Friday, November 2, 2012


Good heavens. And they say Mitt Romney is "out of touch"?

Yesterday, Mr. Obama issued a Royal Diktat that all red tape was to be cut and all "bureaucratic obstacles" removed to speed aid to the New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy. "Ground Zero" of this disaster was New York City and the Jersey Shore; and among other things a contingent of electric utility linemen drove all the way up from Alabama.
But when they got there, they were greeted by a contingent of very hostile Union pickets, who called them "scabs" and told them to "go the hell back where you came from".
The problem? Alabama is a "right to work" state and the Alabama linemen were not unionized.  Great googaly moogaly.
This sort of thing used to happen in New York City back in the late 1800s, when firefighting was left up to private organizations. Lots of buildings burned down because two or three firefighting organizations were competing to be paid for putting out fires. So, when an alarm was issued each company would send a squad of goons to "defend" the fire hydrants, typically turning a barrel over the hydrant and fighting off attempts of an earlier-arriving rival to connect to a water supply. Other goon squads would be dispatched to obstruct the arrival of the rival's equipment.  Often the building on fire would burn to the ground amidst all the fighting over who would do the job of putting out the blaze.
Appalling, but still this was Union thugs and not - directly at least - government officials.
Then it was announced that even though NYC mayor Mike "His Imperial Majesty" Bloomberg knew that a lack of electricity was one of the chief worries of his constituents, still Bloomberg decided to use a brace of very powerful generators to provide power and comfort to the participants of the New York City Marathon, which was to be held even though New York was enduring the worst thing to hit her since 9-11-2001. Fuck his constituents, who were evicted from hotels and motels to make room for the pampered runners. This went on until public outcry evidently caused H.I.M. Bloomie to change his mind and cancel the run.
The Democrat style of dealing with the disaster victims was exemplified best by Senator Chuck Schumer (who should be pilloried and have rotten garbage thrown at him on general principles), who had a woman begging him for help. The woman begged him: "Please, don't leave us! Don't leave us, PLEASE!!".
Schumer assured her he wouldn't leave her. And promply left for the comfort of such quarters as befits an elitist, statist, liberal progressive scumbag such as he. 
All these benighted souls will ever get from the Democrats is lip service while the Democrats try and calculate the minimum effort needed to keep their power. They will then do that and no more. We hope these storm victims wise up. There could not possibly be any better lesson for the Democrats than having nearly every soul in these disaster areas voting a straight Republican ticket on Tuesday.

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