Sunday, April 21, 2013


Now that one of the "alleged" Boston Marathon Bombers is dead and the other captured, the murk is beginning to clear and certain conclusions may be drawn.

It is all but certain that these two brothers were NOT part of a larger conspiracy, or at least not a larger conspiracy that has any idea what it or its participants are doing. They had no idea that surveillance is everywhere, and so did not bother to conceal their identities as they did their dirty work. Evidently they thought they could hang around and continue to do their personal interpretation of "jihad" and terrorize the Boston area (and who knows where else). But when their photographs were shown on TV, they immediately knew they would have to get the hell lost. The problem was that they had not prepared for this contingency. Neither had any third party counselled them, because the possibility of capture of a member of the conspiracy could have been catastrophic.
Most likely the younger brother was following the lead of his elder, who had been "radicalized" by Islamic "preachers" both in the media here and - likely - by even more virulent elements during a visit "back home". In fact,Russian security had warned the FBI about the elder brother. The handling of this intelligence by the Obama administration was spectacularly inept, and Obama's flunkies are engaged in maximum spin control over this.
In any event, the brothers were suddenly confronted with the reality that they would need to flee. Evidently they sought to finance this by hijacking a private car in the parking lot of a convenience store in which they had - again, without disguises - made purchases.
After forcing the owner of the hijacked vehicle to draw money out of ATMs, they left him alive on the side of the road. When he contacted authorities, the convenience store surveillance provided even clearer images of the duo. The car was spotted by police and chased into Watertown, MA; where a gun battle ensued that left the elder brother dead. The younger reportedly ran over the body of his dying sibling as he fled.
So what happened here?
Well, the elder brother became "radicalized". His younger sibling acted in support of his brother for reasons that psychologists know well.
But these two are "lone wolf" terrorists. They had no connection to al-Qaeda save that the elder brother was influenced by a Salafist philosophy he picked up on the Internet and brought that influence to bear upon his younger brother. Ironically these two are just the kind of stooges alQaeda seeks to carry out attacks. It's nothing new. These two brothers are what Vladimir Lenin called "useful idiots". And who knows how many more "useful idiots" are waiting in the wings to do death and destruction at the behest of the radicals?
Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we realize that these two kids' careers in terrorism have been brought to a screeching halt by our brave law enforcement professionals.  
These two might be nothing more than idiots. That's the good news.
The bad news is that America is chock-full of idiots.  

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