Saturday, March 2, 2013


Pardon us, but isn't it the folks on the Left who are always calling people "bullies"? And yet the other day veteran Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward - he of "Deep Throat" and Watergate fame - recieved an E-mail from one of Obama's flunkies telling him that he would "regret" having said out loud that Obama was flat out lying his ass off about the "sequester" and the Republicans. 
This is just so damn unfair. And not to Bob Woodward, either. We at the Alexandria Daily Poop find this incredibly unfair to US. 
We shall explain:
One of our key policies here is to deliberately write our political posts in such a manner as to muddy the line as to where the serious ends and the bullshit begins. Some of the stuff in here is dead serious and some of it is satire and reductio ad absurdem. We are kind of like the Garry Trudeau of the Right, except that we don't say stuff that isn't true and try to disguise it as a cartoon. What we like to do is provide as true and account as possible of something Obama or one of his cronies has done, and then lampoon the hell out of it. 
This can be hard as all hell sometimes. Right now we are trying to decide whether Maxine Waters (D - California) or Vice President Joe Biden is more deserving of being compared to Martha Mitchell; the loud-mouthed cocktail fuelled blabbermouth wife of Nixon Attorney General John Mitchell. It's a tough choice. 
But we've also called Mr. Obama a liar and a fraud time and again. And for the record, he's a piece of shit, and we've said so several times in this blog. 
For all this, neither Mr. Obama nor any of his flunkies have E-mailed us to say we would "regret" the writing. And this deprives us of an opportunity.
That would be the opportunity to hit "reply" and write:
Bobby, my man, if you are one of our three readers then you owe it to us to send that E-mail reply to Obama's flunky.If a puny little obscure blog like US would't take that crap from Obama, why do you. It's just damned unfair, is all it is.  

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