Sunday, April 7, 2013


Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we do try to give credit where credit is due. Even if it goes to some leftie.
We were peusing the latest HuffPost article about North Korea's current tantrum when we ran across a comment from some or another person who said that the regime could easily be overthrown by dropping - not bombs - but crates filled with meatball subs marked "from your friends in America".  The commentor said that this could be done "at a fraction of the cost of war". 
Actually this is not a bad idea. It's a great idea, in fact. The North Korean regime tells the people - when they dare ask why the food rations are light - that (get this bullshit) "The Americans sank the rice ship".  No kidding, that's what the Commie thugs tell their starving people. America is to North Korea's dicatorship what George Bush is to Barack Obama.
Now, the only thing we are worried about in this plan is that Kim Jong-Un's propaganda machine will probably try and warn the people not to go near the subs because "the Americans have poisoned them" or something. Yeah, right. Just try getting between a starving man and a meatball sub. Just try.
Last we checked, a meatball sub at Subway goes for about ten bucks for a footlong. There are about 25 million people in North Korea, so a quarter-billion dollars could give them what most of them would consider the happiest day of their lives. Of course we'd need to design special packaging, something that could be dropped from a bomber and be designed so that a parachute would slow it down so that nobody got hurt. And we'd need to know where to drop the stuff so we'd be feeding the commoners and not Kim's pudgy ass.
All in all, though, not a bad plan. I say let's do it.

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