Thursday, November 1, 2012


Before we begin here, we at the Alexandria Daily Poop extend our sympathies to everyone who is suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. We certainly hope that Mr. Obama does not try and play politics with this event and that he is able to rally some vestige of competence and adequacy to the task of marshalling the needed resources to aid in the recovery from this hideously destructive storm.
But no matter how well Mr. Obama serves in this regard, it does not merit another four years in the White House - especially considering nearly every aspect of his performance in the last four.
Of all the phony-baloney tricks they've tried, the "early voting" tactic seems to be backfiring. An initial Gallup poll of early voters gives Romney a 52% edge over Obama.
Polls showing Obama ahead almost anywhere get to that result by using a "+7" Democrat sample, which mirrors the voter turnout in 2008.  If the sample used mirrors the 2010 turnout - much more likely - then Obama gets waxed big time. 
BUT this only happens if YOU get to the polls and cast your vote. Make damn sure you do. We simply CANNOT AFFORD another four years of this clown and his bufoon sidekick Biden.
Do not be discouraged by anything you read or hear; and do not allow yourself to be complacent either. Be determined and VOTE Romney IN and Obama out, OUT, OUT! 

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