Friday, June 16, 2017


Yesterday at around 8 AM we were startled to learn that some nut case had decided to open fire on a bunch of Republican congressmen and staffers who were at a baseball practice on a ball field in our city of Alexandria, Virginia. The Republican House Majority Whip, a congressional staffer and two special agents from the United States Capitol Police protective unit were shot, the cops while trying to neutralize the shooter (Which they did very well by killing him). 

This country has been for years enmeshed in a "Cold civil war" begun by Barack Obama's exhortation to Lefties to "get in people's faces".  The ASPs  or "American Statist Progressives" thought that after eight years of Obama, all they needed was to get Hillary Clinton in the White House to cement the "progression" of America to a state of iron-fisted centralized control of every element of American life in place. 

Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump has derailed those plans, and the ASPs are going batshit. 

The shooter turns out to be an idiot Bernie Sanders supporter, who really should have been picking off Democrats with his Ar-15; since it was them who screwed his boy to get Clinton the nomination. 

The dolt who currently governs Virginia said in response that there are too many guns in Virginia and that "We lose 93 million people every day to gunfire". 

The entire United States has only about 350 million people. This means we all have at best 4 days to live. (Unless of course McAuliffe was as usual yakking about things he knew nothing about).

Nobody in their right mind is going to give up his weapons what with leftist nuts like this shooter running around.

We'll say one thing to you Leftist ASP assholes: You better stop writing checks with your mouths that your asses can't cash. People are starting to get really fed up with your crap. We don't shoot people. But some of you lefties are gonna find out that when you scream in someone's face so loudly it hurts his eardrums you are asking for the person to beat the shit out of you to defend his hearing.

Back to the shooting. We had thought that when something like this finally happened it would be some idiot Millennial who would do it. What's worrisome is that the guy who opened up on the ballfield was old enough to know better. we fear we may be on the way to a full fledged civil war. Not a "war between the States" as was fought here in Virginia; but a true messy civil war with next door neighbors firing at each other's houses as took place in Kansas and Missouri back in the 1860s.  You lefties need to burn your copies of :Rules for Radicals", learn some manners, and stop trying to silence people who disagree with you.  

You, too can be silenced; and permanently at that. Keep pissing people off, you commie rats.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


When we sat down to watch the Indianapolis 500 last Sunday we were silently rooting for Zach something or other, a 24 year old kid driving car #40. Zach is from our home state of Ohio and was racing in our native state of Indiana. We had hoped for at least a good showing from this kid. We looked him up on Wikipedia and he seems to be a real nice kid. 

But the whole damn race he vacillated between position 30 and position 28; we think he got to position 27 at some point. But he never got any further, and as a further ignominy HE FUCKING RAN OUT OF GAS AND HAD TO BE PUSHED OFF THE TRACK.  CHEESE AND RICE, KID. INDY ISN'T FUCKING GO-KARTS!!

In an Indy style race, fuel management is paramount. It's not enough to drive fast. Fuel adds weight and so how much to carry and when to grab some factors in, with the restrictions on when and how often a driver may pit adding additional dimensions to the decision making process.  

Speaking of decisions, Zach, we hope you learn enough from your first Indy and come back next year and show yourself a contender. Hell, boy. We hope you win, and we'll be rooting for you. 


Gentle readers, you may be wondering why we haven't been more prolific in our postings about the circumstances surrounding our President and the "controversies" surrounding him. 

This is because we know you are not stupid. The ASPs (American Statist Progressives) have been hurling charge after charge at President Trump and his circle without a shred of evidence to back up even one allegation. It should be obvious that the ASPs are driven by a desire to de-legitimize Mr. Trump and try to drive him from office, because they were mere months from completing the "fundamental change of America" from a Republic of free individuals to a centrally run nation of unarmed and dependent serfs.  

Believe us, Gentle Readers, if Mr. Trump were guilty of even one percent of what the ASP controlled Democrat Party and the press have been trying to hang on him, the treatment this blog gave former White House Resident Obama would seem like a walk in the park. 

President Trump is more than capable of handling the sort of thing being thrust at him. What the ASPs are trying to do is going to blow up in their faces and sooner rather than later. 

If you don't believe it, just watch.


We don't give a flying fuck about Tiger Woods.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


The Indianapolis 500 was just won by a Japanese driver operating a car powered by a Japanese engine.  Just 76 years ago his nation attacked this nation and engendered a war that lasted nearly 4 years and cost the lives of almost half a million American fighting men. The victory of that driver in Indianapolis, the fact that he could come here and accomplish this feat, was the direct result of the sacrifices of our fighting men.

We do not go to war to conquer. we go to war to eliminate threats and restore peace. And once wrongs have been righted, more often than not we help our erstwhile enemies back to their feet and reform their society to a less warlike model. Would God our present enemies in this present conflict become our friends after they have been defeated. 

The entire world owes a debt to the eternal sacrifices our fighting men have made. But their service was to this country and it was these United States in whose name they fought. The entire world, however, would be a much worse place for everyone but for those we honor today. The proof of that was on display in Victory Circle in Indianapolis today. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017


American Statist Progressives  (ASPs) are at it again, this time apparently in league with elements of the Republican as well as the Democrat "Washington political establishment". The common enemy? Why President Donald John Trump, of course; who is derailing the gravy trains of Establishment types in both parties. God forbid anyone ought to need to fulfill a campaign promise or actually do something to earn their membership in the little "club". 

Also, the Democrat Party needs some kind of explanation as to why Hillary "shoo-in" Clinton got landslided away from the White House - other than she was a lousy candidate, a flaming scolding bitch with a forced artificial laugh (The last time anybody thought Hillary was laughing for real it turned out she was gagging on a fish bone) who had a double trainload of baggage, notably almost being arrested for mishandling highly classified information. And they are so angry at Trump for winning that they want to get him impeached. They have announced this balls-out since the victory.

The first guy to get burned by ASP wrath was former FBI director Comey (for going on TV and listing Hillary's crimes and then saying he didn't recommend prosecution). 

Next the ASPs claimed that "The Russians" had interfered with the election by hacking DNC Headquarters and leaking e-mails of the Democrat leadership talking to each other about how they really felt about the minorities they claim to want to "help". And they in fact scored a minor victory in getting Trump's first National Security advisor fired after a campaign aimed at making it look like Flynn had been making secret deals with the Russians. 

Next, Trump fires Comey. While only the day before Comey got fired the ASPs had been denouncing him as a no-good son of a bitch, suddenly he was the good Saint Dan the Martyr, having lost his job because his investigation of Trump was getting too close to the truth. (When the firing was announced by leftist asshole Steven Colbert, the audience - not having gotten the memo about Comey's new sainthood - broke into applause. Colbert had to instruct them that Comey was fired (according to the ASP narrative) in an effort to shut down the Russia investigation.  The crowd of weak-minded cattle obediently started booing.

The entire affair presents not one single named witness to anything remotely suspect (but "anonymous sources" abound). Lamestream drive-by media presentations are laced with nebulous but ominous references to "impeachable offenses"; and today a member of the idiot Congressional Black Caucus rose to demand the filing of Articles of Impeachment. 

The ASPs and the Democrat leadership have joined forces in a conspiracy to destroy President Trump. The central premise of this conspiracy is that the American people are stupid cattle who believe anything they hear repeated enough. 

President Abraham Lincoln, by way of illustrating why he thought our country was immune to demagoguery said words to the effect that you can fool most of The People some of the time; and you can fool some of The People most of the time; but you can't fool ALL of The People ALL of the time. 

The ASPs and the Democrats are betting they can fool ENOUGH of The People enough of the time. We here at the ADP think they are mistaken. 

And President Trump is not stupid, a rube, or a buffoon. The people trying to derail him are dancing in desperation on twirling helicopter blades. When they make the inevitable slip, they will get sliced to pieces. The American People are not stupid. You better bet they see this bizarre Kabuki for what it is. Try as you might, ASPs, you cannot successfully pass of dog shit as Tootsie Roll. Try and not clog the pipes on the way down the crapper, you filthy lice.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Fortunately we here at the ADP keep our stuff updated. But if you've been hit by this pain in the ass virus here's how to deal with it. 
  1. Shut down your machine.
  2. Re-start in "Safe Mode"
  3. Run a "System Restore" to the earliest restore point you can use.
  4. Re-start normally. If the bug SEEMS TO BE GONE odds are it isn't, it's just temporarily dormant so FIRST download Microsoft's "Malware Removal Tool" and scan your machine.
  5. NEXT update your security and ditto run a full scan.
If the bug is still active after step 4, use your AOMEI 1-key recovery tool (most machines press F11 when prompted). Your system should be rid of the bug after this completes, but you'll need to restore your files from a backup and reload any apps. 

After you are rid of the fucker, update EVERY security measure you have and scan AGAIN. That should cure your machine.


So called "White Nationalist" and actual national embarrassment to white people across the globe Rick Spencer participated in a torchlight parade over the weekend to protest the planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a town square. 

While it is the official position of the Alexandria Daily Poop that all this angst over the presence of Confederate memorials is a bunch of poppycock - Lee for example and also Stuart, Jackson, Beauregard, Mosby etc. were brilliant military tacticians and strategists whose methods are taught and studied by military people world wide - we also find Rick Spencer to be the turd in the punchbowl when reasonable people come together to discuss matters concerning the War between the States. 

Spencer is the head of the "National Policy Institute"; an organization which seeks an "all white" America. And guess what, folks? By their lights, I don't qualify as white enough, being 1/8th Cherokee. The NPI has stated in their publications that if someone with my heritage were found in the "New America" I would face a firing squad or a noose. 

Picky, picky, picky as Pat Paulsen used to say. What? is Spencer afraid that Me gonna scalp-um him wife? (Has he found a woman white enough that could stand his ass?)

I'm giving Spencer a new name, similar to the "Current Resident" name I gave to the half-black Barack Hussein Obama. Spencer, you will heretofore be referred to on this blog as "Picky Ricky". Unlike the liberal-schmiberal weenies who populate Alexandria, I know how to deal with your kind. You and your ilk are best dealt with by laughing at you. Picky Ricky, you are freaking hilarious. 

A torchlight parade? This ain't 1936, dumbass. Try not to set yerself on fire.  Alt Right, my ass. More like All Wrong.  

Friday, May 12, 2017


As of Saturday May 13 I am running my annual 5 day FREE GIVEAWAY of one of my crime novels in honor of National Police Week.

This year it's "The Resurrection of Sergeant O'Bannon", set in Washington D.C.; wherein the 32 year old cold case murder of a Sergeant of the Metropolitan Police, The case begins to unravel when the murder weapon surfaces at the scene of a 1994 robbery-homicide. 

Please thank a police officer for his service this weekend.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has gone completely batshit recently, threatening unspecified destruction on unspecified nations. Since Kim apparently has some nuclear weapons now, this cannot be taken as just some more bullcrap ranting from Kim's insane fat ass. 

President Trump has been rumored to have told China's President Li jin Ping (We think that's his name) during Li's visit to Trump's resort that Kim has to go, and that if China doesn't do something about Kim, the United States would have to. 

There is speculation that Kim may be ready to throw a nuke at Tokyo or maybe Honolulu. That would probably trigger a nuclear response by Trump, and if Kim hit Honolulu that would almost certainly be the case. 

And if Russia and China's early warning systems spot a series if ICBM launches from the United States, their forces would probably go on hair trigger alert. So Trump would have to coordinate things with Russia and China. One misstep could mean the onset of World War III for real. 

Trump has called the leadership of Congress in for a conference.  And we bet that if you were on the roadside on Washington Boulevard in Arlington tonight you could read a book at 3 AM from the lights blazing in the windows of the Pentagon.

We believe it is entirely possible all this was discussed and planned at Mar a Lago resort. A joint Sino-American invasion of North Korea to eliminate the fat nutball Kim could quite possibly be in the offing. But if Kim gets hinky and launches at Japan or Hawaii, God knows what would happen.

One indication that Kim is a blustering chicken is that he has arrested an American citizen for a shield and a bargaining chip.

One ray of hope is that the North Korean armed forces can see what nutty old Kim is doing and that he could start a war that could well leave them and/or their families dead. A coup d'etat by the NORK Military could well get rid of the Kim dynasty and replace it with a (slightly) more benign leadership. Maybe this is what China and the United States are trying to foment; probably with Chinese intelligence organizing the coup from within. But organizing a coup in a police state is dangerous business. Remember the officers who tried to kill Hitler and wound up dangling from meat hooks with piano wire around their necks?

All this is of course speculation on our part. But we bet when we check our stats tomorrow we have at least two dozen hits from China and Korea and about 10 or more from Russia. Stay tuned; we certainly will

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Particularly the American Left has been fond of saying that the question of whether a state may leave the Union has been "settled" since the defeat of the Confederacy. It hasn't, at least not legally. The South was forced back in by brute force in a bloody civil war. But what if most of these United States find the behavior of one or two states so contrary to the requirements of the Constitution that they believe their statehood should be revoked?

California, the land of fruits and nuts, has been making noises about leaving the Union (and, just as in the 1860s this movement is being led by Democrats).  

Recent events including the nullification of U.S. immigration laws via establishment of "sanctuary cities" and the policies of State funded universities which claim to be "unable to provide security" to speakers whom the violent mob of the Left deem unacceptable leave us no choice but to wonder whether it might be possible to revoke the statehood of California. 

We do not here recommend that California be cut loose to become a "banana (or maybe avocado) republic" to be propped up by elements of the International Left. What we are proposing is to reduce California to the status of a United States Territory until the People of California kick their nutball leadership out and come to their senses. No Senators and a non-voting Delegate to Congress and one electoral vote in the Presidential race just like D.C. and the Virgin Islands, and the Territorial Code to be subject to oversight by the Congress. 

Perhaps certain counties of California could be permitted to petition the Congress  to be re-admitted, resulting in a narrow strip of lunacy from just north of San Diego up to the northern border remaining a Territory. 

And come to think about it, same thing for Hawaii, all of it, until they too come to know that "having Aloha" is not required by the Constitution.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Today is the day when most Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. For my part, I cram 40 days of Lent into a 3-day fast, starting with a meal of lamb on "Maundy Thursday" and ending on Easter morning with a meal of fish of some sort, preferably grilled. I can tell you that if you do this, by Saturday afternoon you will notice each and every restaurant, grocery store and food stand you pass. 

Jesus was and is Jehovah God. He is part of the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are NOT three gods, they are one God in three persons. They do not disagree nor do they have arguments. 

Jesus's friends said He is God. His enemies said He is God And of course Jesus himself said He is God. 

The Old Testament says very plainly that a man can only atone for one of his own sins with his own blood. He will still be guilty of all the rest of his sins, and he certainly cannot atone for anyone else's sins. But the blood of a man completely innocent of any wrongdoing can cover the sins of the world with His blood. 

So it is with Jesus. He was miraculously conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary; and no blood descended from Adam and Eve coursed through His veins. He, being God in the flesh, lived a blameless life. When he was tried by Pontius Pilate, Pilate exclaimed to the crowd: "I find no fault in Him!!". 

Nevertheless, the mob shouted for crucifixion. And Pilate, afraid of being reported to Caesar for tolerating lese majeste, gave the mob a cadre of Roman executioners to carry out the death penalty. 

And so after being beaten to within an inch of His life, he walked to Calvary. So badly beaten was He that a man named Simon was dragooned by the execution team to carry His cross. 

Then the nails, and the hoisting of the Cross and the jolt as it was dropped into a post hole. 

But the worst torture He endured was having the sins and offenses of the world laid upon Him. All the vile abominations of anyone past, present and future, were laid upon Him. It was to Him as if it would be to you if you were immersed in raw sewage, multiplied infinitely. His spirit departed Him, and he was taken into a borrowed tomb. 

Three days later, having shaken off this burden into Hell (where he proclaimed His salvation to its captives) He took His life back and walked out of that grave. 

The sins I have committed in my life and any future errors of mine were borne by Jesus those three days. Thanks be to Jesus, I am assured a place in Heaven. This Holy Gift is available to you. All you need do is accept it. Here is ten second salvation:

"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Jehovah God, and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, then you shall be saved"

Confess and believe, therefor. Time is short. Happy Easter, and bless the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world and who alone is worthy to be praised.

Again, a very joyous and happy Easter to you.

Friday, April 7, 2017


We all know that the ASPs were drooling over the possibility of Hillary Clinton appointing several Supreme Court justices who would rule in their favor on just about everything. Now their dreams of holding power no matter who wins any election have been dashed. But there are even worse things in store for these wannabe dictators.

Take the controversy about fake men and women - AKA "transsexuals" - using which restroom or gym locker, etc.. Most sane people in most states are dead set against this foolishness. Many of these states have ASP governors and/or legislators who support this lunacy. Taking the concerns of "Transgendered" folks to the Feds and getting court decrees and Federal directives  allows these politicians to avoid having to take responsibility for policies which would likely get them voted out of office; simply by saying "It's a Federal decision, I have no choice".

But President Trump has stated that he believes these things - and others such as "gay marriage" - are best left to the states. NOW these politicians have to campaign on these unpopular issues or else lose their lunatic base. And either way they are likely to lose. 

The days of state and local ASP politicians having the dog of the Federal government and courts as a dog to blame their ideological farts on are coming to a close. And they are not happy. 

Too freaking bad.

Monday, April 3, 2017


We sincerely hope that not a few lefties failed to realize  what day it was when we made our last post and shot a huge wad in their pants resulting in a huge dry cleaning bill and an embarrassing explanation to the dry cleaner about the California potato chips.

And David Brock? Fuck you very much. And the horse you rode in on (if you haven't taken care of that yourself.).

"White Privilege" is a crock of shit. And the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, the Holy Bible is the Word of God and they both mean exactly what they say: the Constitution in plain English and the Bible in its original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.

"Social Justice" is just Leftist-speak for "getting even" And playing fields will never ever be perfectly "level". But as the game is played, if one side has to drive uphill on offense, at half time the situation is reversed. (This also negates the direction and intensity of the wind, etc.). 

Now please excuse us, as we are shopping for a Walther PPK/s made under license by the now-defunct Interarms company of Alexandria, Virginia to replace our current PPK/s made under license by Smith and Wesson. Sorry, S&W; but you folks need to stick with revolvers. We LOVE your Model 15 Combat Masterpiece and the old Model 29 .44 Magnum. 

And worry not, Gentle Readers. The last post was a complete joke. It was hard to do as we gagged on almost every word. We're still alive and kicking, and as conservative and Nationalist as ever. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Gentle readers, I fear that I have been misguiding you for these past nine years. Allow me to explain.

Like Media Matters chief and former right-wing activist David Brock, I have had an epiphany of sorts. And David, I am very sorry for all the bad things I have said about you. Please accept my apologies. 

Like David I have come to realize that all my conservative ranting has its roots in my own selfish interest in maintaining my white privilege. My insistence in maintaining that the Second Amendment protects the individual right to keep weapons and carry them in public is based on a fear of other races and a wish to be armed to keep them at bay. 

I now realize that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the two wisest people ever to try to lead this country. And I had spit in the eye of social justice when I voted for Donald Trump, who is ruining the economy and the nation with his disastrous policies.

In my perverted conservative/nationalist beliefs I have failed to recognize that the Constitution is a living, breathing document whose meaning changes with the times. As is the Bible. We don't stone adulterers anymore; so that's proof of that.

As with the Constitution and the Bible, consideration of any statement must take into account the times and traditions in which the statement was made. Therefore today, April 1st 2017, we say all the above and announce that we are ceasing publication effective immediately.

F. Allen Norman Jr.
Editor in Chief
The Alexandria Daily Poop.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Freedom Caucus Republicans are evidently the only ones in their Party who remember the main reason they gained control of the White House and both houses of Congress: TO GET RID OF OBAMACARE! Not tweak it, modify it or replace it; TO FUCKING GET RID OF IT ROOT AND BRANCH! It's an unconstitutional job-killer and it was designed not to "provide healthcare" but rather to extend the tentacles of government as far into the lives of individual citizens  as possible. 

But a large number of Republicans on the Hill are making the seemingly endless mistake of taking the advice of Democrats as to what they must do to avoid being ousted by their constituents. I know a bunch of Hill staffers read this e-rag, so tell your bosses that the ADP says this:


And if the Democrats want to filibuster, then repeal the 60 vote rule and let them waste time and energy trying to stand up and talk themselves blue. Let cloture come as soon as every Democrat has had the chance to talk so much they cannot stand any longer and - as a bonus - are so damn hoarse they won't be able to talk for the rest of the session. Play your cards right and they won't be able to come to work, and the Republicans can get a quorum to do business all by themselves and can ram any damn thing they please right through. 

The goal of Schumer and his ilk is not to get you re-elected; it is to get you voted out. And like dolts you are taking their advice. STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS IMMEDIATELY and do the job you were hired to do!

And Freedom Caucusers: keep holding feet to the fire.



Sean Spicer has to put up with a lot as President Trump's press secretary. A few weeks ago he was out shopping with his family when he was ambushed by some loony woman who started getting in his face about Russia and demanding to know if he was "a traitor like Trump". He responded by saying that this is a great country that tolerates people like her. This nutty broad was recording the whole thing and posted it on YouTube;and claimed that Spicer's response was "a threat".

The "White House Press Corps" - as if these idiots deserve the name anymore - are little better. Yesterday one of them, a woman, kept asking him questions and then shaking her head and rolling her eyes at his answers; and interrupting him mid-sentence to harass him. He finally told her that according to her and her fellows, if President Trump puts Russian dressing on his salad, that's evidence of a connection to Russia. When she made the predictable rude response, he said: "I appreciate your agenda". 

Some day soon he will start revoking a few press credentials. Until then, we really like the way he handles these rude, partisan "impartial" "journalists" who believe the First Amendment applies only to them and their ilk.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


For the last three decades we have been dismayed to see the American institution of the Boy Scouts of America sink ever lower amid sex-based scandals and controversy. The B.S.A. has been excoriated for being a hotbed of pederasty and simultaneously for not accepting homosexuals into their midst. Some years ago, the Scouts began accepting "openly gay" boys into Scouting, despite a warning in their field manual about boys who might join the Scouts as a means of having sex with their fellows. 

Shortly thereafter, adult male homosexuals were permitted to lead entire troops of boys. This, in the face of all the scandal of the past.

This two-pronged assault on the B.S.A. has been of course orchestrated by the American left, and its object has been not to make Scouting "fair" or "equal" or some such twaddle. The Boy Scouts of America has always been an institution of American wholesomeness, and it has for some time been the goal of the American left to bring it to the ground. 

In the past few days, the final fatal dart hit home.

Last week, the National Council of the B.S.A. announced that actual physical and biological girls who fancied themselves to be boys would be admitted as "transgender".  If you don't understand why this is deeply concerning, then you are a damned idiot. 

Where does it all end?

What's next? A merit badge for "co-ed nudist camping skills"? Lectures by leaders of the North American Man-Boy Love Association?

We regret that we must urge all our readers to refrain from supporting the Boy Scouts of America. If you have sons in any B.S.A organizations, yank them out of there. We ourselves were involved in Scouting in our youth, and we write this with extreme regret. 

But the Boy Scouts of America is dead. All that will happen from here on in is that the corpse will stink. It's time to bury it. We suppose that all good things end sometime. And it's a pity.

Rest in peace, B.S.A.

Friday, February 10, 2017


We know the title of this post is shocking, but we mean it very much. 

We all know about the good works the Salvation Army does: Not just putting people with bells and kettles on the corner and outside the shops at Christmas and collecting old household stuff and clothing for thrift-store resale, but also disaster relief, feeding the hungry... and sheltering the homeless. 

It is in this last function that we find the Salvation Army to be wanting. Let us explain.

As most of you know, I operate a taxicab for a living. Last night at fifteen minutes to eleven PM, a black gentleman in his late 20s to early 30s came running full tilt toward my taxi. He offered me a $20 tip if I got him to the Salvation Army shelter in Annandale, Virginia by 11PM. He explained that they would not admit any shelter resident after that time.  

I used every skill I have developed in almost 40 years of pushing a hack, including knowing how many miles per hour I could exceed the posted limit without being bothered by the cops and how to blow the yellow light at Duke and Gordon to ensure making the timed lights at Pickett, S.Pickett, Paxton, Reynolds, and Walker. Even with all that, we were brought up short by the light at Beauregard. 

I drove down Little River Turnpike like a bat out of hell. Even for all that, we arrived at the Salvation Army at - by the clock on my company computer - 11:01 PM. I was handed $36 for the 15 dollar fare by the man, who ran inside. I followed.

The Salvation Army Charge of Quarters guy just glanced up and said: "You're AWOL, man. You're three minutes late."

They would not let him in. Way to show a sinner the mercy of Christ, you hammerhead. 

The poor soul asked to speak to the duty supervisor. He got the same answer. I tried to intervene, but the both of them would not even listen. I wound up giving the guy his fare overpayment back. I would have given him all the money back, but I was more than a little concerned about possibly falling into the "mercies" of the Salvation Army myself if I didn't have the rent on this darn motel room, from which I would have been unceremoniously booted out had I offered him shelter here. 

Now, it's not as if I don't understand why anyone sheltering homeless people must set pretty strict standards about the comings and goings of the residents. Some of these people are out on bail or some other kind of conditional release from custody, as I gathered from his remarks my passenger was. You cannot risk having some guy waltz in at 1 AM fresh from a day and evening of supervising sales of crack cocaine or pimping out teenage girls or shoplifting stuff and selling it to cabbies at some hack stand (and it happens more often than you'd think). I would agree that 11 PM is a very reasonable deadline. 

But this man had been traveling on the D.C. area's famously effed up Metro rail system. I will give the Salvation Army the benefit of a doubt and presume that they have a policy that should a shelter resident run into an unavoidable delay they can phone the shelter to tell them they are running late and why. 

However, many of the homeless cannot afford a cell phone. Moreover, in much of the Metro system even emergency personnel's communications do not work. Land lines? Just try to find a pay phone ANYWHERE in the National Capital Area. Borrow a phone at a business or from a stranger? Don't make me laugh. 

But to bind your Charges of Quarters to a rigid hard and fast rule that if one is late by - as the supervisor said - "Three minutes, one minute, you're still AWOL" and deny shelter to a human being as the temperature outside is plummeting from shirtsleeve weather down to fur lined leather trench-coat levels is NOT what Jesus would have done. I personally do not think that what happened last night would even be something He would have approved of. 

It would be different if this man had been habitually late, but first off I know people pretty well, and this guy would have mentioned that this was the case by saying "This will be the third time this month I've been late and I've been warned" or words to that effect had this been the case; and second neither the CQ or his supervisor mentioned any habitual lateness in "explaining" why they were denying him access. 

When things like this happen; when Christians turn people out into the cold because of some petty, trumpery violation of some hard and fast rule that makes no provision for ANY kind of human error; it blunts the witness of we rank and file Christians who try to tell folks about God becoming a human and dying a horrible death to atone for our imperfection. It reinforces the image of Christians who walk about in white nightgowns, palms together with thumbs up and noses in the air disdaining those who are not as "perfect" as we are; when in fact we are all just as guilty (absent the atoning death and Resurrection of Jesus) as the vilest person imaginable. We are NOT perfect. Our imperfection is forgiven and covered by the Blood shed on the Cross. We have been shown mercy and how; and we are expected by Jesus to show mercy in kind.

Really, if the man had been even five minutes late, it would have been at least understandable. But a lousy three minutes and he is turned out into the cold without mercy? 

Salvation Army, you fellows really screwed the pooch last night. 

Shame on you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


The American Left has been descending into absolute lunacy ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President back in June 2016. 

To recap: First, it was said to be "Just a publicity stunt to promote his 'brand'" Then, he was only being listened to as "Summer entertainment" and when September came, people would discard Trump as they turned their attention to "serious candidates". 

That didn't work, and Trump's rallies more than eclipsed Hillary's. As it became ever clearer that Trump was on the road to being the Republican nominee, the Democrat Party and its factotums in the media sent out a two pronged and contradictory message: On one hand, Trump would completely destroy the Republican Party if he were nominated, so it was "up to the voters" to "save the Republican Party. 

That was on one side of the Democrat mouth. On the other hand, it was said that Trump was "completely unqualified" and if elected President would destroy the entire country. 

Through it all, we here at the ADP knew that Trump was the man of the hour. Trump knew better than to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules in a street brawl. He took everything the Democrats threw at him and hurled it back in their faces. Trump, himself a former Democrat, knew how these fools played the game and refused to play by different rules than his opponents. When he was kicked in the shins, he kicked them in the balls. 

Ultimately, the Democrats were forced to reveal their "October Surprise" - the eleven year old tape of a bawdy conversation between Trump and idiot gossip maven Billy Bush about gettin' wimmens - about two weeks too soon. Trump's polls plunged briefly, but his adroit handling of the matter had him right back on top very quickly. 

Ultimately, Trump won the Presidency with an Electoral College landslide but without the popular vote, which was by a margin slim enough to be within the margin of error in our current vote-counting technology. And recounts were held in several states which, had the vote gone the other way Trump might have lost. He didn't. 

Ultimately President Trump was sworn in amid riots by rent-a-mobs. We are not here saying that every single rioter was paid to riot. But there is a hard core of "Organizers" who are paid to incite the mobs of idiot "snowflake" kids who will pay most of the price in jail time and criminal convictions. 

On a recent CNN broadcast, Democrat hack David Gergen said he thought it was "alarming" that President Trump had "taken charge" so rapidly. 


But today's allegation by the Left takes the cake.

Some Breitbart contributor named Milo Somethingorother was scheduled to speak at UC-Berkely, and the Left didn't care for what they thought he was going to say. So they sent in the usual rent-a-mobs who rioted, causing major damage and injuring several people. 

Comes now various persons on the left who claim that the rioting was engendered by TRUMP SUPPORTERS to make the Left look bad. 

We suppose things couldn't be more absurd at this point, but the Left has a habit of outdoing themselves every time. Cripes. We have to try to make a living AND find time to write this? It's not fair. But it is what it is.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


We wonder sometimes if President Trump (my, it's refreshing to be able to say that again!) knew what he was in for. A full court press on every side, an avalanche of lies and jump-the-gun reporting, and comedians making fun of things that don't exist or didn't happen. 

We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop hardly know where to begin. These idiots weren't this bad during the freaking campaign. I just watched a Saturday Night Live skit with Trump's press secretary being portrayed as a spastic, pudgy, dwarfish nerd with a voice like a member of the Lollipop Guild.

We suppose we will cover in this post the subject the lame-stream drive-by media - along with the Democrats and everyone else is piling on: The so-called "Moslem travel ban", or just the "Moslem Ban" when it suits the purposes of the ASPs. 

First off, it is NOT a "Moslem Ban". People from Indonesia, the most populous Moslem majority nation on Earth are unaffected by this action. what this is is an intensive vetting of people coming here from five nations identified by THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION as harboring terrorist threats of the radical Islamist extremist variety. True, some green card holders were denied readmission to the United States at first. But this was relatively quickly resolved. This action is an attempt to keep Islamist terrorists from mingling with legitimate travelers and getting in here to do God knows what. 

As most of you know, we hack a cab in the National Capital Region for a living. And as you can well imagine, we know LOTS of Moslems. And 99.9 percent of them are folks who are trying to support families and who work very hard. they are extremely kind and decent people. And if some nutbar imam told them to stone a homosexual to death or kill their daughter for kissing a boy in public, they'd look at that imam as if he were a stone-ass fool, much as you or I would look at the Westboro Baptist Church. And an amazing percentage of them support President Trump and know - many of them coming from these five nations - what kind of lunatics inhabit parts of those nations. They of course don't like it that perhaps relatives may be detained for a  few hours or maybe a few days at Immigration and Customs, but for the most part they understand. They've lived among the homicidal, suicidal nuts and understand the threat better than the politically motivated people who are protesting this action.

On the other hand, the Democrat politicians seem to value their Moslem constituents as political cannon fodder. We believe it was Democrat Congressman and schlub Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) who said today that Trump was "telling the Moslems in my District to go to the back of the bus"; thus accusing President Trump of treating Moslems who are already here and full citizens as if he were Bull Connor (a Democrat, BTW) and these American Moslems African Americans in 1964 Alabama. 

And of course President Trump's executive order is being decried as "unconstitutional". BULLSHIT. 

Are you aware that if you, a native born American, travel outside the United States you have NO RIGHT to re-enter until you have passed through Customs and Immigration and satisfied them as to your legitimacy of purpose? Don't want to open your bag? Say it's none of their damn business what you traveled to Red China for and why? You'll be sleeping in the airport until you give them some answers. NOBODY has ANY right to just waltz across our border and breezily say "I was born here, and I'm going home and you can't stop me"; Much less a non-citizen. 

But never mind. President Trump wants to be sure that people coming from places identified by BARACK OBAMA as being  particularly dense repositories of radical Islamist nutbars are not themselves radical Islamist nutbars before they are let in. That makes him a RACIST, don't you know?

President Carter barred anyone from the Islamic Republic of Iran from entering the country back in 1979 after that government had seized our embassy and its staff. We guess Carter is as big a racist as President Trump, right?

Really, Gentle Readers, these Democrats and leftists - but we repeat ourselves - have but one goal: to convince as many people as possible that Donald John Trump is "illegitimate". Today it's people coming in from places designated by a Democrat president as dangerous. Tomorrow it will be something else. They are all stopping their ears from having to hear two words, words that reflect a reality they want to deny. The words? 


We think those words have a pretty nice ring so far.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Yes, Gentle Readers, after I filed a protest GoFundMe re-instated my account. Unfortunately they returned that $2,000 donation before they re-instated me. So if you are that person, you can go to the account and re-donate (please, and thank you for doing it the first time. I'm just grateful the money went back to you and not to whatever low-down thief who tried to grab it.) 

The original donor and anyone else who wants to donate can reach the account at:

Thank you all so much. And now back to our regularly scheduled program of Conservative/Nationalist rantings.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Recently I announced that I had started a GoFundMe campaign asking $1,200. Two weeks passed without a donation and I had decided to take the campaign down.

But when I opened the dashboard page, I discovered that some kind soul had donated $2,000. However, the WiFi in this motel I am residing in went out before I could take the necessary steps to cash it in. 

Yesterday I finally had good WiFi and so tried to cash out, only to find that the account had been closed and the funds returned to the donor. The reason, I surmise from the emails from GFM and their payment service "We Pay" was that someone had tried to steal the payment but had been thwarted.

If you are the donor and you'd still like to help out, then once your money has been refunded message me on my Facebook account and I'll answer  with an address you can FedEx the money to. And even though I haven't received it, thank you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Why, you ask, do we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop admonish you to eat sausage this coming Thursday? Because Thursday is February 2nd. 

We have decided that what with stupid "holidays" like Festivus and "Star Wars Day" (May the 4th be with you), etc.; that we ought to get in on the fun. So, if ever there was a perfect day to eat sausage, it would be February 2nd. 

First off, early February is the rawest part of the winter. Here on the middle part of the East Coast, it's around the time we get our really big snowstorms. Sausage is a great food for that kind of weather. serve it up Italian style with onions and peppers, or German style with sauerkraut. Eat it in patties with breakfast. Or American style on a bun with mustard and/or kraut and/or relish (but NEVER ketchup! EVER!)

More significant is the fact that February 2nd is the day Punxatawny Phil is pulled from his burrow and asked if he sees his shadow up on Gobbler's Knob in Pennsylvania. Yes, February 2nd is GROUNDHOG DAY!

And what is sausage? 

It's ground hog, isn't it?

Try not to gag on the lame pun while you enjoy your sausage. Happy Ground Hog Day!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Commenting on Donald Trump's action as President is like drinking from a fire hose. He signed his first Executive Order moments after sitting his butt down behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. This is a hard man to keep up with. 

Which of Trump's moves are the drive-by media trying to machine gun?


This is driving the Democrats and their factotums in the media nuts. The Democrats have been making dead people vote for more than a century. This is why Republicans have been pushing for a photo ID law. With photo ID in effect, no longer will Democrats be able to hire some wino or Juan Valdez illegal to vote in the name of some corpse. 

Recently, the subtitle on a discussion about this on CNN read: DOES TRUMP'S DISREGARD FOR THE TRUTH RENDER HIM UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY?  

The main Democrat talking point on this is that there IS NO VOTER FRAUD; that when voter fraud has been detected it has been dealt with before any bogus votes were cast; and so the system works and isn't broke and so there is no need to fix it. Also, Republican attempts to require photo ID are "voter suppression" because they require people to inconvenience themselves to acquire a photo ID, which (if you take what they are saying at face value) African American people in particular are too stupid to do. So requiring photo ID is - what else? - RACIST.

Actually, saying there is no voter fraud because only a few cases have been detected and in those cases bogus votes were not cast is like saying there is no shoplifting - never mind evidence of inventory shrinkage at every store and shop in town - because only a couple of people have been caught by store detectives and the merchandise was returned to inventory. 

Actually it is entirely possible that - as Trump alleges - several million illegal votes were cast in the Democrat column. Trump is not "disregarding" the truth. He is determined to get at it, and the Democrat machine is terrified at the prospect that he will.


In order that we admit no more radical extremist Islamicist terrorists to these United States, Trump has prohibited refugees from certain areas identified as hotbeds of Islamic jihadis from travelling to the United States unless they have been very thoroughly checked out. He has NOT prohibited Moslems in general from entering the USA. However, several groups of Moslems were enroute to the U.S. when the order was issued. Groups of these are being detained at various points of entry, and the Left has organized rent-a-mobs to demonstrate loudly and obnoxiously at all these places. Someone needs to tell these people that the days of getting your way by throwing a hissy fit by mob are OVER.  President Trump is not about to let a bunch of disorderly people get in the way of protecting our Nation. 
As usual, the Democrats and their allies on the  extremist Left are focusing on these two points with lies and half truths. But they are dealing with a man - a real man and not a man-child - whom they spent 18 months trying to destroy using tactics that have worked every time. Until now, that is. 

President Trump is NOT going to be golfing the next time something happens, or if he is, he's not going to make some mealy mouthed statement to the press and then finish his game. Trump is a businessman. And he means business. And you lefties better keep that in mind. Because HIS mind is on the job. Thank God we have a President after eight long years.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Haven't you had it up to your hairline with all this lunacy surrounding the recent election and the rioting at the inauguration? 

Some of it has been amusing, though. We find the antics of gay groups wishing Trump to be impeached to be a laff riot, considering an impeached Trump would mean a President Pence. Cutting off your dick to spite your balls? Idiots.

Then there was the "Women's March" with those pink "cat ears" knit caps. What? a reference to vaginas (pink pussy) or to the stereotypical portrayal of females as vicious gossips ("catty")? It was sort of like seeing a bunch of African-Americans protesting racism by wearing blackface. 

Even the rioters were fuckups. For openers, they defaced and torched a limo they thought was the transport for some rich conservative "fat cat".  As it turned out, the limo was the transportation for one of their heroes, Larry King. 

Somewhere north of 200 of these rioters were arrested for "felony rioting" which carries a max penalty of ten years. One blowhole was charged with throwing a rock at a cop, which is called "assaulting a police officer while armed". We believe that's about twenty in the pokey, and we hope bet he gets every day of it. 

As to the rest of the rioters, we'd wager that most if not all of them go to Mommy and Daddy and get lawyers who will get them pled down to disturbing the peace. That's the way it always goes in the District of Columbia, and that's one of very many good reasons they will NEVER be permitted  to be a State. 

And so, Gentle Readers, we shall let the flavors in the developing political cassoulet develop for a bit before dipping in our spoon and describing the taste of it. See you in about a week.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


I have never been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City; but I have gambled at Wheeling Island in West Virginia and in Anne Arundel County in Maryland. But yesterday I got a fare to National Harbor and decided to check out the new "MGM Resort". 

It is HUGE. The parking garage alone is enough to get lost in even if you do remember to note your level and section. And the signage steering you to the elevators is confusing. I walked up and down for ten minutes and passed the elevators twice before I found the way in. 

My preference in table games is for blackjack tables with $10 or $15 minimums and $10 minimums for games like Let It Ride Poker, Pai Gow, and Baccarat. I was rather surprised to see these minimums at MGM (even in the middle of a weekday) less than two months after the Grand Opening. (of course, most tables had $25 minimums). Plus, every $15 minimum table had seats available.

I had told myself I wasn't going to do any wagering, but in the end I put five bucks into a penny slots machine and wagered 50 cents a pull. fifteen minutes later after a lot of up-and-down I had $2.50 left. I cashed out and left. 

It won't be anytime soon, but if I have $150 to spare I plan to take it to MGM and find out how tight the slots are and see if I can increase it at the tables. The place looks like fun.


Yesterday and last night I worked the sixth Presidential Inauguration of my career (I was temporarily absent from the job from late 1979 to mid-1994 during which I worked as a private detective, a loss-prevention detective at a now-defunct department store chain, a short-order cook and a regional courier). I worked 2nd Clinton, 1st and 2nd G.W. Bush; 1st and 2nd Obama, and now the first Administration of Donald J. Trump. 

The crowds were nowhere near as big as the Obama inaugurations were; but that's no surprise since we conservatives all have jobs and responsibilities. Also, elements of the Left had promised - and delivered - a completely unhinged response to having to see their fantasy of stealing America crash and burn. 

Nevertheless, I did run into several very nice families. One family of four - from Chattanooga, Tennessee - was really nice. Two boys, the oldest one of which was 13 years old and about 5' 11" tall and growing. Polite and well behaved, and best of all great tippers. There were a couple of families with seven and eight kids; whom I could not accommodate as I operate a wheelchair van with a big open space where the third row of seats would be. But I did have some nice conversation with them as we waited for a regular van to show up on the Metro. Sometimes I wish I'd married and had a family like those; but I'm too much of a Gypsy, I suppose. 

Having worked three Republican inaugurations and three Democrat inaugurations I can tell you this: REPUBLICANS TIP MUCH BETTER, AND TEND TO PAY IN CASH. One couple going to Gadsby's Tavern gave me 40 bucks for a ten dollar fare. On the other hand, a group of three Democrat protesters gave me $13.00 for a $12.75 fare, and on a fucking card at that. 

These Democrat protesters were women wearing stupid-ass pink knit caps with pointy "cat ears". I saw a lot of these types. If it dresses like a nitwit, it's probably a Democrat. 

But most of my fares were ordinary common folk who had one thing in common: seeing Barack Hussein Obama get on a Marine helicopter and disappear over the horizon was to them a sign of the "hope and change" which Obama promised to deliver and which by his departure finally did. 

Now I need to go out and work the crowds coming back from such idiot events as the "Million' (more like 400) 'Woman March". Busy, busy, busy. Every group with a bone to pick or an axe to grind comes here to do it. 

Oh well. Business is business. It's not like I don't need it.


After eight long years of a Chief Executive who denigrated our allies and kissed up to our enemies (who saw him as a malleable fool) we finally have gained a President. 

President Donald J. Trump made a fine and stirring speech after he was sworn in. Here is a man who does not mince words or pull his punches. Here is a man who says what he means and means what he says. 

President Trump got right to work, signing a raft of Executive Orders. 

Knees are knocking together in Pyongyang, in Tehran, and in the lairs of the Islamic extremist terrorists in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. President Trump told these animals that they would be "eradicated from the face of the Earth". And he meant it, and they know it. He called them by their true name, and announced his intent to target them. They fear him. They should. Our warriors will be unleashed to fight them as they must be fought. 

President Trump is opposed by the American Statist Progressive (ASP) Left, who wasted no time trying to undermine him. But they are up against a man who has outsmarted them and gained the White House in the face of the most unbelievable odds we've ever seen. 

When President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, all the pundits on the Left said it was just a publicity stunt by a blowhard billionaire. As his campaign began  to gather steam, it was said that he was "just summer entertainment" and that after Labor Day everyone would abandon him and get down to "serious business".

That didn't happen, so then the Democrat shills began telling Republicans that it was "up to the voters" to save the Republican Party from the big bad Donald. Up until now that tactic had worked. After all, in 2008 they convinced the Republicans that John McCain was their only hope of keeping the White House. But in fact they already had their knives sharpened for McCain. They did something similar with Romney in 2012. 

But this time around, Republican primary voters wised up and figured out that the Democrats wanted to avoid having to run against Trump, and that was why they were trying to launch an "Anybody but Trump" campaign. 

After that failure, with Trump the Republican nominee; the Democrat machine and its media cohort began a vicious campaign of lies and half-truths to try and stop the man they said was a clown. And in the face of all this, Trump just forged ahead at full steam. He won the election in an Electoral College landslide. 

There are people who think that President Trump will not be able to attain his goals. There are those who think that he can be "stopped". But so far, he has done the political equivalent of plucking up Gibraltar and using it to cork a volcano. 

At last we have a President worthy of the title. If you bad guys doubt it, soon all doubt will be made moot. Its your turn, Democrats, to drop the soap in the shower. Squeal like a pig, you blowholes. 

A note to President Trump: If you fuck things up, we will be your harshest critic. We don't want just another "Current Resident" We need a President. We haven't for eight years. Please don't let us down. You were elected on our high hopes. Please fulfill them. 

God bless you, President Trump. And God bless and save these United States.


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