Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear Caine:

I was watching TV today while I waited for a severe bout of indigestion to subside so I could go out to work the street without suddenly having to vomit or take a dump. During this time I watched the "anti-bullying" public service ad featuring you at least ten times in the course of two hours. 

That ad is at least two years old now, so I guess you are maybe 13 or 14 now. But I bet you are still the darling you were when the ad was shot. Caine, if this world were full of such beautiful souls as you, it would be a better place. But (as you well know) this is not the case. 

This world is full of assholes. There was an asshole named Adolf Hitler who started a global conflagration that included murder factories. My father fought against that asshole, and we won. The only language an asshole understands is brute, violent force. I understand that you don't want to hurt anyone else. But if you want to have good days "where people leave their hands off (you)", then you need to be able to teach them that it's a good idea for them to keep their mitts to themselves. To this end, allow me to recommend a martial arts discipline that would suit your gentle nature ideally. 

I think aikido would be the best thing for you. Look up some videos of aikido techniques on YouTube. There are plenty of examples of some frail old breezer being attacked by two or three guys who wind up flying through the air. It's not like the old man is scary strong. He isn't. He uses the attackers' strength against them, bending their joints in ways they are not designed to go until they have to somersault over themselves to end the pain. And the whole philosophy of aikido is conflict resolution, as peacefully as possible. Join a dojo, listen to your sensei, and find the path to peace. 

As to those boys who call you "gay"; they probably wish you were. I bet 99 out of 100 boys who call you gay want to make out with you. But they won't admit it to themselves because they hate themselves for having those feelings. Yes, I know that's sick. But unfortunately that's also the way it is; and there's nothing to be done about it. Sometimes reality sucks, and all anyone can do is grin and bear it. 

I don't care if you're gay, straight, or bi, Caine. There's somebody out there for you, and I hope you find each other and some happiness. But Little Brother, you need to learn how to stand up to the fucking bullies. Bullies have been around since there were people, and the idea that they can be eliminated is a delusion. Running and hiding behind a teacher or a parent or a group of friends is no solution. Caine, you need to teach those assholes to keep their hands off of you. And nobody but you can do that. Peace to you, Little Brother.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


We must say, Gentle Readers, ever since we found another wi-fi source to glom off of for free (Well, we do always buy something to go and eat it here in our quarters while we are pounding out this E-rag) we have been able to compose and post in the manner in which we are most effective: comfortably dressed and with a glass of high-octane ale to drink and a supply of cigarettes to smoke, and no one looking over our shoulder. This has resulted in the increase of postings you have seen here, as well as the increase in our readership. 

Now, on to the topic du jour.

Yesterday Donald Trump mockingly asked the Russians to forward the Clinton E-mails - if any - they had hacked from Clinton's server so we could see them too. It was of course sarcasm, meaning to say that somebody must have the 30,000 plus E-mails that Clinton deleted from her server before it was confiscated and impounded by the FBI.

The Left went batshit. 

Trump was accused of "treason" because he had "invited" Russia to spy on us. He was said to be "disqualified" as a candidate because of the "unprecedented invitation to a foreign power to interfere in American politics".  

This of course is worse than bullshit. It is HORSESHIT. 

If there is, as Clinton claims, no sensitive or classified information contained in the deleted E-mails; then there's NOTHING to worry about. By getting all huffy about Trump's sarcastic remarks, Democrat activists are admitting that there very well may be classified info in these E-mails. 

And although Trump was being sarcastic, he merely asked the Russians to turn over what they already have (if they do); since Clinton's server has been impounded and offline for some time now.

As to soliciting foreign powers to interfere in our politics, remember the Chinese Communist contributions to Al Gore's campaign that were (allegedly) routed through some Buddhist organization? 

And let's not forget the Clinton family's little "charity" or "fund" where God-knows-who pours money into - money then routed into the Clinton's little (actually not so little) political machine. 

The Left calling Trump "treasonous" is like Medusa Gorgon calling Prince Charming "ugly".    

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Today it was announced that the nutty would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan had been granted his freedom after having spent more than 30 years in the nuthouse after being pronounced "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" (NGRI). The headshrinkers said he was "no longer a threat to himself or others."(nevertheless, his movements and actions are severely restricted, and violation of these restrictions can result on his "convalescent leave" being cancelled and his ass being sent right back to the loony bin. Why is this, if he's "no longer a danger"? Huh?)

John Hinckley said he shot Reagan (AND a D.C. cop AND a U.S. Secret Service agent AND Reagan's Press Secretary James Brady) in order to impress actress Jodie Foster. Now, that's pretty damned crazy. But legally speaking, it's NOT INSANE. That's being "crazy about Jodie Foster".

"Insanity" is NOT a psychiatric term, it's a LEGAL term. Broadly speaking, legal insanity means (a) not knowing or being able to distinguish right from wrong OR (b) thinking one was doing something other than what one was actually doing (such as cutting someone's throat while believing one is slaughtering a lamb for a Passover seder.) But lately, something called "irresistible impulse" has come into vogue. 

So it was an irresistible impulse to impress an entertainer that drove Hinckley to shoot? 

Well, whatever. Hinckley is soon to be living in a gated community in Williamsburg, Virginia under the "supervision" of his 90 year old moms. The Secret Service doesn't like it, and neither do we; but that's the law for now. 

Frankly, we think Hinckley will soon miss his old digs at St. Elizabeth's. The cafeteria there has a very extensive menu. 


Ho, ho, ho.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


We have been saying this for ages, and Democrat apologists have been denying it, but now there is no doubt that a key element of leftist strategy is to indoctrinate and brainwash the youth.  That's what Hilary Clinton meant when she began mouthing the supposed "old African proverb" that "it takes a village to raise a child". That's why Democrat controlled Boards of Education (Or "Board of Educations" as Obama would say) pimp constantly for year-round school for kids. So that the young'uns would have a constant, uninterrupted diet of leftist propaganda. (That's also why they oppose home schooling).

Now we have proof positive. 

Yesterday at the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia, some speaker - we believe it was the deranged harridan Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren - said that these Presidential elections were important because in them we choose "Who gets to shape your child for the next four years". 

Say WHAT?????

PARENTS get to "shape their children" NOT some elected official. And those whom parents enlist to assist, including teachers in public and private schools, need to be brought to heel by those parents if they get out of line. This idea that it is government's job to "shape your child" is one of the most dangerous things to come out of American Statist Progressivism. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Gentle Readers, these past few posts have been quite contentious. So I thought I might emphasize what we are really fighting about: the future of the kids. 

On Thanksgiving 1991 my family celebrated at my kid brother's house in Cincinnati. Sometime around dusk, my then 2-year-old  nephew climbed onto his rocking-horse and really went to town. 

The late afternoon sun cast a man-sized shadow on the wall beside him as he played "cowboy". When I got back to Virginia, I thought about this and saw in my mind's  eye the shadow as the uncertain future of my 2 year old nephew. (Bye the bye, my nephew turned out fine.)

So I wrote down the following poem, and here it is. 


Little Cowboy, little man,
Ridin' your rockin' horse as hard as you can,
As you're bouncin' and yellin' out your Cowboy call
The sun shows your shadow on the wall

And your shadow, it's as big as me,
Is it it the shadow of the Man you'll someday be?
Will you grow up true and strong and tall?
Who's the Man behind the Shadow on the Wall?

Who's the Man behind the Shadow
Of the Little Buckaroo?
It's so hard to tell what'll come in life
When you're only two;

If we could figure it out,
Then every other question
We sure could answer them all
If we could figure out the mystery of the shadow on the wall.

Well you're bouncin' up and down, yellin' "yippeeyiyay!"
You sure are havin' fun,
But the Shadow Bronco-Buster
Seems to be barely hangin' on

Then you lean way back, and pull on the reins.
Boy, you're havin' a ball
But the Shadow Cowboy at your side 
Looks like he's gonna fall

Then Mommy rings the chuck-wagon bell
And you sit up tall and straight
And the Shadow Buckaroo squares his shoulders as well.
He knows it's gettin' late

And you dismount to go to dinner
And your Shadow dismounts too,
And though the Shadow Cowboy isn't as big now
He still follows close to you.

Who's the Man behind the Shadow
Of the Little Buckaroo? 
Will he do great things, will he have a good life, 
Will he even make it through?

If we could figure it out, then every other mystery
We sure could answer it too;
If we could figure out the mystery
Of the Shadow Buckaroo


It is nothing short of amazing what Donald Trump has brought to the Republican Party. The "openly gay" founder of "Pay Pal" stood at the podium and said "I am proud to be gay, and proud to be a Republican!" as straight and gay couples danced on the Convention floor. 

The crowd was mostly young and exuberant. This time the Republicans have the "rock star". And unlike Mr. Obama, Trump has actual achievements to back to back up what he says.  Donald Trump is assuredly NOT anything like Ronald Reagan. Except for the fact that, like Reagan, Trump is the Man of the Hour exactly when we need him. 

Donald Trump is not the kind of man who will submit to being pushed around. And when he is the leader of our Republic, he will not submit to allowing US to be pushed around. He is exactly the leader who knows that we are sick and tired of being told that submission to our elite Federal massas  is the path to the good life have been hoping for. And the American Statist Progressives (ASPs) who will meet in Philadelphia this week know this, and tremble.

Just you watch. The Democrat Convention will feature speaker after speaker who bitches and pules that the rest of us have not done enough to make his or her life Heaven on Earth. Outside, the streets of Philadelphia will run with blood the way the streets of Chicago did in 1968. I was 15 back then, and remember it well. 

The ASPs claim that they want to take from the "haves" and "empower" the "have-nots".  

The truth is that, here in America, you have a choice between being a "have" or a "have-not".  And for a truly struggling "Have Not", his worst enemy is some ASP offering "social justice".  Hilary and her fellow ASPs have as their goal NOT the liberation of the dependent classes but rather the deepening of their dependence on Federal largesse AND the expansion of the ranks of the dependent. Ultimately, the Democrats seek to make every man woman and child in this country subservient to and dependent upon  the Federal government. 

When and if that happens, then no matter the color of our hides we will all be NIGGERS. 

That's what Hilary and her white-ass massas want. Whether you are black, brown, white, yellow, or whatever; if you don't want to be Hilary Clinton's nigger, VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


We told you in these pages, did we not, Gentle Readers, that the news people would seek to make a mountain out of any molehill they could find at the Republican National Convention? So what have they come up with so far?

Well, a lame allegation that Trump's wife used a quote from - of all people - Michelle Obama in her speech at the Convention. Maybe, but really, who gives a fuck? The matter banged around in the press for about a day before being replaced by Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage when he failed to endorse Trump, instead telling voters to "vote your conscience" for a candidate who would support and defend the Constitution. Again, who cares?

Before that, they were making a big deal about it being "frightening" the way the crowd at the convention chanted "Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!" when asked by Chris Christie what should be done with Hilary Clinton. Frightening? Probably to Clinton and anybody who doesn't want to see her locked up; which is likely to happen once we have an honest Attorney General in office. But us? We're not one bit scared. Lock her up? She should be tried and convicted for treason and hanged, right alongside Obama.

And where is the bloody "gun violence" that was supposed to result from opposing protesters openly carrying loaded firearms? Where is the chaos in the streets? Answer: probably precisely because there were armed good guys all over the place who weren't police, the troublemakers were cowed. The only big-deal disorder that news of which has reached us here at the Alexandria Daily Poop has been a story about some hippie throwback who tried to burn an American flag and wound up setting his own self on fire. Lefties is sooooo stoopid.

But, all you folks in the media who want to see some violence; you'll see it soon enough in Philadelphia at the Democrat convention. That's gonna be some riot. And remember, you read it here first.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


This morning brought us news of a 7-11 clerk who had been confronted with a pistol wielded by an armed robber. The intrepid clerk grabbed the barrel of the would-be robber's pistol and wrenched it from his hands, whereupon the bad guy fled. 

7-11 has a "do not resist" policy regarding robbery attempts (thus guaranteeing that "attempts" become "successes"). 7-11 FIRED the clerk on "policy violation" grounds. 

We were about to advocate for a boycott of all Southland enterprises when we got word that 7-11 had both REINSTATED and PROMOTED the clerk due to popular outrage. 

There are ways, if one knows how, to wrest a handgun away from an attacker (if he is stupid enough to get too close) and even tear off the bad guy's trigger finger in the process. We aren't advocating stupid "be a hero" crap here. Any hesitance will in such cases result in the resistor getting seriously injured or killed. And if you don't know what you are doing, if you have to stop and think even for a millisecond, you will lose. He who hesitates is lost. 

On the other hand, sudden and violent resistance to a criminal aggression will much more likely than not be a surprise to the aggressor, who will have been expecting a quailing, frightened and compliant prey. 

We make no guarantees here. Sometimes you might have "the drop" on you and have no choice. It's really up to you and your moxie and the situation. 

But generally speaking; resist, and you well may win. 

Surrender, and you lose, every time, guaranteed.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We had been wondering for a while who on a little-bitty place like Mauritius would be reading this blog. Since it is mostly about American society and politics, we surmised that they were seeing if the Dodo still exists.  

Then we remembered that Mauritius is the home of Diego Garcia, the NATO air strip which used to house a squadron of B-52s (if memory serves) and is still an important U.S. military installation. 

And so, if I have readers in the U.S. Military out there on Diego Garcia; THANK YOU for your service to our Republic. A special shout-out for any of you who are veterans of the 24th Security Police Squadron, 24th Composite Wing, Canal Zone, Panama. That's my old regiment (1972-73, 18 of the best months of my life). By the way, the 24th SPS has its own Facebook group, of which I am a member. 

I have four police procedural novels out, guys. "The Peterson Investigation"; "Georgetown in Plainclothes"; "A Piper for Danny"; and "The Resurrection of Sergeant O'Bannon".  I have decided to write a new novel about the Pacific side of the Canal Zone. The working title is going to be "Zona Canal Zone" just like the signs in Spanish and English said on the border.  Everything is available on Kindle at $2.99 (cheap!). "Zona Canal Zone" should be available around Christmas (I hope). DEFENSOR FORTIS!

Monday, July 18, 2016


The pot's a-boiling in Cleveland now as the Republican National Convention meets to anoint Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. The "never Trump" crowd of morons is pulling stunt after stunt - today there was a walkout of delegates - in a futile attempt to stop The Donald from actually obtaining the formal nomination. 

Much is being made of the fact that there are armed groups outside, taking advantage of the fact that it is lawful to openly carry a firearm in the State of Ohio. And these groups range from the New Black Panthers to the Oath Keepers (of whom I am a member); and the press and the City officials are begging Governor Kasich to ignore the law and the Constitutions of Ohio and the United States and suspend the right of open carry in Cleveland. So far Kasich has stood firm for the rule of law. 

Actually we think there will be no "gun violence" at the convention. As the great Colonel Jeff Cooper (google him) famously said, "An armed society is a polite society". As a matter of fact, I'll bet that crime in general drops precipitously in Cleveland while all those armed guys are there (much to the consternation of the media, who have a special corps of "reporters" who will jump on the first hint of even potential "gun violence" like a duck on a June bug). 

What is going on inside the convention, however, is the convulsive "last stand" of the Republican Establishment and its failure to recognize that "go along to get along" is NOT the way to deal with a Democrat Party that has been hijacked by American Statist Progressives (ASPs). Even Party Chairman Rince Preibus has joined the Trump bandwagon. Lots of these types have come to realize which way the wind is blowing. 

It is our hope that when the smoke clears and Trump is the nominee, everyone will then realize that keeping Hilary Clinton OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE where she will - if not prevented - crazy-glue Obama's "legacy" into place for all time. If Clinton wins, the Republic is finished. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Sometimes - well, rather often, of late - we wonder if many of the grown-ass adults in this country have decided to regress to childhood because they cannot handle being adults. 

I thought I had seen the worst of it with those "adult coloring books". I'd understand if they were "adult" as in "erotic", but no, these are outlines of spiral shapes and flowers to be filled in using kids' crayons. 

And proudly hung on the refrigerator with magnets, where the proud "artist" can suck on a pacifier while he/she/it is praised by his/her/its "significant other". Ho-lee...

And remember back in the late 1990s how those metal kids' scooters were being marketed to adults? By God, anybody over the age of 12 looked absolutely ri-god-damned-fucking-DICULOUS riding one of those. 

Now comes "Pokemon Go", a "smart phone" application based on the 1990s children's card game "Pokemon". Basically the "app" directs users to locations where "Pokemon monsters" of various values are lurking, and users get points for capturing them. 

So now we are seeing in Washington, D.C. people - ADULT PEOPLE - walking around museums, surrounded by fascinating displays of major cultural, scientific, and artistic significance; and they are IGNORING the exhibits and instead staring at their "smart phones" trying to find a "Pokemon" before anyone else. What's worse, a bunch of "Pokemon hunters" was recently thrown out of the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. THE HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, which is a memorial to the victims of a mass slaughter perpetrated by a mesmerized bunch of fanatics. 

I hate to predict this, but it's gonna happen. A carload of idiot Millennials is going to collide with a tour bus full of schoolkids and kill twenty people because the Millennials were intent on getting that Pokemon monster at Mount Vernon before another gang of idiots. 

Pokemon go take a walk East until your hat floats.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Yes, Gentle Readers, we have had our doubts about Mr. Trump. And we still to some extent do. But it would be a far far better thing to put Donald Trump in charge of the Executive Branch than to allow Hilary Clinton to assume the post. 

Strong conservative majorities in the House and Senate will - unlike with the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest - not be hesitant to deal sharply with Mr. Trump if he tries to go too far. Mr. Trump is neither African-American nor is he female. If Mr. Trump needs impeaching or even needs to be arrested, a conservative Congress will not shrink from doing so.  The fear of offending some or another minority by calling Trump to task will be totally absent. He's a "rich white guy". And we believe that he, unlike Mrs Clinton, will not treat classified information as carelessly as did Mrs. Clinton.

So we at the Alexandria Daily Poop urge all our readers who can vote to vote for The Donald. 

But also, vote in Republican conservatives who will keep him on course.    

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The Constitution of the United States contains a way to amend it without going through Congress. It's contained in Article V. 

If 3/4 of the legislatures of the States agree, a convention may be called to propose amendments. Any Amendment drafted must then pass muster and be ratified by 3/4 of the States. It's a way to bring an out of control government to heel without the need for an armed revolt. 

This Convention has been called a "Constitutional Convention" by politicians who are terrified that We the People might want to clip their wings. I had a fucking "progressive" dweeb in my cab the other day and we discussed Article V. The blowhole actually wagged his finger in my face as if I were a child reaching for the cookie jar and said: "What if you wind up losing your precious Second Amendment? You could wind up with a runaway convention!"

I repeat: ANY AMENDMENT ADOPTED MUST BE RATIFIED BY 3/4 OF THE STATES!!! THERE WILL BE NO FUCKING RUNAWAY CONVENTION!. What's more likely is that U.S. Senators will be chosen by the State legislature and be subject to recall by the legislature AS WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED BY THE FRAMERS in order to give control of the Federal government back to the STATES and not to a bunch of bureaucrats and politicians in Washington. 

What's more likely is that the role of the Supreme Court will be more clearly defined and that it will be made clear that the Court is NOT an un-elected "super legislature". Term limits and the ability of 2/3 of the state legislatures to overturn any judgment of the Court will rein in the idiotic stretches pronounced by the Court concerning the Commerce clause and the "Takings" clause. 

And what's more likely, you ASP blowhole, is that it will be made clear that "Arms" are anything up to and including that which is carried by a modern light infantryman - which means a fully automatic select-fire true assault rifle. (grenades, bazookas, mines, and nuclear weapons are not "arms" they are ordnance, for all you idiots out there.)

Radio host Mark "The Great One" Levin has written a book called "The Liberty Amendments" Get it, read it, and then get busy writing and/or e-mailing your Governor and State legislators.  


Sunday, July 10, 2016


Truly, Gentle readers, we certainly hope that there are no skeletons
in the life of the Director. but what on Earth could explain how Comey could rattle off about 14 Federal felonies committed by putative Democrat Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton and THEN conclude that "No reasonable prosecutor" would seek an indictment??  

There was some mealy-mouthed argle-bargle about "lack of intent"; but this isn't about "intent"; IT IS ABOUT RECKLESSNESS. Recklessness which could cost people working for us on the down-low to be discovered and KILLED. 

We suppose Director Comey didn't want the FBI to be seen as practicing partisan politics in an election year. That's fine, but the woman who put our national security at grave risk - and by all accounts did who knows what damage - by transmitting secrets over an unsecured personal server - is trying to get her hands on an office that will give her access to the most sensitive information IN THE WORLD.  The FBI exists to PROTECT US from snakes like Hilary Clinton. 

For her part, Clinton says she now realizes what she did was "improper" and everyone should be assured that she won't do it again. 


That's like some dude who  drove a speedboat drunk in a no-wake zone and capsized a bunch of kayakers wants to captain a cruise ship and promises not to do it again. 

Mr. Trump, please tell Director Comey that even if there does exist a video of him plowing some Cub Scout's back forty, once you are President he will be pardoned if he does the right thing and changes his recommendation to the DOJ. Seriously.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


This country has been presented with yet another spate of police-related shootings, of course of African-American males. And of course the Left has been out raising holy Hell about it before all the evidence is in. In one Minnesota case, the black man shot to death was the holder of a concealed weapon permit. As it turns out, the dead man told the cop that he had a gun. 

Then like an idiot he reached into his jacket to retrieve his permit to show the cop. 

HINT: NEV-ER EV-ER tell a police officer you have a gun and then put your hand into your clothing. KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE THE COP CAN SEE THEM AND ASK HOW HE WOULD LIKE YOU TO RESPOND. AND FUCKING DO AS HE FUCKING SAYS WHEN HE SAYS TO DO IT!! It's no freaking wonder the cop started blasting. You tell me you have a gun and stick your hand into your jacket or your pocket, and I'll probably draw and fire, too. What? Was the cop supposed to wait for the dude to present his piece and open fire?

There were also a couple other police shootings, but we at the ADP don't know enough about them to comment. What we do know is that this latest spate of police shootings was followed by a sniper ambush of cops by some black dude who hated white people in general and white cops in particular. But he is being portrayed as a fucking saint gone wrong by the anti-gun media and politicians. 

Meanwhile, right here in Virginia a couple years ago we had a white dude by the name of Geer who was shot to death while had his hands up and presented NO THREAT whatsoever to the cop who shot him. (and this was verified by the cop's fellow officers). 

The cop got convicted of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER and was sentenced to TIME SERVED! 

Did Geer's family  and neighbors riot? Did some white-supremacist  group burn dumpsters in the street? Did some white guy open fire on a bunch of Fairfax  cops?  NO. 

We suggest that everyone eschew the tendency to jump to conclusions before the corpse is room temperature and wait for the case to close - or at least for the investigation to conclude - before we start in with the yelling and recriminations. Everybody needs to put their brains in gear before engaging their mouths.  


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