Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, we hardly know what to say.  This has been one of the screwiest years we can remember.   Our predictions for the past year were further off than they have ever been (but for the most part, that's a good thing).
NOT good was the fact that we managed to re-elect the absolutely worst president in this nation's history. Three million McCain voters and Ron Paulistas either stayed home or idiotically voted 3rd party, and now we're stuck with Mr. Obama for another four years, unless by some miracle there's a movement in Congress to impeach him. 
This being the situation, we wish Hillary would have been Obama's running mate. As it is, she's fallen and she can't get up and testify about the Benghazi attacks under oath; and that's one thing that might get even a few Democrats talking impeachment.
The House and Senate elections were disappointing. The Senate is still in Democrat hands, but they are nowhere near the 60 votes they need to turn that body into a rubber stamp. There is a movement afoot to violate the Senate's own rule about changing procedure and eliminate the filibuster, though. (Naturally, when the Republicans tried to end the filibuster of judicial nominations, Reid and his bunch went nuts. But now that an end to the filibuster would essentially make the Senate a rubber stamp for Obama, Dingy Harry wants to do exactly what he decried back then, except he wants no more filibusters, period.  We'll just bet that when the Democrats are the minority again, they'll try and pull some hokey parliamentary tricks to rule their own actions improper and re-instate the filibuster - if they manage to scotch it, which they probably won't.)
The Republicans would have probably gotten control of the Senate again if a couple of candidates who looked like shoo-ins hadn't made idiotic remarks about how a rape can't result in a pregnancy because a woman's reproductive system "shuts down" during unwanted sex. Those remarks cost them their campaigns and quite possibly those of a few others. (Note to politicians, especially male politicians: If the subject of rape comes up, say that rape is rape and that it is wrong, every time. Then ask for the next question.)
The Republicans lost a few seats in the House, but they still have a strong majority. Seeing as they control the money, that's a good thing. Nothing gets done until the money is approved, so, good enough.
Thankfully we didn't have those pitched battles in the streets; except for some leftover "occupy" crap and some Detroit rioting over Michigan's new "right to work" laws.
We are somewhat surprised that Israel has shown such remarkable restraint in not attacking Iran and possibly starting World War III. And so far the religious nutbars who run Iran are still sane enough to know that interfering with the free flow of energy will mean the end of them. So even though we were wrong on that one, we are damn glad of it, believe us.
As this is being written it has been announced that the United States will indeed go over the "fiscal cliff" at midnight. But "negotiations" are still going on, and if the Republicans drop the soap again, they could vote on a "compromise" that gives the Democrat Party everything they want.
Well, not everything. Early on in all this "fiscal cliff" business, Obama sent TurboTax Timmy Geithner to Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell with a demand that the House cede its power to decide whether or not to raise the national "debt ceiling" to Obama. TurboTax Timmy was laughed out of the room.
Of course, there have been not a few Second Amendment issues arising this past year; many of them in the last few weeks. However we have promised not to discuss them until after the New Year has begun, so we will end our review of 2012 here. Watch this space on January 2nd.
Every year we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop go through a list of people we have met in the course of  our day job of driving a taxicab; and from these we select the "Idiot of the Year".
Unlike other "Idiot of the Year" awards, this award goes not to some national dipshit but to a common, everyday citizen. We give this award because we feel that it is idiocy on the small level that fuels and enables idiocy on the large level. Idiotic television shows like that "Honey Boo-Boo" nonsense are on TV because idiots watch them. The idiot politicians who control the government at the state, local and federal levels are there because common idiots voted for them, or failed to vote against them for some idiotic reason. Idiocy on the small scale, like a match to kindling, can ignite a firestorm of truly horrific idiot thinking and behavior.
Once in a blue moon we may decide to name as a recipient someone or some entity or group that we have not personally interacted with on the job, as last year when Time Magazine (and everyone connected with it) got the award for nominating "The Protestor" as "Person of the Year".  (Ironically, since this blog is a total protest against damn near everything, I am a recipient of the very award I heaped scorn on. If there's any cash involved, I have yet to recieve it. And by the way, it's my SECOND award for Time's "Person of the Year" since one year the cover had a Mylar mirror and the recipient was "YOU".  How fucking lame.)
This year, I was sorely tempted to give the award to another bunch of people I have never personally met. In yesterday's post, I commented on the pack of idiot road warriors who call themselves "Mischief". I had contemplated giving them the dishonors, and then maybe a dishonorable mention. However, such a mention or even the full award would be wholly inadequate to the purpose of displaying them as an example of idiocy. Awarding these morons with "Idiot of the Year" would be the equivalent in infamy to awarding a soldier who singlehandedly took out eight enemy machine gun nests, saved his entire divison and won the war, with a "Good Conduct" medal. What these shitheads need is for a judge to throw the book at them, with at least a year in the pokey and permanent revocation of their driving priveleges.
Having said that, there are times when the supply of common everyday idiots seems to be in short supply. But then I experience a deluge. Such was the case this year. One candidate in February, then nothing until I met a guy driving a BMW and wearing an expensive suit who asked me to interpret a set of signs regulating parking for him. I thought I would be stuck with that lamebrain - who being an obvious Ivy Leaguer apparently needed a product of the Northern Virginia Community College Criminal Justice program to tell him what plain English means - as the 2012 awardee. Then, just after the election, I met the winner.
As in every year, a brief description of the qualifications for this award follows.
Candidates for the Alexandria Daily Poop Idiot of the year MUST (unless a waiver is made by the Editor):
Be someone I have met in the course of my attempt to make a living driving a taxicab in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.
In my presence do, say, or brag about something they have said or done which; when considered in the light of their level of supposed intelligence, education, and station in life is spectacularly and amazingly stupid.
No person who is clinically insane, retarded, or otherwise mentally deficient through no fault of their own shall be considered for this "award".
No person who is intoxicated at the time of my encounter with them shall be considered, as we hold alcohol and drugs to be "performance enhancers" in the "competition" to be Idiot of the Year. Boasts made when sober about deeds done when intoxicated, however, still qualify. 
Having said that, it is time to announce our winner. Considering the financial mess we have been in for what seems to be time-out-of-mind, this year's recipient is particularly apt. SO, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, WE PRESENT YOU WITH THE RECIPIENT OF THE ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP'S UNCOVETED AWARD
BACK IN NOVEMBER, about a week after the elections, I had a young man of about 22 years flag me down. He was going to George Washington University where, he told me, he was studying economics. We had a conversation that included the problem of inflation. 
This student of the economy told me that in his opinion, inflation would never be as serious a problem as everyone says it is because - quote - "We can always print more money to make up for it."
Someone PLEASE tell me they know this moron and he's flunking. GW grads often go on to be Very Important People in their fields, but this idiot could do major damage to the nation if he ever got a position as Comptroller of Peckerwood Hollow, WVa.
AND SO, MISTER BLOW-OPEN-THE-LEVEES-SO-THE FLOOD-WILL-SUBSIDE, You are the recipient of the distinct dishonor of the Alexandria Daily Poop's annual award of
As always, the "Prize" is my suggestion to you that you hurry down to GW Hospital and get a vasectomy so you don't sire another generation of fucking imbeciles. You are an idiot.
This year, I'm playing it safe.
Spring will arrive sometime between mid-March and early April. Daylight will come earlier and dusk will come later until the summer solstice, when daylight will begin to wane.
Other than that, I just don't know what might happen. There is one thing I should tell you: Auld acquaintance should never be forgot. As the saying goes, those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.
A very Happy and Prosperous New Year (in spite of everything) from the ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today we learned whilst perusing the Washington Post that there is a pack of utter morons operating in the DelMarVa area who call themselves "Mischief".   According to the Post, "Mischief" is a bunch of yuppie yokels who drive high-powered luxury cars - which they have "tweaked" the computer systems of to deliver much more horsepower than the cars were originally designed to deliver - and who then go and raise hell on the highways.
These dimbulbs think it's funny to force another totally innocent driver off the road and videotape it. The assholes even have a "YouTube" channel, where they offer short clips of their exploits and offer more extreme stuff for sale. The YouTube video that leads off on their site features a kid of about 17 taking hairpin tuns at an alarming rate of speed until his car leaves the road and hits a pile of rocks. Fortunately, air bags and safety restraints do their jobs and the kid and his pals emerge from the BMW laughing.
The other vids, which among other things show "Mischief" members driving up a very long driveway on private property and then taking it back down at blinding speed, show the main membership of "Mischief" to be a conglomeration of 20-and-30-something white schlubs who work office jobs when they are not out terrorizing the roadways.
Well, as it turns out "Mischief" was finally busted when they decided to pull their shit in rural Virginia. They ran a pickup truck off the road, and unfortunately for them that pickup was being driven by an off-duty cop. A number of them are facing charges of reckless driving (duh) and charges of racing and felony speeding to elude are being contemplated. 
"Mischief" is headed up by some shithead in Charles County in (where else?) Maryland, the national capital of stupid drivers.
Perhaps there are some of our readers who doubt that the stories we publish on the New Year of our selection of "Idiot of the Year" are true. They are. The only reason any of these assholes are not making the cut is that I haven't had a "Mischief" bozo brag about his (or her, they do have female members and they are just as stupid as the men) exploits to me in the course of my work as a taxicab driver.  But I do plan to give these jerks and their leader a "dishonorable mention".  Because they are the epitome of what "Idiot of the Year" is all about. People who damn well know better doing idiotic things, and not only NOT thinking it stupid and/or wrong but actually taking pride in their idiocy. 
Since I have not personally met any of them and heard them brag in my taxi, so far they don't qualify.  BUT there is a day and a few hours left in 2012; so who knows?

Friday, December 28, 2012


As of yesterday, the Alexandria Daily Poop is FOUR YEARS OLD!  Sing Hallelujah.
Yes, we know that there are posts here before that date, but December 27, 2008 is the date when we posted our picture on the masthead and decided on the theme of this blog.
Since that time, our readership has grown tremendously. This blog is read by people in every country of any consequence above the Equator.
We hope you continue to enjoy this blog; OR if you are one of the American Statist Progressives (or any other brand of Leftie) then we hope what we write here makes your head explode.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012


In case any of you three guys who read this rag don't know it, the Senate and the President are BY LAW required to present a budget to the House of Representatives to vote on EVERY YEAR.  Since Obama took the Oath of Office, this has NOT HAPPENED.

That's right, folks. These United States have been running on a series of "continuing resolutions" (and ad hoc spending increases) since Obama took office. 
Now, this just suits the Democrat Party fine, since they don't want to present a laundry list of goof-ass loony projects to spend money on and have to justify how all that stuff fits in with what the government is already saddled with paying for. They don't want to have to argue over everything they want to do at one time. Instead, they want to propose new spending piecemeal and keep on charging to that "Credit card issued by the Bank of China" that Obama said - back in 2008 - that it was "immoral" and "unpatriotic" to charge stuff on.  (By his own definition, that makes him a treasonous libertine.)
This increase in spending, unconstrained by such a silly notion as a "budget"; compounded by the thrice raising of the "debt ceiling" (and now Treasury Secratary "TurboTax Tim" Geithner wants to raise it again and Obama has even tried to demand Congress cede him authority to raise it at his whim) and the watering down of the currency by printing trillions more dollars (camouflaged by the scholarly-sounding weasel phrase "quantatative easement") is what has brought us to the edge of the so-called "financial cliff".
Wisely, the majority of the House of Representaatives - the Republicans - realize that their Districts did not put them there to cave to Obama and put a lid on these shenannigans. They were put there to STOP them. (Unfortunately these folks do not include my Congressman, James P. "Bugs" Moran; who is a Jew-hating, child abusing, wife-beating old drunk whose son Patrick "Baby Bugs" recently was caught on camera offering advice on how to stuff ballot boxes and more recently was arrested in D.C. for trying to help his girlfriend recycle her face in a garbage can.)
There's still some time. If Dingy Harry Reid and his Dems could get together a budget and get it to the House, the House just might be able to vote amendments and cuts and get it back to the Senate. Going four years on shooting the moon as the occasion arises is what got us to the edge. It is damn time we got back on budget. The Republicans need to stand firm. NO DEAL WITHOUT A BUDGET AND SERIOUS, MEANINGFUL CUTS! 

Monday, December 24, 2012


And now, finally it is Christmas Eve. The pub on the corneer of my street is open, and so is another favorite watering hole; and no doubt some of my friends are there and I have been contemplating going out and hoisting a pint. But really, I'd rather stay here and reflect.
For I can remember no Christmas Eve in my entire life where the situation in this nation and in the world was so dire and the outlook so bleak. Talk of falling off of the "financial cliff", increasing trouble in Europe, and general feelings of unease, even outright fear dominate the thoughts of many; and for most folks even if they are able to shove these concerns aside and allow themselves the merriment traditional to this season and this Day, somewhere in the near recesses of the conscience these concerns wait to re-assert themselves on Wednesday.
It is by no means impossible that we may wake up tomorrow to find that the news stations have interrupted all programming to cover a strike at Iran by Israeli forces, heralding the worst world crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and probably exceeding it even to the point of World War III.
And overlaying all this are the lives of the children slain in Newton, Connecticut and the emotion-filled argument that no one on any of the multiple sides has had the decency to delay until after the little ones were buried and the families had coped with such a miserable Christmas. And there is much I could say, but I have promised to belay that until after the New Year, and I will be faithful to that promise.
And as to me, personally; both of my parents are gone and my siblings are scattered across the country. None of them, nor my niece nor my nephews, has so much as sent me an e-mail saying "Merry Christmas".  There is not one single person on this earth whom I could honestly describe as a "close friend". 
Bleak, bleak, bleak. But I have this:
Tomorrow we celebrate (we who believe) God's decision to come and live as one of us, to experience being a little baby dependent on His parents for basic necessities; to undergo the rigors of growing up into pubescence and adolescence; and to be "God with us". And we returned the favor, thanked Him for the miracles He wrought, and responded to His counsel by convincing and cajoling a bunch of Roman pagans to torture Him with scourges, mockery, and a Crown of thorns and to kill Him by nailing him to the Cross, there to die an horrible death from a combination of shock, exposure, and asphyxia.
Being God, He didn't have to do this. He could have at any time lashed out, come down from the Cross, and annhialated the entire population of the Earth, spoken the entire universe into oblivion even as he spoke it into existance, and started all over again.  But He did not, He suffered even unto death; and gave His Innocent Life as a sacrifice for mine (and if you believe this, for yours also). "For God so loved the World, that He gave His Son; so that whoever shall believe on Him; SHALL NEVER PERISH BUT SHALL HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE".
And after three days, He took His Life up again and was resurrected. Just how this was accomplished is a mystery but it was done nonetheless. He could have just claimed the title "LORD of lords, and King of kings" by fiat. But He - even being God incarnate - elected to EARN the title, and so He did.
Accounts of His Birth seem to put it sometime in the early spring, but traditionally it is celebrated at this time of year, when the long, dark and cold nights begin to give way to the light. Some say this is a sacreligious capitulation to pagan traditions, but I say it is most appropriate that He who would guide us to the Eternal Light should be celebrated in that season when the darkness begins to ebb.
Within a radius of a mile from where I write this, as this is being written, hundreds of youngsters have been kissed goodnight by their parents and sleep (maybe) awaiting Santa. There are those who will get the latest "fad" toys and then there are those who will count themselves lucky to find a stocking full of hard candy. And bless them all, whatever circumstance they are in. But the true meaning of Christmas is not presents nor is it merriment; and was best expressed in the following poem:
I heard the bells on Christmas Day
The old, familiar Carols play;
And loud and strong rang out the song\
Of "Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men.
Then in despair I hung my head.
"There is no peace on Earth", I said;
"For Hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of "Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men"
Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
The wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With Peace on Earth,
Good Will toward men!
I bid you a very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Folks, for a little smile on this Christmas Eve Eve (Or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, depending on when you are reading this), let's all have a sing-along!
Here's the words to Walt Kelly's Christmas parody of "Deck the Halls", titled "DECK US ALL WITH BOSTON CHARLIE".  Right now, wherever you are, gather the gang around the computer and participate in the first annual ALEXANDRIA DAILY POOP HOLIDAY SINGALONG OF DECK US ALL WITH BOSTON CHARLIE!  Here's the lyrics:
(Written by Walt Kelly)
Deck us all with Boston Charlie,
Walla-Walla Wash, and Kalamazoo!
Nora's freezin' on the trolley
Swaller dollar colleyflower, Alley-gaaroo!
Don't we know, Archaic barrel?
Lullaby, Lilla Boy, Louisville Lou?
Trolley Molly don't love Farrel
Boola-boola Pensacoola, Hully-ba-looo!
Ah, wasn't that great? We hope that put you in a holiday mood. By the way, get your FREE Kindle copy of my latest novel, "Georgetown in Plainclothes". The free promotion runs through tomorrow. Even after that, it's still only a buck ninety-nine, as is "The Peterson Investigation".  Get them both and look forward to the next two prequels.
//S// F. Allen Norman, Jr.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


And the sleigh if being pulled by a donkey and not an elephant. On Thursday the House voted down a "compromise" that would have raised taxes on persons making more than four hundred thousand dollars per year, with no meaningful reduction in spending.

There are those who say that the Republicans ought to have passed the measure and let the Senate reject it - as they would have, since the Democrats are pimping for a tax raise on people making about half that. These folks say that this would have exposed the Democrats as people who only want to confiscate more wealth and give it away.

We, on the other hand, see things differently.  While we agree that this would have exposed the Democrat tendency to keep robbing and re-distributing, all other concerns be damned; what is needed is SPENDING CUTS.  The present membership of the Democrat Party will never ever agree to any cuts in spending, unless these cuts undermine the ability of this nation to defend itself. What they offer in return for "compromise" is a promise to look at cuts in the next Congress. Since one Congress cannot bind another, these "promises" are WORTHLESS LIES.
Moreover, Barack Obama has said that even though he knows that reduced tax rates spur economic growth and thus increase revenue, he PRIMARILY values what he calls "fairness".  So the Democrat claim that they seek a "balanced approach of cuts and increased revenue" is a load of bullcrap.  What the Democrats seek to do is to take from a prospectve employer and give to indolent slackers, thus sparing them the trouble of having to produce something in order to obtain the means of a living; and thereby ensure the votes of said slackers.
Their votes are necessary so that Democrat "leaders" like Obama can get on a tax-funded jet and go to Hawaii for a nice sumptuous vacation while the rest of the nation worries about yet another crippling recession.
This is the Democrat plan: The donkey pulls the sleigh right to the edge of the cliff, then they unhitch the donkey and put a hungry elephant in the traces. Then, they wave a peanut in front of the elephant and throw the peanut off the cliff. When the elephant goes for the peanut, THEN they blame the Republicans for the disaster.
Looks like we're in for some rough sledding.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Mr. Obama and his bunch WILL NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING EXCEPT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT which is a blank check and a soak-the-rich tax policy to pay for all the new spending. They have yet to even propose, let alone agree to, any cuts in spending.
They want the extra money NOW and claim they will propose spending cuts "later". But someday never comes regarding reducing spending.
The Democrats claim they need to balance these off-in-Neverland "cuts" with immediate increases in revenue. But higher tax rates - even for "the rich" (and 250 Gs for a family of four isn't "rich, but that's how Obama defines it) have the net effect of REDUCING revenue and stunting economic growth, which is a great producer of revenue.
This is an established FACT, but when confronted with it, Obama said he is more concerned with "fairness" than with increasing revenue. Yet all he does is yammer about "revenue".
The financial "cliff" looms, with major cuts in defense spending which will inflict great pain on Northern Virginia, where I live. But by God, if Obama and these Democrat weasels want to play this game, then call their bluff.
Since 40 cents out of every dollar of spending is debt, tell the Democrats NO FUCKING DEAL until THEY present a list of MEANINGFUL spending cuts that will at least balance the budget. Let them play the "Washington Monument game". The Washington Monument is ALREADY closed, so screw them.
I would remind you Republicans that the Republicans retained their majority in the House as a bulwark against just these kind of tax and spend shennanigans. The Democrat strategy is to have you act as if you were "Democrat Lite", thus pissing off your "base" and - they hope - leading to the ouster of enough of you in 2014 to give the Democrats the kind of complete control they had from January 20 2009 to January 3 2011.
As this post was being written, news has come that the House vote on what amounts to a Republican capitulation has fallen apart because of a lack of Republican votes.
Way to go, guys, HOLD THAT LINE!!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Robert Bork, the man nominated to the Supreme Court by ROnald Reagan and subsequently rejected by the United States Senate, died today.

Bork is best remembered for the rejection of his Supreme Court nomination by a process of smears, lies, and exaggerations and misrepresentations that became known as "Borking".  Although Bork was - in our view - a bit too willing to give the State the benefit of a doubt over the individual, the campaign to torpedo his nomination was a disgusting cascade of slander.

The original "Borking" was led off by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) who said that Bork would take the nation back to "segregated lunch counters" and allow "rogue police" to kick in the doors of citizens on a whim; among other things.  Since these accusations were made from the Senate floor,  Kennedy and his fellows could not be held to account elsewhere for them.
Bork's rejection was widely celebrated and became the standard battle plan for the Statists who have hijacked the Democrat Party. Anthony Kennedy was nominated after Bork's rejection, and unanimously accepted by the Senate. 
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we believe in God and we know that He indeed works in mysterious ways. Because for two months and four days shy of a quarter century, the Statist Left  has been congratulating themselves over their success in ridding themselves of Robert Heron Bork.
Today, that celebration has exploded in their faces like an El Explodo cigar. Because had Bork assumed the seat held by Kennedy, today Obama would be in a position to nominate a fifth ultra-liberal Left Justice. And while we offer sympathy to Robert Bork's loved ones in their loss, we bid them and all - especially his enemies and most especially the Statist Lefties whose wet dream for decades has been taking over the Supreme Court - to remember that God has called Robert Heron Bork to his rest and reward to show everyone exactly who is in charge.
They who dissed and denied God during the Democrat Convention have just been given a sign by the Almighty whom they deny and decry. How's it feel, knowing God Himself just flipped you the bird, you Leftist clowns?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I must be an idiot, seeing as how last year I put my first Kindle novel "The Peterson Investigation" out as a promo for free. Almost two thousand people got it for free (and a couple hundred paid for it, too; but anyway...)
However, it's Christmas after all. So on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of this month I am putting my latest opus "Georgetown in Plainclothes" on a FREE promotional offer.
"Georgetown in Plainclothes" is a "prequel" to "The Peterson Investigation".  It is set in 1977 and features the main character of "The Peterson Investigation"; John Philip "J.P." Waterman as a 25 year old newly minted Detective Candidate working with the plainclothes contingent of the Second Police District of the Metropolitan Police, Washington, D.C.. 
Ironically, his first arrest as a member of that unit comes when he is assigned to work marked-unit traffic patrol during the 1977 Hanafi Moslem siege of D.C.. He and his partner make a traffic stop that explodes into an investigation involving everything from a scraggly street bum to Dr. Henry Kissinger and from juvenile shennanigans to affairs involving the Central Intelligence Agency and the Shah of Iran's SAVAK secret police.  It's good.
Only downside is that it turns out that if you want to write a review you have to buy it for cash. But folks I know who have read "Georgetown in Plainclothes" are blown away by it, and I can tell whether they are just "trying to be nice". Most of them aren't, they actually like the story.
Of course I like paid sales. But since I can't buy the world a Coke and keep it company, at least I can give it a good story (I hope).


The most powerful branch of the federal government is the Congress of the United States, and the most powerful body of that branch is the House of Representatives. The Senate has its filbuster, sure. But no matter what gets past them and no matter what anyone wants done, to do it they need money.  And money can only be gotten with the permission of the House. 
The Senate can't write a tax bill and send it to the House for approval. Tax bills have to ORIGINATE in the House (and Obamacare "originated" in the house as a tax bill that had nothing to do with health care; and the Senate just stripped out everything under the bill number and wrote a tax bill on their own and sent it back to the House; and we are amazed that not one lawyer has challenged this piece of trickery).
Any actual spending must be authorized by the House. More importantly, the House has first say on whether or not these United States take on any more debt. And they can de-fund anything.
Well, Mr. Obama is turning out to be the very model of a modern Kleptocrat wannabe. As part of the "compromise" to avert the "fiscal cliff", he wants Congress to allow HIM to decide when to borrow more money to finance his looney schemes. He's basically telling Congress to hand over its weapons.  We'll give him this: he has big brass ones.
Some of his lackeys have been floating a whacked-out interpretation of the debt validity portion of the Constitution to try and create a loophole allowing him to bypass the Congress - and for that matter, the Constitution if he figures he could spend a few trillion wisely. (Aren't these the same people bitching about "tax loopholes" and "gun show loopholes" all the time? Yes, they are!)
Obama wants complete control of the money. It is against the Constitution, and this is a dangerous situation. The House should let the nation go over "the cliff" before it agrees to this naked usurpation of Constitutionally reserved authority. 


Nevertheless, politicians and particularly "anti-gun" shills have been blabbering all over TV and the radio. We find it sickening that they have decided to use as a catch-phrase that the mass murder of innocent children is a "game-changer".  This is not a game, and we inagine these "antis" are secretly rubbing their hands together and dancing with glee in the blood of these beautiful, precious children.
As you can imagine, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop have some pretty strong opinions about all of this. But the National Rifle Association has decided to show respect for the grieving families and has shut down its Facebook and Twitter accounts while the grim ritual of burying the slain kids goes on.
And so we shall remain silent on the subject of this tragedy and the gun debate until after New Year's Day. (The picture on the masthead stays the same. We're not a mental weakling.)
We only wish the politicians and the "antis" would be decent people and shut up long enough to allow the families of these kids to deal with their grief and not feel like a collective bunch of political footballs. But they won't, because they're not.

Monday, December 17, 2012


I just finished killing yet another bug - this one was that damned thing that blocks your PC and tells you that "The FBI" has "Detected" you doing "one or more of the following" and then lists all manner of internet crime from software piracy right up to kiddie porn; BUT tells you that if you get a PayPal card and pay a fine of $300, "the FBI" is willing to just forget the whole thing.
Yeah, right.
This fucker is tenacious. If you get it, FIRST re-start in Safe Mode and do a system restore to a point at least 24 hours before you got this pest. After that, you should be able to get back up on the net.
After your system is restored, get online and download and run "Spybot Search and Destroy".  It's free to private users - they do ask for a donation, it's a great tool, so pony up if you can - and scan your system and delete that garbage. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Last year I wrote about a problem I had wherein a virus had disabled this computer's internet connectivity by shutting down the dhcp client service. If you are experiencing this problem, there is a relatively easy fix available that involves going into the registry and simply re-typing "dhcp" into the box for that particular service and its ancilliaries. Unfortunately, my filing system consists or stuffing papers into random pigeon-holes and drawers and right now I haven't the time to look through all that stuff. But a tad bit of research (use the terminals at the local public library or at a Kinko's or something) will put you in touch with the fix.
The reason I'm writing this now is that (1) someone pulled up this blog in a search about what to do about a deleted dhcp service and (2) I believe I was similarly assaulted a few days ago.
Here is a telltale symptom that you are being attacked by a virus that wants to disable and/or change your operating system: Your security program will display a message that a virus has been detected and neutralized, but it will be necessary to re-start your machine to complete the "clean-up" or "removal" process. 
 Instead, go IMMEDIATELY to Microsoft's security page and download and run the Microsoft Security Scanner. After the scan has been completed, note the name(s) of the viruses detected, and then to make VERY sure, download and run Microsoft's Malware Removal Tool. If other viruses are detected, note these also.
If at any point you get a note from these services that the virus was "partially" removed and if you look the virus up in Microsoft's index of viruses only to find out that "no information is available" about the bug, then wait until they find out what makes the rascal tick, and then repeat the scan procedure. Until then, don't turn your machine off. Let it "hibernate" but not "sleep". 
ONLY after all of these conditions have been met should you re-start your machine in order to get rid of the glowing red warning from your security program.  
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FRUITCAKES WHO PRODUCE THESE PESTILENT ANNOYANCES ARE INNOVATIVE AND ARE CAPABLE (THEORETICALLY) OF GETTING AROUND EVEN THIS REGIMEN. It is entirely possible that even during a scan with the most up-to-date definitions, someone out there may have launched a new attack. 
One more note: If your machine is "hopelessly" locked up, there are devices by which you can remove your hard drive and connect it to a USB port in another computer, and use that computer's scan system to murder the invader. But in these goofy times, my advice to you is to do what I do and update your security every day before you go surfing the net.
  Personally, I rather enjoy outwitting and killing these malware programs - and as I have said, I hope one day to put some of the fruitcakes responible behind bars, and if one of you assholes are reading this then know that I am after your stinking behinds - but like most of us, I'd just as soon go online and get things done without having to worry about some idiot hacker. Every time I get attacked, I learn something new. Some day, one of these hackers is going to fuck up and tell me who exactly he is.  As I have said, you hackers depend on the fact that every system has flaws. Yet you think that yours doesn't?? You are a pack of fools.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Dear readers, in these troubled times I am certain you would like a little dose of frivolous trivia to distract you a bit. I am happy to provide it.

While I was doing research on my next novel - the second "prequel" to "The Peterson Investigation" - I ran across the little tidbit that is mentioned in the post heading.
Yes, "Mayor for Life" (as he is known in these parts) Marion S. Barry; the former mayor and current at-large City Councilman in D.C, of "Bitch set me up" fame; is an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America.
No kidding.
Here's another little Barry tidbit: After he got out of the pokey, he ran for Mayor again and won, using the campaign slogan: "He may not be perfect, but he's perfect for D.C." 
Truer words were never spoken, nor were they ever so unintentionally true. For this sterling achievement, we are awarding District of Columbia City Councilman "Mayor-For-Life" Marion Shepilov Barry the first Alexandria Daily Poop "Truth in Politics Award" with sprinkles and a cherry.  Marion Barry, a perfect personification of D.C. city politics at their worst.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Good grief. Here we go again, and it is horrible. An elementary school in Connecticut is entered by a person with evil and mayhem on his mind. Shots are fired, and when it was over, more than a score of grade-school kids lay dead or dying and the shooter turned his weapon on himself.  There are reports that the shooter's mother was found dead in her home and that his dad was found dead elsewhere. 
But the story keeps changing. First the shooter was named Ryan, then it was Adam, then Ryan and Adam turned out to be brothers and were seen together; and then they were a hundred miles apart. The police are still, even as this post is being written, trying to piece together exactly what happened.
And even though the situation is still quite murky, the anti-gun people of the Left have wasted no time in dancing in the blood of these innocents and calling for everything from a ban on "assault weapons" to an outright total abrogation of the Second Amendment.
For our part we wonder why the people who make the laws and rules for firearms in schools seem to care less about the kids than a sheep owner cares about his sheep. Shepherds out West carry rifles, and not "assault rifles" either, but .30-30 and .44 Magnum lever-action rifles, in case of wolves or bears.  A teacher armed with a .38 revolver might well have stopped this maniac before he was able to inflict as much carnage as he did.
There are those who say that this would not have been possible without the gun. These people are idiots. If you can smuggle a gun into a grade school, you can smuggle a machete'. In the end, the victim is still dead, but being hacked to death is a lot worse way to go. You can make crude but very effective pipe bombs and satchel charges full of shrapnel with commonly available materials.
There are several places on the planet where cottage industries making fully functioning copies of select-fire automatic weapons are mainstays of the local economy. As little as ten thousand dollars will buy  the machine tools needed to produce five or more "grease gun" type sub-machineguns per day. Nobody is getting rid of firearms any time soon.
Yet, that's all the anti-gun crowd shouts about.  And this, even though we know next to nothing about what just happened today. What happened today was evil, and that - and not guns - is what needs to be discussed and dealt with. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Chicago-style Democrat machine currently dominating national politics has proudly stated that their strategy consists of targeting "low-information voters".  These are voters who for whatever reason are too busy to keep up with what's going on and who are concerned with surviving in this effed-up economy, or who don't bother to read the newspapers and/or who get their information from the likes of comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert; or who are just plain idiots.
We cannot blame people who are harried and trying to swim against the tide for not seeking out news sources other than the lame-stream media. And in the effort to keep these benighted souls ignorant, the Left has developed a network of "watchdogs" to ensure that no story that departs from what is called "the narrative" sees the light of day.  "Media Matters", an outfit run by a guy named David Brock - who was a conservative until he realized that gay guys who are conservative have big problems getting laid - and others create "spin" if the lamestream media goes even slightly off script.
Remember all the talk about "code words" and "dog whistles"? "Low information voter" is a code word for "ignoramus".
And so, during the debate over Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi led a column of Black Congressmen through a route lined with TEA partiers. The idea was to catch someone - anyone - along the route shouting a racial slur. There were Leftist operatives all along the way, hidden cameras at the ready, waiting for "proof" that opposition to Obamacare was "racist". 
When it didn't happen, they simply claimed that it did. And the lamestream media, corrupt to the core, cooperated.
Yet (and this is just the most recent example) when UAW thugs stormed a tent full of "right-to-work" advocates and destroyed the vending equipment of a Black hot-dog vendor, calling him a "nigger" and a "sellout" and such, NOT ONE WORD OF THIS WAS REPORTED IN THE POPULAR MEDIA. Unless you read Britebart or listen to Rush, Hannity, Levin et al it is likely that this is the first you ever heard of this crap.
Chris Plante, local D.C. area talk show host (and former CNN reporter - he covered the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon) said it best: The greatest power of the media is the power TO IGNORE.
In other words, to keep the level of information low so as to keep the ignoramuses ignorant.
So when Sarah Palin says (rhetorically) that conservatives need to "regroup and reload", that is portrayed as a call to actual armed conflict.  But let a bunch of union thugs - in a bid to quash dissent - trash an innocent hot-dog vendor and call him a "nigger", and it just gets swept right under the rug. 
Tune in to Limbaugh. Go to the Breitbart site. There you will find videos and testimony which will expose the truth to you. Do you like being called a "low-information voter"?  What the Left means by that term is "ignorant motherfucker". 
Don't be an ignorant motherfucker. Check out Britebart, listen to Limbaugh, OPEN YOUR EYES AND GET THE TRUTH and the truth shall set ye free.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


SITARIST PANDIT RAVI SHANKAR PASSED AWAY YESTERDAY. HE WAS 91 YEARS OLD.  In the course of his life, he became one of the giants of the world of music.
Shankar takes his place in the pantheon of musical greats. He joins the company of Johann Sebastian Bach, Andres Segovia, John Dowland, Wanda Llandowska, Carlos Montoya, Pablo Casals and others. Ravi Shankar inspired musicians around the globe. His greatness has as its root his mastery of Indian classical music both as a performer and composer; and his mastery of his chosen instrument, the sitar.
Indian classical music has in common with Western classical music a basic, solid structure. But in common with what has been called "America's classical music - jazz" Indian music is comprised of heavily inprovised passages within a tightly defined frame. I have often wondered what a collaboration between Shankar and "Duke" Ellington would have birthed.
As it happened, however, Shankar's exposure to the West came from his association with the Beatles - notably guitarist George Harrison - and catapulted him to world fame.
The Danelecto company was quick to come out with an "electric sitar" - basically a common guitar with a flat piece of wood replacing the bridge to simulate the "twang" of the sitar. This was used by "The Box-Tops" on their songs "Cry Like a Baby" and "The Letter"; and by the Rolling Stones on "Paint It Black" and by several other artists.
Guitarist "Mahavishnu" John McLaughlin had a special guitar built with a scalloped fretboard and sympathetic strings to enable the drone effects and microtone bending of notes common to Indian music. All of this was inspired by Ravi Shankar.
In January of the year 2000, I was fortunate enough to obtain stage box seats for a performance by Shankar at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in honor of the 50th anniversaary of the Indian Republic. I sat not fifty feet away from this great master as he performed. And of all the musical performances I have seen, I would most like to be able to go back in time and re-live that experience.
Pandit Ravi Shankar was truly one of the greatest people in the world of music of all time. May he rest in peace, and may God have mercy on him.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"Affordable housing" and Unions are two of the pet causes of the American Statist Progressives (ASPs).

Now, here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we know very well what the ASPs mean by "affordable" housing. They mean housing that is so cheap that people who make minimum wage can afford it. AND the reason they adore Unions (or so they claim) is that unions are the means to better pay - far above minimum wage - for "the workers".     
Well, we believe in giving credit where credit is due. In the State of Michigan; in Detroit and vicinity, union efforts have had the effect of raising the pay and benefits of workers to such ridiculous levels that one exasperated employer after another has just pulled up stakes and flat out left the area. The reason is very simple: you cannot pay a worker who produces $45 worth of goods and/or services per hour wages and benefits totalling $75 per hour. 
When these employers left, it threw a lot of these "workers" (We put "workers" in quotes because it is a Marxist term) out of work and onto the dole. This created a ripple effect, with taxes being raised on the remaining employees and residents. Many of these also simply moved elsewhere.  
Today we were informed that in the Detroit area, one can obtain a house - and a pretty good one, too - for a measly one thousand dollars.  A fifteen year mortgage for one grand would have a payment of about eight bucks and change per month, and at that price homeowner's insurance would be tres cheap! 
Such a miracle.
Except, of course, that the reason this housing is so "affordable" is that nobody in Detroit will buy it. The financial chaos engendered by the ridiculous demands of the UAW and other unions has created miniature "ghost towns" in Detroit and its suburbs.
Today Michigan has taken steps to remedy this situation.  The Governor of Michigan has signed aa bill making Michigan a "right to work" state; meaning that no person seeking employment may be forced to donate part of his or her hard-earned pay to support a union.  There will be no more "closed shops".  
Now, THIS was a true miracle. And it came about because Michigan voters killed a State Constitutional amendment enshrining "collective bargaining" as a right, facing down union thuggery to do so.  This showed the Governor (an ASP himself) which way the political winds were blowing, and today he signed a bill, passed by the duly-elected-by-the-People State legislature making Michigan the 24th "right-to-work" state in the - er - Union.
Naturally the unions showed their ugly side with demonstrations that were borderline riots. There was violence, a few people got kicked around pretty bad, private property was vandalized and destroyed. But the bill was passed anyway; and the Governor signed it anyway, so now the unions are plotting political mischief and shopping for judges. 
Mind you, this vote against the amendment - which started the ball rolling toward "right to work" -  came in the exact same election wherein Obama carried Michigan by a large margin. This indicates to us that a large number of Obama voters in Michigan either were brought in from outside as straw voters and did not know anything about any other issues save that they were to cast their ballots for Obama and anyone else with a "D" beside their names; or that a majority of voters are FOR "right-to-work" but otherwise bought all that negative crapola (crapola paid for with union dues) about Romney being an uncaring, dog-abusing robber baron (and a Mormon, which is true but so what?).
WELL,  now that Michigan is showing signs of righting itself, maybe it would be a good investment to take out a 15 year note on a few of those houses and fix them up. In a few years there might be people coming to Michigan who would be glad to pay 100 times what you bought your newly "affordable" house for. 
If you do that and it happens, be sure to write the UAW a nice "thank you" letter.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Don't know why I decided to do this entry, guess I just got tired of nothing but politics, politics, politics and needed a break.
Republican or Democrat, Liberal, Moderate, or Conservative; Black, Red, Yellow, White, Polkadot; Gay or Straight; we all have one thing in common: we like to "make out".
(If you're too young to know what I mean, stop reading this NOW and go play Angry Birds or something.)
Where was I? Oh, yeah. I'm writing this from a male's perspective, but I do believe you wimmens out there who are reading this will be nodding your heads before you finish. But to me,"making out" is strictly cuddling and kissing and caressing, It's everything up to and including "second base". 
Of course you don't need "mood music" to make out, but it is a great enhancer of the experience and can be very helpful. So, here's a list of what I consider the best "make-out" tunes of all time (look them up on YouTube)  (most are guitar pieces):
Capricho Arabe (guitar, Francesco Tarrega composer)
Leyenda (guitar, anonymous)
Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Guitar, Fernando Sor, composer)
Canarios (lute or guitar, Gaspar Sanz, composer)
Samba Pa Ti' (Carlos Santana)
Benny and the Jets (Elton John)
That's the Way of the World (Earth, Wind, and Fire) 
Raphsody in the Rain (Lou Christie)
Amy (Pure Prarie League) (Works especially well if you paramour is named "Amy"!)
(Heard it in a) Love Song (Marshall Tucker Band)
We at the Alexandria Daily Poop reject all responsibility for a negative result when using these tunes as "make out aids".  But should you nevertheless "strike out" there's another Marshall Tucker song you can listen to whilst crying in your beer. You know, the one where the singer says he's gonna find a hole in the wall and crawl inside and die. 
We've all been there, guys. And if you say you haven't, you're a lying sack of shit.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Eleven years, two months and two weeks before I was born, these United States entered into a state of war with the Empire of Japan after Japanese Naval air forces attacked our military bases in Hawaii.
Three years and a day or two shy of eight months later, two applications of the mightiest and most terrible weapons then to date to be wrought by the hands of men finally brought the Japanese to their knees.
Much wailing has been made by the Left regarding this first use of nuclear arms. But there were much more sinister elements than just one sneak attack characterizing our new enemies Japan and her ally, National Socialist Germany.
Japan had been running amok in Asia - particularly China - for months before this attack. The infamous "Rape of Nanking" featured Japanese soldiers playing games in which they would compete to see who could best catch a Chinese baby, thrown in the air, on a bayonet. Surviving infants were swung by the heels and brained against a building corner. Woe betide the American soldier or airman who fell into the hands of the Japanese. American soldiers and airmen suffered not only on the infamous Bataan Death March but in medical experiments which might have made Nazi SS "Doctor" Josef Mengele puke.
Yes, we also declared war on Germany, after Germany - being obligated by her treaty with Japan - declared war on us. And Germany had her own set of horrors. But Germany (mostly) treated captured Allied troops halfway decently - albeit a few were sent into the Gestapo prison and concentration camp system - and the European war was fought - mostly, compared to the Pacific war - according to agreed-to, "civilized" limits. Still, the European war was no picnic. But let it be known that had I been a youngster in the military at that time, I should have preferred to have been sent to Europe rather than the Pacific.
The Japanese were a fanatical pack of religious nutbars who thought Emporer Hirohito was God incarnate. The most dread weapons of the Japanese were the suicide attacks not only by "kamikaze" airmen but by massive "Banzai" charges on land.
In the end, it was correctly concluded that there was only one way to stop suicidal nutbars. And they had to be told twice, first at Hiroshima and then at Nagasaki. 
Today we are in the 12th year of a conflict with similar suiccidal religious nutbars. And not only have we not even contemplated using the only proven remedy, we are allowing the nutbars to get ever closer to possessing a nuclear device themselves.  And what do we do??
During WWII, we did not have an annual gathering at the final resting place of the USS Battleship Arizona.  Only after the war, only after 400,000 Americans lost their lives fighting these tyrants, did we start with the memorials and the weeping.
When Japan attacked, we got real serious real fast and stayed that way all the way to victory. We haven't been serious about the present conflict since about three months after "9-11".  It's about time we dusted off the "kamikaze medicine" and used it.  

Monday, December 3, 2012


I have been consulting the Book of Revelation, and although I have yet to come up with solid, conclusive evidence that Mr. Obama is the first "beast" in the Book, there are some alarming things there.

John saw a beast rise from the Sea, having seven heads and ten horns, with crowns on the horns. 

Up until a few years ago, there were five known and recognized nations possessing nuclear weapons: America, the Soviet Union (Russia), Britain, China, and France. Then Pakistan and India conducted successful tests. That makes seven.

Horns, however, are weapons. And there are two more nations rumored but not absolutely confirmed to have nukes - Israel and North Korea (yes, I know that North Korea is widely regarded to have sucessfully tested a device, but that evidence is somewhat suspect) - and a third on the very cusp of developing these weapons, by which we refer of course to Iran.  These three plus the seven known nuclear powers make ten horns.
Could it be that the crowns on the horns represent the power conferred by possessing nuclear weapons?
John said that one of the heads seemed to have a fatal wound that was healed. Much of the Bible is symbolic and allegorical. Might it be that the "fatal wound" suffered by the first Beast refers to the abysmal record of Mr. Obama during his first term? No other holder of the office of the American Presidency has ever been re-elected with such a shabby record.  His presidency had been apparrently been "fatally wounded" and yet he lives, politically speaking.
Now as to issues about the "666" business, that applies to a second Beast, which comes after the first one and acts in concert with him.
So it's probably useless trying to connect Obama with "666".
But, thus far, Obama seems to be a perfect fit for the first Beast of Revelation. About him, John says:
"...and they worshipped after the beast, saying, "Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?""
And here, 2000 plus years hence, a hall echoes with the words: "OUR LORD AND SAVIOR BARACK OBAMA!"
My analysis?
People, get ready. We are getting very near to the end. God will be victorious. Seek Jesus as your Lord and Savior and reject the Beast, whoever he is. My fellow Christians, have no fear. Jehovah Girah! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When speaking with friends and associates, I have often heard joking remarks made that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama (mmm MMM MMM!) might be the "Antichrist", the imitation Jesus who leads the whole world astray. Mostly I just chuckled along with everyone else.
Then, yesterday I heard a recording of some rally of idiots for Obama during which some dickhead grabbed a mike and shouted something about "Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama!!!"
Our WHAT??  Speak for yourself, you fool.
This idiot just proclaimed Obama to be Jehovah GOD. If someone said that about me - albeit I don't hand out cell phones and food stamps, so it beats me why anyone would - but if someone called me "Lord and Savior" I would very quickly point out that he needed a "checkup from the neck up".  If it is not already abundantly evident, I am most certainly NOT GOD.
But Obama remains silent about this. Man, that's creepy. I bet Obama is just basking in that "Lord and Savior" remark. Well, just so you all and Mr. Obama know, JESUS OF NAZERETH IS MY LORD, MY GOD, AND MY SAVIOR. And I am waiting for Mr. Obama to correct his errant fan.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Through the miracle of talk radio we have been informed that the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenderd and Questioning/Curious Community" has announced that if you are of the persuasion to engage members of your own sex in romantic liasons but have neglected to inform your friends and family about this aspect of your personality, the holidays present an excellent opportunity to do so.
Now, doing so can have a number of results. It is almost certain that whatever the outcome, everyone will be made to some degree uncomfortable at what ought to be a festive time. But go right ahead and be a selfish pig and ruin everything for your whole family. Suddenly everything will be about YOU. What a great holiday present to give yourself, and never mind that most folks think that the only reason anyone announces his or her homosexuality is to advertise that they are available for a roll in the hay. Otherwise, who gives a fuck?
Now, if you bring your boyfreind/girlfreind to the doin's, and if you cuddle while everyone is watching "It's a Wonderful Life"; then fine. At least everyone will know you are spoken for. Maybe you ought to think why you feel that you need to ask permission. Hell, if you're gonna get kicked out, your'e gonna get kicked out either way. But your chances of getting the boot will be vastly increased if you make a BIG FUCKING DEAL out of it. Why these "activists" want you to get in your freind's and family's faces is clear as beer piss. They want you and them to turn against each other.
Don't turn a family gathering into another big debate. Especially this year, everybody's had just about enough crap and argument and controversy, don't you think?? 


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