Monday, March 23, 2009


AS A MATTER OF FACT, HERE AT THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP WE ARE IN FACT OPPOSED TO EXCESSIVE TAXES AND EXPENDITURES, and we think calling two dudes "gay marriage" is like calling gasoline "combustible drinking water". As goes abortion, our position is that while editorially we deem it wrong, still the God who created us all entrusted women and not men with developing life within them. And so what a woman shall do with the life developing within her is a matter between her and God. As to the matter of "partial birth" abortion, we believe it amounts to getting away with murder "on a technichality"; the thechnicality being that murder consists of killing a human "with independent circulation", and breathing is part of that. We will see if God's Justice is based on technichalities. We have from time to time engaged the proponents of this barbarity and informed them of this position on our part. What is somewhat revealing is the fact that the atheists among them do not feel content to dismiss our reliance on the Perfect Judgment of Almighty God (in whom they profess not to believe); even though we do not advocate statutes making it a crime to perform the procedure, and for the reasons outlined above. Were we content to leave the matter in the hands of a non-existant (for so they claim to believe) Supreme Being (and we are) then why does this declaration that it is not our business but that of the God (who they say does not exist) so anger them that they fly into an often violent rage?? We have come to the conclusion that these people ar not so much in favor of abortion; as they are vehemently opposed to a God whom they claim does not even exist. Why this is we will leave to the reader to figure out, but we and all of us could do without the road closures and traffic jams that result from the often demonstrations ov points of view on the subject.

These in a nutshell are the things that define the perception of conservtism for the common ( and woefully misinformed but that is no fault of theirs) mass of Americans. But conservatism is more than that; conservatism is, ironically, all about that LIBERAL be-all-and-end-all, CONSERVATION.
Liberals are really stoked on "conserving" natural resources, energy, forests, Bambis, polar bears, sea ice, spotted owls, redwoods, in fine EVERYTHING EXCEPT FREEDOM , which to attain thier "conservationist" ideals must be to a greater or lesser degree sacrificed. Yet when wartime measures against an horrible enemy are proposed, which sanctions are directly and surgically aimed at a FORIEGN ENEMY; these same liberals decry the sacrifice of freedom for safety from an active enemy while at the same time advocating slapping more and more restrictions on everyday life in the name of "saving the Planet" from a theory called "climate change", which they push using outrageous lies and deceptions.

For instance, a few days ago the Washington Post ran an article with a headline saying that "sea levels" were rising "faster" in the Chesapeake Bay than on the rest of the planet.


How in hell can "sea level" differ from point to point since of course water seeks sea level the world over. We know the USA is the most advanced nation on Earth, but.......

Of course the implication was that since we in the USA have contributed more to "global warming" (er, "climate change") we are being punished by having sea level encroach on us faster.

But as it turns out, the article was about a bunch of islands in the Chesapeake Bay which were pushed up by the pressure of advancing glaciers eons ago and have been settling ever since. This settling, and not the rise of sea levels allegedly caused by melting Arctic ice (which, since it was floating on water to begin with would not cause sea levels to rise one bit - check your basic high school physics ) is responsible for the disappearing beaches on these island resorts.

Such are the things we conservatives have to deal with. Just a few random editorial thought from the Alexandria Daily Poop.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


TODAY THE 19TH DAY OF MARCH 2009, A DAY WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY ; the Congress of the United States of America; after a show trial worthy of Nazi judge Roland Friesler in which various officials were screamed at, insulted, and belittled by various sanctimonious pricks from both houses of Congress, voted to tax the just compensation of a handful of American businessmen right out from under them.

The chief victim of this abuse was a guy who had been appointed to run an American corporation (namely "AIG Inc) for a salary of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR by these VERY SAME SANCTIMONIOUS TURDS WHO WERE FEEDING HIM THE SHIT.

The subject of the hearing was the fact that AIG, which was about to go bankrupt - or so we are told - was given a Federal "bailout" so that it could PAY ITS CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS AND NOT HAVE TO GO BANKRUPT; and more specifially that about 75 upper level executives were contracted to the company on the condition that they be paid a bonus IN MOST CASES SIMPLY FOR NOT LEAVING THE COMPANY. Furthermore these bonuses were contracted for BEFORE the alleged crisis that brought about Federal involvement and were in fact part of the CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS that AIG MUST pay if it does NOT go bankrupt. These bonuses totalled about $165 million split variously between about 75 individuals. This amount is a tiny, tiny fraction of the total AIG "bailout" of about 400 BILLION. IT IS LESS THAN ONE HALF OF ONE THOUSANDTH OF THE ENTIRE AIG BAILOUT. But the way the posturing blowhards of the Congress acted one would think these gentlemen were raiding Fort Knox and taking everyone's pensions away, that the Treasury would be impoverished and the Republic were in peril because of these 75 executives collecting what they were LAWFULLY entitled to.

And so the poltroons of this Parliament of whores put on a show trial, and did everything possible to whip the common citizen into a frenzy over a measly 165 Million dollars. Now there is much to be said about the roles of these very politicians in creating this and the rest of the financal mess, and the other Conservative bloggers and talkers will ensure it gets said. Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we offer the following observations:

First, if AIG had been left to sink or swim, her management would have done everything possible to save her. A Chapter 11 re-organization would have allowed AIG to shed the rotten parts, shore up the good, -- AND ABROGATE THE BONUS CONTRACTS -- and it would not cost the People a dime.

Second, when the bailout package was passed, there was discussion of a cap on bonuses to be included in the bailout bill. THIS CAP WAS OPPOSED BY THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP. Why do you suppose this was??

THIRD AND MOST IMPORTANT HERE IS WHY: TO ENABLE THE CROSS BETWEEN A KABUKI DANCE AND A NAZI SHOW TRIAL THAT WE JUST WITNESSED. The bonuses were allowed to proceed precisely because these slimeball politicians knew that they would be able to cast themselves as defenders of the common man when they are anything but. If these perfidious dingleberries wanted to stop these bonuses they could have done so at the beginning. But stopping the bonuses was secondary. Putting on a big show starring themselves as the Guardians of Our Treasure was the prime objective ALL ALONG.

And in the end, legislation was passed targeting 75 individuals for the offense of having more money than you. The legislation basically CONFISCATES THEIR LAWFULLY EARNED INCOME. The Congressional slime who brought you this debacle, they and their enabler in the White House, dont think you will notice that by doing this to the 75 AIM executives THEY DE FACTO CLAIM THE POWER TO DO IT TO ANYBODY. Even YOU.

Food for thought, if anybody is still thinking.......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


WELL, What do you know? Yesterday the stock market jumped nearly 400 points, largely due to news that Citi Bank had posted a profit.

Now if you will remember, Citi had only the previous day or so been written off by the bean-counters as a hopeless wreck, and the market sank to a near-record low. But what a difference a day makes. And let us hope - but also let us not hold our breath - that President Obama and his gang notice this and take away a lesson.

When business succeeds, the value of business goes up. This should be a no-brainer, but the current Administration seems to lack the brains to have a no-brainer with. It ought to follow that real "stimulus" consists of striking the chains off entrepeneurs large and small and letting these companies hire workers at real jobs, not just raking gravel at some temporary highway improvement program. Management, after all is concerned with and will do everything possible to have the company turn a profit. Stimulus - real stimulus - is government getting the hell out of the way.

BUT the Obama Administration wants to burden business with "cap and trade" provisions for carbon emissions, and the more radical among them would extend this to individuals (and enforce it with devices that the Gestapo would have envied, such as "smart" electric meters to monitor and control energy usage). What? Am I going to be required to hire some bozo to plant a tree every time I drive somebody to Dulles Airport?

Of course if Obama's economy-wrecking "stimulus" agenda goes through I might not have to worry about a fare to Dulles. Or, for that matter, anyplace else. "Stimulus" indeed. The well-known poison strychnine kills by its stimulus effects.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


NO, we are not speaking of the contribution firearms make to natiional, State, Local and private personal protection, nor to the jobs the firearms industry provides.

Most folks get around by other means than walking. Whether you ride a bus, ride a bike or drive a car, without the firearms industry you would be walking or being pulled by a horse. Your washing machine and waffle iron, your electric guitar and its amp, your computer, even your clothing all would not have been possible but for the American firearms industry and specifically one inventor therein. His name was John Hall.

John noticed that loading a muzzle loading rifle took lots of time and was awkward. Plus, soldiers had to stand to do it, and on a battlefield that ain't good. So John invented a flintlock - yes, this was back before percussion caps - where the lock and the chamber were built into a block that popped out. Just pour in the powder, drop in the bullet, snap the block back in line with the barrel, prime the pan and fire!

But this wasn't good enough for John, because he also noticed that if a gun was broken, whatever part had to be replaced had to be custom-made because every gun was individully made from scratch. It took a while, but working out of the Harper's Ferry arsenal he finally fabricated the machine tools to precisely make every piece from the barrels right down to the screws exactly the same. A thousand guns could be taken apart and the parts thrown into a heap, and any barrel could be put with any reciever using any screw and the result would be a thousand guns each as good as any of the many guns they were put together from.

Unfortunately for John, Harper's Ferry Arsenal was infected with a case of office politics from Hell, and his operation was disbanded. If you wonder how the Federal Government could make such a stupid mistake and allow this to happen, you haven't been reading the news.

But the people who worked for John Hall took their experience with them, and they were the founders of American industry as we know it. The knowledge of how to mass-produce spread across the nation, and less than 75 years later, automobiles were rolling off Henry Ford's assembly line in Detroit.

It will probably come as a surprise to you that most of the things we enjoy in peacetime have their ancestry in the weapons of war. The Piano, that ultimate symbol of refinement (upon which Jackson Brown plays his damn peacenik music) is a descendant of the harp, which is the descendant of the bow - not the violin bow, the bow used to shoot arrows in ancient warfare. The carbon fiber frames that make the bikes that greenie-weenies ride to work so light were developed for space exploration, which began when the Nazis developed the V-2 ballistic missile during World War II. The Internet on which this blog is posted began as a Defense Department project. (Al Gore is as usual full of crap).

So next time someone tells you firearms are evil, point to his car or bike or even his shirt, and tell him he's a hypocrite. If he's naked and on foot, well, get him some shoes and a blanket. And tell him John Hall says "you're welcome".


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