Friday, March 28, 2014


We had been wondering of late what direction to take this blog, since the utter unfitness for office of not only Obama but his henchpeople are now on stunning, jaw dropping display.

Our opportunity for meditating on this was occasioned by the frying of the motherboard on the HP Pavilion laptop we had been writing this on since the inception of this E-fishwrap. So until we get another computer we will be writing updates like this from our local public library.


That's right all you lefties and gay folks who hate Republicans and conservatives and think we are your enemy. Hate to tell you this, but your hero and environmental nutbar Al Gore's people were put up in Fred's OWN HOUSE during the 2000 Presidential campaign. 
Phelp's support of Gore was because of Gore's stance OPPOSING SAME SEX "MARRIAGE".

As in my last post, I caution you and all "minorities" to never trust the Democrats. They will use you for your votes and then throw you away like used toilet paper once you are of no more use to them.


When we learned that the Washington Post was being bought from the Graham family by the guy who owns Amazon, we knew there would be some changes, sort of like that new logo Cadillac is using. But no, this is no cosmetic change to the Post.

This past Sunday an article appeared on page one of the "Outlook" section. This article was titled "IS A LITTLE BIT OF (government) COORUPTION REALLY A BAD THING?"; and the article posited that much good has come from minor corruption. so perhaps we should just turn a blind eye. It ignored the fact that one thing is CERTAIN to come from "a little" corruption, and that's EVEN MORE AND DEEPER CORRUPTION. That, in fact, is WHY they call it "corruption" in the first damn place.

In the same section there was a review of a book about the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in the jungles of Papaua, New Guinea where he was presumed to have been the guest of honor at a barbecue with him on the menu.

The writer of the review pointed out that these naked cannibals living in mud huts and worshipping - among other things - dildoes (no joke) (quote) were "far from primitive" because their language "has 17 tenses" and their superstitions were complex and had to be "balanced".

Thoroughly modern. Western civilizatiion seems primitive next to these noble cannibals.

Well, folks that's all the time I have right now. I'll be back soon with another roundup, and we hope to get this blog running on a near-daily basis soon. Until then, check back with us or follow us if you want to get the latest. And thanks for reading the Alexandria Daily Poop. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


The way the Left talks one thing and does another - blatantly - is on full display here in the City of Alexandria, Virginia.

The politicians on the City Council are on record deploring the lack of "affordable" (read: euphemism for low-rent) housing. Yet the move is on to tear out about 450 units of "affordable" housing and replace them with "luxury" condos and high-end shops. (Oh, yeah, and the developer will have to include some token number of Section 8 units, maybe 140 or so; but that's still less "affordable" housing for the low-income citizens, and many of these will be forced to move out of the City and perhaps out of Virginia altogether.

Maybe you "low-income" residents ought to re-think why you keep voting for Democrats who say they will fight for you at voting time but who then allow any developer with enough money and a promise of increased tax revenue to just throw your ass out on the street.


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