Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Here we are at the beginning of the winter holidays, and nothing but trouble and bullcrap all over the place.

Wal-Mart has caused a stir by saying they will be open not just early Friday morning but ON THANKSGIVING DAY??

Who in Sam Hill is gonna wanna shop with a gut full of turkey, cranberries, and stuffing? Personally I won't be shopping, I'll be laying on the couch snoring and farting while the TV shows a football game.

Israel and the madmen in Gaza who call themselves Hamas aare at it again. Hey, Hamas. Shoot a rocket into Israel, expect 20 to come back at you. Are you guys aware that if the Palestinians and the Jews ever decided to make up and be nice to each other, you could have a partnership that would develop into a world-class powerhouse? Great googaly-moogaly. But you think it's a good idea to shoot rockets at the Jews, and inevitably get your asses kicked? Here's an idea: STOP SHOOTING AT ISRAEL AND THEY WILL BE YOUR FRIEND. They will help you. And if you MUST shoot rockets into Israel, and if you are really outraged at the civilian deaths that occur when Israel strikes back, THEN STOP BASING YOUR ROCKET BASES AND COMMAND POSTS NEXT TO SCHOOLS AND PLAYGROUNDS. Holy moley, you people are out of your freaking minds.
Meanwhile here in the United States, we have the investigation into the Benghazi debacle continuing, and as the Congress gets closer and closer to exposing Obama's incompetence and corruption, the race and gender cards are being played like crazy.
Here is the Democrat strategy: put women and minorities (preferably both) in the highest positions of responsibility, so that when Obama fucks up an investigation into any behavior of any of his underlings can be quickly sidetracked into a debate about "dog whistles" and "code words". 
The Obama administration likes to call the victory in the Presidential election "a mandate".  But there's another mandate, which they ignore. The People wisely decided to leave the House of Representatives in Republican hands. And had the Electoral College been apportioned so that the two votes representing the State's Senators be given to the overall statewide popular vote winner BUT the electors representing each Congressional district go to the candidate who won the majority in that district, the outcome of this election may have turned out very differently.
What interesting times these are.

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