Sunday, June 12, 2016


Fifty dead and more than fifty wounded. That's the (recent) tally of the toll in the largest mass shooting in American history. 

And, like clockwork the lamestream left-wing media are yapping like morons about "assault weapons" being the cause and how "banning" them would have prevented the carnage. The "fact" that the attacker used an "AR-15" is being mentioned at every turn. The fact that the shooter was a lone wolf Islamic radical jihadi is largely ignored. The big deal is about using this massacre to justify a "ban" on "assault weapons". 

What is an "assault weapon"?

An assault weapon is a rifle capable of fully automatic fire OR semiautomatic fire, of intermediate caliber; used for a phase of battle called the "assault". The first true assault rifle was the German Sturmgewehr  (Storm Rifle) 43; which had it been available to more German soldiers on D-Day may have turned the battle in Germany's favor. AN AR 15 IS FUCKING NOT AN "ASSAULT RIFLE" YOU MORONS!

But let's suppose the Orlando killer had used a fully automatic M-16 (the military version of the AR-15). He would have been able to put 10 rounds (that's bullets for all you morons who don't know a "clip" from a "magazine") down range per second. That's 600 .223 caliber projectiles per minute. Keep that in mind while we tell you a little story.

Last year, some nut drove into the Washington Navy Yard and started killing people. Before the bodies were cold, the media were all over how the killer had used an AR-15 rifle. 

But as they got reports that the killer had used a Remington 870 pump-action SHOTGUN, the newsies began reporting that he had used an "AR-15 shotgun". Anything to make the phrase "AR-15" stay in play, we posit.

Let us tell you a thing or two about shotguns. And we speak from experience, having been trained to use them by the United States Air Force Security Police.

A standard deer hunting (or military) load for a 12 gauge Remington 870 is nine pellets of 00 ("double-aught") buckshot, a .32 caliber projectile. It is very easy to fire two rounds containing 9 .32 caliber projectiles each from an 870 in one second. That's 18 projectiles per second from the shotgun, or 1,080 per minute, vs 600 from a FULLY AUTOMATIC M-16!!

And so we see that a commonly available hunting weapon is more deadly in crowds at short ranges than a fully automatic true military assault rifle. Elmer Fudd's weapon of choice would have caused more havoc in Orlando than if the nutbar who committed that act had used a fully automatic M-16.

But never mind that the killer was an Islamic radical who (by the bye) was also a licensed armed security guy (perhaps with a special police commission) and thus STILL would have been able to access guns the rest of us wouldn't be able to own - let alone bear - if the Left's anti 2nd Amendment agenda were fully implemented.

And never mind that the killer attacked yet another "soft target" where firearms were verboten. 

Never mind that Homeland Security had several indications that the killer was a radical Islamic nut case months before the shooting. 

We have said this before, but it bears repeating:


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NBC STANDS FOR "No Believable Content" PART III

We have previously remarked at how nakedly NBC tends to doctor tape recordings and twist facts into pretzels. The latest example of this comes from Katie Couric, the lady reporter who once had a TV camera shoved up her ass so we could get a good view of her colon (this actually happened). 

Couric was interviewing members of the Virginia Citizens' Defense League in an allegedly "balanced" report on "gun violence". Right in the middle of the interview she asked the VCDL members how they would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. The viewer saw the VCDL panel giving blank looks and speechless, as if they had been caught flatfooted without a good answer.

Well, folks; as it turns out they gave several very good answers. But Katie Colon - oops, Couric - replaced those answers with a clip shot of the panel sitting around waiting for the interview to begin. 

Katie sure knows how to show her ass. 

NBC. No Believable Content. Believe it.


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