Sunday, November 18, 2012


Here at the Alexandria Daily Poop, we have been wondering how best to "compromise" with the Democrat Party.

So far, no good. The Republicans insist on spending cuts (but not on defense) and no tax increases, while the Democrats insist on taxing the shit out of the producers and refuse to cut "entitlements" (or PBS) one whit, insisting that Defense bear the brunt of cuts.  Obama and his Democrats keep yapping about the need for "bipartisan compromise" by which they mean the Republicans should just fold like a cheap suit. 
Okay, FINE.
We say give the Democrats what they want AND MORE!! Let the Democrat Senate push through a bill containing whatever their jack-off fantasies of a perfect solution may consist of. When it gets to the House, then let the Republican majority amend the bill to provide that the Federal minimum wage be raised to one hundred dollars per hour, provided that Obamacare has not been repealed by the effective date of the increase.
Now, here's the true genius behind this: Although even the most idiotically rabid leftist Democrats (like Maxine Waters) will know that such a measure as increasing the minimum wage to $100 per hour would mean words-fail-us disaster, their "base" will be rejoicing at the notion that their ship is about to dock (because that's what the Democrats have led them to expect). Just imagine Maxine trying to say that a janitor is not worth a C-note per hour and then having to explain to an idiot in her district why she was arguing for de-railing the gravy train of his dreams!!
We mean, why, a 40 hour a week worker would be making $208,000 per year, much less than the proposed threshhold for the "wealthiest".  How reasonable! (to the typical idiot Democrat voter).
Oh, the possibilities of this, when skillfully execcuted. The game, kids, is to just cut to the chase and expose the logical conclusion of all this supposed Democrat advocacy of "fairness" by taking it to its logical conclusion. 
In the end, the Democrats might want to try blaming the Republicans for the repeal of Obamacare. We would bet that is an assignment of blame that the Republicans would gladly bear.

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