Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What? Did you expect us here at the Alexandria Daily Poop to just throw up our hands and say, "Oh boo hoo, it's all over, we're jsut going to stop writing about things, Obama and his gang are just unstoppable, we better surrender!"
Well, think again, Lefties. No part of the right blogosphere is throwing in the towel. We still control the House of Representatives - and therefore the MONEY needed to get anything accomplished. And we also have enough of the Senate to throw cold water on any shenannigans to be tried there.
There have been any number of theories as to how this weak-ass "president" of a broke-ass country managed to get re-elected. We have a few of our own.
In one of his last speeches before the election, Mr. Obama asserted that "the deficit is down". It is so NOT down, in fact Mr. Obama has overseen this deficit DOUBLE when he promised to HALVE it.  This speech was also full of much more delusional crapola that - since we have to work for a living - we haven't the time to list it.
In his acceptance speech last night Obama said that he was working for a country in which one could make it no matter if they're "Young or old, rich or poor, black, white, Hispanic, or Asian" (he left out Native Americans.) But his whole campaign consisted of pitting these groups against each other.
Obama lost no opportunity to point out the successful and say that they got wealthy on the backs of the less successful ("You didn't build that!"). An Obama radio ad aimed at the youth vote featured an announcer who said in a kind of sexy growl: "We're gonna stop giving money to the oil companies and start investing in education and tuition! Sounds good, doesn't it? .... Yeah, it's good!"
Well, yes. Too good to be true. "We" DO NOT "GIVE MONEY TO THE OIL COMPANIES". What any leftie means by this is of course that the oil companies will be taxed to provide goodies for the kiddies (voters, which is how Obama and his bunch think of them: as kiddies needing mommies in the form of government). To Obama's way of thinking, all the money belongs to the government and anything that doesn't get taken in taxes is a "subsidy". So they're going to tax the shit out of the oil companies, eh? and the oil companies are gonna what? go broke?
WRONG, YOU STUPID KIDS. You think Obama is going to pay your tuition? You must be a bean sprout short of a dish of chop suey. Ask that woman who exulted back in 2008 that Obama was gonna pay for her car payment and her rent and her heating bill if any of that shit happened. And as to the oil companies, they will just pass those higher taxes back to YOU and YOUR PARENTS. That's right, younguns, losses whether from internal theft or taxes are always passed on by businesses to their customers in the form of higher prices. No matter WHAT business gets "taxed more", ultimately the tax gets paid by YOU. Not just oil, either. Say the government levied a 10% tax on bulk tomato sauce. Suddenly that pizza you order to eat while you sit in your dorm waiting for Obama to arrive with your tuition money is costing you another dollar. And you stupid kids just voted for more taxes on YOU, just levied indirectly.
These three elements are the main tactics used by Obama and his bunch to secure victory in this election. We are sure there was quite a bit of good old fashioned Chicago-style voter fraud, and what we are pleased to call the lamestream, drive-by media openly collaborated with this joker to keep him in the White House.
But fraud and media collaboration alone couldn't have pulled this off. They needed these three elements, all predicated on the sense of "entitlement" that the voters have been inoculated with over time, to pull this out. All of you Obama voters think you just voted for Santa Claus. Well ho, ho, ho. Do you kids know the Danish legend of Black Peter?
Black Peter was a man who accompanied Santa into the kiddies' homes on Christmas Eve. "Bad kids" were taken by Black Peter to be sold into slavery. Pretty damned soon you kids are gonna find out who you voted for. And it ain't Santy Claus, neither.

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