Monday, November 26, 2012


Through the miracle of talk radio we have been informed that the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenderd and Questioning/Curious Community" has announced that if you are of the persuasion to engage members of your own sex in romantic liasons but have neglected to inform your friends and family about this aspect of your personality, the holidays present an excellent opportunity to do so.
Now, doing so can have a number of results. It is almost certain that whatever the outcome, everyone will be made to some degree uncomfortable at what ought to be a festive time. But go right ahead and be a selfish pig and ruin everything for your whole family. Suddenly everything will be about YOU. What a great holiday present to give yourself, and never mind that most folks think that the only reason anyone announces his or her homosexuality is to advertise that they are available for a roll in the hay. Otherwise, who gives a fuck?
Now, if you bring your boyfreind/girlfreind to the doin's, and if you cuddle while everyone is watching "It's a Wonderful Life"; then fine. At least everyone will know you are spoken for. Maybe you ought to think why you feel that you need to ask permission. Hell, if you're gonna get kicked out, your'e gonna get kicked out either way. But your chances of getting the boot will be vastly increased if you make a BIG FUCKING DEAL out of it. Why these "activists" want you to get in your freind's and family's faces is clear as beer piss. They want you and them to turn against each other.
Don't turn a family gathering into another big debate. Especially this year, everybody's had just about enough crap and argument and controversy, don't you think?? 

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