Friday, November 9, 2012


Obama is getting cocky. He wants to believe that his re-election gives him a "mandate". 
Obama won the popular vote by less that two million votes. Romney's vote tally was three million fewer than McCain's total in 2008.  Had those three million Republican voters bothered to show up, we would now have President Elect Romney.
It is mystifying indeed how anyone who voted for McCain could not see that they got it right in 2008 and did not sieze the day and correct the error of 2008. But they did not bother to vote, and now Obama stands ready to take a second turn at guiding the United States into oblivion.
The day after the election, the stock market dropped like a lead balloon. Boeing and Lockheed-Martin announced layoffs in the thousands in anticipation of the "fiscal cliff" and the "defense sequester".  And when the Defense sequester hits, the National Capital Area in general and Northern Virginia in particular may well end up looking like my home town of Dayton, Ohio. 
Obama has already begun closing off avenues of energy exploration. What higher (than even now) energy prices will do to the economy and jobs can be easily forecast.
Today, General David Petraeus - he who wrote the Army Counter-Insurgency Manual - resigned as head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Oddly enough (or maybe not so oddly) this has been said to mean he will not be testifying about the Benghazi fiasco. Coverup much? Blackmail much?  And Hilary Clinton is set to jump ship immediately after the re-inauguration.
Well, there is ONE thing that is good that might come out of this. See, all these powerful Senators and Representatives spend most of their time here in the D.C. area, where they don't have to listen to their benighted constituents bitch. A few times a year they go home and conference with their constituents and feed them some bullshit about how hard they are trying to make things better.
Then they travel back here to the rarified, insulated recession-proof environs of the D.C. area, where their neighbors are not their responsibility and besides, everything is mostly just ducky for these neighbors.  Why, if you sent videos of these legislators having backyard barbecues and cocktail parties with their well-off Virginia and Maryland neighbors in Arlington and Bethesda and Alexandria and Rockville to their constituents who are saying grace over meatless hamburger helper, there might be a necktie party waiting for them at the next hometown "town hall meeting".
Let's just see what happens when this defense sequester hits, when the Northern Virginia defense firms start cutting back and laying off and life is just as hellish for the legislators' neighbors as it is for their constituents back home; let's see what transpires when some liberal-schmiberal Democrat pol's kids start getting beaten up at school because some other kid's folks are going to lose their home because of policies this Democrat tool helped enact.
The consequenses of the Obama re-election are going to affect the National Capital Area. The consequenses will be dire here, and these legislators will have nowhere to hide.
To paraphrase Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The Democrat chickenzzz.... is comin home.... to ROOST!

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