Sunday, November 4, 2012


The Democrat political machine - meaning the Democrat National Committee, the various State level Democrat organizations, the so-called "mainstream media" and Obama's "personal political organization" Obama for America are freaking out as state after state that was formerly described as "leaning Obama" has been moved into "Tossup" territory.  And the Democrats are "tossing up" their lunch (and crapping their pants).
Today I was listening to popular music radio - conservative talk stations mostly devoting Sundays to programs on managing financial portfolios and such - and got an earful of the overconfident ads the Democrat party is pouring out.
A huge part of the effort of the Democrat campaign is to try and convince conservative voters that it's all over and they may as well stay home. This message that it's "in the bag" for Obama and his buds is supposed to discourage those who would try and vote them out.
We have been waiting for four long years to get Obama out, and there is no way, NONE that we are going to fail to cast a vote. And here's why the Democrat overconfidence will explode in their faces like a loaded cigar come Tuesday:
Obama and his Democrats make their appeal mainly to the "gimme gimmie gimmie" crowd. Obama voters by and large want "free" everything from the government. Many of them ran to the polls in 2008 thinking they were voting themselves free car payments, free rent, free electricity, yadda yadda yadda. And now they are even worse off than the hard working folks who have suffered through 4 years of this inept - to put it kindly - administration. Obama's message to them is: "Give me just a little more time".
These leeches see these overconfident pronouncements, too. They see and hear the ads and the "journalists" and all saying that the Democrat juggernaut has it sewn up.  But while this sort of thing does nothing but galvanize conservative voters, keep in mind that the exact same message is being conveyed to Obama's voters.
Having been told everywhere they turn that their golden boy is unstoppable, they will think that they need not bother to go down the street and actually vote. Come Wednesday they will probably be befuddled as to why Obama changed his name to "Mitt Romney".
Obama has two choices: Either continue in this death spiral OR start exhorting his admirers to vote because the race is close. At this late stage, these indolent slackers have most likely stopped paying attention, though.
As always, we here at the Alexandria Daily Poop remind you that even given this observation it is still URGENT that you not be either rendered hopeless NOR overconfident. No matter what, if we all do our duty and get to the polls and VOTE, there's an excellent chance we will prevail beyond our wildest hopes next Tuesday.
The only thing that counts is YOUR VOTE. All the rest is just words and air. 

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