Friday, April 26, 2013


Back in February we wrote about the shooting of Alexandria Va. motorcycle police officer Peter Laboy during a routine traffic stop. Officer Laboy was shot once in the head with a nine-millimeter round fired from a Sig-Sauer semiautomatic pistol.
When Officer Laboy was being attended by the responding EMTs, they did not expect him to survive the helicopter ride to the hospital.
But not only did Officer Laboy live, he has recovered to the point that he is walking, talking, and even joking with his fellow cops. Yesterday he was taken to Alexandria police headquarters for a reunion of sorts with his brother and sister officers. We are delighted to report that some of his fellows dare to hope that he will once again saddle up his iron horse and patrol the streets of Alexandria once more.
Early this morning, we decided to symbolically honor Officer Laboy by driving straight through seven traffic signals on Patrick street. No, we did NOT "run seven red lights in his honor". 
You see, these signals are set so that if driven through at the posted speed limit they will turn green in succession. This is sort of symbolic of what the law in general is supposed to do - to make things flow in an orderly manner. If everyone clips along at the posted limit, no one is inconvenienced by a red light.
But there are those who peel out from the first green and do 50 to the next one and slam on the brakes, making everyone else stop behind them. Some of these folks even just ignore the red signals altogether. Peter Laboy and his fellow officers provide the remedy for (in addition to many other things) this situation.  
Some time during the weekend, if you live in Northern Virginia and especially if you live in the City of Alexandria, then go out at about three in the morning and head north on Patrick street from Duke. Wait for the first green, set your cruise control for exactly 25 MPH, and sail through green after green until you get to Slaters Lane. (but stop if the signals malfunction and you get a red light!). 
And as you marvel at the convenience and expediency supplied by the simple obedience to the law; be  mindful of the fact that this and all the other facets of the order and peace that allow us to function as a society are guarded by such as Alexandria police officer Peter Laboy. We at the Alexandria Daily Poop join his fellow officers in the hope that he will once again patrol our community.   

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