Saturday, November 17, 2012


We learn from the New York Times that despite the recent lamentable re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, the country as a whole has shifted to the right of the political spectrum. In the vast majority of counties nationwide, even where Obama won he won with fewer votes and a lesser percentage of the vote than he did in 2008.  Conversely Romney - even where he LOST, got a greater percentage of the vote than McCain did last time around.
Nearly three million voters who went for McCain in 2008 stayed home for various reasons. Some were Ron Paulistas who were miffed that their guy didn't get the Republican nod, but our guess is that most of them were over-confident slackers who thought that the rest of us would be sufficient to get the job of removing Obama done and so did not trouble themselves to stand in line and vote. Had these three million folks but done one simple duty on one lousy day, and we would be rid of Obama - and likely have control of the Senate.
Thus far Obama and the Democrat leaders are acting like they don't know about the red shift. They are acting as if they own the town, demanding the "compromise" that translates to the Republicans dropping the soap in the shower. They are playing the race card all over the place again, saying things such as the GOP leadership wanting to question Susan Rice over the Benghazi debacle amounts to "a bunch of old white guys beating up on an African-American woman". 
Obama and the Democrats conspired to keep the lid on Benghazi until after the election, and they did the same with the dire unemployment figures that just came out. Now their ham-handed attempts to suppress the reaction to these things that are just coming out is showing their true colors.  Obama and his bunch are now doubling down on the tactics that caused the red shift in the first place. 2014 should be interesting.
As it stands now, if the election were voided and ordered to be re-voted, we would bet that Romney would be the winner. It won't and he isn't, but it is plain that the Democrats have been digging their own grave for four years. It ought to be deep enough in another four to kick them in and shovel them over. 
IF, that is, we last that long.

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