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A dear and beloved friend - yes, I do have friends in this world - sent me a clip from the movie "Johnny Dangerously".  In the clip, a mobster has been subpoenaed to testify under oath before some sort of crime commission. If you haven't seen this,  let me tell you it's hilarious. The mobster, sitting there with a carnation in his lapel and a moustache on his lip, says this in a heavy Italian accent:
"I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel:'
'YOU LOUSY COG-SAGGERS. You have violated my farghen rights.'
'This some navanbatching country was founded, so that the liberties of common, patriotic citizens - like me - COULD NOT BE TAKEN AWAY by a bunch of farghen ice-holes - like yourselves. Thank you."
He is so spot on. We are currently governed by a bunch of fucking assholes who have totally ignored that the lousy cocksuckers are forbidden from taking away our rights.  And how did they get into such a position to try this crap?
Well, because of the reasons outlined in this blog under the "Eneny Within" series of posts.  A large part of the "Assault on the Academy" was the infiltration and takeover of the journalism division of the educational system.
When you call out an entity of the "lamestream drive-by media" for leftist bias, they respond that this is "just a myth"; and expect that since the pronouncement has been made by a long-standing national news reporting entity, you must and will believe it.
Consider the case of the Current Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest in Washington, D.C.. Both his first opponent John McCain and his second opponent Mitt Romney were thouroghly investigated by the Press corps. Obama, even in his re-election effort, had his shortcomings ignored by the journalist corps, and his background was likewise ignored. When entities like Fox News tried to sound an alarm, they were brushed off as "Faux News" and racists who didn't want a black president. If there had been a rumor about Johm McCain sucking some other boy's dick back at his old boarding school, you can bet it would have been a component of every discussion of his candidacy.  There wasn't, but there WAS a pretty credible rumor that Obama gave some guy a blow-job in the back of a limo. THAT was treated as a "racist rumor" and brushed off.
But it isn't just the contest for the White House in which this tactic is used. At any level, Federal, State, or even Local, if a right-thinking non-leftist candidate challenges a Marxist, the press will ignore the leftist's shortcomings and gloss over things such as Congressman James P. "Bugs" Moran's beating of spouses and girlfriends (as well as his abuse of a little black kid for  touching his car) and his obvious anti-semitism and thuggish behavior.
But if you have a candidate advocating small government and individual sovereignty, they will figuratively pull down his pants, bend him over, stick a finger up his asshole, and then announce loudly, publicly and repeatedly that the candidate has shit in his rectum and furthermore, it stinks. 
Just knowing that any little embarrassing incident from one's past might be exposed and blown up all out of proportion is, I believe, a powerful deterrent for even putting out feelers for a campaign. Were I to be writing a blog called "America can make Communism practical", and if I were able to suppress my gag reflex and mouth standard Leftist platitudes and talking points; then  anything-bar-nothing in my past would be used to bar me from considering public office. 
On the other hand, if I were to run on my conservative/nationalist beliefs, then every thing I have ever said or done would be dug up and scrutinized by the drive-bys. Quite a big deal would be made of the time in the fifth grade when I stole a kiss from an unwilling classmate on the playground back in Huber Heights. And broth-er, if my experiments with homosexuality ever saw the light of day (but for Gerry Studds and Barney Frank, it's OK?) I'd never hear the end of it. I'd wind up sitting on a street corner with a cup in hand, and people would spit in it, and I'd starve to death.
But Barney Frank could keep a boyfreind who operated a callboy service RIGHT OUT OF HIS CAPITOL HILL TOWNHOUSE and get re-elected. Gerry Studds (also a Massachucetts Congressman) could bend a 17 year old Page boy over his desk and fuck the lad, and get re-elected. Let a Republican Congressman so much as FLIRT with a Page of either sex, however, and it's doomsday for him. (and this situation with the pages has gotten so out of hand that the Page program has been abolished.)
This is why we have wound up with "a bunch of farghen ice-holes" who endeavor to "violate (our) farghen rights". The best of potential leaders are deterred by the assured and guaranteed fact that every aspect of everything they have ever done will be shouted from the rooftops, while the worst are guaranteed a pass by our "free press".  And as for those who remain, as James Butler Yeats said: "The best lack all comviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity"
"Turning and turning in a widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer.
Things fall apart. the center cannot hold."
It is just a short time, unless we as a people wake up, that someone will cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war.
The solutiion to the problems I have posited is rather simple. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ OR HEAR, but rather ASK QUESTIONS and do NOT accept a change of subject as an answer. If some guy has a workable plan to save Social Security (or eliminate it and its attendant financial costs) for example, DO NOT allow yourself to be sidetracked by propaganda that the guy "streaked" across the football field when he was 16. EVEN IF HE DID, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WHETHER OR NOT HIS PLAN IS ANY GOOD??
Let's stop letting these shysters change the Subject, Ignore the facts, and (when all else fails) Name-call.  Put them all together, and it's SIN. It's sin against democracy, sin against the nation, and ultimately sin against YOU.
And of course it is sin against TRUTH, which is sin against Almighty GOD.
\I will judge not. lest I be judged. But we can inspect the fruits of Leftist statism. Among these fruits are Sobibor, Dachau, Birkenau, Mauthasen, and others.  The Chinese "Cultural Revolution" and the "Red Guards" also fit into this category of bitter and poisonous fruit.
Back in 1992, Rush Limbaugh uttered the best political advice I have ever heard, He said:
"When you hear these politicians making their promises, don't listen to what they say. They will say whatever they think will cionvince you to vote for them, and once they are in, they will do whatever they damn well please. So don't pay any  attention to what they SAY. 
You just watch what they DO."
Truer words have never been spoken,  nor has better political advice ever been given.  You people out there had better start paying close attention. The situation here in the USA is worse than at any time since the years before the Civil War,  
Stop just accepting the slop served up to you by ANY media outlet, including Fox. START asking questions, and don't accept a lecture on how to build a watch as an answer to the question of what time it is. Call these bastards on EVERYTHING they say. And especially, call them not only on what they say and believe but also in their public pronouncements.
These United States are a free nation. We are the freest nation on the planet. For some reason, Obama and his handlers are offended by this.
So my question to you is: Would you rather live on your own in a republic, or have everything gifted to you by s dictator?
Think about it, Think about it long and hard. Of course I sift comments, but if any of you lefties can refute what I have written here I WILL allow your comment. But folks, I use my full legal name here,   I will NOT allow anonymous comments,  I am Floyd Allen Nornam, Junior and I reside at 1302 King Street in the City of Alexandria,, Commonwealth of Virginia, United Srates of Anerica,  ZIP 22314. If you can't give that level of detial about yourselfl then you are a pussyfart and you need to go play "Angry Birds" 
And of course if I piss you off to the point you want to kill me, well, then for your sake and mine GET OVER IT. I'm not waiting on the edge of my chair to use my weapon. But challenge me to defend ny life, and you will lose, BIG TIME. By the wsy, I hold rank in several martial arts disciplines. Attack me, and you nay nit die; but you damn sure better be aware that I can make you wish you were dead.
Of course, the foregoing was meant for the hoodlums I might encounter personally (And I was not making jokes). Basically, I would say to you that if you don;t want a bunch of "farghen ice-holes" to take away your liberties; then you had better pay the fuck attention.
Peace out.

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