Saturday, November 3, 2012


Here we freaking go again. Every damn time there's a major weather event, be it a blizzard or a heat wave; a tornado or a hurricane; a flood or a dry spell you can be assured that the "Global Warming" nuts will be banging on pots and pans and proclaiming that the disaster proves them right.
"Climate change" is undeniable. The Great Lakes and several river valleys in my home state of Ohio were formed when it got real cold and glaciers advanced and carved out lakes and river valleys. Then it got real warm and the glaciers retreated and filled these rivers and lakes with their melt. And this was not caused by humans chipping flint to make stone axes, either.
Now the global warming nutbars are calling the freak weather event - for purposes of raising the alarm level - "Superstorm Sandy" (NOTE: The use of allitteration - the device of using two or more words beginning with the same letter, ie "gas guzzler" - is a common device used to establish something as fact simply by getting it wedged firmly in the minds of the target audience. It's a common tactic of, er, "Limousine Liberals"). "Sandy" was NOT A FREAKING "SUPERSTORM". "SANDY" WAS A WEAK-ASS CATEGORY ONE HURRICANE. The reason "Sandy" caused so much damage was because it slammed into New Jersey and New York City. The reason "Sandy" caused such havoc was simply because it slammed into the most densly populated area of the Eastern Seaboard.
Here's a useful comparison for all you leftist dumbasses out there: If an F-5 tornado with 318 MPH winds tears through a cornfield; and if an F-2 tornado with 120 MPH winds hits a huge trailer park and kills 300 people; THAT DOES NOT MAKE AN F-2 A "SUPER TORNADO". It only means that the F-2 hit a densely populated area.
None of his makes any difference to the "global warming" crowd, who have been spouting nonsense such as "events like this are becoming more and more common". Really? When was the last time a hurricane scored a near-direct hit on the Big Apple? Some idiot with a sheepskin on hs wall said that "global warming" was resulting in "fewer but much stronger" hurricanes.
The climate has changed several times in the history of the human race. And we have successfully dealt with it by adjusting and adapting. In the ice ages we killed some woolly mammoths and made fur coats. In hot periods we've walked around nearly nude (and this was very conducive to breeding, BTW!). There is no way to "prevent" weather events like Sandy. The proper way to deal with these things is to let the eggheads stand there and prattle. Meanwhile, smart people will simply get the hell out of the way of the oncoming storm, and deal with the damage later.

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