Thy Congregation escape tribulation;
Sing praises to His Name, He forgets not His Own!
I personally am very fond of that old hymn. Strangely, however there are some people around here who are not. There is a group called the Washington Ethical Society who celebrate Thanksgiving by holding a "stone soup supper".  More about that later.
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we are aware that many of you readers think that I am feeling less than thankful this particular year. What with Obama winning a second term despite his abyssmal record and this horrible economy, the Middle East boiling over yet again; with "sequestration" looming and poised to decimate the Defense industry which is the engine driving the economy here in Northern Virginia and the rest of the region; still I am strangely at peace with it and find much even in these dire circumstances for which to be thankful.
The Democrats are getting more and more over-confident. They think they can blunt the inquiry into Benghazi (and criticism in general) just by having black and/or female members of the Obama administration and the Democrat leadership run their mouths about "racism".   But these people are poltroons. They are strident and sound like complete idiots. Trying to blunt an inquiry into conflicting statements made by the (black female) Ambassador to the United Nations by characterizing that inquest as "a bunch of old white guys beating up a black woman" and other tactics are transparent efforts to change the subject and attack, and the voters see right through them.
I am thankful that, had the Electoral vote been split in each State by giving the two Electors representing the Senators to the overall popular State winner but awarding the electors for each Congressional district to the candidate selected by that district, Romney would have gottten 285 electoral votes. The retention of the House of Representatives by the Republican Party shows the desire of the citizenry to have a check thrown on Mr. Obama and his henchmen.
I am even thankful for the approaching "financial cliff" and the Defense sequester. The leftist leeches who have turned Virginia ever more purplish mostly depend either directly or indirectly on the Defense industry to make it possible for them to live in Virginia. Virginia may begin to resemble Ohio economically, and as it does these leeches and the hordes of unskilled illegal immigrants who help drive up the cost of housing by filling up rental units will go elsewhere looking for money. There is a solid conservative core of Virginians who have been here 35 years or more, most of whom have family roots going back even further; who will stay behind and bring Virginia back very quickly once the crisis has passed.  As a bonus, maybe a good downsizing will lead to that monster building off I-395 being closed or converted to some kind of warehouse or convention center.
I am thankful that God is in complete control of all matters large and small. No matter the circumstance and no matter how dire the situation may appear; for me and for every Believer "Jehovah Girah". On the Mountain of the Lord it shall be provided.
Which brings us back to the Washington Ethical Society. These folks are basically a bunch of atheists who think that the human race has no need of God, since humans can posit their own ethics. Many of them see especially Christians as "arrogant" because they cite God and the Bible as the source of "ethics" and morality. This is rather strange, since most of these folks arrogate to their own selves the authority of declaring what is "ethical". 
I've spoken to one of these types, and she assures me that "no one person" dictates "a set of rules" but that everything is arrived at by "common consensus".  Pretty much how the Bolsheviks and the National Socialist German Workers Party arrived at their version of ethics, but never mind. Obviously the Washington Ethical Society is truly ethical because they are much better people than the Nazis. We know this because they have arrived at a common consensus and have made it known, I suppose.
As I said in opening, the Washington Ethical Society's little imitation of Thanksgiving is their "Stone Soup Supper".  It's based on the old story of three soldiers coming to a village and looking for something to eat, only to encounter villagers who have been hoarding food - made scarce by wartime conditions - away from each other and not about to give any to three soldiers. So the soldiers ask for only a huge cauldron and enough water to fill it.
The soldiers set the cauldron over a fire and when it begins to boil one of them produces a "soup stone", which he puts in the pot. After a while, as the scoffing of the villagers dies down, one soldier puts in a spoon and takes a taste; and says that just a bit of salt is needed.
Then a tad bit of pepper is requested, and then a cabbage or two, then a few carrots. When the soup begins to develop some flavor, they invite a few villagers to have a taste and suggest what might improve the soup. Soon every single villager has his own idea of what might make a magnificent soup, and eagerly contributes to show what a master of cuisine he is. In the end, a wonderful rich stew is bubbling in the pot, enough to feed the soldiers and the entire village with enough left over to tide the villagers over until help arrives and they can get back on their feet. 
Now this is not a bad story at all, and there's a point in there about human nature. But by the lights of such as the Washington Ethical Society, the moral is that "people are basically good" and need only the guidance of a small group of elites to nudge them toward their "better angels". That small group of elites is of course the Washington Ethical Society.
So every year, all the members of the Washington Ethical Society have a gathering in which the children of all of the members who are not homosexuals who haven't yet adopted a child to corrupt yet borrow a few rocks from their parent's heads and put them in the pot, and then suggest to the adults what might make a great soup.
And so they have their "Stone Soup Supper". They don't call it "Thanksgiving" because, I suppose, it would be silly and immodest to thank one's self for one's own good circumstance. I guess they thank the kids.  Whatever. Just a silly bunch of nimrods I suppose. I wonder who they thank for the kids? The makers of Viagra, maybe?
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Here we are at the beginning of the winter holidays, and nothing but trouble and bullcrap all over the place.

Wal-Mart has caused a stir by saying they will be open not just early Friday morning but ON THANKSGIVING DAY??

Who in Sam Hill is gonna wanna shop with a gut full of turkey, cranberries, and stuffing? Personally I won't be shopping, I'll be laying on the couch snoring and farting while the TV shows a football game.

Israel and the madmen in Gaza who call themselves Hamas aare at it again. Hey, Hamas. Shoot a rocket into Israel, expect 20 to come back at you. Are you guys aware that if the Palestinians and the Jews ever decided to make up and be nice to each other, you could have a partnership that would develop into a world-class powerhouse? Great googaly-moogaly. But you think it's a good idea to shoot rockets at the Jews, and inevitably get your asses kicked? Here's an idea: STOP SHOOTING AT ISRAEL AND THEY WILL BE YOUR FRIEND. They will help you. And if you MUST shoot rockets into Israel, and if you are really outraged at the civilian deaths that occur when Israel strikes back, THEN STOP BASING YOUR ROCKET BASES AND COMMAND POSTS NEXT TO SCHOOLS AND PLAYGROUNDS. Holy moley, you people are out of your freaking minds.
Meanwhile here in the United States, we have the investigation into the Benghazi debacle continuing, and as the Congress gets closer and closer to exposing Obama's incompetence and corruption, the race and gender cards are being played like crazy.
Here is the Democrat strategy: put women and minorities (preferably both) in the highest positions of responsibility, so that when Obama fucks up an investigation into any behavior of any of his underlings can be quickly sidetracked into a debate about "dog whistles" and "code words". 
The Obama administration likes to call the victory in the Presidential election "a mandate".  But there's another mandate, which they ignore. The People wisely decided to leave the House of Representatives in Republican hands. And had the Electoral College been apportioned so that the two votes representing the State's Senators be given to the overall statewide popular vote winner BUT the electors representing each Congressional district go to the candidate who won the majority in that district, the outcome of this election may have turned out very differently.
What interesting times these are.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we have been wondering how best to "compromise" with the Democrat Party.

So far, no good. The Republicans insist on spending cuts (but not on defense) and no tax increases, while the Democrats insist on taxing the shit out of the producers and refuse to cut "entitlements" (or PBS) one whit, insisting that Defense bear the brunt of cuts.  Obama and his Democrats keep yapping about the need for "bipartisan compromise" by which they mean the Republicans should just fold like a cheap suit. 
Okay, FINE.
We say give the Democrats what they want AND MORE!! Let the Democrat Senate push through a bill containing whatever their jack-off fantasies of a perfect solution may consist of. When it gets to the House, then let the Republican majority amend the bill to provide that the Federal minimum wage be raised to one hundred dollars per hour, provided that Obamacare has not been repealed by the effective date of the increase.
Now, here's the true genius behind this: Although even the most idiotically rabid leftist Democrats (like Maxine Waters) will know that such a measure as increasing the minimum wage to $100 per hour would mean words-fail-us disaster, their "base" will be rejoicing at the notion that their ship is about to dock (because that's what the Democrats have led them to expect). Just imagine Maxine trying to say that a janitor is not worth a C-note per hour and then having to explain to an idiot in her district why she was arguing for de-railing the gravy train of his dreams!!
We mean, why, a 40 hour a week worker would be making $208,000 per year, much less than the proposed threshhold for the "wealthiest".  How reasonable! (to the typical idiot Democrat voter).
Oh, the possibilities of this, when skillfully execcuted. The game, kids, is to just cut to the chase and expose the logical conclusion of all this supposed Democrat advocacy of "fairness" by taking it to its logical conclusion. 
In the end, the Democrats might want to try blaming the Republicans for the repeal of Obamacare. We would bet that is an assignment of blame that the Republicans would gladly bear.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


We learn from the New York Times that despite the recent lamentable re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the country as a whole has shifted to the right of the political spectrum. In the vast majority of counties nationwide, even where Obama won he won with fewer votes and a lesser percentage of the vote than he did in 2008.  Conversely Romney - even where he LOST, got a greater percentage of the vote than McCain did last time around.
Nearly three million voters who went for McCain in 2008 stayed home for various reasons. Some were Ron Paulistas who were miffed that their guy didn't get the Republican nod, but our guess is that most of them were over-confident slackers who thought that the rest of us would be sufficient to get the job of removing Obama done and so did not trouble themselves to stand in line and vote. Had these three million folks but done one simple duty on one lousy day, and we would be rid of Obama - and likely have control of the Senate.
Thus far Obama and the Democrat leaders are acting like they don't know about the red shift. They are acting as if they own the town, demanding the "compromise" that translates to the Republicans dropping the soap in the shower. They are playing the race card all over the place again, saying things such as the GOP leadership wanting to question Susan Rice over the Benghazi debacle amounts to "a bunch of old white guys beating up on an African-American woman". 
Obama and the Democrats conspired to keep the lid on Benghazi until after the election, and they did the same with the dire unemployment figures that just came out. Now their ham-handed attempts to suppress the reaction to these things that are just coming out is showing their true colors.  Obama and his bunch are now doubling down on the tactics that caused the red shift in the first place. 2014 should be interesting.
As it stands now, if the election were voided and ordered to be re-voted, we would bet that Romney would be the winner. It won't and he isn't, but it is plain that the Democrats have been digging their own grave for four years. It ought to be deep enough in another four to kick them in and shovel them over. 
IF, that is, we last that long.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Every day of the year I ply my piddling trade in the National Capital Region, and every day I see fellow American citizens gazing in wonder at our magnificent National monuments and memorials. And it occurs to me that back in October of 1973 when I first laid eyes on Washington, D.C. how awestruck I was by the magnificence of the Capital of the free world.
But time and familiarity soon reduced these sights to landmarks. The time came when I shook my head at the hordes of tourists marvelling at the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. After all, I had already climbed the stone stairs of the Washington Monument to the top and then descended them. I had walked right into the Capitol building without saying "boo" to a soul, and had ridden the underground subways between the main Capitol building and the House and Senate office buildings, not on any official business but just as an American citizen out on a lark.
But the day came when it was announced that tourists would no longer be allowed to climb the Washington Monument; and it was later announced that descents would have to be by elevator, also. Some time around 1985 or so, visitors entering the buildings of the Capitol complex would have to pass through metal detectors. 
In the mid 1990s, Pennsylvania Avenue was closed in the 1600 block, creating massive traffic jams. After the terrorist attacks of 2001, security at the Capitol complex was tightened mire and more. No longer can a citizen enter "the people's house" unless he is part of a tour group being led around by the nose by a tour guide - and woe betide the stray who dawdles and gets separated from the authorized tour group. What once was an open city symbolic of an open society has for the last few years begun to resemble more and more the Kremlin of the Soviet Union.
The excuse offered to this is that recent events have evidenced a "new more severe threat level".
Back in the 90s, some idiot shot his way into the Capitol building, killing a Capitol police officer. That wasn't a good thing, but it isn't a new phenomenon.  Back in the 50s, a bunch of Puerto Rican nuts walked in and shot up the Senate floor from the gallery. Did this lead to paranoid pain in the ass security enhancements? NO.
In modern times, D.C. has seen a Chilean dissident killed by a car bomb in 1976 and an assassination attempt on a president in 1981. None of this resulted in the level of paranoid prison lockdown style security we are faced with today.  And as the level of security has increased, so seemingly has the arrogance of the protected Senators and Representatives.
So here's a little modest proposition: You servants - yes, Harry and yes Nancy and yes Mr. Schumer and the rest of you - you take the same chances as we do. Re-open the Capitol building to full, free public access. Re-open Pennsylvania Avenue. Allow the free people you represent to bring their weapons in, the better to defend against the occasional nutbar.
After all, if you are truly doing things to benefit the average American, you need not fear his weapon nor his wrath.  So why are you bunkering yourselves? What are you afraid of? Here's a bit of news: none of you are national treasures. It's an utter waste of money to guard you from unexpected access from the People you serve; as if you were the Hope Diamond. If you're serious about reducing the deficit and the debt, then open up the streets and the buildings and start acting like the servants you are and stop trying to pretend that you are essential and irreplaceable. You're not. To paraphrase Charles DeGaulle, the graveyards are filled with irreplaceable people. 
Do your damn job and you'll probably be okay.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Seven days ago, the Democrat Party somehow managed to get their pet donkey Barack Hussein Obama voted back into the Oval Office. Now, as the smoke and dust settles and the battle lines are being drawn for the next step in the political war for the future of the United States, things ahead look ominous indeed.
This was an election shot through and through with Democrat fraud and corruption. In more than fifty precincts in Philadelphia and in Cleveland, Mitt Romney recieved not a single vote. The margins in Florida and Ohio were razor-thin, and Chicago-style corrupt machine politics likely delivered particularly Ohio into the clutches of the Democrats. We wonder what the electoral vote total would look like if (and we advocate this) all states were to give their two Senate electoral votes to the overall State popular vote winner, but the electors for the individual congressional districts went to the winner of the popular vote in those districts. Such a system would make it much more difficult to enlist the ward-heelers of a few large urban conclaves to deliver an  entire State to a contender.
Be that as it may, Mr. Obama remains the holder of the title of Chief Executive (We at the Alexandria Daily Poop have too much respect for the Office of the President to call that nincompoop President); and the Democrat Party remains in control of the Senate. True, the House remains in Republican hands; but this alone is not enough to prevent Obamacare from going into full effect. The next chance to repeal it will come in two years if by some miracle the Republicans can obtain a 61 seat majority in the Senate.  And the certainty that the ravages of Obamacare will wreak havoc with businesses large and small spell big trouble for the "little guy" that Obama and his handlers like to pretend that they're on the side of.
Employers are right now drawing up plans to go to a part-time only work force and/or make individual employees "independent subcontractors" who will be required to pay BOTH parts of the FICA tax. Investors are getting nervous, and as New Year's Eve approaches so does the "fiscal cliff" and sequestration of defense funding.  It is not too far-fetched to imagine the stock market collapsing and taking the economy with it before Mr. Obama is re-inaugurated. If this happens, the swearing-in ceremony may have to be moved to a fortified bunker deep inside the Pentagon.
The Democrat Party leadership speaks of the need for "bipartisanship" while of course they remain the most rabidly partisan entity on the planet (with the possible exception of the Taliban). The Democrat definition of "bipartisan" means "Republicans drop the soap". And the Democrat leadership have made provison to ensure that (1) they are fortified personally against the misery about to befall everyone else and (2) no matter whether the Republicans cooperate or not, all the misery caused by the Democrats will be blamed on the Republicans.
It is the opinion of we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop that this nation is headed toward the Second American Civil War. Already there is an ominous drum-beat as twenty-some states have placed petitions with the Obama administration to seceed from the Union. A few may actually do so, chief among them Texas.
When Texas became a State, they specifically reserved the right to quit the Union and - the First Civil War notwithstanding - maintain that right to this day. Should Texas do so, we shall relocate there. And it shall be our hope that when the South indeed rises again, our native Indiana shall see the error of her ways and join the South; and that the State of Ohio shall vote in her legislature to cut the far northeast corner of the state loose and join the new Confederacy.
Or possibly the Union might be preserved. All depends on how well we weather the disaster which is approaching as obviously and unstoppably as Katrina did in 2005 and Sandy did back in October. The only silver lining to the approaching storm front is that every commoner who is not a member of the highest levels of the Democrat Party will feel the sting. And try as they might, the Democrat Party will not be able to lay the misery at the feet of George W. Bush and the Republican Party; but it will be painfully obvious to every single working person that their tribulation is the handiwork of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Hussein Obama. Then (and provided we can survive to November 2014) there is at least some hope that we might save the Union.  The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.
Meanwhile, the government has invited you to change the channel and entertain yourself to an amusing little farce on PBS titled "When Generals Obey Their Privates". We hear there's an episode in there where Big Bird has a private moment with young Elmo called "DO Tickle, DON'T Tell".
Ye gods.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012


What is now called "Veteran's Day" here in the United States was formerly known as "Armistice Day", marking the end of World War I.  As it is remembered, "On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the guns fell silent".

That blessed silence was and is music to a soldier's ears. Only madmen and morons desire war. But to refuse to fight in the face of a determined enemy who is firmly purposed to put one's nation and kindred under his heel is suicidal. The soldier serves in battle, he closes with and destroys the enemy until the enemy either surrenders or is no more. The American warrior in particular does his task with zeal and gusto; but even so the sweetest sound is that of a pen signing a document ending all of the fighting.
When I served during the "Vietnam era", returning servicemen - combatant or not - were reviled by the "anti-war" crowd. Sometimes they were even spit upon by filthy slackers shouting for "peace".  They were called "warmongers" among other things.
The profession of the American warrior is not war. Peace was and is his objective, and what he seeks to establish and protect. The difference between the outlook of the American warrior and the "peaceniks" is that the American warrior - and his nation - will not settle for the "peace" of surrender. If not for this attitude taken by America and the free peoples of the world, the globe would be ruled by the likes of Adolf Hitler or the murderous Iraqi Hussein family. In that "peaceful" world, there would be no armed conflict. Yet the killing and suffering and dying would continue unabated in death camps and torture facilities.
The peace that the American military member serves to establish and protect is the true peace that allows freedom to blossom and thrive. All of us - inactive, reserves, National Guard and regular active duty troops - all of we veterans served to promote and defend that peace. The purpose of the American military is to display readiness to oppose those who would disturb this peace, and to engage and destroy them if they try to shatter it. The fight has often been necessary and the American service member has executed the role of defender better than any other soldier on the planet. Yet the American warrior fights for one thing: The day a treaty is signed ending the fighting, with freedom triumphant. And then the American warrior stands ready to display to the enemies of peace the terrible consequenses of breaching the peace. 
It is therefore apt that "Veteran's Day" takes place on the anniversary of the signing of an agreement to cease hostilities. For we older veterans, peace was our profession. And for the young active duty troops risking their lives and ready to offer up if need be the Ultimate Sacrifice still PEACE is what they long for and hope to achieve.  
As of the moment a young man or young lady is sworn into the Armed Forces, he or she is a veteran. All we veterans swore the same Oath. And for those of us who are no longer active, peace was our profession. And now for you new active duty troopers, the profession of Peace is yours. Thank you for your service to our country.    

Friday, November 9, 2012


Obama is getting cocky. He wants to believe that his re-election gives him a "mandate". 
Obama won the popular vote by less that two million votes. Romney's vote tally was three million fewer than McCain's total in 2008.  Had those three million Republican voters bothered to show up, we would now have President Elect Romney.
It is mystifying indeed how anyone who voted for McCain could not see that they got it right in 2008 and did not sieze the day and correct the error of 2008. But they did not bother to vote, and now Obama stands ready to take a second turn at guiding the United States into oblivion.
The day after the election, the stock market dropped like a lead balloon. Boeing and Lockheed-Martin announced layoffs in the thousands in anticipation of the "fiscal cliff" and the "defense sequester".  And when the Defense sequester hits, the National Capital Area in general and Northern Virginia in particular may well end up looking like my home town of Dayton, Ohio. 
Obama has already begun closing off avenues of energy exploration. What higher (than even now) energy prices will do to the economy and jobs can be easily forecast.
Today, General David Petraeus - he who wrote the Army Counter-Insurgency Manual - resigned as head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly) this has been said to mean he will not be testifying about the Benghazi fiasco. Coverup much? Blackmail much?  And Hilary Clinton is set to jump ship immediately after the re-inauguration.
Well, there is ONE thing that is good that might come out of this. See, all these powerful Senators and Representatives spend most of their time here in the D.C. area, where they don't have to listen to their benighted constituents bitch. A few times a year they go home and conference with their constituents and feed them some bullshit about how hard they are trying to make things better.
Then they travel back here to the rarified, insulated recession-proof environs of the D.C. area, where their neighbors are not their responsibility and besides, everything is mostly just ducky for these neighbors.  Why, if you sent videos of these legislators having backyard barbecues and cocktail parties with their well-off Virginia and Maryland neighbors in Arlington and Bethesda and Alexandria and Rockville to their constituents who are saying grace over meatless hamburger helper, there might be a necktie party waiting for them at the next hometown "town hall meeting".
Let's just see what happens when this defense sequester hits, when the Northern Virginia defense firms start cutting back and laying off and life is just as hellish for the legislators' neighbors as it is for their constituents back home; let's see what transpires when some liberal-schmiberal Democrat pol's kids start getting beaten up at school because some other kid's folks are going to lose their home because of policies this Democrat tool helped enact.
The consequenses of the Obama re-election are going to affect the National Capital Area. The consequenses will be dire here, and these legislators will have nowhere to hide.
To paraphrase Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The Democrat chickenzzz.... is comin home.... to ROOST!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What? Did you expect us here at the Alexandria Daily Poop to just throw up our hands and say, "Oh boo hoo, it's all over, we're jsut going to stop writing about things, Obama and his gang are just unstoppable, we better surrender!"
Well, think again, Lefties. No part of the right blogosphere is throwing in the towel. We still control the House of Representatives - and therefore the MONEY needed to get anything accomplished. And we also have enough of the Senate to throw cold water on any shenannigans to be tried there.
There have been any number of theories as to how this weak-ass "president" of a broke-ass country managed to get re-elected. We have a few of our own.
In one of his last speeches before the election, Mr. Obama asserted that "the deficit is down". It is so NOT down, in fact Mr. Obama has overseen this deficit DOUBLE when he promised to HALVE it.  This speech was also full of much more delusional crapola that - since we have to work for a living - we haven't the time to list it.
In his acceptance speech last night Obama said that he was working for a country in which one could make it no matter if they're "Young or old, rich or poor, black, white, Hispanic, or Asian" (he left out Native Americans.) But his whole campaign consisted of pitting these groups against each other.
Obama lost no opportunity to point out the successful and say that they got wealthy on the backs of the less successful ("You didn't build that!"). An Obama radio ad aimed at the youth vote featured an announcer who said in a kind of sexy growl: "We're gonna stop giving money to the oil companies and start investing in education and tuition! Sounds good, doesn't it? .... Yeah, it's good!"
Well, yes. Too good to be true. "We" DO NOT "GIVE MONEY TO THE OIL COMPANIES". What any leftie means by this is of course that the oil companies will be taxed to provide goodies for the kiddies (voters, which is how Obama and his bunch think of them: as kiddies needing mommies in the form of government). To Obama's way of thinking, all the money belongs to the government and anything that doesn't get taken in taxes is a "subsidy". So they're going to tax the shit out of the oil companies, eh? and the oil companies are gonna what? go broke?
WRONG, YOU STUPID KIDS. You think Obama is going to pay your tuition? You must be a bean sprout short of a dish of chop suey. Ask that woman who exulted back in 2008 that Obama was gonna pay for her car payment and her rent and her heating bill if any of that shit happened. And as to the oil companies, they will just pass those higher taxes back to YOU and YOUR PARENTS. That's right, younguns, losses whether from internal theft or taxes are always passed on by businesses to their customers in the form of higher prices. No matter WHAT business gets "taxed more", ultimately the tax gets paid by YOU. Not just oil, either. Say the government levied a 10% tax on bulk tomato sauce. Suddenly that pizza you order to eat while you sit in your dorm waiting for Obama to arrive with your tuition money is costing you another dollar. And you stupid kids just voted for more taxes on YOU, just levied indirectly.
These three elements are the main tactics used by Obama and his bunch to secure victory in this election. We are sure there was quite a bit of good old fashioned Chicago-style voter fraud, and what we are pleased to call the lamestream, drive-by media openly collaborated with this joker to keep him in the White House.
But fraud and media collaboration alone couldn't have pulled this off. They needed these three elements, all predicated on the sense of "entitlement" that the voters have been inoculated with over time, to pull this out. All of you Obama voters think you just voted for Santa Claus. Well ho, ho, ho. Do you kids know the Danish legend of Black Peter?
Black Peter was a man who accompanied Santa into the kiddies' homes on Christmas Eve. "Bad kids" were taken by Black Peter to be sold into slavery. Pretty damned soon you kids are gonna find out who you voted for. And it ain't Santy Claus, neither.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


And what a pleasure it was, too. I have a real good feeling about this. The panicked Democrats are telling their voters to "ignore the exit polls".  THAT should tell you how it's going.

I had a lady call my cab for a ride to the polls. She told me she was voting for Obama. I told her that she should do exactly that, since a Romney win would not look legit if Obama didn't get at least one vote someplace.

I didn't get a tip from her. Sheesh, these liberal types have no sense of humor.

Ah well. I guess the day can't be completely perfect.

Also, if you have not done so, GET OFF YOUR DUFF AND VOTE! (If you're an Obama supporter, you're excused if you just want to sit there.)

Monday, November 5, 2012


NO, folks, we are not saying that the Washington Redskins are a great ball team (they're not.) No, "The Redskins Rule" is a recurring phenomenon that basically says that in a Presidential election, if the Redskins win their last home game before Election Day, the party that last won the POPULAR Presidential vote (NOT the Electoral College vote) will win. And if they lose, the party that last won the popular vote will lose.  It has never failed since 1940.
Last Sunday the Redskins LOST.
However, the "Redskins Rule" will only apply if we all do our duty and go vote tomorrow. So be sure you do!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The Democrat political machine - meaning the Democrat National Committee, the various State level Democrat organizations, the so-called "mainstream media" and Obama's "personal political organization" Obama for America are freaking out as state after state that was formerly described as "leaning Obama" has been moved into "Tossup" territory.  And the Democrats are "tossing up" their lunch (and crapping their pants).
Today I was listening to popular music radio - conservative talk stations mostly devoting Sundays to programs on managing financial portfolios and such - and got an earful of the overconfident ads the Democrat party is pouring out.
A huge part of the effort of the Democrat campaign is to try and convince conservative voters that it's all over and they may as well stay home. This message that it's "in the bag" for Obama and his buds is supposed to discourage those who would try and vote them out.
We have been waiting for four long years to get Obama out, and there is no way, NONE that we are going to fail to cast a vote. And here's why the Democrat overconfidence will explode in their faces like a loaded cigar come Tuesday:
Obama and his Democrats make their appeal mainly to the "gimme gimmie gimmie" crowd. Obama voters by and large want "free" everything from the government. Many of them ran to the polls in 2008 thinking they were voting themselves free car payments, free rent, free electricity, yadda yadda yadda. And now they are even worse off than the hard working folks who have suffered through 4 years of this inept - to put it kindly - administration. Obama's message to them is: "Give me just a little more time".
These leeches see these overconfident pronouncements, too. They see and hear the ads and the "journalists" and all saying that the Democrat juggernaut has it sewn up.  But while this sort of thing does nothing but galvanize conservative voters, keep in mind that the exact same message is being conveyed to Obama's voters.
Having been told everywhere they turn that their golden boy is unstoppable, they will think that they need not bother to go down the street and actually vote. Come Wednesday they will probably be befuddled as to why Obama changed his name to "Mitt Romney".
Obama has two choices: Either continue in this death spiral OR start exhorting his admirers to vote because the race is close. At this late stage, these indolent slackers have most likely stopped paying attention, though.
As always, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop remind you that even given this observation it is still URGENT that you not be either rendered hopeless NOR overconfident. No matter what, if we all do our duty and get to the polls and VOTE, there's an excellent chance we will prevail beyond our wildest hopes next Tuesday.
The only thing that counts is YOUR VOTE. All the rest is just words and air. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Here we freaking go again. Every damn time there's a major weather event, be it a blizzard or a heat wave; a tornado or a hurricane; a flood or a dry spell you can be assured that the "Global Warming" nuts will be banging on pots and pans and proclaiming that the disaster proves them right.
"Climate change" is undeniable. The Great Lakes and several river valleys in my home state of Ohio were formed when it got real cold and glaciers advanced and carved out lakes and river valleys. Then it got real warm and the glaciers retreated and filled these rivers and lakes with their melt. And this was not caused by humans chipping flint to make stone axes, either.
Now the global warming nutbars are calling the freak weather event - for purposes of raising the alarm level - "Superstorm Sandy" (NOTE: The use of allitteration - the device of using two or more words beginning with the same letter, ie "gas guzzler" - is a common device used to establish something as fact simply by getting it wedged firmly in the minds of the target audience. It's a common tactic of, er, "Limousine Liberals"). "Sandy" was NOT A FREAKING "SUPERSTORM". "SANDY" WAS A WEAK-ASS CATEGORY ONE HURRICANE. The reason "Sandy" caused so much damage was because it slammed into New Jersey and New York City. The reason "Sandy" caused such havoc was simply because it slammed into the most densly populated area of the Eastern Seaboard.
Here's a useful comparison for all you leftist dumbasses out there: If an F-5 tornado with 318 MPH winds tears through a cornfield; and if an F-2 tornado with 120 MPH winds hits a huge trailer park and kills 300 people; THAT DOES NOT MAKE AN F-2 A "SUPER TORNADO". It only means that the F-2 hit a densely populated area.
None of his makes any difference to the "global warming" crowd, who have been spouting nonsense such as "events like this are becoming more and more common". Really? When was the last time a hurricane scored a near-direct hit on the Big Apple? Some idiot with a sheepskin on hs wall said that "global warming" was resulting in "fewer but much stronger" hurricanes.
The climate has changed several times in the history of the human race. And we have successfully dealt with it by adjusting and adapting. In the ice ages we killed some woolly mammoths and made fur coats. In hot periods we've walked around nearly nude (and this was very conducive to breeding, BTW!). There is no way to "prevent" weather events like Sandy. The proper way to deal with these things is to let the eggheads stand there and prattle. Meanwhile, smart people will simply get the hell out of the way of the oncoming storm, and deal with the damage later.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Good heavens. And they say Mitt Romney is "out of touch"?

Yesterday, Mr. Obama issued a Royal Diktat that all red tape was to be cut and all "bureaucratic obstacles" removed to speed aid to the New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy. "Ground Zero" of this disaster was New York City and the Jersey Shore; and among other things a contingent of electric utility linemen drove all the way up from Alabama.
But when they got there, they were greeted by a contingent of very hostile Union pickets, who called them "scabs" and told them to "go the hell back where you came from".
The problem? Alabama is a "right to work" state and the Alabama linemen were not unionized.  Great googaly moogaly.
This sort of thing used to happen in New York City back in the late 1800s, when firefighting was left up to private organizations. Lots of buildings burned down because two or three firefighting organizations were competing to be paid for putting out fires. So, when an alarm was issued each company would send a squad of goons to "defend" the fire hydrants, typically turning a barrel over the hydrant and fighting off attempts of an earlier-arriving rival to connect to a water supply. Other goon squads would be dispatched to obstruct the arrival of the rival's equipment.  Often the building on fire would burn to the ground amidst all the fighting over who would do the job of putting out the blaze.
Appalling, but still this was Union thugs and not - directly at least - government officials.
Then it was announced that even though NYC mayor Mike "His Imperial Majesty" Bloomberg knew that a lack of electricity was one of the chief worries of his constituents, still Bloomberg decided to use a brace of very powerful generators to provide power and comfort to the participants of the New York City Marathon, which was to be held even though New York was enduring the worst thing to hit her since 9-11-2001. Fuck his constituents, who were evicted from hotels and motels to make room for the pampered runners. This went on until public outcry evidently caused H.I.M. Bloomie to change his mind and cancel the run.
The Democrat style of dealing with the disaster victims was exemplified best by Senator Chuck Schumer (who should be pilloried and have rotten garbage thrown at him on general principles), who had a woman begging him for help. The woman begged him: "Please, don't leave us! Don't leave us, PLEASE!!".
Schumer assured her he wouldn't leave her. And promply left for the comfort of such quarters as befits an elitist, statist, liberal progressive scumbag such as he. 
All these benighted souls will ever get from the Democrats is lip service while the Democrats try and calculate the minimum effort needed to keep their power. They will then do that and no more. We hope these storm victims wise up. There could not possibly be any better lesson for the Democrats than having nearly every soul in these disaster areas voting a straight Republican ticket on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Every time we try to cut Mr. Obama some slack - like earlier today when we held out hope he and the Democrat Party would not politicize the disaster created by Hurricane Sandy - we are soon given cause to regret it.

First we find out that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who does not like Obama or his policies, giving Obama a "photo op" of Obama touring some scenes of disaster with Christie. This of course has many Republican and conservative pundits puzzled. 
However, here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we are not puzzled one bit. It is perfectly clear to us that Obama used the specter of withholding Federal disaster aid (or some such) in order to blackmail Christie into doing the little photo op. Christie (and New Jersey and New York) cannot wait for the Romney inaugural, so he had to kiss Obama's ring. We bet Christie has much to say about this after Jersey has recovered or after Romney is inaugurated, whichever comes first.  And right after that photo-op, Obama went right back to campaigning, leaving the Federal aid machine on autopilot.
Romney meanwhile organized a couple of food drives and told folks to make donations and also made some donations of his own. The Demcrats huffed that Romney was an idiot because the Red Cross has said that donations of money were needed, that canned goods presented the Red Cross with "logistics problems" and that Romney was "trying to cash in politically" on the disaster.  
The fact is, Romney DID donate some of his own money and asked others to do the same. And the Red Cross - although a venerable disaster relief organization for well over a century - is not the ONLY relief organization. Those canned goods can be used by OTHER organizations either for direct relief or for freeing up money from other donation-dependent projects so that it can be funnelled into the disaster area.  But never mind, Obama takes a walk through the ruin with a Republican governor and he's the Saint who can do it all.  Romney on the other hand is just a grandstanding son of a bitch. Never mind that what Romney, himself, did amounts to real aid getting to real people and that Obama just got his picture taken. 
But, like former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says, "Never let a crisis go to waste". 
In other tasteless Democrat politicizing of this disaster, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorsed Obama for re-election, spouting some forgettable argle-bargle about "global warming". 
We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop will very likely feel like kids on Christmas Eve come Monday night. We wonder how we will ever be able to get to sleep, twitching with anticipation of finally voting Obama and as many statist Democrat scum as possible the FUCK out of office. We hope YOU feel the same way. Come Hell or high water, VOTE!!!!!!!!


Before we begin here, we at the Alexandria Daily Poop extend our sympathies to everyone who is suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. We certainly hope that Mr. Obama does not try and play politics with this event and that he is able to rally some vestige of competence and adequacy to the task of marshalling the needed resources to aid in the recovery from this hideously destructive storm.
But no matter how well Mr. Obama serves in this regard, it does not merit another four years in the White House - especially considering nearly every aspect of his performance in the last four.
Of all the phony-baloney tricks they've tried, the "early voting" tactic seems to be backfiring. An initial Gallup poll of early voters gives Romney a 52% edge over Obama.
Polls showing Obama ahead almost anywhere get to that result by using a "+7" Democrat sample, which mirrors the voter turnout in 2008.  If the sample used mirrors the 2010 turnout - much more likely - then Obama gets waxed big time. 
BUT this only happens if YOU get to the polls and cast your vote. Make damn sure you do. We simply CANNOT AFFORD another four years of this clown and his bufoon sidekick Biden.
Do not be discouraged by anything you read or hear; and do not allow yourself to be complacent either. Be determined and VOTE Romney IN and Obama out, OUT, OUT! 


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