Thursday, November 1, 2012


Every time we try to cut Mr. Obama some slack - like earlier today when we held out hope he and the Democrat Party would not politicize the disaster created by Hurricane Sandy - we are soon given cause to regret it.

First we find out that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who does not like Obama or his policies, giving Obama a "photo op" of Obama touring some scenes of disaster with Christie. This of course has many Republican and conservative pundits puzzled. 
However, here at the Alexandria Daily Poop we are not puzzled one bit. It is perfectly clear to us that Obama used the specter of withholding Federal disaster aid (or some such) in order to blackmail Christie into doing the little photo op. Christie (and New Jersey and New York) cannot wait for the Romney inaugural, so he had to kiss Obama's ring. We bet Christie has much to say about this after Jersey has recovered or after Romney is inaugurated, whichever comes first.  And right after that photo-op, Obama went right back to campaigning, leaving the Federal aid machine on autopilot.
Romney meanwhile organized a couple of food drives and told folks to make donations and also made some donations of his own. The Demcrats huffed that Romney was an idiot because the Red Cross has said that donations of money were needed, that canned goods presented the Red Cross with "logistics problems" and that Romney was "trying to cash in politically" on the disaster.  
The fact is, Romney DID donate some of his own money and asked others to do the same. And the Red Cross - although a venerable disaster relief organization for well over a century - is not the ONLY relief organization. Those canned goods can be used by OTHER organizations either for direct relief or for freeing up money from other donation-dependent projects so that it can be funnelled into the disaster area.  But never mind, Obama takes a walk through the ruin with a Republican governor and he's the Saint who can do it all.  Romney on the other hand is just a grandstanding son of a bitch. Never mind that what Romney, himself, did amounts to real aid getting to real people and that Obama just got his picture taken. 
But, like former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says, "Never let a crisis go to waste". 
In other tasteless Democrat politicizing of this disaster, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorsed Obama for re-election, spouting some forgettable argle-bargle about "global warming". 
We here at the Alexandria Daily Poop will very likely feel like kids on Christmas Eve come Monday night. We wonder how we will ever be able to get to sleep, twitching with anticipation of finally voting Obama and as many statist Democrat scum as possible the FUCK out of office. We hope YOU feel the same way. Come Hell or high water, VOTE!!!!!!!!

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