Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Fascism is a wierd concept to define, but almost every serious definition of it includes the merger of the public and private sectors. Yesterday the Obama White House and Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) demonstrated this key element when they ordered CitiBank to scrub the purchase of a new corporate jet.

This sounds like great oversight and the Dems sound like great watchdogs against waste UNTIL A FEW FACTS ARE BROUGHT TO BEAR.

In fact, Citi had planned to use the ONE new, efficient jet to REPLACE not one but TWO older, less efficient jets; and these were to have been sold at prices which would have MORE than offset the cost of the new jet. This is to say nothing of the maintainence savings. BUT NOOOOOOO............

In order to show themselves as Mighty Leaders, Obama and Levin forbade this "extravagance". It was pure political theater and it did much more harm than good. But it did look like the Dems were giving a big bad bank a pranging, And all the Sheeple say AMEN.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HERE WE GO......

A bit more than an hour ago, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America, so help him God. I will here repeat the mandatory mantra that he is the first (choose one: black, Black, African-American) president.

It will come as no surprise that I am not happy with this day, but it has nothing to do with the new President's race. It is rather his lack of experience in a day when we face a determined and lethal and crafty enemy with whom we are at war; and his jejune socialistic outlook on things in general; along with his alliance with the far left wing of the Democrat party that has me concerned.

Nonetheless the teeming masses turned up early, and there were reports of crowds trampling security barriers and thereby bypassing security (Like with Woodstock!!) At leadt one person was pushed into the path of a subway train by the crushing horde and struck by the lead car. I spent a very busy morning taking people in a hurry down the "authorized vehicles" routes . It was eerie driving down a deserted I-395 at what would have been the height of rush hour.

I knocked off at 11:30 to watch the swearing-in, which went pretty normally although Obama screwed up the words of the oath (but was corrected by Justice Roberts). Then came the obligatory poet reciting some opaque blather she had written. Then the stage was taken by a doddering old Reverend named Lowrey who rambled on for about five minutes and then said he hoped for the day "When Black will not have to get in back' (THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT WAS JUST SWORN IN YOU OLD FOOL!) 'When Brown can stick around' (Let the illegals stay?) 'When the Red man can get ahead, man' (Um, tax free casinos, anyone??) 'and when White will embrace what's right". That last one was an horrendous insult to white folks, a majority of whom voted for - need I say again? - "The first African-American President of the United States".

I don't know who first said that black/brown/yellow/red/white bit but I know it was said circa 1969 and I think it was the likes of famous White-hater Dick Gregory who said it. Lowrey's speech was as if the Washington Post ran an editorial against the Stamp Act. Some people, I suppose, just like to bitch.

Well, tonight will bring the Inaugural Balls and the parties and the saloons in DC will close at 5 AM and the Metro will be unloading drunken fools all night. And I will be packing a Walther PPK/s in my coat pocket, which I rarely do. This has nothing to do with the crowds I will deal with but rather the fact that just past 12AM this passt Sunday morning, one of my fellow drivers was shot to death in a robbery, and the killer has not been caught. We may have a new President, but some things have no 'hope" of ever "changing".

Saturday, January 17, 2009


ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER TAXICAB DRIVER IN THE D.C. METROPOLITAN AREA I was issued yesterday six pages of single-spaced lists of road closures and traffic restrictions plus a map of restricted zones in the City of Washington, the better to help me understand where I could and could not take people or operate my cab.
Three major routes into D.C. are completely closed to everyone except buses, limousines, emergency/law enforcement,----and taxicabs. A one and one half mile freeway tunnel, which stretches from the southwest side of the Capitol to the northwest side of it, has been closed off for use as a pedestrian conduit.
Every bridge going into D.C. from Virginia is either closed or severely restricted, except the two on the Beltway, and these do not touch down in D.C. but rather in Maryland.
In fine, the level of security for this Inauguration is quite possibly the most complicated, expansive, restrictive, and massive ever for any public event in the history of this Nation and perhaps in the world. It surpasses the security for the State of the Union speech, when the entire Federal government is gathered together under one roof. Did I say "surpasses"? Sorry. "dwarfs" would be too tame.
Why is this Inauguration different from all other Inaugurations? (and will I find the prize in the Matzoh?) Why all the paranoia? I voiced this in the dispatch room and one of our telephone reps said: "Lotsa people don't like us black folks".
Really? You mean racial and ethnic predjudice and hatred exists? I already knew that. But it seems to me that it has subsided enough in this nation to allow a majority of folks to elect Barack Hussein Obama to be President of the United States. The outpouring of hatred for President Bush did not prompt this level of security at his second Inaugural. And death threats from Clem Kadiddlehopper types need to be taken seriously. But anyone who could get past the normal Inaugural security to do harm is smart enough to get past this dog's breakfast of restrictions. In fact, the restrictions could actually be turned to the advantage of a thinking attacker. (I don't want to give anybody ideas so I wont go into specifics). Sure there are nuts who want to kill Obama. Hells bells, there re nuts who want to kill Richard Nixon, and he has been dead already for some time.

the plain fact is that having folks want to kill you comes with the Office of President of the United States. The day after the Inauguration the bridges will re-open and the security zones will come down and Barack Hussein Obama will be living in a mansion in the middle of a teeming mass of humanity not one individual of with will need a pass or a permit to get within 75 yards of him. Obama is, when all is said and done, just one more schlemozzle in a long line of them to be sworn into office at the Capitol. If this security obsession follows into the next four years, Obama may be the most remote president we have ever had.

  1. Just a side note: The D.C. Government is issuing special "Provisional Taxi Permits" to taxis and limos to operate inside the restricted areas in the City. Outside drivers must have them. They cost $125. What a bunch of chislers.

Friday, January 9, 2009


OH WHAT FUN IT IS for a conservative Nationalist such as I to watch the Demon-Rat follies unfold.

Over in Illinois, the Dems are eating one of their own for getting his hand caught in the cookie jar. Governor Blagojevich has just been impeached by the Democrat Illinois House for basically engaging in normal Chicago-style politics; but not before appointing a black man to fill Obama's seat. And here's the truly delish part: THE ALL - WHITE SENATE DEMON-RAT LEADERSHIP IS TRYING TO KEEP HIM OUT BECAUSE HE IS AN "EMBARASSMENT"!! This of course has the Congressional Black Caucus in an uproar. This is getting GOOD.

Meanwhile, the Boy Wonder AKA the President-Elect has appointed New-Age rainbow-and-unicorn shithead Sanjay Gupta to be Surgeon General. Dr. Gupta ran some kind of TV show on PBS devoted to some kind of "Spiritual Healing" bullcrap. I used to think there would never ever be a more ridiculous Surgeon General than Jocelyn Elders. Boy was I wrong.

And for the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?? Why, former Clintonista Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. LEON PANETTA ??!!!!??!!?? Are you kidding? How does having your nose stuck up Bill Clinton's ass for eight years qualify you for the CIA??

Now here is Obama's plan for the economy: People dont have money to spend and stimulate the economy, so he's going to give them money to spend. How will he do it?? Good question, since we are running a big deficit that he swears he will reduce, plus he wants to put a bunch of busy-work projects in place, AND he CLAIMS he wants to cut taxes. His "plan" is so full of contradictions that it is beginning to splinter the Democrat Party (and dont give me any crapola about the "ic").

About all tht is needed for a perfect storm is an attempt by the gun-grabbers to pass draconian anti-gun legislation. Go to any firearms forum on the web and you will see the gorge of America's firearms owners rising. Much as a certain brand of dog food "makes its own gravy"; the Demon-Ratz show every sign of making their own gridlock.

And now, despite all the hype, there wont really be all that many more folks here for the "historic Inauguration of America's first African-American President" than there were for, oh, say. Ronald Reagan's. So many people here in the DC area had hopes of making tens of thousands of dollars renting out rooms, condos, even entire houses to folks who couldn't find hotel rooms. For the most part, these folks will be bitterly disappointed by the promise of hope and change. They are the first of many. The seeds of a Conservative majority in Congress in 2010 are being sown now by an administration that has yet to assume power. Hope? Yessirreee. Change? You bet. It is coming in 2010. Mark these words and watch these fools screw everything up so badly that (provided Obama/Reid/Pelosi don't provoke an armed rebellion, and that is not out of the question) there will scarcely be a Demon-Rat left in either house two years from now. I HOPE for that CHANGE.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Folks, I drive a cab for a living. So guess how I spent my New Year's Eve??

The first part of the evening was natch picking up folks and taking them to where they were going to celebrate. Half the time they didnt show because they called two or three cab companies and took the first one that showed or some other idiotic (and inconsiderate ) thing. The second half of the evening would have been spent taking them home, but practically no one knew how to act, and about half of them wanted to stuff their whole party of ten or twelve into my Crown Vic. Everybody was totally blotto.

It didn't used to be this way. Up until about three years ago people would act right; maybe get a little drunk but they could still find their ass without using both hands, a map and a Sherpa guide. They certainly didn't try to hail a cab by runnig in front of the moving vehicle and doing jumping jacks in the middle of the street OR - no shit - JUMPING ON THE HOOD OF THE MOVING CAB. Well, in any case I decided to go home and take a little nap and run the hotels at check-out time.

All this left me in no mood to write anything, but if you're a blogger and worth your salt, you MUST write a New Year's Day post. SO:

I got to thinking why the rise in idiotic behavior?? Why are people such dopes these days??

Look at what people are driving more and more: "Plug-in hybrids" with an eye toward a fully electric car. It is painfully obvious that no one has thought this through. I will admit that using the brakes to generate power has merit, although when some weenie starts slowing down half a mile before the light (with a smirk on his face reminiscent of a toddler who has just pooped in the potty and thinks he deserves a prize) in order to re-charge his precious battery (and force everyone else to waste gasoline, since neither he nor the folks behind him will make the timed light) it infuriates me along with everybody else. But first off, you don't plug those hybrids into the ground. Pick your poison, you are STILL burning oil OR fissioning Uranium to make your buggy go. AH! But at least you're not giving your money to "BIG OIL".

Unless your utility uses an oil-fired power plant, you are right. You are giving your hard earned dough to Big Coal or Big Nuke. Sure you are not paying that "greedy gas station owner". But when you start using your home elecric outlet as a fuel source, you'll feel all smug until you get your electric bill, whereupon you will shit your pants. And if you don't pay for your electric car's fuel, your power gets cut off. Not just your car power; your lights and heat and stove and refrigerator and freezer all conk out too. My food won't spoil and I won't freeze in the dark if I cant afford gasoline.

Not only that, but what about your bicycle owning neighbor who doesn't own a car? Mass use of electricity as a motor fuel will cause the price of electric power to rise for EVERYBODY, not you only.

Oh well; its a sacrifice everyone must make for a cleaner environment, right?? Burning less gasoline will end global warming and save those cute cuddly Polar bears, right?? YOU FUCKING IDIOT. Do you know why the gasoline engine was developed?? Because when oil is refined for other uses, gasoline is a byproduct of the refining. And petroleum products are used in among other things the plastics that lighten mass rail transit cars to improve efficiency, as well I might add as to make the tires of those bikes your soon-to-be-overcharged-for-electricity neighbor rides to be so goddamned "green". Before they put the gasoline to good use as a transportation fuel, it was just burned off. So even if you eliminate the internal combustion engine you will STILL be burning gasoline, only it won't be doing anything useful. Genius.

AND aside from all this, "Man made global warming" (Or, since it is becoming evident temperatures are dropping "climate change") is a complete crock of shit. The climate is constantly changing and it isnt us, it is the sun and various other natural features. I was raised in a part of Ohio that was covered in ice millions of years ago. It was warm and dry way before the first hiccups of the Industrial Revolution. Oh and by the way for all you dumb asses who want to cry for the cute cuddly widdo Polar bears drowning and losing their ice-floe hunting grounds: You do believe in evolution? Adaption is a big part of it. The bears need to evolve. And bye the bye a Polar bear is about ten feet tall on its hind legs and has been known to hunt and eat human beings. FUCK THE POLAR BEARS.

Nah, I take it back. I actually feel sorry for the polar bears. I dont know exactly how to make this into an analogy, but basically you people who want to "save the planet" from this moronic "man-made climate change" are the same folks who rail against "Big Oil" and "Big Tobacco"; even though Shell has never handed down a government order or taxed one American individual (and spare me, you morons) and R.J.Reynolds has never imprisoned or executed anyone. To save you from Big Oil and Big Tobacco, you fools turn to the one entity that can screw your life up with no remedy. And you can get rid of your car (and I guess ride a bike made out of hemp??) and you can refuse to smoke or quit. You can say "no" to Big Oil and Big Tobacco. But once Big Government has you, it has you by the BALLS. Yet you fools look to Big GOVERNMENT to save you from Big Oil and Big Tobacco The poor polar bears. If I were a polar bear looking foir the likes of you idiots to save me, I would just as soon swim out to sea and drown.

Happy Fucking New Year.


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