Thursday, June 30, 2011



The administration of "president" Barack Hussein Obama is clearly the culmination of 81 years of a continual campaign to turn the United States into a Leftist dictatorship, a one-party state in which everyone is dependent upon a cabal of elitists and all that is not prohibited is mandatory. The great enemy that has threatened Liberty across the globe since the end of World War I is Leftist Statism.

Leftist Statism is a political form that metamorphizes from its larval form of Socialism. Leftist Statism has four main denominations: Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, and its newest guise, American Progressive Liberalism. Fascism and National Socialism were quite compatible with the other two for almost 12 years, and particularly the American Left was quite comfortable with Adolf Hitler right up until he betrayed Josef Stalin and attacked the Soviet Union. The American Left was at the time allied closely with the founding entity of Leftist Statism, Russian Communism; and so from the launch of Operation Barbarossa the Nazis and their Italian allies were therefore no-good-sons-of-bitches. The hostility toward Fascism and National Socialism displayed by Communists and American Progressive Liberals is not based so much on a differing world-view as it is a battle for the leadership of the Statist Left leadership. It is a power struggle within the philosophy.

Any form of Leftist Statism requires fertile soil in the form of an impoverished, fearful, and abject populace. In Russia, that condition had been met in spades at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. In Italy and Germany inept, socialist-style governments drove the populace to discontent.

The United States, however, was (and is) a much tougher nut for the Statist Left to crack. The unique form of government and the barriers between competing powers at the State, Federal, and Local levels and between several branches and houses of government; combined with the staggering of elections and a Constitution separating powers and forbidding certain infringements on certain rights; means that attempts to impose Statist policies are (or were) limited to certain States or regions of the State or the Nation, where before long the disastrous results of Left Statist policies become obvious to the rest of the Nation and eventually to the People of the affected States (and/or get struck down by the court system as un-Constitutional.) Since the Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, however, the Statist Left has put into action a plan to reduce as much of the populace as possible under dependence upon the State for their well-being in almost every department of individual life. This is what Barry Goldwater called "creeping Socialism". The idea was to insinuate the larval form of Statism into the very fabric of the Nation.

This was first accomplished with the introduction of Social Security, peddled as a Federal form of "retirement insurance". But when Social Security was challenged as being unauthorized by the Constitution, the defense presented by Roosevelt was that the payroll deduction for Social Security was a "tax" and so was authorized by the 16th Amendment. Today, SS has been joined by Medicaid and Medicare and the ultimate "entitlement" Obamacare. The hook has been set with the first three, and the Left is fighting a desperate delaying action so as to make the populace dependent on Obamacare to the extent that repeal of it will be all but impossible.
Making the populace dependent on the largesse of the Federal government was the first facet of the attempt to destroy the Republic and remake it in the image of Statism. The second was the takeover of The Academy; the public institutions of learning. Packing the faculty of major institutions of higher education was a priority, as from these came the people who would become teachers in elementary and secondary schools, where truly impressionable minds could be reached and indoctrinated.

The third leg of the triangle consists of the disparaging and dissolution of the traditional American family centered on a mother, a father, and their children. This attack was opened with the "Women's Liberation" movement, which positively encouraged women to (among other things) eschew the role of home-maker and turn the kids over to (Government-approved) daycare centers and enter the work force. Later, manipulation of the economy would make this a near-necessity. At the same time, "the good of the children" has sufficed at almost every turn as a bogus-yet-compelling justification for almost every incursion of the Federal government into more and more intimate aspects of individual lives.

All of this would be a two-dimensional chimera, but the fourth point transforms it into a three-dimensional threat: The war on "religion"; by which is meant Christianity. Christianity is for example said to be "arrogant" because we who are Christian say that no one gets to Heaven without Jesus. But Islam, which not only also claims to be the only true path to God but also arrogates to itself the authority to subjugate by the sword those who do not agree; is given a pass and indeed the Statist Left seeks to accomodate Islam wherever the opportunity exists. It is no accident that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WWII was made an honorary Gruppenfuhrer (General) in the Nazi SS.

The times we are living in are the times of the Statist Left's final assault on the United States of America. This nation is hated by them precisely because we stand in the way of these lice, who would order our lives and the lives of all who inhabit the planet to their philosophy of a perfect world. Perfect, that is, in their eyes; and God help you if you disagree.

Friday, June 24, 2011


In the last few days two bills have been introduced to the United States Congress. The first would end the involvement of the Federal government in the enforcement of marijuana laws, leaving that up to the several States. The second would legalize on-line casinos.

The Alexandria Daily Poop endorses both pieces of legislation, for the following reasons.

Regarding online casinos, most of those presently available are located offshore, with little protection of the bettor should his winnings not be forthcoming or should the games be artificially modified so as to increase the house advantage. Having an American E-Casino would enable criminal prosecution for - for example - a crooked roulette wheel.

As to the end of Federal involvement in matters concerning cannabis, we find this to be a great way to end the drug wars raging in Mexico. Here in the United States, we are capable of growing better pot than anywhere else in the world. We would love to see the United States be the source of the most desirable strains of pot on the planet.

Nevertheless, the same old tired reasons for continuing the status quo concerning pot continue to arise. We shall now proceed to demolish these arguments.

No, it isn't. Marijuana rather has been consigned to stand in the gateway via its illegal status. Presently, if one wishes to purchase cannabis one must go to places and circumstances where much more dangerous stuff is being sold. Legalizing the stuff (and selling it subject to the laws regulating alcohol) would take it out of the street.

Sure, an 18-year-old who is able to legally buy pot (or a 21-year-old who could buy hashish) might be able to supply his kid brother and his pals. But the same thing goes on with beer, wine, and liquor. What's the diff? (Here's the diff: People have died from alcohol overdose. Before any concerns about permanent damage arise, one would have to consume an amount of PURE TETRAHYDRACANNABINOL EQUIVALENT TO THE WEIGHT OF A STANDARD HERSHEY BAR.) Parents, if you can tell that your kid has been drinking then most assuredly you can tell if he's STONED. Proper parenting can accomplish for free what we have been spending billions to do regarding pot (and everything else, for that matter).

In my misspent teenage years, I smoked pot that was a whopping SIX PERCENT THC. Some of these estimates have said that "today's powerful marijuana" is "thirty times as powerful".

180 percent THC??

First, anyone who smokes a pack of reefers a day has bigger problems than simple drug dependence; and cancer is the least of his problems.

Second, smoking pot isn't the only way to consume it. The thing about eating or drinking cannabis preparations is that the "lag time" between consumption and effect can be fifteen to forty-five minutes. Someone may feel that they have not been intoxicated at all, climb into a vehicle, and start driving; only to have the full effect of the drug come on suddenly. But they should have known, and operating under the influence is DUI no matter the intoxicant.

Well, maybe not. But the charge is "driving under the influence" of an intoxicant. Dashboard cameras exist to document the behavior of a DUI suspect. Are you trying to say that if a law enforcement officer pulls over a driver who has not been drinking but is high on pot, then the pothead driver will walk??
The only thing a "Breathalyzer" does is to establish a prima facse case for intoxication based on a certain blood/alcohol ratio. DUI cases in which the driver "blew" well under the common .08 standard have been successfully prosecuted numerous times. In the case of cannabis, the law enforcement officer might just need to document the fact that the DUI suspect couldn't stand up straight (or said that the flashing lights of the police car indicated a wormhole in the time/space continuum) It's an out-and-out falsehood to say that a driver stoned on nothing but pot can't be successfully prosecuted. It happens every damned day in this country. We at the Alexandria Daily Poop particularly call BULLSHIT on this argument.

PLEASE NOTE that we do not here say that cannabis should be uniformly legal throughout the United States. The only argument that we make here is that laws regarding cannabis (and other psychoactive drugs such as alcohol) should be left up to the Several States, where it belongs. Alcohol prohibition (another failed attempt at State Nannyism) was at least underpinned by an Amendment to the Constitution. Federal drug laws arrogantly assume that no such nicety is required.

Absent such an Amendment, the regulation of the manufacture, possession, and use of cannabis (and other drugs) should be left to the Several States, where it belongs.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


SARAH PALIN, THE MUCH-MALIGNED FORMER GOVERNOR OF ALASKA AND ERSTWHILE RUNNING MATE OF JOHN MCCAIN IN THE LAST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, IS BUSILY MAKING FOOLS OF THE "MAINSTREAM" MEDIA AND OBAMA AND HIS MOBS OF RENT-A-GOONS. She is doing this by staging a bus tour in which none of the stops are announced in advance. Unsurprisingly, she has not once on this tour been met with angry mobs of heckling Leftist fools, but has invariably been met with crowds of admirers. Why is this??

Because the people who want to call Palin a fool need advance notice to get enough of them together in one place to be sufficiently disruptive, and they need the media there to document it if Palin's supporters give them the ass-kicking they deserve, is why. The media can follow her around, but they don't know where she will stop.

And there's the problem. Because to get the requisite number of filthy winos, jejune kids, and aging hippies to any of these stops would entail having nine or ten tour buses full of these fools follow her around and be in a constant state of readiness to jump off and start screaming puerile slogans at her and shout her down. It isn't just impractical, it's impossible to get the slackers that make up these phony mobs to discipline themselves to be ready to act at a moment's notice, with zero time to work up some courage before they start in with their harassment.

And even if they did manage to organize that well, the resulting caravan would soon be noticed by local media and - oh, say - FOX News, and the thug tactics being used would be plainly exposed.

And so Palin is met by adoring crowds everywhere she goes; and the poor rent-a-protesters can't send in an advance mob to make it appear that she is the vilest, most hated person in America.

It drives them NUTS-O!!

Good work, Governor Palin. You go, Girl!


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