Thursday, April 18, 2013


A famous newspaper editor once said he had two rules for his reporters: Get it first, and get it right.
Today's pack of so-called "journalists" (which include TV and radio reporters) have scrambled headlong after the first rule and have tossed the second right out the window.
First, they had a Saudi national "in custody"; then he was being held under guard in the hospital. Then he was "not in custody but he is not being allowed to leave" (WTF?) Then his house was supposedly being searched, next he was "a person of interest" and THEN it turned out - after all this nonsense - that he was never a suspect at all. This is known as the "Groucho Marx school of journalism".
Supposedly the cops had found four (or five or six depending on which news channel you were watching or listening to) other devices that had not detonated and had disarmed them. It turns out that no such thing had occurred. This is known as the "Joe Isuzu school of journalism".
And remember the third "terrorist explosion" at the JFK Library? The one where black smoke (not white) was pouring out? Whoops. That was just your common everyday electrical fire. This is known as the "Wrong Way Corrigan" school of journalism. (We know Corrigan wasn't a journalist, but then again neither are these "reporters").
As we predicted here, the fog of rumor and panic has begun to subside, and more reliable information is coming in. The FBI has recovered surveillance photos identifying a man carrying a satchel that they really want to talk to (the man, of course, not the satchel. The "Journalists" however are trying to get an exclusive with the satchel.) 

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